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    I use an iPad with a stylus (Apple Pencil); a finger also works Evernote/IOS has support for PDF annotation As you know from the Mac, this level of annotation is quite basic For extensive work, I export the PDF into app Notability
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    An FYI: in v. 10 of the Web client, copying an internal link (on the 3-dots menu at top right) now produces a link that has the familiar "shard" format, but also has the note title at the end. Interesting.
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    Weird behavior with permantly lost input: While I try to edit the title with inserting text, may be shortly stopping input or thinking about a singular word or better phrases the app seems to immediately start syncing the title text in the background. This leads to the point that all further inputs get lost when the app refreshes the title after syncing in the background. Additionally cursor or selection move to a different point. The app then interpretes the meanwhile entered text and I get a messed text with accidentially overwritten words and phrases.
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    Had been greatly looking forward to the new Evernote for iOS. The lags in creating and opening notes in the previous architecture were a serious flaw and was thrilled that this new architecture was planned to speed up the entire work flow. BUT, unpleasantly surprised at how much functionality has disappeared in this new version. Have not done a complete review, but immediately noticed: share function to clip pages and content no longer captures title and no longer offers the option tag share function takes 5x or more longer to sync the now much less useful clip to cloud than previous version, for at least one note it hasn't worked at all press and hold menu on iPhone no longer supports new note, new photo functionality the URL associated with a note is now buried in menu, note info, very inconvenient no path to cancel creating a new note, only option is to create the blank note and then delete Always shake my head that software developers seem to never understand that for users our highest priority is keeping the current functionality working well. New features are great, but not at the expense of consistent performance from the features we have integrated into our workflows.
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    Unfortunately this is Not ready for prime time! Please give us back the legacy version until these many bugs are worked through!!!!! The new search function can be a great improvement, but not until this new platform is stable! thanks, jeff
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    Hi, Each time I open Evernote on my iPhone , I get the All Notes - list. It woud be nice if Evernote could remember the last Notebook I used on quitting, and open the app again in this same Notebook. Going to a default Notebook would be a good option too. That's how it works on Evernote for Mac.
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    Hi, in the previous version it was easy to browse through the Tags: tap the Tag selector, select a Tag, see what Tags are still in use, select another one, see what Tags are still remaining, select another one, and so on...see attached image - how to do this in V10? I don‘t want to do a search for a particular Tag, I just want to see what Tags are in use. Same with reminders selector - if I have selected some Tags, it‘s ease to see what notes selected by the Tag selector have a reminder by just tapping on the reminder symbol - gone, as well!? Thats bad! browsing through the Tags is THE key feature of Evernote.
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    I've always been bothered by the small default font on Evernote iOS. Evernote 10 improves the situation a lot in that pinch to zoom works better than before, so you can make the font bigger while viewing or editing. But it would be nice if there was a Setting for default font size (or at least the display size) so the default wouldn't have to be so small, especially on my phone.
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    Hi, this is a known issue and there is a ticket to address this. Essentially we have to add the ability to configure a list of items with null values to put the null values at the back of the list instead of the front. We're working on getting this functionality to you in an upcoming release.
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    yeah, i hear you, but that's lame. this is a solved problem. As in a VERY solved problem. If Evernote were really trying to keep things simple there's plenty of useless bloat elsewhere they could focus on.
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    @alzee ... switch to OneNote. Microsoft does it right. Evernote doesn't. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Password-protect-your-notes-e5ffd8fd-e811-441a-aa02-e13f0f445933
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    @DTLow - Yeah, that's a workaround, but it sucks. What follows isn't a bash on you, btw, but on the product team..... If I have to go through hoops to use a product, I'm going to stop using that product. It's just that simple. Evernote wasn't the first product in this category, and they aren't the best. I don't know what Evernote's problem is, but these are basic Product Development 101 and Customer Service 101 tenets that they should have learned long long ago. there's no fundamental reason Evernote can't encrypt tables and other formatting. Free and open source code has been available for, literally, decades. If I can use those algorithms to encrypt a Word or Excel file, why can't Evernote include them? What poor Software Engineering 101 decisions have they made that necessitate this exclusion? Is there some technical reason that using these common and commoditized technologies won't work inside Evernote? If so, that is not very encouraging about the product. Or is it some philosophical reason, that only people who do plain text should benefit from encryption? That's equally stupid. The worst thing of all, however, is that encryption just silently stopped working. Notes that had been encrypted suddenly weren't, and Evernote didn't think it important to prominently warn the user before decryption and propogation through all sync'd copies. That betrays an epic lack of awareness about and concern for their users. What if a user was a journalist, protecting their sources? What if the user was the victim of abuse, and was keeping a diary of incidents?
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    I'm using version 6.13.1. I use excel to keep a list of important private data. Excel is used as it provides me with all kinds of sorting capabilities and ease of update. Now I find I cannot encrypt the evernote version of a copy and paste of the excel. As evernote appears on all my devices encryption is critical in case I lose a device or someone some how gets temporary access to my account. Removing the encryption capability simply because excel has cells/lines clearly was done by people who develop sw, but maybe don't use common applications. BRING BACK THIS FEATURE
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