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    Joining with a chorus of other longtime EN users on this thread, I just downgraded from v5 to v3.3 on my mac desktop. I was not terribly happy with the new v5 (notably the unreadable font size) so I kept running v3.3 on my laptop, but I was willing to work around the stylistic shortcomings in v5 on my desktop. Then, as with many other users, the upgrade to 5.0.3 totally broke my desktop application. Syncing stopped working entirely. As a premium member I submitted a ticket with activity log to the support team, and was told to reinstall. After several re-installs this morning (with careful "sudo rm -rf" to erase absolutely everything) I've given up on v5. Thanks to nightstalker for the filehorse link I'm back-upgraded to v3.3, and not looking forward. I do appreciate the presence of evernote employees like Jackolicious on these boards. I believe (hope) you guys are sweating this out and working hard to fix these bugs, but I'd also second Boatguy's comment that this is an unacceptably poor release. I've wasted several hours now dealing with this beta-quality version. Although EN is a free app for many, some of us premium users are paying annually, and you won't keep us if future releases are similarly untested. Also: many thanks to the loyal evangelists like nightstalker, gumpmonkey and others that provide pages and pages of useful support while jackolicious is hopefully occupied with bug-fixing.
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    We'll see if I can't break things out into smaller buckets when we work this 2013 redesign to make the forum index more malleable--I'm also looking into having varied homepages based on your preferences, so those content blocks on the right would change based on who you were. I may not be able to make it an editable option for users, but I could certainly define by group (so developers would get a developer forum feed, etc etc). It's on the docket.
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    I've noticed that when I record voice notes with Evernote that the quality is pretty poor - I get lots of static in the files, despite the fact that the files end up being fairly large. Is it possible to set the quality level for audio files so that they come out at higher quality, and perhaps use a compressed audio format like AAC? Thanks Vanessa
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    Jack - you already know that I think the best way to keep everyone's trust is to go back to the previous version. Forget about version 5 - completely. On the Mac and on iOS. Go back to that fork in the road - the one where you went the wrong way. Go back to v3.3 which works perfectly well (and v4 on iOS), and then, and ONLY then, look to see if there is anything that can be IMPROVED.... Don't REMOVE features that already worked. Don't CHANGE the UI for the sake of change. But just think of what can be added that is (a) not just fluff, and ( is something really useful, such as List view on the iPad, reverse sort order on the Mac version, etc. Of course, I don't really expect Team Evernote to do that - it would involve admitting that you got it wrong and that you have wasted a lot of time - yours and everyone else's. Please don't take this too personally - we really do appreciate you being on here and responding. But pushing on with v5 and just trying to cobble together the fixes is NOT the way to go.
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    Please, at LEAST, make sure there is a stable release available for download on the page where we're supposed to download Evernote! If this is a beta release, please note that and provide a link to the most recent stable release!
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    We're customers, not testers. The post you've made should be to an internal testing group, or at most a group of external volunteer beta testers, not to the general user population. Have some respect for your customers.
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    @DDr_12: A couple of facts: * Evernote Evangelists, by and large, are users like yourself, and not Evernote employees. Generally speaking, they are chosen because they have a good familiarity with Evernote in general and/or particularly, Evernote clients, and also (and maybe more importantly) the willingness to help other people in their use of Evernote. And, yes, we also function as moderators. * The evangelists also tend to have longer experience with Evernote's general practices, so to some degree, we can generally speak with greater authority on what they are likely to do or not to do. Depending on the individual, that might be expressed more or less definitively; me, I tend to downplay any definitive knowledge on my part, since we generally do not have much more inner knowledge of Evernote's plans than other users, if any. * For the most part, answers to users tend to be informative and reasonably polite, though everyone's default stance is different. Flip side is that some forum posters are not always kind, genteel, and polite in their questions/statements, so sometimes replies will tend to have less politeness than others. We all respond to that in different ways; some more mildly than others. Relevant to that, when your first post to the forum includes as its closing something like: "Oh, and I took one of my very limited '5 post limit' posts for this. Even as a Premium user I have some kind of ridiculous posting limit on the forum ", it's hard not to read it as a condemnation of Evernote's forum policies without trying to first understand why they are there. Had you asked the question rather than just stating that the policy was ridiculous, you might have received a politer answer. One more thought: while it's nice of you to give us your guidelines for proper and professional forum behavior (though your references to 'your product' are just incorrect, since we are not Evernote employees), I already have mine. Evangelists answer to Evernote as far as our forum behavior goes (if you have a complaint, then feel free to Report the offending post), though they tend to let us go about our business without too much fuss (since there really is not a lot of that, most of the time). If you want to set an example, then a far better way is to get in there and contribute to the forum by answering user questions. I will tell you that you have a quite a ways to go before you catch up to BurgersNFries in that respect, though.
