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    Starting from today, when hovering the mouse pointer to the top or bottom edges of the screen the note's text area automatically scrolls up or down accordingly. How to disable this "feature"? It's quite annoying to get your long note scrolled to the bottom when just want to switch to another window on the taskbar. Haven't found any abilities to disable in the settings.
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    I love Evernote, but it's preventing me from putting in sensitive content. For example, I can't keep a personal journal notebook, because other people (i.e. girlfriend, family members, etc.) could one day be looking at those notes, especially since they know that I use Evernote often for many purposes. Evernote already has the ability to encrypt single notes. This is useful for things like storing passwords or other temporary sensitive content. But it's not practical to encrypt many notes one by one. I wish I could password-protect a whole notebook. This way, I can do a lot more with Evernote. If I can encrypt single notes, then why can't Evernote just allow me to encrypt entire notebooks? If reason behind this is because Evernote thinks one could lose a lot of data if a notebook password is forgotten, then perhaps Evernote can help recover the passwords through email. In the meantime, I'm stuck with using other apps (i.e. Pages, Day One, etc) to password-protect my content. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Hahaha, better safe than sorry! Thank you for your suggestions.
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    Thanks. Saving the attachments from the resource:application/pdf notes was quicker than I expected. Using dir *.pdf /S /B >list.txt gave me the lists I was able to manipulate in Excel to find the difference. It also found some duplicates.
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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    It is the communicated strategy from EN management to rebuild the software foundation, not to generate new functions. So I see them starting to deliver on the promise. Nothing wrong with a new neat and clean app, and furthermore with a unified user experience over mobile platforms. For me EN is a key piece of my paperless productivity setup. I do not need fancy stuff to play with, I need solid functions and high performance. For me they are on the right track with what they do, instead of selling socks. Maybe this marketing and gadget oriented thinking was what led into where we are with EN, and what they are fixing now. Just let the engineers sort it out !
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    @abdu Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and @gazumped, thank you for tagging me in! I've looped in our teams to look into the issue, and I'll follow-up with you once I have more information. Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime!
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    When I click on the "Save to Evernote" button in MS Outlook, the addon opens a window showing the email and the options to change where it would be stored and what tags to assign to it. After I click save, Evernote opens a new window with the new created note. This is double work; at least one of these two windows is totally useless. I suggest you modify this addon to open one window only with the option of not opening any window at all for smoother process. Thanks
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    Thank you so much!! Perfect solution!
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    It depends where you are when you move the note. If you have "All Notes" selected then when you select another notebook to move the note to then that note stays in focus. However if you are in a specific notebook then when you move a note to another notebook yes it goes away and the focus switches to the next note in the notebook you are in. I agree that this wants fixing, or the ability to open the note in a separate window which you can do in the windows evernote app, then you can keep the note in focus. I agree about the cumbersome way to move a note between notebooks, not only is it three steps but there is no way of quickly selecting a notebook from the picker, no "recently used" at the top of the list, or search facility. You have to scroll down until you find the notebook you want. This is a step back from the old web version which did have a drop down picker when you clicked on the notebook icon at the top of the note. Same with tags too, which, it would make more sense if the tag selector was at the top of the note as in the windows app and not hidden away at the bottom on the web version.
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    Hey, thanks for that tip. I have ust ignored the left panel becasue of it using screen space but now I will start using it. Thanks again for the reply.
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    Hi all, Evernote Web seems to be stuck on a loading screen, when using Firefox 72.0.1. I have tried disabling all plugins and still having the same issue. Using Chrome seems to work however. Firefox is my main and preferred browser however. Has anyone else had a similar issue, or a potential fix? Cheers! EDIT: Fixed, just needed to clear all data for evernote.com
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    Try using CTRL+N instead of CTRL+ALT+N On EN-Windows, at least on my version 6.18.4, using CTRL+ALT+N will always create a new note inside your 'default' notebook. But most of the time I just want a New Note to be created within the Notebook that I am working on, hence why I use CTRL+N ... and in my case the new note is NOT set to 'create new note in a new window' but even when I turn this on, the new window does open on top of the EN main window, and not in the background as is the issue you're experiencing. So perhaps also try testing with this option turned Off and On You can change the default notebook via File Menu: Tools >Options >General ...hope it works for you
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    Can confirm the same behavior on FF in MacOSX, and I share the same complaints 😠 I could imagine this being useful in certain situations, as @Kolmir noted: If this is feature, it may have value as a user configurable one that defaults to off.
