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    I will agree to disagree. To me Evernote is not a task/note app, its a framework. A framework you build your style into for your own purpose. I use it for information storage and retrieval mostly, but very little workflow, except for some projects for myself. Task management is better managed in my Microsoft Todo app. Your argument can be applied to any of the product companies out there competing against Evernote. Each is adding functions and features, risking to be what I call the kitchen sink. Trying to be all things to all people at once because a few people shouted louder than the others. But you must do what is best for you. Find the app that fits your needs, and style. You don't sound like anything is holding you on with Evernote. So why argue to those who have found Evernote fits them? "The needs of the many, out way the needs of the few, or the one." - Spock
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    Just for info I had several chats with a software engineer a few months ago who was bemoaning the issues he had with storing data anywhere but in the internal storage of an Android device. He had written a complicated developers app that attempted to get around the restriction and use external storage (why I was talking to him), but I couldn't configure it to do anything useful with Evernote. He was initially very helpful, but when he found out in detail what I was trying to do, he got positively obstructive. I think there's some sort of directive to avoid this sort of thing being possible, for reasons best known to Google. Unless and until this is a baked-in part of the OS external storage seems very unlikely to be possible anytime soon. Since I have a Galaxy Note and Tablet that are both pretty full, plus a 20GB Evernote database you can bet that I'm as motivated as anyone to get this done. I already voted. But I am resigned to waiting and hoping... and work-arounds like an offline searchable notebook reserved for mobile data.
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    Thank you for the response. I completely understand and have since found my data.
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    I tried undo, didn't work. Tried History, got a "no network connection", not sure why because the connection was fine. It did work about 30 minutes later though, so that's good. Scary stuff.
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    Hi, I would like to share my feedback here, because the "Feedback" button disappeared from the Web version 6.15.0. The buttons to expand/collapse Stacks, which are in form of tiny triangles left to Stack name are just to small/narrow. It's not a good UX design. On a touch screen is not easy to point them. Usually I enter a Stack instead of to expand/collapse it. I would like to suggest to: 1. Make a symbol to expand/collapse stacks bigger - easy to see and touch/click 2. Have an option to set all Stacks to be always expanded by default - currently I need to repeatedly expand Stacks each time I enter EvN web-page TIA
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    My Canon P215 has been collecting dust for a few years now - finding the Android scanning app sufficient for the rare paper documents that don't already exist electronically as well.
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    Hi All, Today we’re following up Ian’s latest blog post with an update to our Behind the Scenes series where we go into greater detail about the work being done to move our rebuilt apps from Preview status to Beta release. We knew this video would be different—for one thing, we had to shoot and edit it from our homes as we continue to deal with COVID-19 pandemic. What we could not know was that in the days leading up to recording, long-simmering issues of systemic racism would come to the forefront of our social conscious, eclipsing even COVID-19 as matters of urgency and action. We chose to hold on to this video until we could publicly acknowledge the realities of the world around us. We're pleased to be able to share it with you now—it’s a valuable conversation if you want to know how we’re progressing with the new clients. And finally, one tidbit of good news: in the days since we recorded the video, our new iOS app has moved out of Preview and into Beta release. Enjoy! If you have any questions/feedback, please feel free to start a thread or reach out to me directly!
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    Hi Evernote developers! I would like to ask if you are thinking about a full "Dark mode" interface? Something that would respond to the dark mode of the Win10 system. For completeness, I know that part of the ability of evernote currently is possible to partially switch to dark colors. But what I mean is to switch completely to dark colors, as like as on the Evernote Android OS, for example. Thank you in advance for your reply. Sincerely, a regular user and a big fan of the Evernote system
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    Hmm I counter this problem for a while. It seems to me that I can only change the color of the font rather than the highlight when I call out the "show colors" option under format. Does it mean there is only one color available for highlight at the moment?
