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    June stats are in from RescueTime!! Always the top app used for me!!!
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    Vacationing in Turkey, still accessing information I need via Evernote and everything work related will be easy to catch-up thanks to Evernote when I get back.
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    I want to be able to mindmap with my evernotes
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    Happy Friday Evernote Community!!!!! Have an awesome day!
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    Reached Guru Status today!! YAYAYAYAYA!
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    Last week was a meeting driven week but still got 4h 8m out of Evernote at work.
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    Just voted for Evernote in The Webby Awards!
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    Happy Hump Day Evernote Community!
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    Thanks for the suggestion! I have changed my display name to myvm 12122013.
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    Hi y'all, The Evernote User Forum is a pretty busy place, and I don't often get a chance to review my personal profile page for submissions. Please respond in an existing thread, or create a new one, to receive assistance. If you'd like to call me out specifically, you can type @amanda_h and click on my username in the drop down window that appears. This will highlight my username in green, and alert me of a new message that needs my attention. Thanks for your understanding.
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    I am with you. Pay for something good, but there is a level at which you bail out.
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    Boa noite. O que sugiro: no aplicativo para Android, um botão de "Concluído", ainda nas notificações de lembretes. Assim, o usuário não precisaria abrir o Aplicativo para marcar o lembrete como concluído. É incômoda a tarefa de abrir o Evernote só para marcar uma atividade como concluída. Além de tornar o serviço mais prático, a atualização mantém os lembretes do usuário mais organizados já que ele não precisa deixar para marcar a tarefa como concluída depois, em um momento mais cômodo e eventualmente perder o controle das tarefas concluídas, e as para concluir. Espero poder ajudar vocês a nos ajudar. Obrigado pelos serviços.
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    Re: Support for LaTeX formulas If you give me a platform name, I can move this post to the feedback forum where it can be better handled as a feature request
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