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    So, you're not happy with the overall "Drabness" of Lion"? Think it's too utilitarian? Here's my own, personal, attempt at bringing some color back to Lion. It involves swapping some resource files, but as the Director of Technical Support here, I can guarantee it won't mess up anything with your notes. First, download this file: https://support.ever... ... bafe98965b Then: Quit Evernote from File->Quit and from the MenuBar. Open Finder, Hit Command+Shift+G and enter the following path: /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/ Right-click the "Resources" directory and select "Copy", then Paste it to your desktop (you're backing it up). Then, from Applications/Evernote.app/Contents, click into Resources. Open the downloaded ColoredIcons.zip file, and Cmd+A to highlight all the files within, then drag them into the Resources directory. "Replace" everything there. Restart Evernote and color has returned to the left-hand pane. If anyone else has some spare time, or the desire, to bring other icons over, I'll be happy to update this file.
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    1. Please put on your website a button where you can suggest what features you want. How will you know what's bugging me if you don't ask? 2. Web clipping should be improved. No one has really solved web clipping well; you are well positioned and could be the first. Simply allow the web clipping service (you have a nice button) to attach to a given notebook, or append to a single note, or prepend to a single note. This should be in the options for the web clipper somewhere, and should be in all the versions of evernote. 3. Web clipping should support mobile. I do more and more clipping on mobile. 4. The only thing better about Catch than Evernote is the ability to share notes easily. The best way to do mobile sharing is how Glympse does it. Study Glympse. They share by sending a text, email, or link to a person over SMS or email, which then includes a web link to the shared object, *AND A TIME LIMIT*. WIth glympse, it only shares my location, with evernote it should share a dynamic note (or clipping or what have you). This would allow me to share a grocery list with a friend, but only for a few hours when they go shopping for me, and do it through web or email. The share should be dynamic, and should not require a login (put that in the URL they click on). 5. I continue to love the 'check box' in notes, that turns any note into a todo list. That is 100% brilliant, a great example of a simple solution to a vexing problem. I don't need a todo list manager, I just need check boxes! WooT! 6. I also love that you have a "thick app" for windows. It's simply a better experience then my browser. Don't go changin'! 7. And you integrate with Livescribe. Thanks!
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    When I share an evernote note via email and send it to my remember the milk email address, the "task" shows up in RTM WITHOUT the note text or link. However, if I share the note via email to my own email address and then forward to RTM, I get the note text and link as an attached note in RTM. Is there not anyway I can send directly to RTM? Craig
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    yes, i'm one of the developers of this app
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    As we can see by this very discussion, different people think and remember differently. Since Evernote's main mission is "Remember Everything", I'm sure the EN designers will add key options as necessary to achieve that goal. A well-designed and well-organized Preferences/Options section need not be clutter. Preference settings can easily be output in log files if needed, so it need not be a material support issue.
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    + 1 I scan many documents using my Lexmark 805 right from the scanner. It's not even hooked up to a computer. And yes, the printer assigns the PDF a filename (and it's not random. It's like SCAN001.PDF 002 etc). This kinda sucks because now I have more than a hundred PDF's called SCAN001. Changing the filename in EN would be much appreciated.
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    Maybe, but this is not pratical if you have a lot of files to export. Changing the attachment's name inside EN, should be implemented.
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