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    Hello Everyone, Web pages can be complex, and pasting or clipping their contents into notes can have unexpected results. In this installment of Behind the Scenes, CEO Ian Small chats with Chris, an engineer at Evernote, about the work he and his team are doing to improve the way content is copied from the web into Evernote. Customers will soon have more control over how information is presented, giving them the flexibility to edit or preserve it as needed. Subscribe to our channel to follow the journey, and join the conversation on the Evernote Forum.
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    Right-click on a notebook in the left panel (note: doesn't work for stacks), and select "Style...". It is present in (308555) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750), which I am also using.
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    Evernote is great at many things, but it is a terrible solution for photo backups. This is not what this software was created for, and it will fight you tooth-and-nail the entire way. You won't be able to batch-edit photos, the 200MB note limit will cripple you, and quickly browsing through your photos will be agony. I'm pretty sure there's an old thread on here somewhere where EN staff outright discourage this practice, but I can't find it for the life of me. Use a tool that's meant for this type of backup. Google Photos, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. all support automatic photo backup services.
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    @Kruger2147 Thanks for reaching out! Currently, we’re running some experiments via a preview program for Evernote Web, and enrollment in that preview program is now closed. Once we have completed those experiments and launch a public beta of Evernote Web, we will add Evernote Web to the Evernote Beta forum sections. In the meantime, please go here to enroll in our Evernote Beta Program if you're interested in trying out future betas. Let me know if you have any other questions!
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    It's hard to put into words so I've attached two screenshots with how a given clipped article would appear in full screen in both Evernote and Pocket for example. For me personally the second environment is much more distraction free and focused for both reading and editing. It's the small details like these that could improve the Evernote writing/editing experience for me. If you need further clarification, I would be happy to help.
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    Time for me to start a new "There are too many highlighter color choices, and it is confusing. Please limit highlighter colors to just yellow or I will abandon Evernote." thread!
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    No, they're not giving a timeline. I think once they've stabilized the features in the Note Editor inside Evernote Web, they'll have a better idea about timelines for pushing this to the desktop and mobile software. 🙏🏼
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    Yes, the script can be modified to retrieve the notes folder and assign an Evernote Notebook Something like set myfolder to container of thisMessage set the notebook of myNote to myfolder
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    On the way, in beta for now:
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    With the current iPadOS beta, it seems like the browser is capable of doing what the desktop macOS is capable: https://www.imore.com/ipados-public-beta-ultimate-guide. I wonder (though hardly able to confirm) if that will help you out here with your web archive file. 🧐
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    Can you unpack your suggestion here a bit more? This sounds like a feature request (see instructions below in my signature). But, I'd like to hear more about what exactly it is that Pocket/Instapaper or similar read-later apps are doing that "Simplified article" clipping format isn't doing for you? In the video, it looks as though the containerized Web clip can be morphed into simplified formatting that can be edited. Once edited, I think it would be difficult to revert that back to the original content without saving duplicate amounts of data (out of sight) within the note. Thanks; I'm curious about this as well as the note editor gets overhauled.
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    Being able to manipulate the content from the web clipper in different ways sounds interesting... One thing I would like to see is improvements in the formatting for the Simplified article option on the web clipper. Right now I don't think the experience is optimal. I think you can improve the formatting – read-later apps like Pocket do beautiful and simple formatting for clipped articles. I'd absolutely love it if we had the option to present clipped content in a beautiful, distraction free way like a read-later app (but still be able to edit it). I like to have consistency in the formatting of my clipped notes (rather than using the formatting from the original source). Of course I understand this is only my own preference and it would not be valid for the whole user base. But I think I speak for a lot of other users too who prefer a more simple formatting for all notes and focus on the content itself.
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    Good catch, we should have said "Undo" instead of command Z. So it is the Undo equivalent. Sorry for the confusion.
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    I think the point is to edit the template in place as opposed to copy, edit, add, delete the old one.
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    Thank you for your suggestion. Eventually I tried uninstalling the App, it worked again, I can sign in again. Evernote support staff eagerly help me to find the way to get it fixed, but uninstalling the App seemed to be the best way for me, even I had to accept some notes which was not synced up yet lost.
