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    This point seems to elude so many people. Evernote as far as I am aware is not a charity and -- after a brief flirtation as a potential Unicorn - is trying to simply be a company that makes an excellent product that it hopes people will pay for so it can turn a profit and stay in business. I sometimes trial other note taking apps and think seriously of leaving, but in my experience none come close to the simplicity and reliability of Evernote. I also have confidence in the new CEO and his desire to methodically improve the product in a slow and steady fashion. I want the bells and whistle of the web app in my Windows 10 environment, but I'm willing to wait until a stable version is available and the testing is over...
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    try navy beans -l.l. -ll. If you have a tag/notebook that might separate the notes you can use it as well.
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    The previous doesn't seem to be any way justified -- or even connected to -- by the statement that followed it: I'll grant that an an inducement to get an understanding of how to use Evernote and then to pay them, Evernote does get value in terms of future revenues. But that's about it. So how, exactly what value does Evernote get from long-term free users? Servers and companies don't run on fairy dust; it costs money, which free users don't provide. You get them to stop asking you to pay by, um, paying. Duh. And calling them naughty names drops you way down in the credibility column. Be serious: you were in no way going to start paying for the service.. Just to be clear -- I have a second free account to go along with my premium account, and their attempts to get me to upgrade are not any bit irritating at all. Maybe I understand that businesses that don't make money don't survive? The price you pay for not paying is the occasional request that you upgrade. Otherwise, Evernote Basic is free (as in free beer) to use. Use it, or do not. Just don't whine about it.
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    Also did you try simplify formatting before you tried removing formatting? Capturing a web page via the browser extension (Web Clipper) lets you experiment with the options for Article, Simplified Article, or Full Page. The clipper works great in 90% of cases. In the worst case, I have to do a Full Page clip. The result looks good on the Win client but can sometimes be hard to read on the Evernote phone app (probably because Full Page captures formatting that isn't meant for phones or small tablets. But, that problem is rare. I never have to remove white-space after using EN's Web Clipper browser extension. The clipper even lets you clip just the selected part of a Web page, although I haven't used that much. Maybe this is what you want, instead of using the browser's select -> copy -> paste in to EN? When I say works great, bear in mind that I don't think I've ever tried printing the EN note that I clipped. But it should work. Worse case, EN saves a link to the original page so you can go back there and see if there's a print-friendly version of the page. Then print that, or, capture that and print later. There's no perfect solution because Web pages vary so much in how they're formatted. In spite of that, the Web Clipper is one of the things EN does REALLY well so get to know it if you haven't already. Hope this helps.
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    @Happy Chap @DTLow @s2sailor @jefito @nigebj Thanks for the discussion re. negative syntax logic. Im happy to share that we just completed an update and the new search now accommodates a range of negative syntax including notebooks, tags, and words. Just place the negative in front of the term like so "-notebook:pet" and of course if you want to combine syntax that would work as well. For example, "tag:pet -notebook:dog -gray" will find all notes with the tag "pets" except in the notebook "dog" and except with the word "gray". Please let me know how this works out for you guys.
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    I've been holding off a switch to Bear and/or Dropbox Paper for months in anticipation of this editor update. My patience has run out. For years they've been cluttering the apps up with excess features while ignoring basic stuff that other note-taking software has introduced. Initially, Evernote's success killed Info Select for Windows, which had become cluttered with features nobody wanted, now they're inflicting the same fate upon themselves. Less is more! The only thing Evernote does better than the competition is tags. What about markdown? It's hard to understand why they'd ignore such a popular new facility.
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    If you just need the brute information only, you can also clip as a pdf. Preferably from the reader mode of the page, this creates a very lean and clean copy of the content. EN will OCR it for you, so you can search full text in it. But links will not work, as well active content will be turned to static display. Slide shows will not display, or will only show the first picture. If you clip using full web clipper, see the answer from DTLow. If the page disappears, you have your copy of it in EN. But because often other content will disappear as well, links will maybe stop to work. Their content is not copied. So think what you will really need, and make sure you get what you need. Maybe this means to copy more than one page by following links to other pages, and clip them too. If you need to grab a whole website with all stuff, there are other tools available that can do this for you in an automatic manner. Just remember that this may be a copyright infringement before you hit the button.
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    @help04120 Thank you for reaching out! I'll follow-up with you via direct message.
