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    So, you're not happy with the overall "Drabness" of Lion"? Think it's too utilitarian? Here's my own, personal, attempt at bringing some color back to Lion. It involves swapping some resource files, but as the Director of Technical Support here, I can guarantee it won't mess up anything with your notes. First, download this file: https://support.ever... ... bafe98965b Then: Quit Evernote from File->Quit and from the MenuBar. Open Finder, Hit Command+Shift+G and enter the following path: /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/ Right-click the "Resources" directory and select "Copy", then Paste it to your desktop (you're backing it up). Then, from Applications/Evernote.app/Contents, click into Resources. Open the downloaded ColoredIcons.zip file, and Cmd+A to highlight all the files within, then drag them into the Resources directory. "Replace" everything there. Restart Evernote and color has returned to the left-hand pane. If anyone else has some spare time, or the desire, to bring other icons over, I'll be happy to update this file.
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    This is one of those things about never using "never" or "always". I can generate repeatable 100% OCR: Print a document (Word, for example) using a standard font on bright white paper, and you can scan and OCR it with 100% accuracy.
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    But if you do print your Word files into PDF remember that's a document exchange format - an electronic printed page. It's not easy to convert some layouts back to a wordprocessor-friendly format. If there's a chance you will need to edit the document again, or boilerplate from it in future, make sure you save the original undisplayed, unindexed document alongside the visible and indexed PDF!
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    One of the benefits of doing the OCR on my machine is that PDF is searchable both in Evernote and elsewhere. The Evernote OCR process only works in Evernote. Once the PDF is pulled and sent elsewhere it is no longer searchable.
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