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    I love Evernote. I use it every day. On my Mac laptop, on my Windows desktop at the office, on my Windows desktop at home, and on my Android phone. Love it, love it, love it. But as much as I and other users love the product, these forums are often used for recurrent, vigorous, confused, and at times ill-tempered arguments regarding missing or broken application features on different platforms. These arguments can be corrosive to the Evernote user community, presumably the most dedicated of whom are active forum users. The recurring theme of these arguments is that users do not know if missing features on one platform are a design choice, a implementation delay, a bug, or simply an oversight. It is pretty clear that in some cases the Evernote employees don't know either. The forums are organized around products for each platform. But Evernote bills itself as being cross platform, meaning some features should work the same way on every platform. If they don't, it's a bug or an unimplemented feature. Which features are they? We don't know. Some features will be platform specific, obviously. AppleScript client scripting is Mac specific, and that's a feature. Taking a photo directly into Evernote is a feature of camera enabled devices, primarily mobile. Import folders, it seems, are a feature of the Windows application, though they can be mimicked with some Automation on MacOS. The highest level of platform taxonomy (today) is the distinction between desktop and mobile platforms. Some features (creating, editing, and saving notes) work on ALL platforms. Other features (editing saved searches) might be intended for desktop platforms, and still others might be specific to mobile platforms. Finally, some features might be specific to individual platforms. Evernote owes it to its development teams to decide where every single feature lies in that taxonomy, and should have no hesitation telling its users. We don't need a bug list. We need to know what features to expect where, and Evernote's development teams needs to know the same. When one development team (say, MacOS or Windows) comes up with a nifty new feature, they must decide with their brethren on the other platform whether that feature is specific to their platform or is promoted to something that should cross multiple platforms. This note is prompted by an at times nasty discussion about editing or viewing the rules for saved searches on the Evernote for Mac forum. Editing saved searches on the Mac is currently impossible, so prompted some questions. Finally, after 47 replies, it is clear that this is a bug (thank you Evernote Employee Heather!), but it could have been resolved simply and amicably if Evernote posted a table of application features. If "editing saved searches" was a feature for all platforms, or all desktop platforms, it would have been a bug and a support request could be filed immediately. Instead, we went around in circles, with all kinds of workarounds, trying to divine if this lack of functionality was intentional. Please, Evernote, tell us which features are specific to platforms, and which are not. Tell your own teams, too, so we can all help each other make Evernote even stronger.
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    I'm almost with you. I just wish that "Simplify Formatting" actually simplified formatting. All the way to plain text.
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    Cmd+Shift+V will work, but text will not automatically be pasted in black; it will take the color of the text (or would-be text in the case of spaces or line breaks) where you are pasting it. So if you paste it directly below yellow text, it'll probably turn out yellow. Make sure to place where the text would be black. (This is not a problem in a new note.) While Cmd+Shift+V should work for the issue you've raised (text color), for full formatting removal when pasting, I often use this annoying workaround: http://discussion.ev..._1#entry105981.
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    The lack of ability to access the edit feature for saved searches in the current design of the Mac client has been acknowledged as a bug, and a fix is being discussed internally.
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