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    @Mike Wood - You may be surprised to know this,but Evernote employees would never load up their account on one of our machines except in dire circumstances to troubleshoot an issue, as that would lock a user out of their account temporarily (as we'd need to change their password to do so).And we'd certainly need their consent to do so - we'd never do that on our own. Additionally, no employee here will *ever* ask a user for their account password. Your data is your own, and we do not believe in invading user privacy. The way we've retrieved these contents we still maintain the privacy and integrity of the contents of the user's notes.
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    Well they clearly need to do something.... and Heathers comment 'The nature of this particular issue is that as there isn't actually any data loss, we don't see it in our server checks.' Indicates they need to do different checks!... and it seems everyone who runs the utility is finding some problems?#! I'm sure this isn't a major issue but clearly its not as resilient as it should be.
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    I'm possibly the last person on the planet to realise this, but just in cases there's someone else out there.. Scanning with most OCR systems (ie both the ones I've tried) seems to be a 'real time' process, in as much as you scan, wait for the OCR, rename the file if you're so inclined, then save it. Despite the fact my ScanSnap S1500 fairly zips through the pages, I have to wait for Adobe or ABBYY to chomp through the file - during which process the scanner is as inert as a lumpy inert thing can be. Slow progress. So a while ago I adopted the scan first, OCR later process that seems popular amongst those of us into heavy-duty scanning. The process is now - Scan to folder <repeat until cross eyed> then dump contents of 'scanned' folder into Adobe's batch OCR window and go have a coffee. Much faster to scan, and I don't have to twiddle anything while the OCR is happening. Then I forgot to tidy up the folder last night and had to start a batch scan this morning. I'd been really busy scanning a couple of manuals. And without thinking about it I started up scanning again while OCR was still running. Which worked fine - although I changed the destination folder because my OCR is saving back to the 'scanned' folder and I didn't want new scans to get lost in the OCR'd old ones. And my OCR and scanner are running quite happily alongside each other, minding their own business all the while. It's not rocket science, and quite clearly the OCR and the scan are being run by separate apps that have no reason to trip each other up. But it does mean that I can do that tidy-up exercise each morning at the same time as new scanning, keep scanning a little longer each day, and cut down a little on my caffeine intake. All of which is good news. The new process means one new folder - scan to 'scanned' / move files to 'OCR in progress' / OCR and rename / move to Evernote. Just thought you might like to know. Gaz
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    +1 on this from me Evernote has quickly become a tool that I use on a daily basis and has replaced other note-taking tools like OneNote that I used to use. So far, the only hole that I've found in the functionality is Evernote's handling of images. Evernote's great because it allows for quick and easy note taking on multiple devices but the inability to a) automatically resize images for your screen and reduce the file size of images captured using your phone, etc. really detract from the usability for image-type notes.
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    I actually came into the forum for the first time to find out more info about this exact topic. As someone who wants to use evernote to capture images as part of quick notes I'm finding that the massive image sizes are becoming very annoying from a speed perspective. It would be great if I could select an option to have all images that are added to my notes to be smaller in size. During the day I'm constantly switching back and forth between my phone and the desktop versions of evernote. The ability to rotate images within a note would also be very helpful.
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    Thank you. For a grumpy monkey, this might be way out of your way to respond generously quickly and without complaint. So, grumpy, hate to diminish your day, but you have simplified mine. Thank you. You have been helpful. Bill
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    Well I'm back (so far as I know at the moment) to 100% now, with the latest tranche of recoveries from Support. Thanks to Peter, Heather and Allan and the other support gnomes for finding my bits and pieces. Although we hear the occasional winge about lack of assistance, I have to say that on the occasions when I've had a bijou panic, they've always been as helpful as I could hope. I know we're going with the "only two isolated incidents" theory at present, and I have no information to contradict it, but I hope that some thought will be applied to implementing an absolute, ironclad, copper-bottomed, sure-fire, fail-safe, assured, cast-iron and pretty well guaranteed means of flagging up any more 'missing' or 'unattached' information to users immediately. If Evernote can generate a suggested heading from note context, it should be able to flash a warning if the same content suggests there should be an attachment. Even if it generates the occasional false alarm that "attachment expected but not available" I'd feel more secure. I feel strongly that Evernote should not underestimate how concerned loyal users will feel if the integrity of stored data is even slightly at risk. In many ways having parts of a database corrupted or missing is worse than having the whole account trashed. If the data is gone, you know it's gone; and (if you have a brain cell) there are backups you can use to recover from the loss. If an attachment to a note goes missing I may not find out until I need that information. And I may not be able to easily recover from its loss if I don't know when that loss occurred. Personal backups going back months may be useless for that specific note, and while my experience has been fairly positive with help from Support, JB still seems to be out some files. I'm going to continue to use Evernote intensively, with increased precautions; but if there's a recurrence of any mysterious random missing attachments I may need to think about investigating that old promise about how easy it will be to get my data OUT of Evernote.
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    IMO, the EN dev teams need to quit working on new features and UI changes, and focus on making the EN Search engine rock solid and consistent across all platforms. Without a reliable Search engine, Evernote fails as our external brain. It is as if Evernote has Alzheimer's. The memories are there, we just can't recall them.
