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    Figured it out - I logged into the web version and reviewed all settings and noticed that under connected services I have the google one sign-on enabled but I'd been signing on with my original username (my gmail address) and password. So I went off wifi and logged out - reconnected to wifi and logged in with google and no crash. Seems stable so far.
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    When I was there (left last June), we had 2 week sprints and aimed at a 6 week release cadence (sometimes longer). At the time I left, E4W was being prioritized lower so work could progress on the new (multiplatform) version - I haven't been following that, but I believe it's in Beta.
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    Quoting from "Looking Ahead: Evernote’s Priorities for 2019" by CEO Ian Small The above quote from the CEO Ian Small, about loyalty and the goal of honesty act as a springboard for this feature request. A public roadmap offers a way to build trust with the Evernote user base. It provides users with the ability to see which feature requests are being worked on and it's an asset that can be touched on in the inside Evernote videos. It's part of opening the kimono, to regain lost trust by loyal users. Many companies use Trello, Asana, and other kanban-based planning tools to manage projects among local and remote workers. In other words, I'm confident that Evernote uses Jira or something similar, that has roadmap data that can be added to a publicly viewable asset. Making some part available to the public is low hanging fruit.
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