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    Hi everyone, I'm Hussein, the developer of KustomNote.com. Thanks so much everyone for your feedback, encouragement and comments. Regarding the threat that was discovered by Dave, I was notified just last night about Dave's finding and I didn't sleep all night doing all possible exhaustive test with my fellow developers trying to replicate that incident and work on a solution. Our findings concluded that this could have only happened with Dave due to a glitch in the caching mechanism implemented to elevate the system performance. To be 100% sure that this would never happen to any single one as an anomaly we have turned off all caching of notebooks, notebooks listing and notes traversal to be completely on the safe side. Just for the record and to assure you all, Evernote cannot be safer than it is, it would have not been ever possible for someone (even in Dave's case) to even browse the note titles in a notebook, such calls are highly restricted by the Evernote API and is not possible without explicit calls with the authentication tokens. Regarding opening or reading notes, as you all have noticed, KustomNote does not even touch or open notes, it just embeds your Evernote window on the page for convenience. This window, as you've all probably noticed is an actual Evernote window that asks for your login and credentials. If you log out of Evernote (in a separate tab), in order to just display one of your notes, you will see the Evernote login again to just display the note. I want you all to rest assured that the application is totally secure and Evernote is so securely locked down even for authenticated applications. As a developer, and a system architect I really admire the Evernote platform - compared to all other platforms- specially when it comes to security, anyone can easily tell that this point ranks so high followed by everything else like performance, flexibility and other factors. Thanks so much to Dave for catching this incident and reporting it quickly and please let me know anyone if you'd like to have anything changed or added to the application. Sincerely, - Hussein
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    Thanks GrumpyMonkey and thanks to you all, its my duty GrumpyMonkey. Its not coding, architectures or protocols that matters, its all about the actual amazing people using them and their precious data. I'll be pushing several updates this week too, so you guys lookout for new enhancements... You can now all share your voice, ideas, thoughts about new features, enhancements or issues at http://feedback.kustomnote.com Would love to hear from you all!
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    Hi I'm new to this forum. I'm having difficulties with Evernote ever since I upgraded to Mountain Lion. I start to type in a note, and within seconds, it hangs and I have to wait until its had a think and start typing again. It happens on my iMac at home also. Can someone let me know when this is likely to be fixed. I've had a look on the forum, and there are similar examples. Many thanks Dave
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    I've been using the Bamboo stylus. It's a great product but it's almost like using a water balloon taped on the end of a pencil. Okay, maybe not that bad - but it's certainly not a precision writing instrument. I'd also be interested in something a little more precise with a little less "squishiness". I could also learn to stop writing like a child but I'm thirty four...I don't see that changing anytime soon.
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    I've been using the Bamboo stylus, which has a narrower tip than the Targus, but is also softer. I wish I could get a firmer tip in the size of the Bamboo (6 mm). The HAND stylus mentioned above looks interesting, but I don't know how many $30 styli I can afford! I might go that route, though, because it's retractable, which is great if I'm carrying it around (which is pretty much all the time). That's the turn-off for me with the Pogo Pro; it has no clip and I think you'd need to put it in its carrying pouch to protect the tip.
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    If you feel the need to use 3x5 cards, it's probably easier to copy the verses to something designed for formatting such as a word processing or desktop publishing app. IME (I'm Windows), printing is not one of EN's strong suits. But for me, it's NBD, because I rarely print, since I'm mostly paperless.
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    Please file a support request via the link in my signature. We'll need to get some logs from you to help you.
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    I agree that the shift in focus to the first item in the list view is incredibly annoying if you have a large number of notes that you are working on. Once you have assigned tags it becomes a little easier, because you can filter the view by the tags or combination of tags you have assigned. If I am adding/removing tags from a particular note I have learned the hard way to open the note in a separate window. Then the position will not change, and I can also assign the note to another notebook, still keeping the note window open. However, when I have finished working on that note and close the window, the focus shifts back to the original list (expected) with the focus at the top of the window (not wanted). It would be much easier if EN could make note of the next or previous item in the list when I started working on it, then go to the note above or below that position in the list.