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    OK, EN Web accepts "attachment:true", but converts it to a "button" that reads "Contains: Attachments". This does return 152 Notes, including Notes that a PDF is the ONLY attachment. The EN Web client is very confusing. Although the converts to "Contains: Attachments" if I clear the Search box, and then TYPE in "contains:attachments" it does NOT find any notes. I don't know who is designing the UI for Search across all clients, but it is a poor design, IMO. Come on Evernote, Search MUST work the same across ALL clients. This is basic design 101.
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    I'm sure you are correct. I'm confident others will want to move notebooks/stacks/notes around, between accounts, and when they do, I'll be ready to assist them. It may be possible that Evernote doesn't want people to create multiple accounts and move notebooks around. I need to separate business and personal use for many reasons. Making that process easy and efficient should be in everyone's best interest. I'm sure other people have & will continue to need to do this on occasion. I'd also guess that a lot of people rarely (if ever do this) and those that do it, most will only do it occasionally. I'm not saying it wouldn't be in everyone's (or at least some people's) best interest to make this more workable for YOUR situation. I'm just saying it's probably pretty low on the priority list, if it's on the list at all. After all, they do have limited resources & just like any company, need to get the biggest ROI from them. I agree with you. This isn't a "typical" situation. As a new Evernote user I'm still learning its capabilities (and limitations). Now that I know some of the limitations of Evernote I'm able to provide a work-around for myself and others. More importantly, end users shouldn't be discouraged (like I initially was) in migrating notebooks between accounts. Bottom line, if someone wants to duplicate or move several notebooks from one account to another, I can help save you hours of work and frustration. David
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    It isn't a matter of resizing the actual linked image, but rather how it is displayed within Evernote. A behavior similar to Word, where upon clicking the image you get corner handles and adjust the image as you wish. For a program that aims at helping organize your ideas, the lack of this kind of basic controls is a big handicap. My specific example: As a designer, I would like to use EN to gather inspiration images, photos, etc for a particular project. Much like a moodboard, where I could have a nice overview of the references, both text and images. However, it is common to have very big images. The way EN deals with images right now would force me to scroll through notes over 20.000 pixels tall (aprox. 30 images), and bits of text lost in between. This is extremely impractical and annoying. I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy this possibility, and use EN way more as a result. I know I would.
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    I also agree that this feature is crucial, and the main reason I haven't adopted Evernote. As stated above, I can easily resize images in other programs, but don't want to do so because it would discard data.
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    No, never. Except that it's coming "soon" (as of late 2009). I'd give more advice, but I don't use a mobile device, so I can't help there. On the desktop, I used Evernote for all my GTD until Metrodon recommended WorkFlowy, which is where all my tasks and projects are now. LOL re the release date Yeah, it's definitely the mobile element that's killing it for me. Over the weekend, I'd set it all up nicely and was very happy with what I had. Then the situation arose where I wanted to add something to my list whilst out and about and the scenario above popped up, at which point I realised how poor a system it is when relying on mobile. If I had my laptop with me at all times, I'd use EN, but I don't, so I don't. Workflowy is fantastic but again it suffers from a lack of a proper offline mobile app. It works well enough in mobile Safari on iOS, but that's no good when you don't have a signal. It's amazing how often that is, too. I use RTM etc LOTS when out shopping etc to see if there's anything I need to get whilst I'm out, so it's no good to me if I'm going to get an "Unable to load page" error. No matter, we'll get there in the end
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    It is unlikely, because this can be handled with other software. No sense re-inventing the wheel. Evernote has some other priorities they are working on. I disagree. In fact, the lack of this feature has been the primary reason that I haven't fully adopted Evernote. That said, however, I don't want to permanently alter the file size of images. I just want to be able to zoom out so I can see the whole photo at once, yet still retain all the original data. I use my iphone to take pictures of important documents, which I store on my computer for easy access. It's easier than a scanner. However, because of the resolution of the iphone 4s camera, the images are so HUGE in Evernote that I can't even tell what document the photo is storing! And Evernote's OCR for this function would be a no-brainer. Being able to zoom in and out is absolutely basic functionality that most every, if not every, image viewing software offers. IMHO, it's a sorely missing feature from Evernote, and is keeping at least one potential "Paid" customer in the "Free" column.
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    Well, my vote goes for separate accounts. I use my EN account for personal, work & mom related stuff. (I'm the point person for my 93 y/o mom.) Many/most of my searches start from "all notebooks" b/c I can usually find things based upon tags or keywords. It's just a lot faster (IMO) to press the F5 (my global 'find in Evernote' button), then type a tag or keyword, rather than click a notebook in the left pane or specify a notebook in the search or scroll down to a saved search. Since I do often search through all notebooks, I don't want to have to filter through stuff my husband may have entered. Also, I use EN when doing shopping research. For Christmas I bought my husband an electric drum set. Since I don't know anything about them, I clipped many reviews & videos. Not only were they helpful with my decision, but I was able to show them to him, after he unwrapped it. I also used EN to help decide where to buy the set. It was a LOT cheaper to buy it from Amazon. But if he didn't like the model I bought it would be MUCH easier to return it to the local Best Buy, plus we wouldn't be out any money. So I clipped the shipping measurements & weight & calculated the approximate cost to return it to Amazon. That helped me decide where to buy it. Was I confident enough in my selection to risk saving X dollars by getting it from Amazon, while knowing we'd be out X dollars if he wanted to return it? Or was the difference in price minimal enough to go ahead & spend the extra $$ & get it at Best Buy & be able to return it w/o paying return shipping costs? Point being, I would not have wanted these notes to be viewed by him.
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