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    Oh my days.... the free crowd on Reddit are going to pop a vein!! I say good move. I'd rather my notes are kept by a company that has income and makes a profit!! Nothing wrong with paying for what you use👍
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    It's unbelievable how such a good product can turn into such a bad thing that it induces a customer from years of using the product and the platform to start a process of mass migration of their data to the competition. How can a company do not make a market research, a survey among its loyal customers about what they expect or not from a new version. To me, if Evernote continues like this, it really died. And there it is to look for alternatives to other products, which maybe don't have all the features of Evernote but at least they don't charge us for what they can't offer, different from Evernote which keeps charging and at the same time has removed crucial functions for me. Let's go to the list of CRUCIAL functions that have been removed, and that for me disfigure the whole product: - There is no way to change the color of lateral toolbar from Dark. - There is no way to put shortcuts list in the top of screen. It will not move anymore - There are only FIVE Fonts. For me that store computer code in the notes, it is A TERRIBLE choice - Desktop App is a web based one, and notes are not synchronized anymore. Just turn off your Ethernet adapter and the program will not show notes anymore. The proof is that you are able to show "developer options" that show a web page render in the right side of the screen. Another proof is you can use the old classic version side by side with the new one, so the new version 10 is not using the database files that is stored locally. - I can't change the Interface Language. I like to use English Interface, since I can have a lot of info in foruns instead to get translated the Brazilian version to English one. - I can't create a Notebook inside the Notebook stack as I always did. You need to first create the Notebook, then move it to stack - I can't grab a screen capture anymore - I can't Paste text directly to Evernote note (CTRL+shitf+V) anymore - I can't import a folder anymore - I can't un-stack a Notebook from a stack using right click mouse. I need to drag an drop them. - I can't narrow a search inside a specific Notebook or Notebook Stack. Please, if you noted some another missing feature, feel free to contribute to this list.
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    I think it is on it's way in as I remember a big fanfare when it was introduced in the beta. Given that you can access the edit tags menu from the main menu when editing a note I see no logical reason for the shortcut not to work in that context as well. There are so many errors (e.g. ctrl-del to delete a note), things that don't work (e,g, enter to edit a note) and omissions (e.g. ctrl-shift-D to add the time) in the official list of keyboard shorcuts that it's a bit of a joke. I mean how hard can it be to get the documentation for keyboard shortcuts right?
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    The new editor is more beautiful, but it is not very functional. On windows, the platform I use is very bad. You took away several features (Synchronize button, several shortcut keys, the table operation was too bad - new lines do not use the formatting of the previous one, etc ...). Not to mention the performance that is much slower than the classic version. And where is the preferences screen? I have never seen an application that cannot be configured. I use the premium version, but I'm already researching other apps to migrate (OneNote, SimpleNote, etc ...). In my opinion you have released a version that would not even serve for beta.
