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    When viewing notes on the phone, frequently I switch to other apps to do things like reply message, searching some content of the notes on the internet and so on. However, unlike the built-in Notes app on IOS, Evernote frequently reloads itself and returns to the top of the page and unsaves the action performed before switching to other apps. It very frustrating when the note is very long with lots of tables and we are editing something. It would be so much easier if the app can keep its status in memory much longer so that we can view the same things again after switching back. Since IOS Notes itself can do it and there is no problem on my Mac, I assume there could be a way of fixing this for IOS? I am using a iPhone 8 for reference. Thank you very much.
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    Hi Everyone - Following up on on my post from Tuesday... As you may have guessed by now, our first submission to the App Store was bounced back to us by Apple, as they identified a number of (non-bug) issues they wanted us to fix before they would approve it. We have fixed those issues, and have submitted an updated build for their review as of a few hours ago. This set of posts from me has been pretty extreme in terms of transparency with where we are in the process, but I think in the circumstances this is the right way for us to communicate with you. As before, I have to point out that the review process for App Store submissions is a bit of a black box, both in terms of how long it takes and whether a submission will get through successfully, but we are hopeful that this build will meet with Apple's approval. Finally, we will post again once this first version of the Safari 13-compatible Web Clipper is available in the App Store, including a complete list of the features in (and not yet in) this release. And we will follow up with additional posts as we proceed forward into the subsequent releases that fill in the gaps and fix any bugs we discover until we once again have a full implementation of the Web Clipper in Safari. ian
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    I emailed myself the log file and did a search for "size". Found it! The title of the item was there, so I went back to my phone and searched. Sure enough it was in the trash and contained a bunch of photos I had taken. All the photos were related (subject-wise), but I don't recall trying to sync them to Evernote. In the future a better search term might be "refusing to upload"
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    I'm running at 15GB, and have no pressure to offload my data (Mac/iPad) This may change but for now I like the benefits of having an offline data copy
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    AAArrrgh!!! 😲 Don't DO that! I still get flashbacks...
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    I was able to download the clipper at the link you posted just now (Arizona, US) so it should be live for everyone in the US market.
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    There are more options in that menu that you might want to change - you'll need to have 'show advanced options' (bottom left) ticked to see all of them...
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    Have you taken a look at the activity log to see if the note is named there? Under Support under the account icon.
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    Hi. Have a look at this - Evernote Business Quick Start Guide - which I hope may help. If not, there are links on that page to seek more help. Whilst you're there, try an internet search for "Evernote business quick start" to find more
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    The sidebar shows a notebook tree, but no tag tree Ths tag page doesn't show the tag hierarchy
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    Here is a refreshing video on the benefits of Evernote. He points out the strengths of Evernote. I miss the vitality from some of the former managers of Evernote, but I do agree with Steve Dotto's comments. https://dottotech.com/evernote-vs-world/
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    There are two ways to see it: - Preserve the original file, just compress the view of it. - Compress the original file Since many files come today in sizes that are much larger than needed, compressing the real thing can be something you really want to do. Especially if you run on BASIC - I would reach the monthly limit by uploading only 20 fotos taken with my iPhone in full resolution. You need that sort of resolution only if you want to make a pretty large print of the pic (I mean, A2 or even larger). If you only compress the view, this will not help you with the upload barrier.
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    Hey guys, may I suggest we get back on topic, now. If you want to discuss Catalina, then please start a new topic.
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    Of all the new features my favorite is the Reminders app of all things. I use OmniFocus as well, but find that when setting a reminder for a note in Evernote and adding it to MF through a zapier integration (might be IFTTT I can't remember at the moment) sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. The new Reminders app makes sharing a note from EN to it super easy and clean. I mean it was easy with the old one, but it just works better IMO with the new app. note links go where they are supposed to instead of in the main content of the reminder notes.
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    I use both backup methods (export, TM), and also rely on Evernote backup to the server with Note History. Using the export feature, I have daily incremental and weekly full backups Restoring a full database gives an exact copy of your data (but the master stored on the Evernote server is not affected) This may get overwritten when the sync process is run The export feature stores all note data except for notebook and note-id Using export/import to restore data results in the creation of new notes, instead of restoring actual notes This will show up with a default notebook and failed note links For backup using export, I prefer html format. The backup data is readable by any browser app
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    Hello EN team, We (most of the EN users) are really suffering from Evernote in the last 2 macOS upgraded. Even this Safari upgraded. Actually, Apple announced stopping 32 bit apps support years ago. But YOU did nothings. And how about this Catalina upgrade? Will it missing some functions, or missing pdf attachments again? What is the beta release from Apple for? Please noticed that Evernote no more the unicorn of note taking apps anymore. STOP disappointing those users still standing with you. Steven
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    Spaces make tons of sense in a 1-person account! I found this thread because I was searching for any discussion about Spaces ever coming to Premium (even with a surcharge). I want more control over grouping notebooks than just stacks. I'd love to have pinned notes for each "space" (for me: each client) and the visual layout of the Spaces Dashboard would be terrific. All I'd really need is for them to drop the 2-account minimum for Business and I'd be in.
