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    Welcome to the forums, holly. We need a lot more information than that to be able to help you at all. Also, this is serious enough that you're probably safest just opening a support ticket if you haven't yet, since Evernote staff are the professionals. First, turn syncing on your Mac client to manual, and check the web account (sign in at evernote.com). Are your notes still there? Other questions: Have you upgraded recently? Have you done anything else you think could possibly have caused this? What OS version are you using? What Evernote version are you using?
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    Once again the Evernote Web Clipper isn't compatible with a release channel upgrade of FireFox. EverNote is always last to the party. I pay for Evernote and I expect them to be ahead of the curve, not behind EVERY TIME. My understanding is that FF has made it easier for developers by allowing you to specify only a minimum FF version and no max so that with the rapid release schedule add-ons will not be disabled even if there hasn't been a specific release for a new version. Evernote needs to get with the program. It used to be I would have 4 or 5 add-ons affected, then 2 or 3, the last two times it has been just ONE, the same one... Evernote. I will simply close my paid Evernote account if you folks can't keep up. FF makes nightly builds available and plenty of notice so there is simply no excuse for this continued lack of day 1 FF support. I need a product that I can rely on to work with the lastest released FF versions. FF is far more important to me than Evernote. Hint hint. What is the status of a FF/Evernote add-on for version 13 for both Windows and Mac? - KEM
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    I'm using Evernote for Windows and desperately need the ability to highlight. For the life of me I cannot understand how this simple and common feature is omitted. Sure, I can take highlighted text from MS Outlook email and copy into Evernote. But adding/removing highlighting from within Evernote should be a standard feature...of any note taking. Jake
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    I am a fan, but alas, no longer a boy...
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    LOL. Nothing to see here. Move along and go about your business I think the Evernote application is pretty straightforward and easy to grasp, but whatever the OP's intentions, the fact is that many users have difficulty distinguishing it from other "cloud" services, or seeing how the app could help them with their own unique situations. It's good to talk this stuff out and get a better sense of what Evernote can and can't do. Evernote could do a better job of distinguishing itself (we need a place on the Evernote site to point users with these questions). There is also a mistaken impression out there that forum members are adoring fans without perspective, but my sense is that most of us, including the developers, recognize that there are plenty of opportunities out there for Evernote to improve. Hopefully the OP can offer concrete suggestions for this as well.
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    For those running the Mac OS, you can just drag the file from the Finder to a Browser address bar and it will enter the file path. You can then copy this and paste into the Evernote Add Link (CMD+K) dialog.
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    And...does anyone else have your Evernote password?
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    If I'm logged in to evernote in the browser, then yes. However, if I go incognito or try another machine, I see the same as anyone else not logged in would see and has apparently been seeing since last week. Which is this: See the problem now?
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    Solution: you can force compability by editing the "install.rdf". Find the addons folder on your machine. In this folder find the Evernote folder. My one is named {E0B8C461-F8FB-49b4-8373-FE32E9252800}. Here you find the install.rdf. Open it with a text editor (notepad++ ore something else). Find this line: <em:maxVersion>12.*</em:maxVersion> (line 169) Change the "12" to "13" or higher and save the file. Restart Firefox and everything will be fine!
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    Right click on a tag in the Tags Panel (left side of your Evernote window), select Delete... You'll get an "Are you sure..." prompt, which you can disable for future deletions, if you want.
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    Actually, both Microsoft and Apple have done this for years. I often find one of their troubleshooting/diagnostic Knowledge Base articles when I Google for a problem I have. The KB articles provide very detailed steps on how to fix specific problems. If the steps require changes that could affect your data, then it tells you to backup your data first. For example, a Microsoft article may suggest Registry changes you can make. Sometimes, the KB article may suggest a rebuild of the app database, like Outlook 2011 Mac. If so, then it tells you how to backup the DB first.
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    Yeah, JMichael and GrumpyMonkey have been good about compiling and sharing all the differences between the two clients. The Mac client looks pretty sad in comparison.
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    EN Win, yes. EN Mac, not so much. But many of us have been asking for a few things for a long time: Vertical List (just now added) Highlighter Due Date Mac parity with Win
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    Darn. I knew that.. Depends on the OS of course. If you're in Windows it's easy - find the file in Windows Explorer, shift+right click; look for 'copy as a path' and paste the path into your Ctrl-K window with "file:///" - without the quotation marks.
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    We do post the solutions that are not "dangerous" - it's called the Knowledgebase. There's a significant reason that we don't post the internal KB, because people may find something that they think is their issue and follow those steps, then end up causing irreparable damage to their account. We've actually seen people who have followed instructions they've found on the internet that didn't apply to them (but were completely valid for someone else), contact us, said they followed them and are now complaining because all their data is now gone, and there's *nothing* we can do to get it back. So while it may be a fun project, and it may seem like a neat thing to do, we prefer to err on the side of caution and only post externally the things that will not harm the integrity of our user database, and you'll even find notations in the KB where it says "contact Support" if it starts to get into the grey area.
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    Fix? It's not clear Evernote views this as a bug/problem. Have you spent much time working with the Evernote API? Yep, just keep this checked. (It should stayed checked by default once you check it.)
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    I wonder why there is such disparity between the two clients. Assuming the same amount of resources (human, time, energy, money, etc.) it would appear that the two platforms are headed in different directions. I am sure the Mac team has its reasons, and I would be interested in hearing them! Don't get me wrong. I think the Mac app is quite nice, and I enjoy using it. The recent addition of a vertical list view in Windows and the rich variety of sort options is beautiful, though, and has led me to seriously contemplate switching platforms (still waiting on the ultrabooks to trickle out this month). Alternatively, I might use Bootcamp. Ideally, I'd stick with OSX but I use Evernote so much that it is actually worth doing. I have my fingers crossed for the next Mac update for Evernote, but I might be a Windows guy before that happens! I certainly will not wait 2 years
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    I'd like to add my +1 to this also. Though it seems that the EN team doesn't put much of a priority on this feature considering it's been more than two years. I understand that you want to be able to have "ideal" sorting of the tags column, but at least implement *something*, then improve it later. Obviously this is something that is lacking in the Mac version of Evernote, or people wouldn't be asking for it (in more than one thread). It's in the Windows version, it's on the web (where you can't sort by the tags column at all), it should be on the Mac version.
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    My favorite fact about the song: "A Boy Named Sue" was written by a man named Shel.
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    Hi everyone. It looks like the servers might be a little shy to sync over the next few days, because of maintenance on their private parts. See gbarry's announcement, or the status page for the most recent updates. http://status.evernote.com/
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    yep. this has come up as a request in the past as well. if i had a notebook for my journal entries, i might want them arranged by title (i use yymmdd dates in the title, so everything gets arranged chronologically). in a notebook for a project, i might want by last updated. and in a notebook containing my emails, i might want it arranged by date created. currently, we have to select the sort (a real pain). in addition, the mac and ios versions lack a huge number of sort options found on the windows platform. so, i would say the first step is to bring all of the platforms up to the level of the windows one in terms of sort options.
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