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    Thank you for the screenshots! They helped us figure out why this was happening to some people but not everyone. It only breaks if you have Chrome's experimental javascript enabled. We will fix this in our side in the next release. Until then, you have two separate options: 1) kmslogic's solution 2) disable experimental javascript. Go to "chrome://flags", look for "Enable Experimental JavaScript" and click "Disable".
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    Thanks for the feedback. We'll be re-adding the ability to sort by created date in our next update.
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    I used to have piles of manuals for various gadgets. Often they'd disappear when I need them most (how do you change the battery in the thermostat?). Since going paperless, I have moved to a completely paperless set of manuals for all of my devices, gadgets and anything that comes with a manual--and I've done it without scanning a single document. Here's how: Collected all my existing paper manuals into a single pile. For each manual, I went to the manufacturer's website and located a PDF version of the manual. Add the PDF file to a new note in Evernote and tag the note "manuals" Repeat for the rest of the manuals in the pile. For every new item I get that comes with an instruction manual, I do the same thing as soon as I open the box. Then I trash or recycle the paper manual that came with the item. Finally, I created a Saved Search called "Manuals and User Guides" that looks for anything tagged "manuals". I think I have about 20 or so right now and I no longer have piles of manuals sitting around the house. Better yet, when I need to know how to use the Picture-in-Picture feature on my TV in the downstairs family room, I can pull out my iPhone or iPad, open Evernote, click my saved search and instantly find what I'm looking for without getting up from the couch. :-)
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