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    I'm a little bit surprised that you don't have a programme manager that has an overall view of all the products, provides direction to the individual PMs and that the PMs report up to.....
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    why not? if the support team knows (presumably via written rather than just oral transmission), i would think everyone could have the sheet(s) of paper. they don't have to know the details (coding), but if they don't know at the level we are talking about here, then it is entirely possible our users know more than the developers. that doesn't sound right to me. really? because i have gotten some wild answers (usually canned) to some queries. but, more to the point, why do we have to contact support to find out features? no offense intended here, but evernote is not doing any of its employees or users any favors by keeping his info secret or unorganized. as much as i like evernote, i have a very difficult time finding basic information on the website (the recently added ability to purchase an extra gb a month is one example) in general, and without the forums i'd be in the dark about freaky stuff like randomly rotating images (a bug), hypertexting dates (a bug), the ability to select multiple notes for tags (a feature oly for windows), and any number of other things. if you know about this stuff, why not just post it?
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    Please? Someone must know the way…
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    I think we all agree that's fair. And no one here wants to pick on you (which is how it might seem if we're all pushing back every time you post), since you're awesomely helpful, here and always. But the calls here have been for something that many of us think is critically important, and should not be beyond the reach of Evernote: an easily accessible, updated (or quickly answered) database or forum with definitive and quick answers about which features exist in which clients. As GrumpyMonkey and others have pointed out, the discussion forums sometimes fill this function but often fall short—and worst of all, it often takes a number of guesses or conflicting answers from users, and sometimes even misguided answers from EN staff, before correct answers appear on the forums. Whether it's an Evernote-created database, an open-sourced one, or more active and informed participation on these forums by staff members, a lot of us are hoping for something we can refer to for quick answers to the question, "Is this thing I'm encountering on X client a feature or a bug? And is it the same on other clients?" Gtuckerkellogg, GrumpyMonkey, Martin Packer, Owyn, and jbenson have outlined different ways Evernote could implement something like this, as well as several reasons it's important (and ways it's currently lacking). We're all hoping to see something like this as soon as possible.
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    One of the primary features that is widely advertised by Evernote, is that it works across many platforms. So, it seems obvious that someone would need to identify which specific features are to be implemented on each platform. I'll call these specific features the "Core Features". This becomes a requirement for each of the platform teams. It seems to me that someone needs to ensure that the Core Features are implemented on a timely basis of each platform. I don't mean simultaneous release But it should be within a reasonable time period, especially the Windows and Mac platforms. I can see that there might be three sets of Core Features: Features that are required in ALL platforms Features that are required ONLY in Desktop platforms Features that are required ONLY in Mobile platforms Just my 2c.
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    Marketing is also aware of the different features in a client, as they highlight them in their blog posts. My point is that the product comparison initiative is Support's, and that the engineers and PM's posting on this board shouldn't be expected to know what's in the other products. They still might, but they won't be experts. I meant that we're internally working on this right now so that we can present it best, externally. Because we haven't had enough people ("human resources") to spend the time to write it all out - and stop actually supporting our customers and risk missing our Premium SLA. Braindumps take time - a lot of time. Plus, our products and features are often in a state of flux - some versions have one feature, and then it's removed, altered - and with new versions of each product being released as often as weekly, it will be a huge responsibility for the person or persons assigned to the project. We won't release this unless it's done right.
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    Patience. Expecting a reply within four hours is a bit hasty. And especially since here in the U.S., it's a long, holiday weekend. Since many participants are in the U.S., that means the board is less active than normal.
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    Heather, thank you for your comments. You are a straight shooter and have never steered me wrong. Let me point out what concerns me. If the initiative is just internal, it does not address the need for better communication and explanation of product improvements to the broad base of customers (not just support-request individuals, but all customers). Honestly, I mean no offense, but that might be the cause of the problem. The Support Team does a great job assisting individual users on specific support requests. Someone or some department needs to be responsible for sharing the release notes with the customer in a consistent and user friendly manner. The 3 to 4 word bulleted points are ineffective. In most companies, the job of communicating product benefits and improvements usually is quarterbacked by the marketing department. Thanks. That does help explain the problem a bit more clearly. I've seen the ads Evernote has been running for more employees. I'll tone it back a bit. Good luck in the personnel hunt.
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    There is none. It's been requested before but there's been no feedback that I can recall that it's going to appear any time soon. I think it would be a great addition.
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    OK, a few years have passed, many other big features have been added, but nothing on this front. This seems like a relatively minor bit of UI hackery to get working fully and would be a life saver for those of us with large note collections. Some of my notebooks are meant to capture information over time and are best displayed by most recent modification first. Other notebooks are meant to be reference material when a specific order is best. It adds a lot of friction to have to constantly change the sort order when switching notebooks. To get around this I have manually modified each note in a reference notebook to use my order so that they end up in reverse date order. That is painful to update when you have to edit a note in that group and have to re-date 100+ notes! For those of us who write a great deal and use Evernote to manage our notes, UI speed-bumps like this are a major irritation. Little things like this, and the ability to really edit all aspects of a note are important. I'd love to see each notebook have an individual sort order and default to the preferred ordering. Being able to set a custom order would be very cool. Thanks for listening! Keep up the good work! --fran
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    I agree, too. Just switched from MS to Mac recently, knowing that I could use evernote to work on all my stuffs on Mac. As a premium user, I'm also very disappointed with the fact that Evernote hasn't implemented such a simple feature in Mac version yet. Currently I have to manually edit each note to add/remove tags individually. I'm looking forward to seeing this feature being realized in the next update of EN Mac. Thanks a lot in advance!
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    I agree. Am a premium user and very disappointed that the Mac client lags so far behind the Windows version of EN. I needed this and other features that EN is not providing on the Mac right now.
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    I am popping my head in to say that I would love the ability to batch edit tagging. Have hoped this would be something that Evernote would add in a future update.
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