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    I am a very-long-time Evernote user. I was looking forward to Version 10 because it was supposed to improve the one area where I thought Evernote was weak, and that was search. (I can usually find things faster by going back to Google even if it was already saved in Evernote.) I've been using Evernote 10 since the day it was available. The search function is much better, but I am stunned at how incredibly slow everything else is. I tried to reorganize a bunch of notes yesterday and it was like slogging through molasses. Creating a new note is very slow, and even adding a tag or changing the title of an existing note is slow. If you try to change multiple notes (in succession, not simultaneously), the slowness multiplies, because it seems as though it's still doing something with the previous note when you've moved on to try and do something with the next note. When I made changes to multiple notes in a row, it wouldn't even show the changes correctly in the list of notes. The title or tag had changed in the note itself, but the list of notes still showed the old title and tags. I thought it might be the fact that program was trying to constantly sync every change with the web, so I disconnected the computer from the internet and tried again, but the speed was only marginally better. And when I reconnected to the internet, the syncing process took nearly an hour, even though I had only made about two dozen changes in names & tags. I did this on a machine with an i7 processor, 16GB memory, 1TB hard drive, and Windows 10, so it's the software, not the machine. The program makes me feel like I'm back on a 386 processor with 20MB of memory, which is not a fond memory. So I installed what is now called the "Legacy" version, and did the exact same types of tasks. Instantaneous response to every change I made. I am not exaggerating when I say that what I can do in 5 minutes on version 6.25 will take an hour to do on version 10. I love version 6.25 of Evernote, but not version 10. I'd be willing to live with some loss of minor features and to wait for various bugs to be fixed and missing features to be added, but I can't possibly use this program when it runs this slowly. I'm not surprised that it's running this slowly, since every note seems to be stored in a separate file on my hard drive now; I have 40K notes and there are 40K files, whereas under the old version everything was in one .exb file. What worries is me is that if this is new data structure that was designed to make Evernote better, it will never be faster. Maybe it works fine for people with a few dozen notes, but I use a separate ToDo list program that could fill that need. I've looked at all of the other note-taking programs (OneNote would be free for me to use and it's been on my computer since I first started using Evernote), but I think Evernote has far better features. But great features are useless if it takes an hour every time one wants to use them. I would really like to hear from someone at Evernote to tell me what to expect. If there is a reasonable hope that Evernote 10 can get back the speed and basic functionality of Evernote 6, then I am quite happy continuing to use the legacy version until then. But if it's never going to get much better (at least for someone who has a lot of notes), then I would rather know that NOW and start transitioning to a different note software now, even if it's inferior, than to invest a lot of time adding and organizing stuff in Evernote only to wake up one day and find that version 6 will no longer work. Could someone at Evernote tell us what to expect, please??
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    Maybe they need to add a "lite" pay level. I dont use the app enough to validate paying the fee. All of the other paid benefits do nothing for me aside from being able to use the web interface on my work computer where I cant install anything.
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    Popping in with one more thought: the most important issue not raised in this interview may have been communication. Podcast interviews a couple of weeks after the fact are not satisfactory. Everything said here could have been summarized in the release notes or some obvious communication. Why wait till people are hopping up and down to tell them everything's going to be OK?
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    You can use ⇧ ⌘ C to toggle checklists instead. It's not exactly the same as the old checkboxes, but I think checklists are superior for most use cases.
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    I've participated in the Preview and the Beta programmes for this release. I've noted bugs when I've seen them, responded to the feedback questionnaires and posted observations to the Preview and Beta forums. I'm really surprised to see this release go live when the most recent beta didn't seem nearly ready. It feels as if this release has been rushed rather too rapidly. Perhaps to catch up with the iOS release? It doesn't even feel like a robust Beta, let alone a full release. I appreciate this is a "journey" and improvements can still be made, etc. etc. but shouldn't the app at least... you know... work? I made a list of some of the basic functionality that I was waiting to see fixed. I say "fixed" because these are all things that already existed in the previous release and have not been implemented in 10.0.10. Tabs! - Imagine using a web browser and the developer removed the ability to open more than one tab at a time. My mother only uses one tab in her web browser but I suspect she might be in the minority. This was highlighted early on in the beta programme and seems to have been ignored. Local links - Again, highlighted early on and seemingly ignored. Not only does it seem impossible to create a local link to a note, existing evernote:// links no longer work. Imagine if you were a paying Evernote customer (I am) who'd created a lot of links in other applications (I have)! No need to imagine, I guess. So all the carefully-crafted links are not honoured. Why take this functionality away? Or why send out a product before it has this basic functionality included? </rhetorical> PDF Annotation Summaries - I annotate documents, research papers etc. Previously, annotations were summarised at the top of the note. Really useful stuff! That's no longer available. Not only that, my existing annotation summaries have lost all recognisable formatting. Highlights in the wrong places, text annotations pointing to the wrong text. Web Clipper - I'm not sure what's happened here but the web clipper, which used to be excellent and so much better than any competitors' solutions, is now formatting clipped content in strange and unexpected ways. What was a predictable behaviour is now a lottery. Creating a Table of Contents from multiple notes - No longer an option. Why not? I could go on (and frequently do). There are a host of curious design choices that other beta users have highlighted. I'm not quite so frustrated with those things. I can live with a quirky new way of doing something as long as it works. Why do I need to click twice on a link to open it? Who knows? It's a behaviour I'm not familiar with and seems like a curious design choice but I'm really only bothered that the link opens. TL;DR? Evernote is broken. At least, it doesn't work in a way that will allow me to keep using it without employing a lot of "workarounds". This is true of the iOS release too. (The issue about offline notebooks is well documented in the relevant forum, for example.) Having been with Evernote for 12 years, I was happy to contribute time to the Preview and Beta programmes. I liked Evernote. I encouraged friends to use it. I pestered work colleagues to download it. I don't expect to be making such encouraging noises in the future! I'm sure a huge amount of work has gone into making this new Evernote release. Perhaps this is simply a bumpy start to an exciting journey but it's not one that I'll be joining. I just want Evernote to be what it used to be, a reliable, robust 'second brain'. This release, sadly, is not a step forward.
