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    I just wanted to say, I've have been using the beta app and macOS beta app and a huge congratulations to the whole team getting here and building an Evernote for now and tomorrow. Looking forward to what you will deliver next. I so appreciate you providing this service. 🥰
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    @NRosser & @s2sailor This is by design. We are trying to consolidate checklist and checkbox so that they compliment each other and don't have same functionalities. We want checklists to be more interactive and useful, so we have introduced checklists as a separate type of list (accessible next to ordered and unordered lists). With checklist, you can easily drag-and-drop them and indent them like other lists. In addition, completed checklist items are crossed out and faded so that you can more easily see at a glance which items remain. Because inline checkboxes could appear inline after text, we have kept them as a separate type, but we removed the list-like continuation behavior in order to emphasize that they are standalone checkboxes, in contrast to the new checklists. Look forward to hear your thoughts on it.
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    Please restore the filter bar at the top of the note list; it was dropped in V10.0 The previous version included a text search box and tag filter (thanks @stocky2605) The current version is
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    Came here to voice my support for backlinking on Evernote. I have been using Roam for over a month now and that capability is INCREDIBLE in the context of linking new ideas together. IMHO, Evernote with good backlinking support would be a MUCH superior product to Roam, since Evernote already has APIs, good client-side apps, etc... As it stands now, I'm leaning towards reducing my usage of Evernote for more 'free form' notes based on how seamless Roam is. Will I drop Evernote altogether? Not likely, but I really hope the company recognizes the threat from a new company and doesn't rest on its laurels.
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    In the old version there is a search icon in the sidebar. If I wanted to look at recent workouts I would press that Icon, press wo, press the workout tag that appeared, and be presented with a list of workout notes newest first. Quick and clean. In this version for the same action I press All notes, press Search, press wo, press the workout tag and am presented with a jumbled list of workout notes. One from 2014 near the top of the list. Useless with an additional press included The incremental winnowing of tags in a compound tag search is very nice, but with no way to sort the results. Useless. There does not appear to be any sorting of search results. Useless. I guess I’m saying there should be a way to sort search results. I hope I am missing it and someone will correct me. But I can’t find it.
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    You'll find differing opinions on Electron (Electron is Cancer, Is Electron good or bad for the app industry?, What Is Electron and Why Is It So Polarizing?). Basically these apps are websites wrapped in a Chrome based browser window. They are easier for developers to create than native apps and they look very similar on all platforms. Evernote states that this will make it easier to roll out new features and speed up development. The downside is that the user experience is worse than native apps. They are very heavy on resources and slow. They don't really fit into the operating system, they look off and behave unexpectedly. If you always have the latest and fastest hardware, they can feel acceptable, but on older devices their shortcomings will become much more apparent. In my case, I have a 2019 top of the line iMac and found that the performance of the Evernote Preview was unacceptable. High CPU usage for basic things like changing notes. The fans were noticeable most of the time when Evernote was open, even in the background without doing anything. One recent example of how bad things can go using Electron is the backup software Arq. They released a major rewrite based on it in April (version 6) and the problems people were having were so bad, Arq suspended their official Twitter account and subreddit because of the negative backlash. Fast forward to this month, they just announced their next major version (7), just 5 months after the last, going back to a native UI, because it's "got better keyboard navigation, it’s more intuitive, has a smaller disk footprint, and supports drag-and-drop to easily restore files to your desktop or a Finder window. It just feels better." To me, it's a bit ironic that Evernote released its iOS version update shortly after iOS 14 dropped because it made the missing platform specific features so much more apparent. Watch app? Gone. Widget? Gone. Siri Shortcuts? Gone. Keyboard shortcuts? What's that? Other developers are racing to make widgets and integrate their apps more into the platform, while Evernote does the opposite.
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    Hi All, Wanted to provide and update on this issue. We've been able to reproduce it, and are further investigating into the root cause in order to address it. I'll follow-up here once we have more information!