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    Thanks for the temporary fix but it didn't save a waste of a day trying to get the previous version to work. Obviously your thorough testing is not thorough enough and represents a PR disaster for EN. Reputations are hard won but easily lost – be warned. Version 3 was stable but its appearnce was ugly and too much like Windows. For me l hope you all can get this version to work with all the lost features people are upset about and the stability we demand. For those who want to look there is much to like about the current version.
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    @Jackolicious Start that thread! can we all chip in? All credit to you, keep your posts coming, I wish we heard more honest/frequent feedback on the Windows and iOS clents!
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    I doubt this (website pasting) will change anytime soon. There is so much going on with that, I don't see Evernote investing the effort into making sure that pasting HTML into XHTML works well. Even Word can get funky with this stuff. I doubt this (funky formatting in regular notes) will change anytime soon. It is a longstanding problem. The best solution for me has been to use FormatMatch. It is free. It activates / deactivates with a shortcut. All you do is select your text, cut, and paste it back in. Everything ends up unformatted. If you like formatting, this might not be for you, but for plain text folks like myself, it is a simple solution.
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    Wow! I have never seen such an overwhelming rejection of a new EN Mac version as we are seeing here. These posts are coming from a wide variety of users, many of which have seldom made a post here before. There are many, many posts rejecting Ver 5, not only in this thread, but in a number of other threads. Evernote, I sincerely hope you are getting the message. It is pretty much the same message that your users sent when you released EN Skitch Ver 2.
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    Doh! I wouldn't mind, but I used to actually run an IPB forum, lol!
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    Jonny: if you go back to page 1 of this thread you'll find a post from NightStalker with an external link for downloading old versions. I'll echo it below for late arrivers to this thread like you and me. !! NOTE: DOWNGRADING IS NOT RECOMMENDED OR SUPPORTED BY EVERNOTE STAFF !! (but it works to get away from 5.0.x) http://mac.filehorse.com/download-evernote/old-versions/
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    It's good to know I'm not alone in this and/or crazy. I recently posted a (currently unanswered) question as to whether the reason this consistently gets passed over has to do with the limited codec that seems to be currently in use. I get that EN wants to stay lean rather than getting bloated with features, but for this to be an ideal app for creative folks I think better quality audio (either across the board or as a separate / premium option) is really important. Given the number of EN blog posts that have spotlighted musicians and songwriters, I believe that EN wants to be the go-to app / platform for these types of creatives. At a conference in Nashville a while back I spoke to several other songwriters who initially found EN useful up to the point of the poor audio quality. Most of these guys quickly gave up on EN and instead have opted to use a hodgepodge of services like DropBox and Google Apps. The scattered nature of this is a drain for them, especially those that do much co-writing, but they just don't see EN as a viable option due to this audio issue. Incidentally, there are many ways to send data into EN (email, Clearly, attachements, etc.), but there are essentially 3 types of data that can be captured or created directly in EN: text, snapshots, and audio. Some of these types of data have helpful options in how best to capture or stylize content, and one of these does not: Text: EN provides quite a few options of how to stylize text on every platform. Snapshots: On mobile platforms we now have the great option of either capturing a standard snapshot or using the page camera feature. This feature has been a great addition. Audio: Only one option: low quality. It seems like the next step to making EN even better is staring us in the face
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    Grumpy: I'm an avid homebrew user, but I'm unfamiliar with the provenance of the homebrew version. When I do a "brew search evernote" I get no formulae. I think I followed a link of yours to the 'homebrew version' for v5 on another thread, and the .dmg I got was indistinguishable from the one I downloaded from the evernote web site... ah, maybe that's the difference? The "homebrew" version is downloaded directly from the web, as opposed to the version distributed through the mac app store?