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    I posted notes on using Applescript at https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/112316-scripting-on-a-mac-applescript/ You need to decide the design for your note in Evernote The screenshot shows the format I'm using I've attached a barebones script file MailToEvernote.scpt It uses these code elements tell application "Mail" Interface with the Mail application set theMessages to selection Retrieve selected email messages repeat with theMessage in theMessages Pass through each email message <insert code> end repeat end tell tell application "Evernote" Interace with the Evernote application set theNewNote to create note with text "....." Create a note <insert code> end tell
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    I'm just working on a desktop computer using a mouse, not a pen or stylus. I find that when I click the Shape icon, it turns the feature on, and then when I draw something remotely resembling a square (I can't draw well at all), the shape is turned in to a perfectly regular square. Likewise with a triangle, circle, ellipse, etc. When the feature is turned off, my crude attempts stay crude.
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    All set. Excel file. Emailed it to myself and then sent it to evernote. It opens! I delete the old one
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    I work construction and design and out in field all the time sketching and making notes. Really would.like ability to pick Grid, Engineering or Ruled(ability to pick line heights). The grid used to be an option, bring back. I was told by Customer Service this was the only way to get this option was to get Penultimate which is for Apple only.
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    My computer is secure I use password protection for my computer login (each user) Also password protection for my Evernote login
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    You are not the lone soldier on this one... happened more than once to me.
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    Hi, everyone! I also have the same issue as @Cyroxian wrote in the first post of this thread. I'm a paying user, so I opened a support ticket. Unfortunately, since this issue has been going on for months, I'm not very hopeful we will see a solution soon (or ever)! The amount of bugs in all Evernote apps seems to grow faster than they are fixed (and I have some bugs reported & acknowledged years ago that are still alive & kicking)...
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    For sure, but the OP knew that and was looking to keep it simple if possible.
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    But they will. See the beta web editor for a preview. No hotkeys for those but I'd guess that there will be.
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    There's an option that allows a similar behavior to what you want in the Tag Picker (the little tag icon in the note list header): Tools / Options / Navigation : "Match tags by word prefix in the Tag Picker". When unchecked, it matches against substrings in the tags, so you could type "apple", or even "pple" and get matches. It would be nice if this applied to the tag selection in the note editing panel, too. Me, I would usually use separate tags for the example that you give, but there are other use cases where the behavior you want would be useful, too.
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    Seems to me the issue you have is trying to tell you something - if you used separate tags for size / colour / type of fruit, you would only have one tag to find for 'apple' if other aspects are defined elsewhere. To (maybe) make life a easier you could also group tags so that 'type' could contain pear / apple / orange, and 'size' - big / medium / small.
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    The code what stays the same in this fast evolving business, definitely rots! ☹️
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    Cool. didn't know about that feature in Workflowy, will be handy, thanks! I ended up using Workflowy as well for indented todo lists and notes, but it's a shame I can't use Evernote for all of my stuff. So much for the "store everything in evernote" ad...
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    No real disadvantages. You can use formatting and other formatting that Evernote doesn't offer, by editing the Word attachment in MS Word. Flip side is that you need to open the Word attachment in MS Word to read it. It all depends on what you're trying to do. If you don't need or care about having the content in a separate document, and you want to be able to read the content without firing up Word, and the formatting is relatively simple, then you might want to copy/paste the Word content into an Evernote. Again, it all depends...
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    I merged the discussions on this topic There's more discussion in the 6.21 release notes
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    Good to know, thanks Jefito for the info. If I find out the fix, I'll post. Cheers
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    @Ian Small thank you for the update!
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    Hi. We're a (mainly) user-supported Forum. While Evernote staffers do read these posts it may be some time before your comment comes to their attention. I'd suggest you raise it directly with Support here - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new (They might need more details about how you're getting data from your emails - copy/ paste or Evernote Clipper etc...)
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    Hello, In evernote web there is a non intuitive behavior. In the clients, I can click on the notebook name and I can change the notebook of the note. In Firefox for windows 10, when I click the notebook it simply refreshes the page - this should not happen. For moving to a new notebook I need to go to the 3 dot menu, and select move note - an extra click. But also, the list that appears are all my notebooks without their stack, meaning a big confusion when i have 200 notebooks (I dont use tags). Also, the text is very hard to read in the note list because it is grey and the font is not very easy on the eyes. Check the last updated text on the screenshot.