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    I routinely lose my hand written notes when I fail to press “done”. This is a source of huge frustration. Please can Evernote implement an auto save feature for handwritten notes / drawings. 🙏
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    Not Include is specified using negation; for example search OneThing -SomethingElse Evernote's search feature is flexible, but not full boolean; we can't combine add/or searches I see two "navy" text in your example. To isolate colour navy; search navy -"navy dried beans" You can search for "dried navy beans"; I prefer tag searches Your example would require two steps 1. search tag:LLBean tag:Clothing tag:ColourNavy assign tag:Temporary 2. search tag:DriedNavyBeans -tag:Temporary
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    Bonjour, et bienvenue sur les forums. Hélas, quel problème! But if I want to say anything useful I must do it in English. And honestly, I'm not sure what that might be. At some point you have to be able to log in to Evernote. The support at https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new is mainly for Premium subscribers, but for such a drastic situation as this, there may be options for Basic subscribers as well. You can also contact Evernote support on Twitter: https://twitter.com/evernotehelps. Let me tap Evernote employees @Shane D. and @May L on the shoulder to see whether one of them might be able to come to your rescue.
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    Hi, and welcome to the forums. I can't actually speak from experience, since I've only used Windows and Android versions of Evernote (and the Web client). But if you're working fine in both Android and Windows, you shouldn't have any difficulties using iOS as well, beyond the likelihood that the interface and editor will function a bit differently. I'm sure others here can tell you from experience that it works. Basically, the devices don't have to "get along" with each other at all. Each of them independently syncs your notes to the Evernote servers, where the master copies exist. The app on each device knows how to do that sync and interpret and display the data within its own operating environment. You can do some formatting on some devices that you can't do on others; but in my experience, the formatting displays more or less correctly even on devices where it can't be created. E.g., in the Windows program, as you know, you can change the typeface, size, and color of text, and these show up on Android, even though you can't make those changes there. I'd expect similar phenomena adding an iPad to the mix.
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    Hi, and welcome to the forums. No, as long as you have synced your notes you will not lose them. Basic vs. Premium is not an issue in this regard. Evernote regularly syncs your notes to its servers, so you can, if you ever need to, access them on another device, and have them safely backed up there. Before formatting the PC, first make sure that if you have any "Local Notebooks" (which exist only on your laptop, not on Evernote's servers), you temporarily copy their content into regular, synced notebooks. Then do a manual sync (F9, click the sync button, or Tools > Sync). Personally, I'd do 2 or 3 just to be sure I did 1. This will synchronize your notes to Evernote's servers, and after the reformat when you reinstall Evernote and log in (be sure you know your username and password before the reformat!), it will download all your notes. If you want to be sure everything's OK before you reformat, after you have done the sync go to https://www.evernote.com/client/web and log in. That will take you to the Evernote Web client, where you should see all your notebooks and notes in place.
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    Ran into the same issues and a restart of the computer worked the same as a complete uninstall and reinstall.
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    Oh, and I forgot to mention most people at my small company use Evernote daily.
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    I rebooted again, maybe it stuck this time. Will advise if it recurs. Thanks for your help.
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    Hi. AFAIK the only way to make those stamps appear smaller would be to increase the size of the original image, so the stamps are smaller in proportion. There's no way to zoom the icon up or down - it seems to be a fixed size. It should be possible to edit a picture in an external app if you know of one which gives more flexibility on icon sizes, but I'm it looks like this is as detailed as Evernote gets.
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    I've been researching and it seems that the problem is Samsung and not Evernote as I had concluded earlier.
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    Hi Gazumped, thanks for your reply - I found it helpful! I'm also suspecting it might be too complicated with SSO but will contact support anyways like you suggested. Wish you a nice rest of the week! Matti
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    +1 Just moved from Chrome to Firefox and found this problem, which has been around for more than a YEAR! Totally agree that the company has lost its energy in bringing out meaningful updates, while competitors like Notion are showing vibrant improvements. I keep Evernote only has my archive/library now, but it stills manages to fail at clipping PDF files...
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    You can also just save the search, then right-click on it and select "Remember View Settings". You can then make it into a shortcut (or not), and the sort order will be preserved.
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    Hey, I had to print out this web site to read these comments!!
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    As you can see in the attached screen shot, there's a small issue with the visualisation of tags. I use rather long tags (which is a personal choice, I realise that) that do not visualise completely in the tag list. This makes it very complicated to work with. Would it be possible to put a tooltip on the labels, containing the complete name? Michael.
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    The Scannable app has extended features; the main point for me is pdf format >>I use ScannerPro which offers more options than Scannable. Such as? I see OCR; I'm relying on Evernote's OCR/Search feature
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    Hmm I counter this problem for a while. It seems to me that I can only change the color of the font rather than the highlight when I call out the "show colors" option under format. Does it mean there is only one color available for highlight at the moment?
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    Been using Adobe Acrobat-Pro with Evernote for some time. But with the release of Apple macOS Catalina, we need to switch to an alternative. Is there any info on integrating PDFelement-Pro (from Wondershare)? Are there any known issues/problems? And how can this be made the default PDF editor for Evernote?