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    Another agree. Pen support is much better. I've not had any issues with the new app and re-signed up to premium last weekend and moved everything from OneNote as the new app answers a lot of questions as to why I left Evernote 4 years ago. There's a few little things I'd like to see added but the usability of the new app is MUCH improved for me. Nice job by the development team.
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    Yes, I've encountered this issue in my large note too (about 11mb). Also this is a table format note with lots of pdf attachments. Another issue is I don't see any highlighting in the pdf attachments although the texts being searched are in them . This worries me a lot, as I used to search texts within pdf attachments frequently. If this can't work properly, then these pdf attachments are useless to me.
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    Thanks for the tip - I wasn't seeing that menu. Looks like you have to set it up manually. You have a number of columns there that I wasn't using. HIdden features are not good features. Can't check - I've given up on this release and downgraded. The 8 second lag when I move a note from one book to another is enough to make the release unusable on its own.
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    So, that implies that it's a browser thing, right? Makes me think I should be checking for Vivaldi updates. Something in Evernote's latest release must have broken it for certain browsers. Evernote goes years without giving me any grief, but I use it so much, that any grief at all is going to be life impacting. Glad you got yours sorted, anyway.
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    Ok, that's fair enough as a comment on their financial handlings. But it's also very clearly a speculatory opinion, especially when taken in context. It's clearly just my opinion based on my perspective of what happened with EN over the last several years. I'd be curious to hear other differing perspectives since this is what the OP is about. If you disagree with my opinion, please share!
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    Hello Evernote staff, I would like to know how to disable spell check because in my note I have large amount of techinical terms and evernote seems to not knowing them. In the previous version, I can do it by choosing edit → spelling → disable spell check. Thank you so much
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    I for one find it useful to get others perspectives, and benefit from their experience. I'm in the same boat - I think v10 is fundamentally broken and I've reverted back to Legacy while I look at alternatives. I've been a rusted on (10 year) subscriber, but I've lost all confidence in the product with v10.
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    What "insider knowledge" did I express? I made no claim regarding their finances or how should have have their business.
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    People can still use it for free for as long as they want - they are just limited to 2 devices. If you are using it on more than 2 devices then you probably realise that it's quite useful and you should pay for it...
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    I want to send a copy of a note by email from iOS. - go into Share note - click "Send, export and more" - No ability do anything except send a link... No export, and no "more". Not even "Send"
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    Will you add the short cut for inserting check boxes (to-do)? (⇧ ⌘ T). I used it all the time... https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313358
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    Unlikely to bother anyone on here, given that most will be premium users already. But it feels a bit tin eared to make this change now when the new version is so troubled. If the idea is to prompt more people to pay a sub, is this really the right moment to make them make a decision one way or another?
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    I have the very same problem !! In a search using tags I have 5 results in V10, 6 results in V7. V7 is correct.
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    No, this request is all about letting us to customise view of non-pdf attachments. And I'm asking for a default setting for all attachments, not yet configured by user.