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    Yepp. I've just installed firefox on my linux laptop to verify. Exactly the same behaviour (automatic scrolling). I'm not sure this is intuitive. One thing that surprises me is that when the cursor leaves the editing window by the top or the bottom the content continues to scroll (for the web developers: onMouseLeave is either not set, or it does not cancel scrolling). This behaviour could do with a feature toggle. Btw, chrome doesn't do this at the moment (chrome evernote version 6.3.1, firefox 5.28.0)
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    At any point in the "commentary", you can click the + icon to insert a photo To be honest, I use the Notability app on my iPad for note-taking; Pages app for word processing. I store the documents in Evernote as attachments
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    For some reason that doesn't work on my computer (Windows 10), but I can temporarily enlarge or reduce the font size of any note by using control-plus or control-minus.
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    @RavBoy I don't use Windows personally, but if I understand what your issue is, I think we have this addressed in the new editor which we're working hard to release across all platforms. It will be available in the new Windows client we're working on (see the earlier link to our blog post for 2020). If you take a look at this screen capture, you can see we allow you to manipulate captured content and also select how to display content in the editor. clips.mp4
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    @eric_treelight Thanks for the info. I took a look at your account and the last time an iPhone device was connected to it (Nov 07, 2019). Unfortunately, I'm able to confirm that the access was part of the security incident we've mentioned before where hackers are using passwords from other site compromises to log into accounts and search them for important data like Bitcoin wallets. If you haven't recently, I suggest you change your password to something unique to your Evernote account and enable two-factor authentication. This is the best way a user can secure their account.
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    Beta versions are known for being risky for things like data loss. Use at your own risk Evernote's "bad behavior" is that they slot users into a beta version with no notice We are regularly advising users to switch versions
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    Thanks very much Pink Elephant, have been trying to solve this for days. 😊
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    Yes, @Dave-in-Decatur, exactly! Pleeese provide this fix.
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    Not quite my definition of "sensitive information" I have faith in Evernote's security and my personal data security, but I have a small list of encrypted items examples: Scan of my passport, password list (backup) >>Like everything else, it must be simpler to do on a MAC 😉 It just works (Apple slogan)
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    PinkElephant & gazumped - I always had that same 'who cares' type of attitude. I mean, like gazumped says, there's so much stuff out there that if they really want to find that picture of my driver's license that I keep for when I travel, well, they deserve to get it for all the work they did to find it. Also, we use google home devices, alexa, we store stuff in this cloud and that cloud, and it was all so overwhelming that at one point we gave up. "It's the new way" we said. "There isn't much The Cloud does not already have" we said. "Lets just flood it with so much stuff that it will bury the important stuff". All true in a sense. All quite logical if a bit defeatist. And yet there's something that doesn't sit well with me... So 3 days ago I took it upon myself to search and encrypt every instance of my full address and phone number in all my Evernote notes. Then I had the pictures of receipts to deal with as well. SO much work and no where near done (Evernote does not make it easy). But then I remembered something Warren Buffett said: make a list of your top 25 priorities in life. Circle the 5 most important. Delete all the other ones - they just interfere with the important ones. So, yeah, excuse the language but ***** that. For every receipt i don't encrypt I can write 3-5 lines of a screenplay. DTLow - I read that you encrypt or password protect your pdfs. Like everything else, it must be simpler to do on a MAC 😉
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    I found it's best to negate the crop and just do a full screen capture, then in evernote not you can right click the image, "annotate this image", and then crop it successfully. Not ideal, but it's something.
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    Or Opera, which is not well known in the U.S. but I think used fairly widely in Europe. Clipping PDFs in Evernote does work there.
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    I'm going to put a ticket in for this issue so that it can get attention. Couldn't find any past decisions on it, but seems like we could add a checkbox on the page that says "Don't warn me again."
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    Good news: it looks like Evernote has fixed this. I had first reported this to them via another channel about two months ago. Three cheers, Evernote, for fixing it! Now if we can get a less cludgy way of moving the note to a new notebook (like the way it was before) that would be good.
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    I keep mine very basic and simple with internal note links and links to files in my Google Drive I update this as needed. It makes accessing needed info very easy too - one stop shopping for the info I use most.
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    This is the dashboard that I have in the community notebook that I keep. Clicking the different "tiles" takes you that section of the notebook.
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    I definitely support this idea, particularly now that Templates has become such a great feature. I have a template that I use as a vehicle log book for my camper van. I record the mileage at the start and end of each day's trip and it suddenly struck me that if I put this part into a table then it could calculate the daily mileage. Alas no - but I so wish that it would! I don't want a mini-Excel, just something that will add, subtract, multiply and divide numeric data in cells.