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    Alt + Space when the window is active should allow you access the move option, where you can move the window with the arrow keys. Not sure as to why it would be placed there in the first place... EDIT: Once you do move it to somewhere that you want, Quit Evernote, which should force the location to be saved in the registry. This should stop it showing up there continually (assuming you don't find a way to put it back up there again )
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    @gazumped and @GrumpyMonkey, Thanks for your reply. I'm in total agreement with both of you when it comes to keeping Evernote as simple as possible. Making it complex would defeat it's purpose. However, since the two products exist, it is probable that there is a need for them. I'm talking about streamlining the note-taking process further by combining two approach into one, leaving the details of it on the developer side, and a simple, easy to use interface à la KustomNote on the client side. I would gladly pay extra for that! Probably so would others do, especially now that Evernote is stretching its wings with its new Business client. In that sense GrumpyMonkey, I sure wouldn't mind either if the KustomNote developer was hired by Evernote! At the Trunk Conference. he sure looked like a stand up kind of guy too. Thanks for your thoughts!
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    You can hide the big sections, but not specific forums. (which is typical of most other forums I have seen by the way...) You can specify specific forums in the "View New Content" section, by "Filter by Forum" in the menu on the left.
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    Memo to self: must read queries properly before opening mouth to insert foot.
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    And you think I don't know Chinese and Russian? 但我已經知道了中國。 И некоторые основные русский тоже.
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    Knowing this forum software as we do, wouldn't it just be easier for you to learn Russian and Chinese?
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    I think that's the real issue b/c even if some Current/up-to-date manual says something should work, technology is changing so quickly that what's true today may not be true tomorrow. Plus, there are so many variables like country, carrier, device, OS version, app version, etc. Absolutely agree! Especially when it comes to mission critical stuff like passports.
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    GrumpMonkey is correct. I assumed the request pertained to full data encryption using something like TrueCrypt. But after reading the post again, I see it was limited to just attachments. Individual attachments can be encrypted with a 3rd party program. Thanks for the tip/warning on 256-bit encryption.
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    It's still on the high on our list, especially with Evernote Business launched. We're working on high priority bugs (including Outlook Clipper bugs) and will get back to adding in 2013 support soon
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    I agree with EdH about having email addresses for business notebooks. In one use-case, I'd like to be able to give employees a single email address where they can send all quality improvement suggestions/photos to a particular QA notebook without them necessarily having access to that notebook. This would seem to only be feasible with a notebook having a custom email address.
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    Please try the import folder with our latest beta! It should allow importing into business notebooks and joined notebooks.
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    Yes, Evernote's tag line is to remember everything...not DO everything. It's never going to do every single little thing each of the 40+ million users (last count) want it to do. No app ever has & probably never will. EN isn't even trying to do every single little thing, either. Thank goodness. There are workarounds to what you want to do. If you choose to not use them, that's certainly your choice. I prefer to do what works & not try go put a square peg in a round hole. As a result, I use Evernote & Dropbox both. Not a darned thing wrong with that. Thank you for the polite and responsible post! We don't all have to have the same opinions or wants for EN, but respecting the opinions of others (even when you disagree) is definitely the way to go Back OT: Maybe I owe OP an apology for hijacking this thread. As more posts are made, I see my request is a bit different than some others' needs. I am looking to facilitate snapping pics on my portable device for notes (ie home improvement research), not high res images. It would be nice to have a couple "camera preset" options in the EN Photo Widget. 'Low res' for quick snaps, 'full res' for photos, and 'use device settings' to allow your camera app to set them. I am looking to simplify low res pics- without compromising the ability to take quality photos when needed. Thanks for your time. Right. I'm not looking for evernote to do everything. That's kind of my point. I don't need it to keep big, high-res photos. Most of the time all I need is a small photo to remember things. It really doesn't seem like something extremely complicated. Also, if I had to guess, I would say that the majority of the storage space and bandwidth used by everyone is for images and if they could cute that in half it would be a significant impact to their bottom line. It would help users as well who want to cache things on their tablet or mobile client. This is incredibly important since more designers are dropping support for external storage on devices. Neither the Kindle Fire, the Ipad, nor the Google Nexus 7 have SD card capability so when you are out of space, you are out of space. At some point heavy users will have to start going through deciding what notes to delete where simple resizing would make a huge impact on the footprint of the cached storage. Again, I don't want some place to store photos to show friends. There are indeed much better places for that. But a picture shows a thousand words and sometimes a simple pic can do more for notes than any amount of writing could do. I'm sure that this is why evernote included the ability to paste images in in the first place. Also, I'm not looking to fix this on the mobile clients or the web client. I figure that if that feature were just available on the desktop client, then if I take a shot with my phone which is 8MP (and getting larger all the time), then later, when I get home I can resize it on the desktop client if I want. This is really just about making better use of the existing storage space and better organizing information that is already in the files, not some new way to use evernote. I don't expect evernote to keep multiple versions of an image. If I resize an image, it is resized. That is the new image. Allowing 40 million people the option to choose the size of the images they keep just doesn't sound like a weird or complex affair. A simple piece of code launched by a right-click on the image could do the job just fine without changing any other feature of evernote, without making it slower, more complex or more likely to crash. There would be no negative effect for users who have no need to resize their images so although it can't make all 40 million users happy, it would make more users happier than they are right now than doing nothing would do.