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    Just upgraded to v10.1.7(not sure from which previous version), and this is the worst version I have seen in many years. Same mistake as another huge upgrade few years back: Not enough contrast. The previous version has font color black rendered as 0x000000. But now, black font is rendered with color 0x333333. How is this possible? And the contrast between the cards and the background is too small. There is hardly any difference. now. The cards are 0xFFFFFF and the background is 0xF8F8F8(used to be 0xECECEC) The search field in upper left: You tap on it, and then another box with a search field arrives on top of the one below(the box on top is not even properly aligned with the search field below) Is this proper GUI? The user expect to write in the search field itself. And it takes ages(2-3 seconds) for the cards for a notebook to display a preview, even if I was there just few seconds go. In previous Evernote versions, the cards always displayed immedietely. Please tell me these things will be fixed in a release soon. Otherwise I need to install the previous version of Evenote(which I was very happy with!)
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    I think I'll find my copy of "The Inmates are Running the Asylum - Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity" while waiting for an answer.
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    Oh no I use so many features of EN, and am big on fonts. It just seems a lot of competitors focus on MD, so I may need to rethink my reliance on heavy styling. The HTML export would likely take some scripting (especially to preserve the myriad of tags I use), which I'm not even sure exists for Windows (it's Applescript for Macs isn't it?). I'm being premature anyway; I'm sticking around to see what happens. I'd be gutted to leave.
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    Still with the socks... This is probably true - ...but I still find the implied attitude annoying - this release has been pretty much without any information or support for users. Good for those who liked it, but those who found the furniture rearranged and a situation like "why do I have no bathroom now!" are expected to wait, patiently, until the shiny new bathroom (or whatever) gets delivered...
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    You aren't alone. I never thought I'd consider leaving Evernote. I'm scared to do it. But, after 3 days with Evernote 10 on my Windows 10 device, I'm done. The lack of functionality is staggering. No sync button, no internal links, no note counts next to the notebook. Heck, I don't understand why I can't delete a note anymore with the DELETE key?! (why should I have to push TWO keys to delete a note??). I'm very frustrated and scared that Evernote is done. For now, I'm going back to the older desktop version. The iOS version doesn't affect me as much, but I rely on Evernote as a power user for my daily work and productivity. This is atrocious. I'm so sad...
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    Please advise if Applescript is still supported by the latest Mac version (10.0) https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/applescript.php I found it But please be aware that there are a handful of features—such as AppleScript, import folders, and the ability to edit note creation dates—that are not yet available.
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    In theory, I absolutely agree, and in the last year I have rebuilt my workflow so that I can live (work) without Evernote, as it was becoming clear that the development has changed direction. In this special case, I still hold a grudge, because I used to love that app so much. It was such an effortless way to collect, file, organize and archive everything I need. It matched my way of thinking, if you know what I mean. Now for a while, with every update they change or take away things that came naturally to me. My subscription runs until July next year, and I still hope against hope that something changes for the better.
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    Just updated to the new Windows Desktop version. And now I can no longer open the internal links in the desktop app itself. It just shows the link and when I click it opens the note in the web app. And this is not what I want. I would not need a desktop version if evrything is opened in the web version anyway. What can I do about this?
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    Why didn't Evernote finish building this new version before releasing it? I have managed to go back to an older version to get the full functionality back. I will also look at alternatives.
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    This function used to be under ellipsis in upper right hand of note. I used it regularly to get a cleaner text version of web pages I had clipped into a note.