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    @Stacey We do have a filter for lists in the new search experience which is in the new apps. You can simply go to the search bar and type "lists" and then click on the "lists" filter. It should filter any note with any kind of list (bulleted, numbered, etc). Also, this article shares all the filters available with the new search which I also copied below. Filters Search filters allow you to quickly search for a specific type of content. The following search filters are available: Addresses Attachments Dates Email addresses Checkboxes PDF files Presentations Images Lists Phone numbers Tables URLs Webclips
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    @Stacey Thank you for your continued support and patience. We are working on providing a user setting to turn this notification off.
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    Hi, I recently upgraded my Evernote version to this new version in iOS. If I create a new note and start typing, multiple new notes with the same content will be created. A Note Conflict message will be in the header portion of some of the new repeated notes that were created. Full specs: I created these notes on the iPad Pro, rather than on the iPhone. Input method: Apple Keyboard, via Bluetooth. May I know what seems to be the problem?
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    @Shane D. Hi there, if you read the thread, you will see that Stocky proved me wrong, and he is right: Search does not work on content that others shared to yourself. I can’t search in my wife’s notebook for baking recipes (which may be a blessing for her), but she can’t either search my cooking recipes notebook shared to her (which is a disaster for me). So you guys better get this fixed before I loose too much weight. Sharing information is very important for many of us - and slim elephants have an evil mood 🙀
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    Oh dear I suspect you will regret saying that.....maybe take your own advice? 🤡
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    Really??? Surely you're kidding? You're suggesting that we can actually USE this thing? For what, exactly? I can't clip a note from either Safari (or any other browser) or Flipboard, which is a large part of what I use Evernote for. It simply does not work. The note never gets to Evernote, not even on the same device. It just disappears into thin air. So how can we just get on with exploring it, when it doesn't even work at what it's supposed to do? We need the previous version - it worked! That would then buy time for the EN team to sort out the mess of this release BEFORE releasing it again.
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    Personally I think the electron argument is a little unfair. This isn’t some terrible software that shall cripple Evernote, its the same software platform that the much exalted notion uses, Facebook messenger, Microsoft teams and many many more use. Are there issues with the current iOS app, absolutely, but these I think are for Evernote to fix - and quickly hopefully, they need to show true agility here and urgent transparency because they need to get on top of the concern being expressed. im not concerned by electron though, as long as we get an app that works, others are clearly implementing it well.
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    Yeah I am more amazed that they haven’t released any patches to fix at least some of the problems. A downgrade would be nice.
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    Feature Request: Add Outlining Capabilities to Evernote Evernote is great, but it's dying for the ability to create Notes that contain Outlines which are easily collapsed and expanded during creation and in use. One way to implement it would be a switchable editing mode, between standard formatting or outline mode. In outline mode, pressing the Enter key creates a new outline item, and pressing the Tab key changes the current item into a sub-item. Clicking on an item's action icon causes its sub-items to collapse out of, or expand into view. That's the way the Ecco Pro PIM did it, and something simple like that would be a good start for Evernote. The name Evernote implies a product that takes notes -and collapsible/expandable outlines are a huge part of note taking.
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    I must be in top 100 Evernote fans. I built my digital life around this product, the most reliable piece of software I’ve used. So yeah. This iOS version is a disgrace. It tells me management doesn’t use Evernote, in the sense they don’t rely on it. They don’t know what it is. They believed a better editor and search auto completion were all what users expected. And so they proudly pushed the update button. If management was relying on Evernote, there is 0% chance they would have greenlighted this bugged beta version. 0%. Because this update makes Evernote on iOS unusable. It takes one hour to realize it. The fact management didn’t feel ashamed to release this bugged mess, sadly makes me understand they have no real idea what Evernote is, and who their core customers are 😕 Don’t get me wrong, I see good things in that version. At one point it could be better than what we had. But not in that state. Not now.
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    I have to agree, unfortunately. Ultimately, I recognize that Evernote doesn't owe me (or any of us) anything and that I have no right to tell them how to run their business. I also understand and actually appreciate that Ian Small doesn't want to promise anything he can't be sure they can deliver. However, it's also a fairly common software business practice to provide their customers with a roadmap: what item's they have accepted for development and a generalized status of where each one is. I'm sure this is fairly unique, because they aren't really developing new features but are instead re-developing the software—but the total lack of transparency is very much against the grain in today's software development environment. As a diehard user and complete Evernote fanboy, even I am starting to feel uneasy... I'm not coming here to threaten to leave Evernote if my demands are not met (like I said, none of us have any right to make any demand), and I'm not coming here to rage about how horrible the software is (because it's not). But, I am here to second @JMichaelTX's comments—it's also my opinion that providing some transparency would be better than keeping us in the dark.