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    It would be really helpful to have some timeline for new features. Certainly with Evernote iOS there has not been a single feature that I recall this year so far. All I have seen are minor fixes. Knowing a timeline (hopefully a nice short one) for starting to see new features would be great.
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    Hi. Did a quick web search and got 61M hits for variations on 'send gmail to Evernote' from https://www.harryonline.net/evernote/send-google-mail-to-evernote/226 to https://zapier.com/learn/google-sheets/google-apps-script-tutorial/ - Zapier also offer IFTTT-like options to automate connections to Evernote from other apps. (Your access may depend on which OS and device you're using.)
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    Please can there be coverage of the effort to: address the backlog of bugs (real acknowledged ones, not necessarily complaints about how things are designed, or feature requests) improve regression testing tighten up the beta process so changes aren't released straight into production better version control
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    Yes that suits your particular use of Evernote. That’s not my use of Evernote. Not everyone has this implementation of Evernote, my implementation is that I make a lot of long notes on a variety of subjects and have to switch between them. Obviously the issue that I described has no impact on you because that’s not your iteration of how you use the application . However no one should assume that anyone else’s use of the application is similar to theirs, and therefore some of it does not bother you, obviously can bother someone else. I appreciate your response but it’s not a solution to a problem, it’s within the application, if there’s a problem within the application in this highly competitive market then Evernote should by now have fix this problem so that they can address the concerns of all of its people, this is a serious problem that needs to be fixed. The note market has become extremely fierce and many great offerings, why would Evernote not choose to live by the highest possible standard, and be competing for the top and best quality in both existing product as well as product roadmap as well as innovation ? The challenge here is there is a problem when you switch between applications in Evernote that causes a certain range of customers to have a serious problem , that has caused a number of us to reconsider options as it does not help us, it is a constant point of aggravation. It’s like saying my front door is broken, but I don’t go out the front door, go out the back door, so I’m gonna leave the front door broken.
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    Hi All, You may have noticed that all threads requesting the ability to use text collapse/outlining have been merged into this thread, regardless of platform specificity. This was done in order to better enable us to quantify and qualify user requests, and amplify their voice. While this does not mean this is a feature that will be coming, we certainly want to relay user feedback/sentiment to our various teams. Moving forward, please put all commentary and votes for the ability to use text collapse/outlining here!
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    Tusk is a great Evenote client that works great on Linux (even though in the link it says for Windows). Has dark, black, and sepia color themes, as well as default green. https://www.thewindowsclub.com/tusk-is-a-free-evernote-client-for-windows
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    Try putting quotes around press in the search bar, "press".
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    When annotating a PDF that is embedded in a note, the highlight option only provides access to free-hand highlighting. This results in messy highlights and doesn't really fulfill the needs of the tool. Is there any way to simply highlight text that has been selected?
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    Dear all, I plan to migrate from OneNote to EN for my daily planning and for my private content and notes, I have upgraded to Premium.... but Password lack is a show stopper for me ! I do not need encryption, I'm not trying to protect from Hackers or terrible cyber criminals !!!! I just want to avoid that my private thoughts and ideas pops up on my desktop or mobile while I am browsing my daily planning. Same I do not want that my kids or other eyes gets access on my private things when they browse on my pc or mobile! So a password protection (not encryption, encryption is not needed, just simple password!!!!) for notebook or sections or notes is what I am asking for. I know I will limit search function, I know I will probably limit integration from other sources (like sending from Outlook to a password protected area), probably also more nice function will be restricted ...... but please, add the function !!! I will decide whether to use it or not, why you decide for me? You are such great developers, why are you so reluctant to include this function... if someone does not want the password, he just have to avoid to use it, isnt' that easy? Hope you will change your mind soon Cheers Richard
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    A New feature request! I generally open more then one tab, sometimes 5, 10 tabs and I want to be able to "bookmark" them all at once in Evernote! Now if there a way to do this already let me know! If not, then please can we get this feature added????