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    5.03 was so unusable for me that I was forced to again immediately downgrade to the version you provided in response to the problems in 5.02. I AM continuing to experience crashes with that version (which I believe may be 5.01), and I've been submitting crash reports as they pop up (many times a day), but because I'm not using (and not willing to use) 5.03, I have no idea if those reports are being examined or ignored due to the fact that they're reports for an older version. I'm waiting for the next update. I'm sorry if that's not helpful to the team trying to identify the cause for these crashes, but I don't have time to beta this software. I need it to work, and if it doesn't, I need to wait for a version that does or find an alternative. (Which, frankly, would suck, since I've only just recently migrated over in full, due to thinking Evernote was the best thing ever.)
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    @Evernotequestion - 10.5.8 is no longer a supported OSX version. Updating may resolve your issues. To get to the Firefox Web Clipper options: 1) Tools menu > Add ons 2) Extensions tab 3) https://www.evernote.com/shard/s13/sh/5a9081f1-a5cd-4526-b234-543f3cf2a624/d877bbf3edb89edde79ce11444a78600
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    In case anyone needs it, and to save having to search other threads, here is the link to the download site with the older version of Evernote for those who want to back-grade. I'm still on v3.3.build 300201 - working absolutely fine. But I'm keeping an eye on things here to see when all the fuss about v5 settles down to the point where I'm game to try it again - but it sounds like it's nowhere near ready for prime time yet. http://mac.filehorse.com/download-evernote/old-versions/
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    As the sysadmin of a 50+ employee green energy company I've been watching Evernote closely for these past several months. EnB has been of particular interest, but I'm afraid I cannot recommend it to the powers that be based on what I view as poor value given the current pricing scheme. For example; we currently pay $4 per user per month for Office 365 Exchange Online access - far more mission critical for us at this point. Although I'm sure EN will regain the functionality it's lost with its recent client "upgrades", at $10 per user per year, I am unable to make a case to upper management for making the move to EnB. In my view the cost for business users should be roughly equal to premium accounts in order for EnB to gain real traction. In the meantime, I will continue to point interested co-workers toward EN using personal accounts.
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    I just had the same problem. Been fighting it all day on an XP corporate machine. Sync it first so all your data is in the cloud just in case. Then you'll need to uninstall the current version. Reboot and install 4.5.10. If you don't have it, PM me and I'll put it where you can find get it. Or, I'm confident Evernote will get a patch out pretty quickly. My reinstall of 4.5.10 seems to doing fine and I didn't have to resync. It was all there. Good luck.
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    Ya, I just starting using Evernote. Seems really cool and I'm thinking about transferring my "digital life" to it. So convenient and easy to use. Being a producer and songwriter I'd like to use it to organize songs, ideas, charts, etc. The poor quality of the audio, though, is really putting a limit to this. I understand that using Voice Memos and then emailing is an option but that's a number of extra steps that kinda ruins the Evernote experience. What's cool about Evernote to me is how quick, easy, and organized it makes everything. Having to go through a bunch of steps to keep up with audio files kind of defeats this.
