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    Obligatory link to the Evernote search grammar: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php. Look at the section "Matching literal terms", which describes how punctuation is used to split text, but is not used in matching text.
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    In the above screen-shot example, you can see I have a couple of links in the first paragraph, then lots of links/linked-text, one after the other on the next four lines. If you highlight all the text as shown, then right-click, there is NO option to 'remove' the links. If you highlight just the 4 lines that contain consecutive links, then right-click, now the 'remove' option yes is available, but EN will literally only remove the link on the text immediately below the cursor. So if you wanted to remove all links, You would have to remove one-by-one, or copy paste into another app like MS-Word, or Notepad, in order to remove the links then paste back Yeah that works great in MS Word... was hoping could be done in EN. Cheers anyway Well not a biggy, as I only need it from time to time, thanks
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    9 billion notes at Evernotes in total! That can't be true, I already have 8 billion
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    Being able to manipulate the content from the web clipper in different ways sounds interesting... One thing I would like to see is improvements in the formatting for the Simplified article option on the web clipper. Right now I don't think the experience is optimal. I think you can improve the formatting – read-later apps like Pocket do beautiful and simple formatting for clipped articles. I'd absolutely love it if we had the option to present clipped content in a beautiful, distraction free way like a read-later app (but still be able to edit it). I like to have consistency in the formatting of my clipped notes (rather than using the formatting from the original source). Of course I understand this is only my own preference and it would not be valid for the whole user base. But I think I speak for a lot of other users too who prefer a more simple formatting for all notes and focus on the content itself.
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