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    At the GoodLife Team in Austin, we use Evernote as a Company -- that means my entire Team, which includes Staff and Agents, use Evernote as a fundamental tool of their business. We have best practices for using Evernote in every facet of our business. We have best practices for: Buyer Clients Seller Clients As an organizational tool How we share files between agents and staff As an App on the iPad I'm curious how other Agents or Brokerages are using Evernote. Please share how you are using EV as part of your business practice and I will synthesis the responses and report back.
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    When I try to use Skitch to create a screenshot on my new rMBP, the pixel dimensions of the resulting screenshot are much larger than the image I am trying to create. To be precise, when I do a crosshair capture with Skitch, the little readout beneath the crosshairs during the capture will say for example, 300x300 and then after releasing the crosshairs to perform the screenshot, the image that is then displayed in Skitch is 600x600. If I drag that same image to the desktop (as a PNG) and open it in Preview, it is 1200x1200 @ 144 (actually, 143.99) dpi. I assume that this is the result of the pixel-doubling technology that is built into the low-level OS X graphics routines for the retina display. This is making Skitch un-usable for me. What would be great is a preference in Skitch for automatically re-sampling images captured from a retina display such that they would be rendered as if they had been captured at the original pseudo-pixel size (in this example, 300x300) @ 72 dpi resolution. That would make the images compatible with sending in an email, posting on a website, etc. Is this on your radar or already in development?
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    I know this has been discussed a lot and Evernote has no intention of becoming the ultimate task list. But I have to give my 5 cents after looking into the challenge. Evernote could be the ultimate task list =============================== It can record everything, not just mails but also pictures, voice, clips and everything else as you all know. However it seems very limited in putting this information into a timeline. As i'm aware there are 2 fields available related to time tracking: 1) created 2) updated Evernote is almost there =================== When I post something into evernote I typically save it because I need it later - mails i respond to, follow ups and information related to other daily tasks. Also following a lot of practices from TotalWorkdayControl and GTD, time is important. A calendar is no good because it will simply pass by the date and the task will not show up in any overdue task list. Evernote is almost there. You have to interpret the created date a little different: "created date is the date until which this note should be hidden from my OVERDUE list". With this simple interpretation, you can make two saved searches that holds your future TODO's with todays todo's at the top (just sort correctly on creation date) and your tasks that is OVERDUE. To complete a task simply assign the "done" tag. saved search TODO: created:day -tag:done saved search OVERDUE: -created:day-1 -tag:done Evernote problem ============== This means that Evernote actually has a date field you can freely manipulate (created date) and that can be interpreted and used to make a task list. However it is just hidden to far away to be practically useable! 1) In the Mac client it is hidden under a menu, to it takes more than 1 click to manipulate it - which is unacceptable for a task list. 2) In the mobile version it is not possible to manipulate it as according to my test (I use the Iphone app). SOLUTION SUGGESTION - AND WISH!!! ================================ Make manipulation of the created date field available with one-click and keyboard shortcut in all clients. Then you would have the ultimate task assistant combined with the brilliant Evernote ability to handle all kinds of media. Hope you implement this very very soon it would be a small change with ground breaking effect! :-) Best regards, sortelyn
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    Apple is an example of the "forgot your password" problem. The latest TWIT podcast #365 had a discussion of the social hacking done on a reporter's account (Mat Honan) and how Apple released the password to the hackers. After Honan published the problem, Apple made some corrections to their internal procedures. I wonder if it happened to a normal customer whether Apple would have reacted as quickly.
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    Forgive me if this has been asked, but I've searched, and come-up empty. In stark contrast with others who've posted about not being able to sync from Android, I have the opposite problem. Regardless of my sync settings, the app syncs every time I open it. For example, I currently have it set to ""Every 1 Day," and yet, it literally ignores that setting. I've tried (seemingly) every possible combination of "W-Fi sync only," "Sync data on power up," and "Sync Automatically" intervals, and regardless, they're always ignored. I wish I'd paid attention to when, exactly, this started happening, but it was within the last several updates (it was not a problem when I got this phone about a year ago). Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S from T-Mobile. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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    The sharing of Stacks is not currently supported.
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    I make extensive use of both, but in very different ways. Evernote is primarily a note taking system. DropBox is primarily a file management system. While Evernote can also store files, DropBox is superior in these ways: DropBox is limited only by total storage limits (which can be quite large), whereas EN is limited by monthly upload lilmits. DropBox is well suited to managing files which change often, particularly if they are large files You can quickly reach your Evernote monthly limits if you are making frequent changes Evernote is limited to a max file size of 50 MB DropBox provides file version system, allowing you to restore previous versions DropBox provides very granular sharing, from the entire account to folders to individual files DropBox sync is extremely fast on all devices DropBox provides traditional folder-subfolder hierarchical storage of files DropBox integrates seamlessly with your PC or Mac file system
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    Solved! I had accidentally unticked "Show notelist" (View). Ticked again and all notes were there.
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    As a student myself, I use Evernote by myself unless more people join in, and my school get's wifi. But until then, I basically type notes up on my phone during class when it's appropriate and add more to those notes and make new ones and organize them on the computer. I can share these notes to whoever wants it, or entire notebooks. If my school started to fully use this, I would say things would be easier IMO assuming students won't mess around instead of listening or writing up notes. It was better for me, I remembered more, studied better and in general did better in school.
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    I've been a paid user of Evernote for several years and this annoys me to no end. I frequently scan receits and put them into EN but the image actually increases in size rather than comes in at the size pasted. That, I don't understand. My workaround is to scan the image to a file and then paste a link to the file. The problem with that is that the file is not available on any device other than the PC that I used to enter the note. Someone had to write the code that allows us to paste an image. Adding the code to size it doesn't seem like man-years worth of effort. And, it would reap huge benefits for the customer. This forum software from IP.Board has what we're looking for!
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    Just wanted to thank Dean Ouellette for his awesome guest post on my site tonight: "How to fix a fractured real estate business system with Evernote". There's some awesome productivity tips in there as well. Thanks so much, Dean. Great job!
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    Take a picture of your wall (or pictures, in sections) Make sure the notes are all legible enough for Evernote to OCR the content. Add picture(s) to Evernote. Stop using stickies!
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