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    I have been looking at Nimbus for a few months as either a backup to, or a replacement of, EN. I still haven't made the jump, but every time I read about the great new features of Evernote for Business, get a pop-up on the Web app about an EN for Biz feature, or have to remember how to share a note in Android via Email rather than work chat , I get a little closer. To clarify and add to some of gesshoom's post. You can import EN Enex file, but it does a much better job importing the native EXB file. Attachments, tags, etc. all work perfectly. Of course, if you use nested folders, you will have to renest those as EN folders aren't physically connected. As he said, syncing is virtually instant. The Android Widget is much more robust There are offline folders on Android. The default is to download headers and grab Notes as needed, but you can sync everything local and have it all offline if you want. Unlike EN, the app doesn't have the ability to move to External Storage I think the web clipper is as good or better than EN, and the company also has a separate Windows clipper that works very well when outside the browser. The main feature it is lacking that I use frequently is a default import folder, but depending on what I am doing, there are easy workarounds. The tags vs folders argument becomes moot as Nimbus supports both equally well. In response to the "mostly unresponsive support team," I just sent them a feature request. The reply came back within 2 minutes. This is not unusual per my experience. Of the dozen or so emails I have sent them, half came back within minutes, and all but one of the rest were within an hour. The outlier took 6 hours. As far a the pricing is concerned, I have been Premium at EN for years and never touch more than a fraction of the data usage. So, I bought a $5 on month plan at NN to handle the initial import, then I will likely go to the free plan. At this point, the data import per month is the only significant restriction on the free plan. From what I can determine, Nimbus Notes was launched in 2014, but the parent company, Everhelper began about a year before Evernote. EN is still my primary, go-to database, but when my sub comes up in May, I will almost certainly downgrade to Plus if not Free. In the months of testing, NN hasn't been non-responsive at any time, and I find myself going there more and more when I'm waiting for the Not Responding to go away on EN.
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    I'd like to add a vote for this too! I've been dreaming about how good it would be for ages. Cos it's not just about saving a bunch of web page URLs for later reference. For me, it's wanting to 'chunk' a heap (5-12) of links together that are about the same topic, and I want to bundle them all nicely together with a new note Title and description and tags so I can find it later - AND remember why I wanted to find it later! I've mentioned this to a few people who just don't understand. They tell me to "copy and paste them into a note" as Parisie says above. But creating a new note, then copying and pasting 12 times over takes time. I also don't like cluttering up my browser bookmark folders with the types of URL collections I'm talking about. I've tried it in the past with a folder I called "Temporary" but it just turned into link chaos. So I'm with you, Istandalone. You don't stand alone on this topic!
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    Yes - please, add sub-folders / categories / etc. I am getting the feeling from reading these threads that the EN people are 'refusing' to add this? Is that really true? Why would a company alienate it's user base by refusing to add a feature that so many have requested? Well, my position is simple, if I find the program a burden to use, and I will if I cannot find a way to organize things the way I am USED to organizing them, then I will simply stop using it - it wont happen right away, however small frustrations will build up over time, and inertia will take its toll. Probably will happen in about - 2 or 3 weeks I imagine. Meanwhile I am looking for a different service - or unless I can get a different feeling from the EN development team. Also - I can add this feature if they dont want to - just give me teh codez.
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    I'm using the notebooks the same way I used many categories in EN2.2, as "holders", as opposed to tags/attributes. For instance, I dump recipes into the Recipes notebook, Tips into the Tips notebook, etc. etc. What I'd like to be able to do is have subnotebooks so that I can have say Tips:Latex, Tips:Linux, Tips:Windows as subnotebooks on Tips. Yes, I can painfully accomplish the same thing with tags, but it's clunky for a couple of reasons: 1. When I want to mark a note as a Tips/Linux note, I have to: (a) move it to the Tips notebook and then ( tag it with Linux to distinguish it from other tips notes. If I had a separate notebook for Linux, I could just drag the note to that notebook and be done - half as much work. However, I've already got 13 notebooks - adding that many more will make the list unwieldy. 2. One of the joys of clipping to the web version is the ability to pick the destination notebook. Easy, quick, done. (Yes, I can tag there too - but I'd have to remember all my tags then.) Basically, I find the current tag implementation unwieldy. And frankly, useless. I can't easily select multiple tags, e.g., by clicking on their parent (a la 2.2), so the hierarchy is, well, frankly, completely meaningless. I'm trying to adapt to using it, but it's kind of a square peg/round hole argument. In addition, I find the saved searches to be pretty much useless for me too. Because I can't organize them in a hierarchy; and because they're not combined with the tag list, and because I can only have 32, I don't see the point in using them. What this means is that the only left-panel part of EN3 that I find useful at all is the notebooks concept. Unfortunately, they're a flat list, sorted alphabetically. This means that I've actually changed the kind of data I store in EN3. I don't keep anything "important" there, just scraps that I can dump into a notebook willy-nilly.
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    Unfortunately the plugin to block Google Analytics has not resolved the problem for me. Although I have managed to successfully use Evernote Web Client lightly for a few days, today the problem has returned. The cursor still jumps to the top of the page, even though no calls get made to the Google Analytics domain. The only domain called now from the web client is www.evernote.com, and the problem is still present. This refers back to my previous comments describing the problem, then pointing out some coincidental activity with Google Analytics, and lastly trying a couple of solutions.
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