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    Hello All, What do Evernote and a wedding reception have in common? Watch the video to find out! In this installment of Behind the Scenes, CEO Ian Small chats with Amir, a senior member of our engineering management team, about the work they’re doing to transfer over 9 billion notes to a faster, more scalable cloud storage architecture.Ian and Amir discuss the benefits of this new architecture, and the challenge of (as Amir says) “trying to refuel a plane while it’s in flight.”
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    Hi All, Wanted to provide an update. We believe we've identified the root cause of the issue, and hope to have a fix implemented very soon. I'll follow-up here once the fix is live. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    It makes no sense to buy paint if the wall is crumbling. Thanks for this insight, and thanks to the team that managed to not only refuel, but to switch planes while in flight. They really pulled this one off - without anybody noticing a drop in service quality. Superb job - now we are all eager to learn about the goodies that will arise from that over time.
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    I've found your previous episodes interesting, and I appreciate that you guys are providing regular communications, but none have excited me as much as this one has … I look forward to hearing about how this new potential is developed.
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    Dear Developers, It should help me if I could create and edit tables in the android app. I use tables in the desktop app. But because I cannot edit or create them using the app, I often decides not to create a table, because I cannot add a row or such Kind regards,
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    @abdu Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and @gazumped, thank you for tagging me in! I've looped in our teams to look into the issue, and I'll follow-up with you once I have more information. Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime!
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    Hahaha, better safe than sorry! Thank you for your suggestions.
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    No problem, just being informational, and not scolding.
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    Aha!!! I see. I get it now!! I don't have the right click ability you mention but I can drag and drop. I'll keep playing. Many many thanks for taking time to assist me!
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    Hi. It seems like your only miss-step is creating a 'parent' stack before you create a 'child' notebook. It's not possible to 'promote' a notebook to a stack, but once you have one or more notebooks that need a stack it's possible to create a new stack and move the notebooks into it. It's also possible to right-click a stack name and add a new notebook directly into it. Right-click an un-stacked notebook name in the left hand window; choose Add to Stack. From the bottom of that new list choose 'new stack'. Your notebook is now in a stack called 'new stack' which you can rename as necessary. Other notebooks can be dragged into that stack, once it exists; or you can right-click any single notebook and Add to Stack and choose that new name. Stacks can only hold notebooks, so you must have a notebook before you can create one. Apparently. 😏
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    The only special character that EN recognizes is the under score. So "love-in" with the quotes will be the search to get as close as possible. Any notes with love-in or love in will be included in the search results. You will have to filter through those manually or with additional search terms.
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    It's better to post individual requests separately so users can indicate their support >>1 - In the 'text search' create the option to be able to search it only in the title of the note and not also in all the text as it happens now Search option intitle:[phrase] The search feature is documented at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828 >>2 - Create the possibility to view the text simultaneously in two different parts of the note On my Mac, I can have two views by opening a note in it's own window >>3 - Ability to create within the note some 'paragraphs / titles' to click on in order to expand the 'content' text in them. see request at https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/56257-text-collapse-outlining/ >>4 - Possibility to save the cropped images each in a specific, selectable note, instead of in a generic note as it happens now. I don"t understand this request. Images are stored as attachment files in a note I store images and other attachments throughout my notes For the "specific, selectable note" assign a tag
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    Hi all, Chrome changed their cookie handling on Beta/Dev versions 80+. We have an update coming asap to support these changes in Chrome Clipper 7.12.4. In the meantime, please use Chrome stable 79.
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    Thanks again for the info. I had checked YouTube but was searching for something more specific. Your example was helpful.
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    What a wonderful youtube sharing the behind the scenes work by Amir and his team. Congrats and keep up the great work! Thanks!
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    I'm using FireFox 72.0.2 (64-Bit), same problem here.
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    Export them („Export attachments“-function of EN) to a folder on a PC / Mac. Activate indexing on the Windows PC, on the Mac Spotlight will most likely be active anyhow. Wait for the indexing to take place. Those that can be searched after the indexing is done are OCRed. The others not.
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    Long story short.. I thought I was getting OCR for free because I could search within PDFs with my Plus account. I just realized that EN was NOT giving me a freebie (waaa..), and apparently my scanner was doing for for me. I'm paying $35/year and don't see the advantage of upgrading to Premium to pay $70/year. So is there a way to search for, or identify individual notes that have not been OCR'd? (I couldn't find anything in the search syntax post. (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote-s-advanced-search-syntax) Thanks!