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    I´m a song writer and I need to be able to work fast and send stuff directly from evernote to my colleagues and friends. The app is great for viewing sound directly on the area where lyrics is annotated, but with the current .amr quality it is next to impossible to hear anything, especially if someone is speaking low. So I made a little A-B test. I first recorded a bit of music directly through itunes out on my macbook, then just through the computer-microphone into the computer again. I did this first through Evernote Mac Application, the desktop, then through my android phone running evernote, latest version. At last I re-recorded the same audio through an audio app with the AAC codec in .m4a files. Settings used in the audio app: AAC / .m4a Bitrate: 24kbps & 48kbps Samplerate: 32khz & 44.1khz (32000hz, slightly under CD-quality for the 24kbps file, 44100hz for the one with 48kbps samplerate) Mono Here are all the files for everyone to judge for themselves: Evernote Desktop - MAC: http://cl.ly/210m1c2a2B1V Evernote Android - HTC Phone: http://cl.ly/0b3s12222v1g M4A / AAC - 24 kbps: http://cl.ly/3J3s3A003n3W M4A / AAC - 48 kbps: http://cl.ly/36250V0I0J3k Here you can clearly hear the same sound source for all the sound, although the sound source, the microphone, on the audio recording app on the Mac and the Evernote Mac App is better than the one on the phone. So I included a file recorded through the Easy Voice Recorder app for Android. This app is super simple and uses M4A/AAC to capture sound, with 48 kbps. Download here: Easy Voice Recorder - free version - AAC/M4A - 48 kbps: http://cl.ly/420L36112c08 My personal view is that the Easy Voice Recorder is the best of these. But the microphone position was a bit more angled directly towards the sound source, so this is a bit unfair. For completely normalized versions (to clearly hear everything loudly, not direct originals) ... ... click here to download (ZIP): (these sound files are the same recordings, but normalized in new versions through a music conversion application, for the ease of listening to them at the same volume) http://cl.ly/0C443e3o2e1g Here you will clearly hear the difference. Hope you get something out of this and what could be, easily, if the evernote team would consider changing the app a bit, or just give the user an option to adjust the setting.¨¨ I really hope you do, cause I´m hooked on your app and love sound next to text - and would gladly not have my recordings in 10 places if I dont have to... /Anders
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    I'm a university lecturer and a Premium account holder. This semester I've trialled using Evernote to produce a short recording containing oral feedback for my students. I create a note for each of my students, paste the marking rubric into the note, record the feedback and email them the note. I find this a much better way to give personalised feedback to students, as I tend to give less feedback when I write. I'm VERY disappointed with the quality of the audio. I agree with others that it's not worth having this feature as it stands. I have tried using other apps to create the recording, and dragging the file into Evernote, but this requires more steps in the process and makes the process much less efficient. I would gladly pay more for better quality audio.
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    I logged in just to make this feature request. Audio notes are pretty much unusable in Evernote. I want to use evernote to put together ideas for songs, and the poor quality makes it pretty much impossible to do so.
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    as a music teacher, I would LOVE to use EVERNOTE as a way of recording my students quickly. They quality currently is too poor to use this as a tool. It would be great to have the ability to vary the quality of the recordings. Please continue to improve this feature. Thanks
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    Hi - I've posted in other threads on this, but I thought maybe I'd put in another vote here too for a user definable option that just has 2 choices in the settings on iOS/Android for either standard (13kbps) or high-quality (64 kbps). This would be so helpful for me. Being able to email file is ok, but not great. If I'm writing a song and want to be able to link melodic ideas with my lyrics it can be a bit of a laborious process that involves writing the lyrics in EN, recording in another app, emailing that audio to EN, waiting for it process, then getting on my Mac to either copy/paste a note link or merge the 2 notes. If the audio quality was better, I could do all of this in one note from the start, all in one step, and all from my phone. I wouldn't need to look to other apps. As much as I dig EN, I'm occasionally left wondering if there's a better platform I should be using. Thanks for hearing us out!
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    I use both the Windows and Mac clients. As far as I can tell, the trick to copy tags out of the "tag line" on a note works on the mac, but not windows. HOWEVER - there is a work-around that I use all the time to copy tags from one note to another in the Windows Client. 1. Select both the note containing the tags to copy AND the note you want to copy the tags to (this can be multiple notes). 2. Bring up the Tag dialog box (Ctrl+Alt+T) 3. Make sure the "Hide unassigned tags" check box is CHECKED. You should now see JUST the tags assigned to the note you are copying from. The checkboxes are gray because they are checked for the one note, but not the other. 4. Hit Select All and then OK. It sounds like a lot of steps, but once you get the hang of it, you can copy/assign tags REALLY quickly, and to multiple notes at once. I routinely use this to copy tags from one note to several at once, as I tend to be lazy about entering tags as I create notes so I periodically need to clean things up by getting my notes tagged. You can also be selective about it -- instead of Select All, just check the individual tags you want to copy. So you could copy 3 of the tags from a note and not copy the rest. Very flexible. I never used to use the Tags dialog box till I discovered this trick. I skimmed most of the posts in this thread since it didn't seem that they were relevant to the original question, so apologies if this solution was already suggested and I missed it.
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    HI, I am experiencing the same thing. The audio notes are of such a low quality I actually struggle to understand what I was telllng myself. Completely sup par quality to the independent audio note iphone apps out there. What to do? (I'm on a mac, and iphone). I hope this issues gets a decent shot of being fixed, makes a big difference to be able to speak notes and ideas to myself on the fly. OR have the iphone memo recorder sync into Evernote. Thanks! JT
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