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    Hi, I tried using (⌥ ⌘ F) instead of CMD-J as suggested, just in case it worked and it not only doesn't it work, I get this choice in return (See Screenshot Below) ??? You couldn't make this stuff up! Apparently Evernote (latest Mac version 10.1.4) thinks I have multiple Inboxes with different numbers of messages in them. What the? Sorry but when you've put your life into a program for the last 10 years, all my most important files, pictures, documents and the people that own it suddenly do this, it's too frustrating for words, it's shocking. Nothing of consequence works. It's utterly broken and unusable, why can't they see this, don't they use it themselves? Maybe we should ask them what they use to organise and store their most cherished memories and swap over to that, because it can't be Evernote 10, how on earth was this released. I'm seeing bug on bug on bug, Today when I upgraded to the latest iOS version is the first day I've seen duplicated notes as reported by so many other people in the forums, I didn't have that in the earlier upgrade, no, now it's an added feature. Honestly have any of you ever seen anything like this before with any other software, I haven't. If I wrote down all the bugs I'm experiencing it would be a full time job. Crazy user interface choices, 30+ missing (essential) keyboard shortcuts, perfectly good .pdf file corrupted by evenote, just because I tried to annotate it. (Staff reached out to me to sort that one out and then disappeared) probably under an avalanche of other problems. For me though the vast majority have been with the Mac OS desktop version, I see the same problems in the windows desktop forums as well though.
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    If a staff member sees this. Is there a way to get notified if you make evernote for people who write in multiple languages?
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    The new Evernote is a DISASTER. Can't open ANY of my larger notes, and even the smaller ones are so impossibly slow to use that I literally CANNOT USE THE APP ANYMORE!!!
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    Same issue here. Completely ridiculous, Evernote is now unusable for me. I will wait some days if they resolve this, if not, I will migrate to OneNote and cancel my Evernote subscription as I rely on a note-taking app in my workflow.
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    I too have been with Evernote as a premium paying customer since January 30th, 2010. It has been a huge part of my everyday workflow and I have jokingly said my entire life is in Evernote, personal and business. I began desperately searching this forum for answers to questions/problems and after several days, I am exhausted. I don't want to jump the gun so quickly after a release and say I am leaving Evernote but (and I never thought I'd say this) I am looking seriously at Notion and getting my ducks in a row just in case. In other words, it's not looking good for Evernote right now. I just went back to the 6.25 legacy version but that frightens me, as well. How long will they support it? hanseric, I enjoyed your blog post. I'll be sure to check out Nimbus, as well.
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    Since it's still possible to go back to the 'old' version of Desktop and Android. I do think the best way to deal with the v10 update is to ignore it for a few months until it's more usable and stick with what we know and -kinda- love. I am worried that Evernote seem to have an "I wonder if we really need that" attitude to some currently missing features - it seems to have been a surprise that users would need to email notes to others, and use the Presentation mode to share data - so silence from the user-base might confirm their view and doom some previously standard options to oblivion. But I see no reason to march over bridges before I have to - as long as the legacy version has support I'll be here.
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    I'm as pissed as everyone else, and really angry at Evernote for putting out this version without FULL details (surely they must have expected this blow-back), BUT, now that they have their 2 years worth of work leveling out the playing field across all platforms, which is what they said their intention was, I'm still willing to hang around for a bit and wait for all the missing features to be implemented. I mean at the end of the day, their BIG mistake was to put this out now instead of waiting until all they implemented all the features. So I'll hang on the older version and give them a bit of time to do their work. Yes, the screwed up big time with this, but it really was just an error of releasing too early. At least that's what I hope.