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    Yes, indeed. The bug has existed for months, I reported it months ago, and I recently learned that it still hasn't been fixed because it was judged to be "a priority"! I complained once more, and the tech support person said she would raise the priority. Frankly, I think this is inexcusable.
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    Is this a question of being intuitive, or learned behaviour? I do agree that the notebook functions should all be located at the same spot. I shouldn't have to go looking for three dots. I'd prefer a dropdown list next to the notebook parameter; similar to the tags No problem with "Move to Notebook" being one of the list items Filter by notebook should be one of the list items >>i have 200 notebooks (I dont use tags) Not the best practice for this service
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    How is this not fixed yet? I'm getting so frustrated with all the new useless features they keep releasing while this is something that is still not resolved. It's a very simple request that will make the app WAY better for many ways it is used. I use it primarily to catalog patterns (as do a lot of other sewists) and I include all images associated with the pattern in the one note, but I want the main pattern image to be the one I see as the thumbnail so I can easily locate a design I want without needing to just remember what it looks like based on the name. A lot of people in the sewing community are starting to move over to another note taking app based simply on the fact that it lets you choose your thumbnail photo. I canceled my subscription I've had for over 4 years today. The team has a few months to win back my business before my annual prepaid time is up, but I'm not holding my breath.
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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    Since Webclipper is still 32bit, and Apple will go to full 64bit software with Catalina, it got axed from the extensions. There is another thread in the forum that deals with this matter. Maybe you search for it.
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    Thanks for the info! At least we know they are woking on it. Too bad they didn't notify us here by posting on this forum.
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    I'm on Basic. When I launch Evernote, it opens to the All Notes page. I'd like to open to Notebooks. Is this possible?
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    Hi, I can't believe this function is not available yet! This is the first function I need. I have a lot of tasks and I want to put te most important ones on top. Google keep has this function only in the notes list not in the labels. Why is this so hard to implent????
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    Hello, fellow Evernote users! My name is Marcin, and I have been using Evernote for almost a decade now. I still love it. There are many ways to use Evernote, but the thing that was missing for me is that I have hundreds of notes, moments of insights, quotes that I have stored or highlighted from various sources but very little ways to use them in creative ways. I wanted some lightweight operation on top so that the Evernote content - that I worked so hard to input over the years - works for me in real life with minimal effort, even if just a bit. I was interested mainly in two aspects : - Spaced Repetition for notes and highlights (using Ebbinghaus forgetting curve https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forgetting_curve) - Priming myself with notes and highlights in a lightweight way (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Priming_(psychology)) Since I'm passionate about mobile experiences, what could I do? I built a tool for myself that fills that void for me. If I found it valuable, I thought it might also help others. So today, I've submitted Android app to the Google Play store as a free app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.idearoots.neuracache iOS app is in the works. Let me know if you find a tool like this useful or not. It is very basic at the moment, but gets the job done and I have few ideas how to push it further. Here is a video showing basic features Thanks! - Marcin
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    Really sucks to be 2nd class citizens, no? The way Evernote closed the 5-year old thread even though Windows users are still waiting (you wouldn't close the thread if dark mode was only released on iOS, no?) and how ambiguous the help article regarding Dark Mode on Windows is (not even a promise that it's coming or that they're working on it, it just says "got better things to do") implies Evernote thinks their work is done here. We're probably gonna get it too but we can probably expect in the same 5 year time frame I guess. We're just not that much of a priority. Mac people though, ah, they gotta get those Bear and Omnifocus users. Windows users aren't going anywhere anyway, no?
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    The only subscription price you have is a great deal -- for you, alone. All I want is basic note taking and syncing across 3 devices (phone, tablet, desktop), but paying $70 a year for Premium is far, far away from fair or attractive for barely the few dozen MB I use a year. I'm not looking for a free ride - you have a great product but I don't take advantage of a fraction of it, so how about a fair price for us lite users? Please take my money. I'd do $5 a year even, which is more than fair considering the minuscule cost of data transfer and storage these days. Still pretty annoyed by your pricing restructure years ago after allowing us to create tons of notes with syncing across more than just 2 devices. I guess if you're only interested in power and biz users, that's your right, but as has probably been said before, the pricing restructure was a real corporate bait & switch move. I know I can use other free and lower-cost syncing note apps out there, but would rather stick with (and be able to recommend again!) good ol' Evernote. Help us love you again! Thanks for your consideration. Dave
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    Yeah, I'm reaching the point where I might abandon Evernote in favor of something that DOES support markdown.
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    Do you need assistance? As per the above notes, the sidebar can be expanded to show more detail. Use View > Sidebar Options to indicate what details are displayed
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