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    I use the Notability app for pdf annotation; on an iPad with an Apple Pencil
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    The first 2 questions sound interesting, but I have no clue. About question 3: I personally use GoodNotes 5 to make annotations by Apple pencil into pdfs. It is easy to import a pdf into GN5, and I like the handwriting tools that come with it. For more formal annotations or real edits I use PDF Expert from readdle on my iPad to edit pdf documents. This is available for the Mac as well, but it is much more expensive for the Mac than for iOS. So if I want to edit a pdf, I export it from the Mac to my iPad, do the job there and send it back to the Mac. Because of the handover between Mac and iPad this works nearly seamlessly. Now you know why I have no clue regarding the first 2 questions ...
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    Or very simple: As long as you are on a free ride, there is no way to avoid that the billboards along the road just jump into your face. Because it is not EVERNOTE that is pursuing you, it is not the paying users that pay your bill along with their own, it is just you yourself who decides to take a free ride. I do not blame you, I do not blame EN (maybe for a little too forceful marketing, but just maybe), but I think you should abstain from complaining as long as you pay ZERO - everybody who is on ZERO in today’s web pay with their attention or their data (which EN does not do).
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    @DaJoLo Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I raised the issue with our search team yesterday and they jumped right on it. They told me this morning that this should hopefully be fixed already. Can you please validate and let me know if it is working for you? Also, please continue to send us any feedback you have. We very much appreciate it.
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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    Recently Skitch has stopped working for me in that when I take a screenshot it ignores the active window and actually only takes a shot of the desktop underneath. I thought this might just be on my laptop but it's happening on my desktop Mac as well. Is there anything I can do?
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    This is a large reason why I avoid using the web client. My structure and daily workflow revolves around my tag hierarchy. Bringing the tag hierarchy into the new web client would be where I would cast my vote for priorities if anyone at Evernote is reading this.
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    Before "shaping the future", how about addressing issues that Evernote paid clients already have, like the Web Clip in Safari. If you pay for a service not provided, are we going to be reimbursed? There were no alerts from Evernote Mac users about this coming. We were taken by surprise but I doubt Apple took you guys by surprise, if so you really have a bad relation or "incompetence" may be the subject. Sorry to share this Web Clip comment for Mac Safari to land here but ShaneD left no room for comments or shares in an absolutist way of communication. Thank you for your time.
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    I experience the same issue as the OP on an iPhone. It is also a deal breaker for me and might result in my ditching Evernote. With Evernote open and looking at a note, if I switch to a different application then come back to Evernote, Evernote freezes in the note I was reading and reloads the note, reloading the note at the top of the note. This happens regardless of settings and syncing of notes and regardless of whether or not the notes are downloaded onto the iPhone. If I don't find a solution to the issue, I'll discontinue my subscription fees and discontinue using Evernote.
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    ... yourself a favor: Get the right glasses ! Let me tell you my story: With age the eye will adapt less to watching things in different distances. So I have gotten myself variofocal glasses. And a stiff neck and strong headache, when working a lot in front of a screen. Why ? Because the area needed for the screen distance is placed low on the glass. To see a sharp image I had to raise my head, which created stress to the neck. Whenever I worked long hours like that, everything stiffend up and gave me all sort of trouble. Little exercises to loosen things up helped, but not for long. Then I got myself new variofocal glasses, just for the screen work. They are not set to „infinite“ on the far end, but to about 3-4 m, and the low end is document viewing distance. When I look at the screen, the head has a natural angle now, and the stiffness and sore is gone. They make good reading glasses, too.
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    Hi All, You may have noticed that all threads requesting an Evernote integration with Grammarly have been merged into this thread, regardless of platform specificity. This was done in order to better enable us to quantify and qualify user requests, and amplify their voice. While this does not mean this is a feature that will be coming, we certainly want to relay user feedback/sentiment to our various teams. Moving forward, please put all commentary and votes for an Evernote/Grammarly integration here!
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    Seriously, why doesn't this exist in the Evernote Mac client or the Evernote iOS apps? It's obviously not impossible or undesired by users. Just look at how text styling is implemented in Apple's Notes application for Mac and iOS, for example. The Evernote development efforts seem to be focused on edge use cases while ignoring simple, obvious features that a large number of users have been requesting for years. I really am curious why this doesn't exist for Mac and iOS users.
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    I know EN does not try to be a word processor, nevertheless I think it would be very handy (in PC versions at least) to define text "styles". I have a number of text styles I use in my notes that involve a particular font, color, size, etc.. At the moment I have to select each piece of text within the note and repeatedly set the same font, color, size etc. in order to have consistent formatting. In the case of the font itself, this means having to scroll through a long list of fonts to find the one I want every time (usually Courier because I want fixed pitch on that section, but I don't want the whole note in Courier). I try and use the same styling in most of my notes. Does anyone else think being able to define a handful of styles would be handy ? They could then be selected in a drop-down list on the formatting toolbar.