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    Correct. Please see below:
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    I've been a loyal user of Evernote for many years now, eschewing the Microsoft behemoth for some more open source alternates. Evernote was a bit of a compromise, but at least it wasn't MS. So I await new developments with interest. This last one seems to be a disaster. So far I have found the following issues with Evernote 10 that render it unsuitable for my use. I use Evernote as my journal/to do lists/note taking application to pretty much manage my life, and as such ease of use is important, as is customisation and personalisation. It is the application in which I spend most of my time. And it has been brilliant. So far, after an upgrade to version 10, I find the product sorely lacking for this and am seriously considering alternatives (for Windows and Android). Even to the point of test driving OneNote, Joplin, Notion and a couple of others. Key for me is the ability to use my own fonts within the app - while I know these will not convert on Android, I deal with that. Most of my time is spent in Windows. Right now I can't even change the default font from the half dozen that are available. So, in no particular order : 1) while you have moved the ability to delete/rename/edit the notebook to the second column, why not retain it on the first column anyway? I'll live with it, but even so... 2) there are no preferences available. So I can't change my data location (might be important), defaul font, or, indeed, anything. Evernote is no longer flexible or customisable. Critical. 3) You've limited the fonts available. I use my notebooks to reflect me (as notebooks) not just to record data or clippings. So the ability to personalise fonts is hugely important for me. Critical. 4) You've introduced 'Recent Notes' on the left but with no ability to hide it - so a bit of screen real estate that limits the number of notebooks I can see at once has gone. Same for shortcuts - why can't this go back where it could be - at the top. Highly desirable. 5) You've removed right click from the LH column, but kept the drag and drop behaviour that often resulted in a notebook being moved to a stack where I didn't want it. Missing a trick there - a confirmation would be helpful! I'll live with it 6) We've lost 'Print Preview' so now the only way to preview a note is to save as a PDF via PDF writer. Critical. 7) What's more we now have a fixed format of printed note.. what if I don't WANT the header on the note ( I rarely do, and I had this turned off in preferences)? Critical. 😎 You've added an extra click to the process of viewing an encrypted note. Since the most likely reason for viewing an encrypted note was simply to view it, not remove the encryption, this should have been dealt with a different way.Highly desirable 9) Once decrypted we can't just edit the note. We have to decrypt the lot, then reencrypt it. Really hecking irritating. This is beyond disastrous. This whole release has just messed up a good product without actually adding anything of value beyond the ability to choose highlighter colour (we can do this but not choose our font?). You've stripped out some of the ease of use features and the things I actually liked. The more I use it, the more I find things that are either missing or have been made worse. So. I've reverted to 'Legacy' (a tacit acknowledgement that some users are going to be less than happy). I'm currently investigating alternatives to EverNote and will be leaving the paid programme if I don't get some assurances that these things will be fixed. Knowing that this is as good as my primary day to day application is ever going to get is a real downer. [Apologies if this is in the wrong place but you've got a very dissatisfied paying customer here, and I am not alone]
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    I`ve just installed the new v. 10 and I just couldn't believe my eyes: oh, no, they kept most of the horrible beta version they realeased a few weeks ago! I would't call it an upgrade. I see it as a new concept, a whole new design - and they turned the back to old customers, simple as that. I spend 90%> of my computer time at Evernote. It has been so for the past 11 years, my workflow is based on Evernote, I have thousands of notes. They messed everything up. My first shock (not yet recovered): they killed the local databases and syncing. Who asked me if I want to have all my notes on the cloud ALONE? I'm collecting a list of missing functions and I'll add to this node. For now, my statement is that the downgraded their own piece of software. They sacrified a robust desktop client in favour to an Andoid-like app: just the basics. Not my idea of a note taking software.
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    Umm ... This is starting to be a lot of detailed tech support (not just recommendations) for a non-Evernote program. If Keep It has its own forums, might be good to work on these details there. Just a suggestion.
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    Same here. One of my Notebook Stacks (with its Subs) is missing on iOS / iPadOS after the latest release. I can, however, access the Notes via the All Notes page. But as I have > 1.000....
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    Hi. I have an error in my evernote Beta (I assume that it is the latest version, I can't check as I can't access). It appears when I open it (and then with the OK button ,it closes, so I can't open it. I uninstalled my "alpha" prior version as now I have the beta, and then I started getting this "Error ENOENT: NO SUCH FILE OR DIRECTORY. I want to download my beta version again, but I don't find any place to do it. I feel comfortable with the beta, I don't want to go to the original version. Any help?
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    So often I need to add a new row into a table. Is there a way for me to do that on the iPad app?
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    LOL, I haven't noticed a single meaningful improvement to EN in years. Nor a single meaningful statement. The good thing is they've set expectations so low that it doesn't even occur to me to even expect improvement, or even bother posting like a suggestion would ever be listened to, the only reason I'm posting here is I got a thread notification. If anything, the only thing I'd expect from a new release would be further destruction and dumbing down of the product, aka the "new" web version. Which I haven't looked at in probably 6 months since once I saw how they had destroyed that, but again, why bother? My use now is very limited, I don't use much any more.
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