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    Hmmn. You could try syncing the database and maybe signing out of the app and back in - seems like the search index hasn't been refreshed since you deleted the Trash.
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    Just wondering how usefult this format is for "back-up process". What scenarios are you preparing for, and what is the recovery process? For example, my scenarios are: Minor - lost some note content and need to recover Worst-case - Evernote's gone dark and I need access to my notes My backup process uses the export feature in html format I have daily incremental and weekly full backups btw My in-app links are still functional Of course they point back to Evernote; which will be useless if Evernote is not functional
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    I use the following AH scripts, so that shift left click and shift right click navigate back and forwards: ; 2 Evernote mouse cursor scripts #IfWinActive ahk_class ENMainFrame ~RButton & LButton:: KeyWait RButton, L Send !{Left} #IfWinActive return #IfWinActive ahk_class ENMainFrame ~LButton & RButton:: KeyWait LButton, L Send !{Right} #IfWinActive return
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