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  1. Sorry to break up the brotherhood, but it's my birthday today. I wanted a new avatar!
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  2. I don't understand the apparent lack of response to the considerable outrage over the disaster that is Evernote 10. I have been an Evernote user since December of 2011 and I am absolutely furious with you for changing the setup of my screen. I had my desktop, notebook and phone setup the way *I* wanted it. I do not give a damn about what you think as to how I should set things up. First of all, I want to be able to have the note title above the note text. The new version only allows the list of notes to be arrange vertically on the left, with the note text on the right. If other people wa
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  3. how do I downgrade to from v 10? I am very upset by v 10. thanks
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  4. I want to be able to mindmap with my evernotes
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