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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    When I click on the "Save to Evernote" button in MS Outlook, the addon opens a window showing the email and the options to change where it would be stored and what tags to assign to it. After I click save, Evernote opens a new window with the new created note. This is double work; at least one of these two windows is totally useless. I suggest you modify this addon to open one window only with the option of not opening any window at all for smoother process. Thanks
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    I love Evernote, but it's preventing me from putting in sensitive content. For example, I can't keep a personal journal notebook, because other people (i.e. girlfriend, family members, etc.) could one day be looking at those notes, especially since they know that I use Evernote often for many purposes. Evernote already has the ability to encrypt single notes. This is useful for things like storing passwords or other temporary sensitive content. But it's not practical to encrypt many notes one by one. I wish I could password-protect a whole notebook. This way, I can do a lot more with Evernote. If I can encrypt single notes, then why can't Evernote just allow me to encrypt entire notebooks? If reason behind this is because Evernote thinks one could lose a lot of data if a notebook password is forgotten, then perhaps Evernote can help recover the passwords through email. In the meantime, I'm stuck with using other apps (i.e. Pages, Day One, etc) to password-protect my content. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Thank you so much!! Perfect solution!
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    It depends where you are when you move the note. If you have "All Notes" selected then when you select another notebook to move the note to then that note stays in focus. However if you are in a specific notebook then when you move a note to another notebook yes it goes away and the focus switches to the next note in the notebook you are in. I agree that this wants fixing, or the ability to open the note in a separate window which you can do in the windows evernote app, then you can keep the note in focus. I agree about the cumbersome way to move a note between notebooks, not only is it three steps but there is no way of quickly selecting a notebook from the picker, no "recently used" at the top of the list, or search facility. You have to scroll down until you find the notebook you want. This is a step back from the old web version which did have a drop down picker when you clicked on the notebook icon at the top of the note. Same with tags too, which, it would make more sense if the tag selector was at the top of the note as in the windows app and not hidden away at the bottom on the web version.
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    Hey, thanks for that tip. I have ust ignored the left panel becasue of it using screen space but now I will start using it. Thanks again for the reply.
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    Hi all, Evernote Web seems to be stuck on a loading screen, when using Firefox 72.0.1. I have tried disabling all plugins and still having the same issue. Using Chrome seems to work however. Firefox is my main and preferred browser however. Has anyone else had a similar issue, or a potential fix? Cheers! EDIT: Fixed, just needed to clear all data for evernote.com
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    Try using CTRL+N instead of CTRL+ALT+N On EN-Windows, at least on my version 6.18.4, using CTRL+ALT+N will always create a new note inside your 'default' notebook. But most of the time I just want a New Note to be created within the Notebook that I am working on, hence why I use CTRL+N ... and in my case the new note is NOT set to 'create new note in a new window' but even when I turn this on, the new window does open on top of the EN main window, and not in the background as is the issue you're experiencing. So perhaps also try testing with this option turned Off and On You can change the default notebook via File Menu: Tools >Options >General ...hope it works for you
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    Can confirm the same behavior on FF in MacOSX, and I share the same complaints 😠 I could imagine this being useful in certain situations, as @Kolmir noted: If this is feature, it may have value as a user configurable one that defaults to off.
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    Yepp. I've just installed firefox on my linux laptop to verify. Exactly the same behaviour (automatic scrolling). I'm not sure this is intuitive. One thing that surprises me is that when the cursor leaves the editing window by the top or the bottom the content continues to scroll (for the web developers: onMouseLeave is either not set, or it does not cancel scrolling). This behaviour could do with a feature toggle. Btw, chrome doesn't do this at the moment (chrome evernote version 6.3.1, firefox 5.28.0)
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    I found it's best to negate the crop and just do a full screen capture, then in evernote not you can right click the image, "annotate this image", and then crop it successfully. Not ideal, but it's something.
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    It is the communicated strategy from EN management to rebuild the software foundation, not to generate new functions. So I see them starting to deliver on the promise. Nothing wrong with a new neat and clean app, and furthermore with a unified user experience over mobile platforms. For me EN is a key piece of my paperless productivity setup. I do not need fancy stuff to play with, I need solid functions and high performance. For me they are on the right track with what they do, instead of selling socks. Maybe this marketing and gadget oriented thinking was what led into where we are with EN, and what they are fixing now. Just let the engineers sort it out !
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    I'm going to put a ticket in for this issue so that it can get attention. Couldn't find any past decisions on it, but seems like we could add a checkbox on the page that says "Don't warn me again."
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    This is the dashboard that I have in the community notebook that I keep. Clicking the different "tiles" takes you that section of the notebook.