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    Hi is there a way to merge notes without having gigantic headers between each note? I like to save pieces of information while studying into evernote so I can merge them later for review... but when I merge them... it's kind of ridiculous with these gigantic headers taking up most of the space of the new merged note. Please help.
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    Well, it's interesting to see how some people are strongly rejecting certain ideas, and defending them/justifying lack of any action by EN as if this will have a negative effect on them personally. Really strange. To support this request I have a simple explanation and if anyone (be it "guru" or just "member") can provide an explanation why this is not reasonable I am really looking forward to response: I want to lock/encrypt/password protect a table and image inserted in a note. I'm listening. Current text encryption can be used for things you use rarely. I mean, decrypting it, adding some text and then again SELECT ALL->encrypt->password.... this is almost "last resort" option. Again, I am not a person that keeps "life-altering" things in EN but sure would like to prevent anyone seeing a list of some table data, or my login passwords to random sites, loan management tracking etc. I mean, notebook or note lock will do the job and it's kinda surprising to see that this topic is open for almost 5 years now and I haven't seen any NO, NOT NOW or MAYBE's from EN officials. Maybe there is but I missed it though....
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    Oh my God. It's so stupid, that I can't choose the color...I'm amazed.
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    Pdfs in Evernote (on Mac and iOS) are pain in the … . I heaviliy wish that it gets improved. „Skitch-Engine“ is outdated. I currently use PDF Expert for annotations. But the drawback is, that I have to send my files back to Evernote – which is also quite time consuming/annoying as there‘s no way to send it back to the same (originating) note. The pencil is a great tool/device for annotaions. Hopefully Evernote will get it done in the very near future.
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    Dear Devs in Evernote. Evernote is the best note taking app out there hands down. But for anybody working in development one big issue is missing markdown support. Nowadays Markdown is: a standard, a convenient, fast and reliable method to write tech docs That's why any developer I know, including myself, is using some additional Markdown editor trying desperately to fit it somehow into Evernote workflow. There is plethora of such tools: Atom iA Writer Bear Writer Byword Day One Markdown Pro Marxico Quiver Ulysses etc. Which means that there are libraries if not the whole ready to plug-in text editors supporting markdown. All the above applications are great for note taking in markdown, writing tech documents, essays or even books. However they don't integrate with Evernote at all (with exception of Atom and Marxico) and they all lack (to a different degree): powerful image support not to mention stellar Evernote OCR advanced Evernote search easiness of sharing notes in Evernote Evernote notebook feature Please put some pressure on the product managers to prioritize this feature. Integrate Markdown editor into Evernote to make great product even better.
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    Evernote does have Notebooks; a collection of notes >>Notebooks can have sections and then the sub category under sections is pages Currently, the structure in Evernote is Stacks > Notebooks > Notes also viewed as Tags > Notes with an unlimed hierarchy for tags Personally I like the minimal structure - I use tags, and only a few notebooks Perhaps sectioning would be useful within a note >>I would also like to see different tips (pen, pencil, marker, highlighter, fountain pen), The Evernote editor has a basic feature set. I switch to dedicated apps when I need extended features. My favourite is Notability on my iPad
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    Yeah, I'm reaching the point where I might abandon Evernote in favor of something that DOES support markdown.
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    I love the "create table of contents note" option - I think it is the best way to understand the content of a notebook and navigate that notebook efficiently. I would like to be able to pin a note to the top of the notebook, no matter how the notebook is organized. I would mostly use this to pin "table of contents" notes, but I would use it on other occasions as well. And yes, reminders would technically do it but I think that is a little ugly. For me, that would mean having 36 perpetual reminders, one for each notebook. Way too much clutter for me. I think the "shortcuts" feature could address this as well, but again, there would be 36 shortcuts that I would have to visually sort through. It would be much easier to see just the note I want as I navigate to the appropriate notebook. This seems to be a hot topic, here are other posts requesting this feature, starting with this post: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/50972-feature-request-pin-notes-to-the-top-of-the-notebook-browser/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41293-feature-request-pin-notes/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/49215-feature-request-pin-note-to-top/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34064-request-pin-notes-and-notebooks-to-start/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/23092-request-pin-one-note-on-the-top-always/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42968-pin-note-to-top/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/33642-sticky-notes-the-ability-to-pin-notes-to-the-top-of-a-list/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/40833-is-it-possible-to-pin-a-note-to-the-top/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/18324-feature-request-pin-notes-favorites/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/30585-feature-request-for-android-client-pin-note-to-notification-bar/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/24278-feature-request-pinned-notes/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/24796-map-view-of-notes/
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    First off; you should be aware that - We can continue to use all our devices. I added more details here This is the method I would use to access Evernote on an iphone If you insist on using the web site on a mobile device, here's my method There are two versions of many websites, mobile and desktop When you say "first page", I think by default, you are seeing the mobile version of the website On my ipad, to switch to the desktop version; I hold down the refresh icon
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