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    Shane and @Ian Small, I hope you guys and the entire Evernote Team are doing well. I have to say that I, and some of my colleagues, are getting very concerned about the health of Evernote. Your "Behind The Scenes" series started out really well, and we had been receiving an update about once a month. It has now been 3 months now since this last update, and nothing posted elsewhere. You guys have been in re-development nearly two years now, so I think it is fair to expect some results to start showing up. I know you don't like to share any type of projections, but I think your loyal fans and supporters deserve to hear from you now. Can you at least give us a status by platform? Which are in beta, and for how long? And it would be great if you could give us at least a preliminary target for the next release. We know full well that it won't be perfect, and may slip, but we need some indication from you. IMO, it is better to give us some target now, rather than continue keeping us in the dark. Best Regards, JMichaelTX Loyal Subscriber for 10+ years
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    I acknowledge that Evernote's user forum isn't designed to house discussions on racism and privilege, but I also can't be silent about something as important as this. In my opinion, it's lunacy in this day and age that every single company and person hasn't taken a stance against racism and white supremacy. What Ian did in this video is the bare minimum that anybody with a voice should be doing right now. Additionally, I am assuming that your intention behind "couldn't care less what colour or creed someone is" was well-meaning and designed to communicate that someone's race/ethnicity doesn't bother you. However, I want to share that these sentiments often contribute towards systemic racism or—in the very least—the privilege some groups have over others (even though that wasn't your intention, I assume). Not caring (or "not seeing") race/ethnicity is a way of dismissing part of someone's identity, suggesting their experiences aren't valued, refusing to acknowledge your own privilege, and often shutting down further conversations about racial injustice. In most parts of the world—and definitely in the United States, where Evernote is based—systematic racism is rampant; as a result, we must care if we want to move towards a more just and equitable society.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEioUvE52To&feature=youtu.be Interesting insights into the "new" Evernote. First confirmation I have seen regarding the use of Java Script and Electron. Even talks about Notion and other competitors. But no mention of issues with the 10.X release.
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    Sketch is broken when using the Apple Pencil. Appears to ignore every other Pencil input. Ink is fairly low resolution also. iPad Pro 10.5
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    I wish it were that simple. I continue to get duplicates as fast as I can delete them with only my iPhone instance open. I deleted the app from my iPad and it is not open on any Mac or PC, and no web version is ever used. The duplicates continue to multiply. Viruses could learn a thing or two from Evernote. They have created a new lifeform.
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    It's an extra click every single time I share (clip) something to Evernote now because I have to close this dialogue notification box. I wish it didn't exist. I'm finding myself getting progressively more annoyed, the more times I see it. I'm always looking for taps and clicks to be as minimal as possible, and the new process adds an extra tap to the capture process from my phone. And, capture and search/retrieval are the primary use cases for the phone app in my use case. Don't like extra steps getting added to those core workflows!
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    I don't see v8.24.6 is the past, and in App Store you can see some app developers keeping both versions until the new one has almost all of the features from the previous. Especially the case of Evernote that they rebuild an app from zero, every company can't rebuild it bringing all the feature in one time. There should be a transitional period. If Evernote release a update called v8.24.7 and mention that they have another app called "Evernote X" (or Evernote 10 whatever you like) for users who are curious about the new workflow and features. Will people be frustrated and will their business be affected? I don't think I am throwing back how they could do. I am talking what they can do now: they can upload v8.24.6 back to the App Store while keeping v10.0.1. They can act now and in a few days so that some people can use some features like Apple Watch/web clipper/printing notes... again. Workaround is of course possible but doesn't mean the company can still be silent speeding up bug fix without communication. I don't mind being called a rant, but only Evernote itself can show me I am totally wrong.