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    Wow - some impressive work shown here so far! I'm also not eligible for the contest as such, using Evernote on mobile and desktop (Android/ Windows) My minimalist dashboard is mainly driven by Evernote + Filterize. It’s not clever, it’s not glossy, but it does the job. The ‘buttons’ (like the arrowed 04_soon) are hyperlinked images in a small table which has cells the same colour as the button. The link goes to another Table of Contents note generated by Filterize from a search: 'what reminders are due in the 7 days from tomorrow?' I actually made the table twice. Once with real links in cells, which I then screen grabbed and chopped apart (in an image editor app) to put a picture of a cell inside an actual cell which was given the same link. My excuse? - It does give me a larger target for tapping on a mobile device screen, and it did seem like a good idea at the time. This table is small enough that it appears in full on my phone screen. I have a link to the note from my home screen. It’s all I need to navigate around my 50,000(-ish) note account quickly. The “01_” style numbering was so I could quickly allocate the tags which generate the sub-dashboards these links call up. “Lists” is a catchall addition - I can have a dashboard listing more dashboards of the last notes saved in some of my focus notebooks. There are entries for ‘Evernote’ forinstance for issues and tips, and ‘photography’ because I take pictures and clip locations and ‘how to’ pages to try out. The emergency contact entry is so someone can get into my phone in the (hopefully unlikely) event that I get hit by a bus - and so I can get hold of my dentist when I need to. It’s all driven by either note tags or reminder dates, triggering listings on dashboards created by Filterize. So these links actually go to 'dashboards' - Table of Contents notes - which in some cases are listings of other dashboards of further subsets of notes... Look: it works for me, OK? 😎
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    This issue has been reported before. You are not alone in wanting to return to the last note you used in EN.
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    Currently the only workaround seems to be to use another note app (like Apple notes, GoodNotes etc.) to be used in split mode like a parallel scratchpad, and move the result into EN. This is absolutely unsatifactory ! PS. Both apps mentioned above already support multiple windows. Apple notes does it from the OS release, GoodNotes released the side-by-side feature directly after iPadOS 13 was available. Seems they made their homework in due time.
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    I definitely support this idea, particularly now that Templates has become such a great feature. I have a template that I use as a vehicle log book for my camper van. I record the mileage at the start and end of each day's trip and it suddenly struck me that if I put this part into a table then it could calculate the daily mileage. Alas no - but I so wish that it would! I don't want a mini-Excel, just something that will add, subtract, multiply and divide numeric data in cells.
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    Hi. Did a quick web search and got 61M hits for variations on 'send gmail to Evernote' from https://www.harryonline.net/evernote/send-google-mail-to-evernote/226 to https://zapier.com/learn/google-sheets/google-apps-script-tutorial/ - Zapier also offer IFTTT-like options to automate connections to Evernote from other apps. (Your access may depend on which OS and device you're using.)
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    It would be great to see grammarly plug-in integration or allow grammarly to work in web version. Alas! Evernote uses iframe which stops grammarly from working.
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    Hi All, You may have noticed that all threads requesting the ability to use text collapse/outlining have been merged into this thread, regardless of platform specificity. This was done in order to better enable us to quantify and qualify user requests, and amplify their voice. While this does not mean this is a feature that will be coming, we certainly want to relay user feedback/sentiment to our various teams. Moving forward, please put all commentary and votes for the ability to use text collapse/outlining here!
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    Tusk is a great Evenote client that works great on Linux (even though in the link it says for Windows). Has dark, black, and sepia color themes, as well as default green. https://www.thewindowsclub.com/tusk-is-a-free-evernote-client-for-windows
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    Please, it is very important for a notes' organization better.
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    Try putting quotes around press in the search bar, "press".
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    I'm very surprised that a such so important feature is not available in the Android version ! I decided to use a 4G tablet to stay connected everywhere with my data and to be more agile, but it's now very disturbing to loose the full edition of tables due to the android version... Please could you upgrade your product ? Thank you so much for your understanding and support. Kind Regards, H.M.
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    Please add the Ukrainian language on web site evernote.com. Add ukrainian dictionary in Windows version evernote
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    Some of this functionality can be accomplished using an Evernote Shortcut: Create a search that's something like "tag:.dashboard.*" Save it as, say, "Dashboard" Add it to the shortcuts Now run that shortcut Sort the results according your wishes (e.g. Updated, reversed) Right-click the shortcut and select "Remember View Settings" You just made a dashboard: it will select anything that's tagged with a tag that begins with ".dashboard", and will appear in the sort order you've chosen. You can edit it to be more specific. You can then make other dashboards to your liking.
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    I have given up and have now migrated fully to Bear. (http://www.bear-writer.com/) Highly recommended if your tech stack is macbook pro / ipad / iphone.
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