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    Anyone who has a boat can tell you, there are a *lot* of moving parts involved. Engines. GPS. Radar. Pumps. Random switches and nozzles and other various doohickeys. Keeping it all straight is a job in itself! To go with all of these doo-dads is a *massive* amount of paperwork. The engine has a manual. The steering wheel has a manual. The *teak oil* has its own manual. When you're wandering aimlessly around West Marine for the twentieth time in a weekend trying to remember exactly what type of oil your particular model of diesel engine takes, it can get frustrating. Not so with Evernote! Scan all those papers in! With a Premium account, all those previously indecipherable schematics become searchable, and instead of flipping through pages upon pages of documentation, you can simply search for "oil" and you'll find the right note. Tag it, and organize it however makes the most sense to you. And, of course don't forget to scan in that all important coast guard registration information. I can't tell you how many times the Coast Guard/Immigration has been impressed to see us pop it up from our iPad for them right away so they could start copying the relevant info as we went to retrieve the original. Once you've gotten all those in, you can surf the web and start clipping in information about marinas and the nearby towns you plan to check out, get your charts saved, put in a section for those knots you just can't get around to memorizing - whatever you want. While underway, you can keep your running log right in Evernote. Whenever you have internet, it will sync up to our servers, and you won't need to worry about your logbook getting waterlogged and having to copy it over into yet *another* notebook. Any other sailors or boaters have other ways they use Evernote to make their life on the water easier?
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    Funny, I recently considered doing the same thing. As it is, I take photos of all of my kids artwork from school, knowing that at some point it will be lost or destroyed. At least I'll have a photographic record going back to the beginning for them.
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    I also use a tag; typically "Inbox" (as in GTD) and I'll tag any notes to take action on with that tag. Then I use a Saved Search to see the list. Once I've taken action, I either delete the note, or if I need the information, remove the Inbox tag and give it some other, more appropriate tag, that way it clears out of the list.
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    Hi everyone! My name is Jamie Todd Rubin. By day I am a software developer and by night I am a science fiction writer and blogger. About a year ago, I decided to go paperless. I started using Evernote to manage digital versions of all of my "paper" and haven't looked back since. Whether it's bank statements, publisher contracts, or minutes from a homeowners meeting, I've got it all in Evernote, making it easy to search and access anywhere. And no more clutter in my office! I'm hoping I can share some tips and tricks about going paperless--as well as learn some new ones. I look forward to hearing your ideas.
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