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    I remember very well the rants about the release before, and EN not moving ahead etc. Well here is it - and IMHO it is better than comments in the forum make believe. There is a lot of new stuff to be explored, so why do we all not shut up for a week, and use the time to find out what is there to be discovered. If we have bugs, let us issue support tickets. Personally I have found this to be remarkable new aspects of rel. 10 : The layout is more logical and leaner. Secondary functions are there, but on a second level, not to interfere with primary functions. The new formatting allows for much better looking, clearer and more organized notes. I really love the checklist option, with the strikeout. The most important new function for me is that EN can be opened on iPads side by side with other apps, even with drag and drop of content. Probably the EN team will catch up with the issues we all have. But seriously wishing back the old release, with the aged Code Platform, with that many things not working ? Come on, we all deserve better !
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    I agree. When one has so much invested in a program - and I'm talking about content, not money - then when that program becomes unusable, as this new iOS release is, I'm quite OK with posting and reading a few rants. This new iOS version is a disaster. I've been a Premium subscriber almost since Evernote started, and have tolerated many bad updates. But this one is the worst by far. It has rendered both my iPad and iPhone versions of Evernote totally useless, and I've actually taken them offline now for fear of corrupting my main Mac version (v7.14) which continues to work just fine. But that is not how it is supposed to be..... Come on Evernote - get your act together, give us back the previous version to get us all back working again, and to give you time to sort out the mess and fix all the bugs. But properly, this time...
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    What made me feel confident and even proud of Evernote is that the CEO Ian Small told us that they were paying a great effort to solve almost all of the problems occurred long long ago in the company. They have a series of videos to explain that and I was willing to wait patiently. But the brutal fact is that, that CEO just does something for marketing. He speaks something good and tries to hide something that users may need to prepare for. Most worrying is that he tends to ignore problems when there are voices here, Reddit and Twitter... This kind of company and leadership is the worst as he only gives you the good impression but it turns out that they are in opposite directions as you think. Maybe I think like a victim. I should think he just showed us what they were doing through videos only. Not a detailed note showing the roadmap and how we have to prepare for (some missing features temporarily). I should notice that first sign, and prepare myself to leave earlier. (I just renewed a month ago) They like to remove features by not informing users first: this had happened in v8.0 and I remember that they didn't put back some of the features to the app they had promised. Considering the worse communication, should I believe they will bring back features like Apple Watch? Better not to trust them. Trust yourself you can find better alternatives for better self.
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    HELP!!!! Have been working with Evernote and Apple Pencil forever...this is devastating! I am using iPad for handwritten notes all the time. Please try to improve as quickly as possible!! Total FAIL ;-(
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    5 days already. Just wonder what they are doing. The support team is trying their best to reply as quick as possible (possibly quicker than normal). But where is the product team and management? In the past the former Google CEO had already apologized for the terms and conditions, and version 8.0 had only lasted for less than three days. Rolling back v8.24.6 on the App Store is the best and easy way. At least some of the customers will appreciate that you are brave to admit and face the big crisis. No one response / action is perfect at this moment but doing something is better than nothing. Expect just let the support team address the customers' issues alone.