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    As a workaround, you can try using colorful emojis at the start of the title, like this: "❗Here is My Important Title"
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    Come on, Evernote team, just add a 'use as a thumbnail' item to the context menu which you already have on a file click. Add like a couple of lines overriding a selection algorithm. If for some reason you dynamically assign the thumbnail to the note when it is displayed then add one stupid "If" crutch which would check whether a specific pic was selected, even in this case you'll have one more field for the file id or whatever, wouldn't overload your note class too much, so please, implement finally what looks like a 30 minute junior dev task. With hope, yours faithful for like 7 years user.
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    I would love to be able to sort checklists. This is the number one feature I miss since leaving Google Keep.
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    Ok, did not realize the drag and drop. That's something! But the automatic sorting would be THEEE feature, cmon :))
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    I share two notebooks with my husband and he has 40+ tags. I'd like to be able to hide his tags in my tag list so they aren't mixed with mine.
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    I'm so glad to see that others have also questioned why this isn't a feature. Checkboxes are a huge part of how I use Evernote. At the very least, the ability to sort by checked vs unchecked would be a huge help. Please make this happen!
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    Please can there be coverage of the effort to: address the backlog of bugs (real acknowledged ones, not necessarily complaints about how things are designed, or feature requests) improve regression testing tighten up the beta process so changes aren't released straight into production better version control
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    I'm looking forward to seeing this behind-the-scenes video series, to see what Evernote is up to, and learning more about the future of the Evernote product suite. 👍🏼
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    Member Level Criteria: Updated (Jan 29, 1019) Our community’s member levels are determined by commenting activity—when you reach a certain level, you are automatically placed into a new group with a new member title. (To see the badges associated with each level, go here) Guest - New User/Not logged in Level 1 - 0-9 posts; Must have first post approved by Admin Level 2 - 10-99 posts Level 3 -100+ posts Level 4 - 300+ posts; 50+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval Level 5 - 500+; 75+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval Member Level Access/Perks: Guest (New User/0 Posts) - User has not, or is not, signed in and may only be browsing. They cannot create or reply to posts, use any forum features, and they will only have ‘view’ access. Once a user signs in or registers with an account and posts, they will be automatically upgraded to Level 1 status. Level 1 (0-9 posts)- Once a user signs in, their first attempted post must be verified by an Admin. Once their first post is approved, they will be able to post content that will be immediately viewable to the forum community. Additionally, Level 1 cannot post more than 5 times in one day, start more than 5 conversations/PM's in a day, cannot message more than 1 recipient in a conversation/PM at one time, and are limited to 5 reactions per day. On their 10th successful post, they will be automatically upgraded to Level 2 status. Level 2 (10-99 posts) - Have all permissions available to Level 1. Additionally, they do not have content post, conversation, messaging, or reaction limits. On their 100th successful post, they will be automatically upgraded to Level 3 status. Level 3 (100+ posts) - Have all permissions available to Level 2. Additionally, Level 3 users can use profile signatures. After achieving 300 posts, and a reputation score of 50 points, they will be upgraded to Level 4 after admin approval. Level 4 (300+ posts; 50+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval) - Have all permissions available to Level 3. Additionally, Level 4 users can report content for direct review by Evernote Staff. Level 5 (500+ posts; 75+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval)- Have all permissions and moderator powers available to Level 4. Additionally, their posts and replies will be highlighted. Reporting and Moderation: Reporting Posts (Available to Level 4/5) - Reporting posts flags content and places it in a review queue. At that time, the person who is flagging the content can add a note about why they are flagging the content. Once in that queue, a member of the Evernote Staff will review the content and any notes, and determine what needs to be done. Update: Due to a technical limitation, these rules will not retroactively affect your account to upgrade your member level. If your member level is not accurate and needs to be adjusted, please reach out to Shane D. directly. Thank you!
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    I agree. Especially, sorting once you check a box it should move it down and have all the unchecked ones at the top similar to the way Google notes works.
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    A much needed...and LONG OVERDUE feature!
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