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    Hmm, not sure about number of words, but I notice little to no slowdown in notes from 3 to 28 megabytes, with graphics &, tables, even PDF notes get only somewhat slower. But I have a number of notes copied from the internet, 1 megabyte or less in size, but they are copies of heavily formatted pages, one of them is from a Facebook page. Those notes are very slow to display. In general, I find information I copy from the web with formatting preserved, may go from slightly slower to very slow, so I usually strip things up when I can, unless the formatting is important. It may also happen if the note has errors, in such cases I rebuild the note, just in case.
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    Shift+Click on the notebook name in the note editor sets the current note filter to notes in that notebook (and highlights it in the left panel as well).
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    But... but... it would work for me!! Or you could revive the old Evernote Tech Blogs...
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    It would be awesome to have anchor links within a note, I have huge notes and I always want to add new content in the subtopic where it belongs, it takes me forever sometimes to find what I'm looking for so I can start writing under it. Even though I have titles and subtitles, I don't always remember what I called them to be able to search, so anchors with a little table of contents on the top of a note would be really handy!
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    Looking forward to a more consistent sync experience. My sync experience has been fine; but I hope these changes will make the sync code more debug-able and easier to maintain. I hope the editor moves in the same direction - strong, functionally isolated modules that, when there's a problem, help isolate the problem, or better still, catch the problem in the development phrase.
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    and the "endless folders vs tags discussions" get started again 😕 along with tags vs notebooks and nested notebooks 😕 @PinkElephant These discussions belong elsewhere
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    Right, it wasn't the a great example for organization structure I would put HK Restaurant as a sub tag of Hong Kong (I like prefixed tagnames) Unless they are planning a redesign on tag hierarchy >>alleviate the endless folders vs tags discussions... Only if they rename Tags to .... Folders 😋
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    Let not concerns put a shadow on our mood. EN posted a new video today, which shows some stuff they are working on to improve the web client. It does not look as cutting back on features, all the opposite. For me it looks as if they really want to create a unified AND improved user experience. They showed features like nesting tags that are currently missing on the web client, and want to add these - not take them away from other clients. So do as Asterix the Gaul does: The only thing to fear is that the sky will fall on our heads. Don’t worry, be happy !
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    Hi All, We’re thrilled to announce the Evernote Beta Program! The beta program gives you an exclusive early look at new versions of Evernote to test. It also provides opportunities to offer your feedback on new features, so you can help us build a better Evernote experience. Anyone with an Evernote account is welcome to join. To learn more, visit the Evernote Beta Program landing page here. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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    This is badly needed. GDocs has excellent functionality to create a simple Table of Contents with anchor tags that is synced to text. Please add!
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    hi it would be quite nice to support right to left writing direction for languages such as Hebrew, Arabic and Persian. it is really hard to write and read when writing in left to right in those languages. thanks.
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    It would be very useful when using the biz card function in IOS that the phone number entered automatically would be listed with +country code first. Should be a no brainer with cities etal listed as address, therefore making +country code very simple. Note, many of us work international and it would be very helpful, avoiding having to re-enter phone info. *as a side note, the biz card function can use lots of improvement................ lots..........
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    RESOLUTION: (at least one of many) my company pushes Evernote via a central distribution server and so Evernote gets reinstalled quite often on my system... without me even knowing about it. Every time there's an update (reinstall) the wonderful Adobe icon takes over for the Evernote icon like so many have reported. My routine is now as follows: 1. Right mouse click on the offending icon (the "Adobe" icon which still says "Evernote" ) in the START Menu -> select MORE -> OPEN FILE LOCATION In my case, this goes to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Evernote . You should see ugly icon there. 2. ** DELETE ** the old Evernote shortcut there (the Adobe icon)... not sure if it's Evernote or some "feature" of Win10 that the shortcut doesn't get de-registered by uninstall/reinstall. but it is one of those nagging annoyances which repeats itself every time. 3. I create a new Shortcut in the Evernote directory ( C:\Program Files (x86)\evernote\Evernote -> Right Mouse click on Evernote.EXE and Create Shortcut) 4. Drag this new shortcut over to the directory you opened in 1. voila ( ? ) . YMMV.
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