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    Hi all, I've been using Skitch almost since the day it came out, and I really like it. I use it to share/comment on ideas, teach people what to do, keep notes on something I need to remember for a short while, etc. I've only used the new 2.0 version a couple of hours, but it looks like the new version has removed some of the best features. Missing: Ability to set privacy options on images (and if they are indexed by google by default, that is even worse..) Ability to auto copy URL on publish (preference to choose witch URL. Direct, web, etc.). Ability to upload to FTP (one of the nicest features on Skitch. Please don't cripple this app to force people to pay for Evernote) Press "alt" to change direction arrows Preference to remove dock-icon, and only have menu-bar icon. Ability to press "shift" to get timer countdown. Nice new features: Pixelate tool (time consuming to go into PS whenever that is needed) Thank you for reading.
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    Very disappointed in 2.0. I went back to previous version. http://www.macupdate.com/download/39932/skitch.zip
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    My Mac friends are quite upset over the removal of features. A primary use was to quickly post screenshots in forums and blogs, but without the ability to share to a server and copy the link for hotlinking the picture, the function is broken.
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    If you have Time Machine you can downgrade that way... that's what I just did. I completely agree Duran and the OP, I use Skitch almost exclusively for the ability to upload screenshots super quickly to my own server and share them privately with my team members. Without that ability I will have to hold on to using old Skitch until I find something else. I can't believe this feature was removed.
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    I'll simply link to the reply I made in another thread... http://discussion.ev...-skitch-20-mac/ Please read this thread. Evernote, as a paid customer of your product, you ruined Skitch. As a paid customer, look at what my use cases are, and consider your paying customers as your best friends... not people you get to beat up like facebook does when you figure out another way to do something that is going to drive revenue for you.
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    2.0 = The worst update of an app I've seen. I want to return to 1.0.12 NOW!!!
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    I believe a lot of thinking and hard work went into this launch and usually I try to be appreciative and open-minded when it comes to updates to the products I use. But this one is just not doing it for me unfortunately. I'm your premium subscriber and I used skitch.com for hosting, so I'm not very affected by the change, yet I do find the move itself to be quite in poor taste. You took 2 great free products that a lot of people had years to learn to depend on and merged them together in a very limiting way. Skitch was something you used without thinking. Its traffic was free and unlimited. You took it away. I do feel personally affected by some other changes though. I actually paid for Skitch's premium account not long before you acquired them, so I could have direct URL to my image copied to the clipboard automatically. Sometimes it makes a lot of difference in the workflow. You took it away. And you did same for ability to pick my output format. And aiming for that small arrow in the corner of sharing icon is real pain. I almost sent my image by mail 3 times before I managed to aim well enough to see other options in that drop down. Cropping and resizing feels much worse now. While older Skitch had somewhat childish interface and felt odd in native Mac OS environment, it made those things really smooth and almost intuitive. I didn't have to make an extra click to activate crop tool and I definitely didn't have to drag each of 4 handles individually from the center of the image just to get them back to the edges of the original so I can start looking into what I want to leave out. Who said I want that small rectangle in the center? How often would this scenario actually happen? Why? Resizing is even worse, because I need to activate the tool and then use small switcher to toggle cropping/resizing while it was a matter of using a simple handle before. And after this I'm getting a slider that's nowhere close to precise. I just couldn't get my picture to be 640px in width exactly. The slider suggested the numbers that were near that but never that. I could get the size right in a matter of seconds in older version. And if my hands were shaking too much to achieve the result for some reason, I always had advanced instruments in preferences where I could input exact numbers from the keyboard. Everything just feels like more of a hassle, including the extra click/keystroke I now need to confirm my selection when taking a crosshair snapshot. But this move I can justify at least. Why can't I choose the thickness of the lines and size of the text anymore? Paint bucket? Removal of menubar icon? Why? At least integrate it into Evernote's clipper icon and let me get rid of the one in the dock. It has nothing to indicate, it's a satellite tool for Evernote, so there is hardly a reason for it to sit there, occupy the space and distract attention. And I also have very mixed feelings on the new interface to be honest. It's much more clean for sure and blends into Mac OS much better but it seems to lack polish a bit. The shadow looks too strong for a light background and the 'drag me' handle does not feel like something you want to touch. It appears plain, thin and fragile. I somehow feel dark grey background for the 'Evernote' section (that btw fails to indicate the way to get back to editing an image) would work much better and provide contrast between tools, background and image that current implementation lacks. To be honest, despite its quirky look Skitch 1.X was one solid application that did a lot of things right. It was fast, effortless and free. If I were to ask something more, it would be: ability to take screenshots of full page in the browser alternative formatting styles (I know this look gives Skitch a character but sometimes you need things to be presented in a bit more serious manner) ability to accept handwritten text from tablets tighter integration with Evernote on Mac and iOS that would make basic editing of images within Evernote possible (iPhone image size please) This update added pixelate tool that is acting funky (it looks fun but I could hide things with color before), removed dozen of features, made most basic tasks much more of a hassle and made whole app feel unstable and buggy. I'm trying to stay positive but this is something really hard to appreciate.