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    I use Evernote extensively on my Mac, iPad Pro, and iPhone. We use shared notebooks in my office and I have a ScanSnap Evernote Edition sitting on my desk. (I even have Evernote desk accessories sitting next to the scanner.) I'm pretty well immersed in the world of Evernote. However, I've found myself turning to other tools, most recently OneNote, with greater frequency. The main issue, and it is a big one for me, is the fragmented and inferior support for note taking and PDF editing in Evernote. I use my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil extensively. There are some great Pencil-compatible apps for iOS, including Notability, PDF Expert, and OneNote. Evernote, on the other hand, is stuck with a strange and fragmented approach: PDFs can by opened using the "Annotate" tool in Evernote, which I think is built around the remnants of Skitch. It's fine for adding arrows and icons, but terrible (unusable) for handwritten notes on PDFs. It really can't be used for anything more than simple highlighting -- certainly not detailed annotation or note taking. Drawings and notes can be added to an Evernote Note directly through the handwriting tool, but this simply inserts an image into the note. There's no way to use this tool to take notes over multiple pages, or to use it for annotation as far as I can tell. I've also found it to the buggy, with full pages of notes lost if you switch away from Evernote to another app before saving the image and returning to the normal notes view. I will say that that, though the tool is very limited, with very few options, the Pencil support works well and writing is fluid. This tool seems to have the most potential for future development. Finally, there is Penultimate -- a separate app I want to love but is just too buggy, too limited, and too walled off from the rest of Evernote to be truly useful. Again, no support for importing PDFs/annotation, yet another approach to handwriting, and, though the Penultimate notes live in Evernote, nothing can be done with them in the main app. Why, at this stage, would Evernote have three separate, incompatible and incongruous approaches to annotation/note taking, none of which begin to match the functionality of some of the other apps named? Attached PDFs can certainly be opened in other apps, such as PDF Expert, but there is no way to get the annotated PDFs back into an Evernote note without deleting the original attachment and reattaching the PDF. That's cumbersome, and annotation seems like pretty basic functionality that Evernote should offer. Evernote certainly has some broader advantages over OneNote, but really needs to explore something like the "canvas" style approach used by OneNote. The ability to "print" PDFs to a OneNote page and then markup the document itself and take notes/add text/etc. all on one page is invaluable. I've pretty much switched all note taking/PDF annotation to OneNote, with Evernote still used for project management and other organizational needs, which leaves me with my own fragmentation. Maybe I'm missing something in Evernote's approach, but I'm a longtime user that's completely frustrated with Evernote's inferior support for annotation and handwritten notes.
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    I don't understand the rationale of eliminating the "SYNC" button. I'm on the road a good part of the time and am making constant changes/additional to my notes. Pressing the SYNC button and getting an immediate confirmation of the spinning wheel gives me confidence the file has been updated for all my devices (cell, iPad, desktops & laptops) and I can move on. Having to check the web or cell phone to verify if the changes did in fact update, is a waste of time and leaves me weary that something may not get updated properly if I am in a hurry and forget to verify. Please bring the SYNC button back. I'm not sure if anyone from the Evernote Beta Team is reviewing these comments as I have not seen a response on anybody's posts.
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    Yes - mine is the same, now that you mention it. I think the only way we can downgrade is for Evernote to pull the current version from the App Store and replace it with the previous version. They may need to change the version number though, so that iOS14 will recognise it as a "new" update. Ironically, I just read an interview with the Evernote CEO who was spruiking the new iOS version. When asked why the iOS version was being released first, his reply was "Because it's ready". Errr - I have news for him, and it's not good news....
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    @Shane D. Just wanted to note that I am having horrible issues with the Sketch feature. I can not print and have it recognize every stroke. Cursive for the most part is doable, but it still misses strokes. The different between the user not having issues and myself are the pencil versions. I am still using the original Apple Pencil and from the double tap reference it looks like if they aren't having issues it may be related to the pencil itself possibly.
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    @Stuart Madden @s2sailor Thank you for reaching out, and for letting us know! I moved this thread from requests to the issue report forum. We had the dev team take a look and we were able to intermittently reproduce the issue. We'll follow-up here once we have more information. @stocky2605 Very glad to hear that this is working for you. Let us know if you encounter any issues!
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    I urgently need a way to sort the search results, „date of modified“ and „date of created“ is essential for my workflow. At least. Please see also: Thank you.
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    Same here. For me, they are not even in order of date updated - it appears to be a random order. Selecting a sort order after selecting tagged notes is clearly essential functionality which appears to have been overlooked.
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    Exactly, for example, same feature that the stable version of Evernote Windows has: Only the tags used in the notebook are visible here. This was previously owned by Evernote iOS. I handle many tags, how will I know which ones are being used within a notebook to filter specifically? It is impossible! 😣
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    Same thing here. This could be the final reason for me to sh*t on Evernote. I am user since 2008. I have grown structures that have been organized with tags. It's now impossible to find what I am looking for. I am extremely pissed. Really. I understand that you somehow messed up your dev team so that it takes 2 years to redesign your apps to allow basic features. As I said, I can understand that. What I cannot understand is why you take away features, that do not harm anyone, just because someone thought it would be nicer this way. The next thing is: You already demonstrated that giving you feedback, even begging for features is completely useless as you most likely don't care (different highlight colors, lol. Was asked for since 7 years. So maybe in 10 years we get back the tag list feature. Great).
