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    Colin Farrell will log into Evernote, only to discover his notes have been replaced (gasp!). Memories of his past vacations to Cabo, his family, his job, his favorite wines--all will have been replaced with documents pointing to a secret revolution, brimming with intrigue on Mars. He finds a special folder, overflowing with tags and marked "Travel". Inside it contains a new identity, a Mars passport, and two tickets to the red planet. Eerily, his note history reveals nothing. Even with Premium Support, Farrell is unable identify the source of his new memories, and the dark actor moving betwixt the lines of his new identity and with it, his new mission.
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    The two questions I get more than any others when it comes to going paperless are as follows: What about backups (if for some reason, Evernote was not accessible)? Aren't you worried about security/identity theft/etc.? I was tempted to write a separate blog post for this but thought a post here in the forum would be good to better allow full discussion of these important questions. What follows is my personal take. Everyone has to gauge these issues for themselves. And let me be clear from the start: no one at Evernote asked me to write this post. This is based entirely on my own experience because I do get asked these questions a lot. Just look at the comment threads to the posts I've written. Backing up paperless data In all the time I've been using Evernote (well over a year) there has never been a time when I couldn't access my data. Evernote seems to have better uptime than a lot of other cloud-services I've used. In my day job, I'm a software developer and I know how difficult it can be to keep servers up and running. I give Evernote high marks for this so far. When they do have an outage, they announce it through several channels, among them: Twitter (@evernote, @evernotestatus) status.evernote.com That said, having worked in IT for 20 years, I've learned to plan for the unexpected. Here is how I ensure that I have backups of my data and access to my most important documents, even if Evernote is down. My data is not stored directly on my computer. At home, my data is not stored directly on my laptop but on a 1 TB external hard disk. If something happens to my computer, the data on the external disk is still safe and sound. My data is also backed up to the cloud. I use a product called IDrive which allows me to backup up to 5 machines and my WordPress website. The software works on Windows, Macintosh, etc. It runs nightly and I get an email when the backup is complete for each machine. I pay for a premium service that allows me to backup 500 GB of data. I think it costs me $150/year. Included in that cloud backup is the /user/[username]/Application Support/Evernote folder on my Mac. This is a bunch of local meta-data for Evernote that I can easily restore if I ever need to. Twice a year (usually 4th of July weekend and New Years) I use the "Export Notes From [Notebook]..." function to export all my notes (and related attachments) to an XML file that I store in a folder on the external hard disk (and which in turn is backed up to the cloud.) On my iPad, I have enabled the "Offline Notebook" feature for what I call my "Paperless Filing Cabinet" notebook, which is where most of my documents go. This allows me to access the notes and attachments in the Evernote app, even if have no Internet connection. These five things provide me with all of the backup security I feel I need. Sure, there are things that can slip through the cracks here, but with the exception of item #4, the above provides me with good, reliable backups with almost no labor on my end. Data Security, Identity Theft, etc. I get asked a lot about this. The truth is I don't worry about this much. That might be naive on my part, but I have learned over the years that a few simple practices go a very long way to protecting data and preventing things like identify theft. Here are some of the practices that I use. I understand that some people feel more strongly about this than I do and again, you have to do what makes you most comfortable. I always use SSL when transferring data. Evernote uses SSL when data is transferred over the Internet to their servers. That means the data is encrypted over the wire. I always use strong passwords. A strong password is one that uses a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols and does not contain an English word. It is also long, more than 12 characters at least. I change my password frequently. If I feel like I need additional security, I can encrypt documents using some other encryption application before loading them into Evernote. Of course, even the best practices can't always prevent a security breach. When I think about this eventuality, I liken it to the risk of someone breaking into my house and going through my (now non-existent) file cabinet. How can you protect against this? They've gotten through your physical security, they've breached your alarm system? What else can you do? Not much. I do have a rider on my homeowners insurance that protects me against identity theft and I've made sure that rider is adequate to cover any possibly losses. But the truth is I'm not worried that it will come to that, just as I don't worry that someone will break into my house. So there you have it! How I backup my paperless data and how I protect myself against unwanted intrusions. Have at it! Discuss! How do you handle backups? How do you protect your data? Are there better practices than what I've got here? I'm always interested in learning better practices and techniques.
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    Today I have a guest post on the Evernote Blog: "Why I went paperless" describes my motivations for going paperless and some tips for how I got started. I'd love to hear other tips and suggestions from people who've done the same.
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    My backup scheme: 1st layer: Time Machine (backs up the entire machine hourly) 2nd layer: SugarSync (documents and Evernote as they are changed) Super-critical items: Dropbox (which is also backed up by SugarSync and Time Machine) I use it in addition to SugarSync for a few files that change and need to be backed up quickly, since Sugarsync can have a lag as it runs through the upload queue. Evernote: web, iPhone, iPad, plus all the above. It's overkill but it's all automatic and requires no administration time other than the hassle of reminding iPhone and iPad to sync. A choice to do that by cable within iTunes would be really nice but I think the idea has been flogged to death on the forums and soundly rejected by management, for what is certainly a good reason. Security: Strong passwords, not using dictionary words, and long. Roboform. Change occasionally. Identity theft: Quicken checks bank account and credit cards every day, so I'll see any unusual activity. Use SSL whenever possible. Quit worrying about it. Edit 12/30/11 : Roboform changed its subscription system without notice once too often, so I'm using 1Password (Mac, iPad, iPhone). Where has it been all my life?
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    @Burgers and Fries "Regarding encryption...if you don't remember the encryption password, yes, you will lose the data. That's rather the point of encryption". I suggest you read a post more carefully before commenting, unless you enjoy playing the fool. I didn't sync after moving the note, so I guess I should read the manual before I do anything. here are the instructions I was given: "Copy the note to one of your notebooks that is synced. When you have reinstalled your machine and sync'd evernote - move the note to a local notebook." My mistake, I trusted someone who sounded knowledgeable.
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    We've had so many users confused about our notification options, that we've set them to default on posts or forums you follow. Note that a topic you create is automatically followed by you. You can turn all of this off by going to My Settings --> Notification Options and deselecting some of the boxes.
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    If you are using FF and receive errors when posting similar to: "[#20310 Your secure key, used to verify you are posting the topic, did not match the one submitted. Please go back, reload the form, and try again]." Or if you have trouble staying logged in when changing forums, go to Preferences - Privacy: and make sure the "Accept third-party cookies" is checked. Should resolve the problem.
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