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    I´m a song writer and I need to be able to work fast and send stuff directly from evernote to my colleagues and friends. The app is great for viewing sound directly on the area where lyrics is annotated, but with the current .amr quality it is next to impossible to hear anything, especially if someone is speaking low. So I made a little A-B test. I first recorded a bit of music directly through itunes out on my macbook, then just through the computer-microphone into the computer again. I did this first through Evernote Mac Application, the desktop, then through my android phone running evernote, latest version. At last I re-recorded the same audio through an audio app with the AAC codec in .m4a files. Settings used in the audio app: AAC / .m4a Bitrate: 24kbps & 48kbps Samplerate: 32khz & 44.1khz (32000hz, slightly under CD-quality for the 24kbps file, 44100hz for the one with 48kbps samplerate) Mono Here are all the files for everyone to judge for themselves: Evernote Desktop - MAC: http://cl.ly/210m1c2a2B1V Evernote Android - HTC Phone: http://cl.ly/0b3s12222v1g M4A / AAC - 24 kbps: http://cl.ly/3J3s3A003n3W M4A / AAC - 48 kbps: http://cl.ly/36250V0I0J3k Here you can clearly hear the same sound source for all the sound, although the sound source, the microphone, on the audio recording app on the Mac and the Evernote Mac App is better than the one on the phone. So I included a file recorded through the Easy Voice Recorder app for Android. This app is super simple and uses M4A/AAC to capture sound, with 48 kbps. Download here: Easy Voice Recorder - free version - AAC/M4A - 48 kbps: http://cl.ly/420L36112c08 My personal view is that the Easy Voice Recorder is the best of these. But the microphone position was a bit more angled directly towards the sound source, so this is a bit unfair. For completely normalized versions (to clearly hear everything loudly, not direct originals) ... ... click here to download (ZIP): (these sound files are the same recordings, but normalized in new versions through a music conversion application, for the ease of listening to them at the same volume) http://cl.ly/0C443e3o2e1g Here you will clearly hear the difference. Hope you get something out of this and what could be, easily, if the evernote team would consider changing the app a bit, or just give the user an option to adjust the setting.¨¨ I really hope you do, cause I´m hooked on your app and love sound next to text - and would gladly not have my recordings in 10 places if I dont have to... /Anders
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    Kustom Note is a wonderful idea. About two week earlier of Kustom Note availability, I begun programming a few templates, more to understand how to make them in Evernote. I now have an understanding of what it takes to make them good. Kustom Note makes them perfect. Now, I'm wondering why we should have another native app for all platforms. It should be part of Evernote, point. Someone at Evernote corp. should seriously consider hiring Hussein Ahmed (and his team, if any). I don't know how long it took him to develop this idea into Kustom Note but I have not seem a project so finished from a young startup for a while.
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    I use Evernote for my yarn shopping list, synchronised to my smartphone in a 'Projects Pending' section. When I'm out and about, it's much easier to keep a list of the materials needed for each in my pocket than toting a file of patterns.
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    Kustom Note is awesome. I don't really use templates for any fancy formatting, but I do like to use auto-tagging for some frequently used types of notes. For example if I'm saving lots of quotes from some book in Evernote,I usually organise each quote with tags such as: "quote" "name of the book" "name of author" Now... I can add each quote to Evernote and manually add those tags OR I can use Kustom Note and create a custom template and get all necessary tags applied automatically whenever I use this template.� It just saves time because frequently used notes are organised automatically without any work. So here is how it looks: If I select a custom template for quotes from the book It's added to Evernote with specified preset tags automatically All I have to do is just copy-paste some quote from the book and that's it. I will remove this template after I'm finished with the book. This is just a simple example. It could get a lot more elaborate too. I'm waiting for native ios app.
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    You can read some more here, in the Evernote blog: http://blog.evernote.com/2012/09/26/trunk-spotlight-kustomnote-adds-structure-to-notes-wins-silver-devcup-award/ A quote from the post: Kustomnote is perfectly safe -- it just creates a template. Of course, whenever you give anyone access to your account there is risk, but no more so in this case than any other app. I've met the developer and I can say that he is a genuinely nice guy, who is enthusiastic about the project, and earnestly wants to succeed with it, so I think he will be very careful with the trust you put in him. As for asking whether it is worth it, that depends on how much you value templates, doesn't it As with other apps that connect with your Evernote account, the authorisation to do so is your choice. It can also be revoked at any time that you want. If you decide that you don't want to use it, or are worried about accessing your account for whatever reason, then you can stop it from doing so. Login to your Evernote account on the web -> Click on your username in the top right -> Settings -> Applications -> choose what to revoke permissions from and then click revoke access. Scott
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    Thanks. My main point is to caution against assumptions about the attitude / thinking / motivations of Evernote employees, who are, after all, probably even more dedicated to seeing the product succeed than we are. But, please don't take my comments to mean that you and others shouldn't post and express your thoughts on the topic. Developers read these forums, and perhaps someone here will come up with an argument that will motivate them to invest in the feature after all. At the very least, it will remind them that users continue to want it included in the product. Personally, I suspect it will be listed with a bunch of features with the roll out of Evernote business later this year. In fact, I have a whole list of stuff I EXPECT to see in the products when that happens. One of these items just so happens to be a "list view" on the Mac client (my repetition here is supposed to be working like a subliminal hammer on our developer elves). Big stuff had better be coming
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    Very wise and more diplomatic than I I agree with the summary and we have done all we can from our side so lets see what happens...
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    You know, we keep running into these features in Evernote that have not been done very well, e.g. audio note, snapshot note. As you, and many others have pointed out, there are a number of 3rd party apps that do a lot better. So why is Evernote providing features that have problems? IMO, they should either NOT provide the feature, or provide a reasonable level of performance. They certainly don't have to be world-class, but both the audio and snapshot features seem to cause more problems than they solve. Interestingly enough, in both of the above cases the solution is fairly simple: allow the user to specify the resolution (bit rate, freq, image size). I would guess more effort has been spent explaining/defending the current behavior than it would take to just fix it. Just my opinion.
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