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    Having notes of 6 weeks sitting in the app, unsynced ... For everybody a general notice, for all apps: Make sure all content is synced before you hit the update button ! This is not EN specific, it is the same with other note taking apps, to do lists, grocery lists, activity logs, ... any update will most likely clear out any cache existing in an app, and this will lead to a loss of unsynced content.
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    Please implement something for the night owls
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    Hi All, I’m happy to announce that today we’re releasing the new Evernote for iOS! We’ve been listening to your feedback and we’re excited to share the work we’ve been doing including: a new editor, better formatting tools, more powerful search options, and a more consistent experience across your devices. Visit the What’s new for iOS Help & Learning article for more details. We’ll be rolling out Evernote 10.0 for iOS over the next few weeks, but starting today, anyone who wants the new Evernote for iOS app can get it by visiting the iOS App Store. These improvements are just the beginning of the journey to keep giving you an ever-better Evernote. To find out more about the process, click here. If you have feedback regarding the new Evernote for iOS please leave it in our new iOS forum section: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/forum/729-evernote-for-ios-requests-versions-100-and-above/ If you are experiencing technical issues or need to report a possible bug, please do so here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/forum/717-evernote-for-ios-issues-versions-100-and-above/ Thanks, Shane
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    If you have a relatively recent version of Android, you can long-press the notification and then click on the "Gear" icon (on the top-right of the notification) to view the notification channels. It will highlight in blue which notification channel this note relates to allow you to disable those notifications. Additionally / alternatively, is it possible you at one point set up a second Evernote account? It may be reminding you of a dormant Evernote account that you don't use.
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    if you could replace Evernote by using Notion then, I would say, you're not using Evernote as it is intended for - or just a subset of the features, e. g. note taking only. If you're looking for a database based approach Notion may be your solution. Type your data in by hand, define all date fields you need, setup all dashboards you want... I took a look to Notion, too - but there are too many limitations for MY personal use cases, e. g.: no offline mode no OCR of images, sketches, etc. no email import no way to modifiy files / attachments (e. g. Office docs) - they are just previewed / downloaded via Webbrowser no easy way to just drop any kind of information into Notion, e. g. an inbox approach no annotation support for PDFs, Images, etc. no global Tags (I know, Notion has a different approach), but I like the Tag approach - put it into Evernote, describe content based on Tags, and that's it (I don't care about Notebooks*, Folders, Groups, Subfolders, Subsubfolders, Subsubsubsubfolders) no GPS location stored into content/pages As you can see, based on MY needes, Notion is no option. The only thing I really miss in Evernote is the Atlas function. The best thing is: Evernote just works. Reliable. Less updates, thats true...sounds boring? maybe... 🙂 *) besides sharing a large number of notes with others
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    Two features to greatly improve the note writing and organization experience: Header Styles – Standard header styles, such as Title, Sub-title, Header 1, etc. Medium, Google Docs, and Slack Posts all are great examples of this. You should be able to select these header styles using a click of a button. The current workaround is painful: change font size for the header line, then change font size again to start writing in the smaller font. Note Outline – Once you create headers, these headers can then become a note outline that can easily be navigated. Look to Google Docs for a great example of this. This would greatly help my ability to navigate my more lengthy notes. Please see screenshots below. Hope you consider this! It would be awesome!
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    If you are worried about experience...moving from Mac OS to Windows is not going to be fun...
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    That would be my opinion; the forum is designed to discuss the Evernote product/service We should stay on topic
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    This needs to happen for Windows users. Great that Dark Theme is out for Android, iOS, OSX, but still missing for Windows. Evernote is the ONLY app in my workflow that doesn't support dark mode in Windows. A lot of the "duplicate threads" also requesting this seem to now be deleted. Please make this happen.
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    Dear Evernote Dev Team, I am an long-time Evernote Premium user, fan and advocate. It is part of my daily workflow, for hours per day I might add. You guys have done a wonderful job with this product and my hat goes off to you... However, this feature would be HUGE to me, and apparently many others. PLEASE consider adding this feature sooner than later. As mentioned, I am loyal but I have begun to research alternatives that would offer this feature. I really don't want to switch though. just being honest You guys rock!!! Best Regards, Craig
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