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    I am storing many pictures into Evernote. While many pictures that I put into Evernote don't need the resolution that were originally taken at, I do the compression with 3rd party app on PC before putting them into Evernote. I do this for several reasons, two of them are to save space and data transfer, especially on mobile device. I would find a solution to compress pictures on demand integrated into Evernote very convenient.
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    ...like the ones that say "paid" that people used to use to stamp bills. I have a LOT of cookbooks. I'm starting to scan the recipes I like & put them in EN but then I make a note that it's in EN. Or business cards my husband carries. I will scan them & mark that they are in EN & return them to him. It would be neat to have a small, green, elephant stamp that I could quickly mark these things so I know they are already "Evernoted."
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    I am planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year. This will be my first ever attempt. I am only partially using Evernote however. I am going to do the actual writing in Scrivener (mac version). I've done a little brainstorming and outlining in there so far. I do plan to use Evernote as part of the project. I have started collecting information and jotting down ideas in a notebook that I created specifically for this project. Then, when I'm ready to work on those ideas in Scrivener, I export the notes (to RTF using a script I downloaded eons ago) and drag them into the Research folder in Scrivener... I don't intend to try and keep the two locations in sync; Scrivener will be the master location for the actual novel, and EN will probably be the main location for random notes and ideas. EN is just great at collecting stuff, but I think when it is time to organize and write, Scrivener will work better for me. I also still like to handwrite some things (mostly jotting down quick notes). I then scan the pages later and put them in Evernote. My handwriting is so awful that the OCR doesn't do too much good, but it does pick up a few things. Scan stuff and getting into EN is pretty easy, so I figure I'll continue doing that for NaNoWriMo as well.
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    I think the opening post was requesting a better way to edit lists, not a new type of list.
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    I have the Evernote app on my iPad but I can't seem to do clipping from safari on the iPAd. Any suggestions? Thanks -groeder
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    I would like Skitch to be able to create a little frame on a selected photo. (like 1px black outside the photo)
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