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    Hi All, Starting with Apple’s upcoming release of Safari 13, many extensions will no longer be supported in their current form. Due to the nature of these changes, if you choose to update to Safari 13 it will affect your ability to use the Evernote Web Clipper extension until we are able to implement an update and publish it to the Mac App Store. Please note: 1. We are diligently working to update the Evernote Web Clipper to meet the new extension requirements for Safari 13. Until that time, users who upgrade their browser to Safari 13 will not be able to use the Evernote Web Clipper. 2. If you are not updating to macOS Catalina/Safari 13, you can continue to use the Evernote Web Clipper extension. 3. For a small number of Evernote Business users, it may be a few months before they are able to use Evernote Web Clipper in macOS Catalina/Safari 13. If you are one of the affected users, we will send you a separate email with more information. If you are affected by these changes, you can still clip/send content to Evernote by doing the following: Keep using your current version of Safari Use the Evernote Web Clipper on a different web browser Use our Gmail and Outlook email integrations Forward messages to your Evernote email address (Premium & Business only)
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    There's more than one way that this URL field can get populated. A more common way for me is: If the URL field is blank in an existing note, and you paste something into that note that came from a Web page (or any software that provides URL metadata to the OS's clip buffer), Evernote will put the URL in this field. I think it was meant to be helpful, but it is annoying that you can't turn it off. For example, if select just my balance from online banking, copy, then paste into Evernote, Evernote puts a URL in the note that contains tokens that are likely related to keeping my bank account secure. I don't want Evernote to retain these tokens!
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    Totally get that. I checked with some people and it was a surprise to them it was released today. Wasn’t supposed to be until October.
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    Actually, Safari 13 is available today (not within the next few weeks, as Nick said). This means that even a perfectly working Web Clipper will be removed from any up-to-date macOS machine, no questions asked. Rather than waiting for all the unhappy users to complain, please put a high priority tag on the new Evernote Web Clipper. Thanks!
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    Does every attempt to paste anything fail on all 3 devices? That really would be surprising. Does this involve pasting from some specific source?
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    Thanks for this info, Nick. https://evernote.com/features/webclipper Why would you leave this link active, or not make it open a notification for Safari users instead of keeping it active, and create the incredible frustration of something super basic simply not working - the link takes safari users to a page of Safari extensions with no WebClipper. The extension being down is no big deal, I use the share button, to which I've added Evernote as a destination. Clicking it when WebClipper isn't installed creates a pop up with the option to save the page to evernote right below a big ol' link to the WebClipper page. So instead of clicking save and moving on, I clicked to get WebClipper going again "real quick". Getting my data is the thing though, so if adding details later by sharing directly to the app or jumping over to Chrome is necessary that's doable and understandable. Not doing every possible thing you can to keep the user experience groovy is a troubling sign, more so if it was not an oversight but an attempt to be discreet. When I opened this page there was an information banner that you can X out to close once you've read it. It did not tell me why I couldn't download WebClipper. I had to find out in the reply to a post from someone else who was forced to wonder WTF was going on with their computer, the Apple store, or if Evernote was simply incapable of correctly keeping their extension downloadable. I don't think I'm alone in hoping that Evernote has the grit to be a lifelong partner in data collection. We've been hurt before by data collection applications that start good then fall apart and we're very sensitive. It might not seem like a big deal but we're not just talking about time wasted dicking around in the app store then having to hunt down the reason why basic stuff isn't working, this is about trust, it's about putting the user experience first every.single.time. I'd suggest a policy that includes a press release, notifications across the spectrum of where you might catch a user eyeballs, and for the love of pete - stay aware of where your app is promoting add-on features and do us at least the basic kindness of a note on the landing page so we don't waste our time. That's not the McMillan way, son. Thanks again for posting this! Jeff
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    Thanks to clarify this. Quite unsatisfactory, however. I hope anybody is aware that WebClipper is one of the key features of EN that sets it apart from other tools. Please get this fixed soon ! Some days ago, my WebClipper seemed to have stopped to work (Mojave, Safari, latest official release, no betas). Fortunately it came back a few days later, up to my knowledge without changing anything. So it still works as installed into my Safari.
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    Evernote Web Clipper for Safari is temporarily unavailable for download. Our engineering team is updating it to be compatible with the upcoming release of macOS Catalina and the newest version of Safari, which will be available in the Mac App Store within the next few weeks. In the meantime, I’d like to offer some alternate ways to save web content to your Evernote account: * Use Evernote Web Clipper in another supported web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. * Use the "Share" function in your browser to email web pages directly to Evernote using your [Evernote incoming email address](https://help.evernote.com/hc/articles/209005347). * Use your Mac or Windows companion app called [Evernote Helper](https://help.evernote.com/hc/articles/209005067). Evernote Helper lets you easily save quick text notes and screenshots to your account.
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    As far as I know, Google Authenticator is just a normal TOTP generator. So if you select "Google Authentnicator" in evernote, you should be able to scan the QR code with any TOTP app or manually copy the Authenticator Key (string). I myself am using a password manager with 2FA (Bitwarden) and was able to set it up using the option "Google Authenticator" in evernote setup.
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