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    Nope - the person initiating the share needs a Prem account to permit the other to edit note contents.
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    I figured it out... I had to bring up the keyboard settings with a long press on the keyboard settings key, and apparently the long press I had been trying wasn't long enough. Now it works fine. Thanks for your patience!
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    Hi Bob, Currently there is no hide on minimise option. Closing the Evernote window however will close the window but leave an icon in the tray, allowing you to click to restore it (or other options that you can define by right clicking the icon) Scott
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    Hi. Welcome to the Forums. You have some rather specific permission requests, and I don't think the first one is possible. You could invite your user to send suggested changes back to you for that note, or move the note to another notebook which is also shared with that user with permissions to edit; but in the context of one notebook that's just not doable. The second is easier - share the notebook twice; once with the four view-only bodies, and again with the individual with full permissions. Do stress to everyone who may be editing your notebooks that they (and you) should sync before and after each edit session to make sure you're working on the latest version of any note and not an older copy. If you see a 'conflicting changes' notebook popping up, it means you're saving changes to something that someone else already changed; which tends to be bad.
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    Prefixed tags have several advantages as I use them. Hierarchy embedded in tag Can OR search group using * suffixed tags as described by Jeff Can be nested under a collapsed parent tag, eg Locations, to reduce Tags display Consistent coding by selection from tag dropdown(s) In your case additional abbreviations in the tags might help, eg Loc_Eur_N_Eng_Cornwall Tag:loc_eur_n* = any Northern European location
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    No problem - the web app is pretty good too (although like you I use the desktop client pretty much all the time).
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    Note that there is a serious regression in Wine 1.4 (stable) and 1.5 (beta) which prevents Evernote from syncing. See below for current status and a workaround.
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    Or (following Owyn's line), you could tag it once with "Loc_France". If you tag all of your locations using the "Loc_" prefix, you can search for all notes pertaining to location using the search string tag:Loc_*. This type of tag naming scheme encodes a sort of hierarchy in the name, and the added search capability can be useful, but it also means that you will probably wind up with a long list of "Loc_" prefixed tags, which can make choosing them during tagging operations more difficult. Trade-offs all around.
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    No Problem I can't say for certain, but I recall seeing a post about it before. It contains images that you have added to notes. (It seems to me like a temporary store before upload, but the images aren't deleted.) All of the images I have in that folder are in EN. I just deleted the images (and voice notes that I have in there for some reason - Other than testing I don't use them) and all is fine so far. At any rate, rather than deleting, you could back it up to another location perhaps... I have a similar issue with the referencing to "SD Card"...I recall seeing in some apps, they call the internal storage that and ignore any external storage at all...quite annoying at times. Offline searches? Or Notebooks? There is an option relating to offline searches but I don't know how that affects storage usage... I would like the option to as well. I currently have enough space, but I expect that I will get there eventually and would love to avoid it at all. How do you manage all of your data on the device? With my tablet, I decided that anything that I could choose the location for (docs, music, videos, etc.) would be stored on the memory card, ensuring that I left as much free space on the device itself. It is working for me now, but I can see myself filling the card up in the near future, so may have to get a bigger card.
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    It has been discussed quite a lot on here and nothing has been said that made it seem like this feature is coming in the short term. Then again, Evernote don't discuss their roadmap or timelines.
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    hi. welcome to the forums! no. there is not. a search on these forums for linux will get you up to speed on options available.
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    I would use prefixed tags for locations and artifacts. EG. Loc_England_Cornwall Art_Pre1000BC
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    Cutting back on the number of notebooks was a great move. In my opinion, you are going to get bogged down with so many levels of tags. I would try to keep the tags to just a couple levels - 3 at the maximum. To help find the item, put some key words into your text for assistance in searching. For instance at the end of a note on "The Mines of England", add locations -> northern Europe -> England -> Cornwall -> pre-1000 BC artifacts. A search will give you the count And add a couple tags: Cornwall and pre-1000-BC-artifacts Tag hierarchy example: Location England Cornwall France Germany Items pre-1000-BC-artifacts etc.
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    This is the Japanese section of the forum, so I will move it to the correct one for you (Evernote - then you select Android when posting a new topic) EDIT: Done There are a couple of threads about this, and it appears that EN needs at least 100mb free. I also cannot find an option to move to sd card. I guess we could hint at a this being a request for that option. I would welcome it too One possible thing to do is try removing some of the data from the Unsaved_Notes folder within the Evernote folders, since there can be many images etc. in there. Could free up a little more space
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    I have same problem on my Macbook Air 2012 13" 256gb SSD version It kept crashes when I type fast or do something with wrong word typing or pressing the space. I hate to use it now, its so annoying. I rather use microsoft word.
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    Not really looking to get into a discussion about the complicated machinations we have to run through on a country-by-country, state-by-state and currency-by-currency basis (short answer - business is different in different countries), but here's what's happening with the Mac/Web discrepancy, which at present is a Mac/Everything Else discrepancy. We are trying to charge a consistent price across all platforms, but there's an issue with our current Mac pricing which will hopefully be fixed soon.
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    IDK why the web/desktop clients differ. But wrt to a difference between US price & other prices:
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    Behold, I am become Death, the destroyer of Paper. Books, magazines, pamphlets, Christmas cards, receipts, and just about everything else in pulp form has submitted to my righteous wrath.
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