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    Oh, and its buggy. I just took another screen capture of something, to test it out... and it kept things I had used on the previous screen capture. I had typed some dummy text, and drew some lines, just to see how the tools work. Then I took a brand new screen capture, and some of those things I drew on the previous image were still in the edit window, on top of my new image.... what? Oh, and the delete button doesn't work, I had to press the backspace button... thats an extra 4 keyboard clicks of me thinking its even more broken then I originally thought.
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    I have to concur. The new skitch breaks some of the *CORE* functionality I came to expect, and rely on DAILY from the product. This new version is a significant regression in functionality and quality. 1. My LARGEST complaint, is that you removed the functionality that lets me push a screenshot/snip up to my own sFTP/FTP target. For my internal work needs, where I need to share things in a semi private manner it was an amazingly useful feature for me to be able to take a capture, drop an arrow on it, and in 15 seconds have that up on a URL that I can share with someone. http://myfakedomainname.com/filename+timestamp+applicationname.png <-- something like this was what I could then share with my clients, or coworkers! This was an amazingly simple feature that uses MY bandwidth the way I want to use it, and keeps *MY* name (the domain name) in the context. I then, personally could worry about removing, editing, archiving, deleting the old images, how ever I wanted. By forcing me to share content via evernote, you've removed an incredibly simple tool that leverages the most basic functionality of the web... 'sharing a URL with someone'. And no, YOUR URL, doesn't count. I don't want to see evernote's bloated URL (which is useless for plain english parsing) and evernotes website... My clients don't want to see it, and I have ZERO interest of it living indefinately on your servers just so you have some permanant track record of everything I've uploaded. I'll use evernote if I want that (and for evernotes use cases, I do, but not skitch). Now I'm forced to upload to evernote if I want to get a quick URL to share with someone. I pay you a monthly fee so I *DON'T* have to worry about this. Not because I want something free, and I'm going to -deal- with the functionality you force on me. This alone completely breaks Skitch for me. If you simply added back the "upload to sFTP/FTP" capability from the previous version, and left everything else you've added, I'll be satisfied. 2. Editing tools. Why did you remove the simple "click to select, so you can delete or move things". The new "blur" tool is nice, I like that. But once you place it, I can't figure out how to move it, or remove it. In comparison, the line drawing tool can be clicked on after the fact, to move or delete what you just drew. This is broken, and makes no sense. 3. There's also no way to change the line weights or font size anymore. I'm not expecting photoshop, but sometimes you need to have smaller, or larger elements. 4. The top OSX menu bar icon. You removed it... why? 5. I'm sure there's other things that I haven't noticed yet that are going to bother me just as much... This is a huge step backwards for what was an amazing product that I used MANY times through out the day. I'm actively looking for a replacement now.
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    It also looks as if Skitch was removed from the Menu bar....another useful feature missing in the update.
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