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    I have been an EN user since Beta, and became a Premium user as soon as it was offered. I do not understand why EN is lagging with simple security options, such as easy encryption of notes and notebooks. This really should be as easy as a Right-Click or selection in properties for a Note or Notebook. The existing method of selecting text in a note and then using a Right-Click option to encrypt it is cumbersome at best. Yes, it is a nice feature if one wants to encrypt only a portion of a note. That's fine. But there should be an easy way to (1) encrypt an entire note without selecting text and (2) encrypt an entire notebook. I would be willing to pay a few bucks extra a year for this additional encryption ability. Seems this should be a no-brainier for EN, both as a tech matter and as a business/profit matter.
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    Or it might be good to redeploy at least some of that space to separate the title more clearly from the body of the note.
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    Not related to this topic, but can you explain to me why your username ends with “kkk”?
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    The issue in this thread is getting paid for referrals And you're a Basic user earning money from referrals to your colleagues or friends? Evernote is not a charity. If you want to use their bandwidth and server space for your own projects it's probably a good idea to become a subscriber.
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    I would rather not discuss this statement ... 👊⚔️⚡🐝
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    Ctrl+Z will undo as long as you haven't changed context.
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    Dear Evernote, I am an academic researcher working in a university, and I love using Evernote to download research articles and organize my notes - as do many of my peers. However, there is a feature that is very noticeably missing, one which improve Evernote significantly - the ability to tag portions of text within an article. If added, this feature would revolutionize the way we conduct our research and organize our literature reviews, and it would bring in a huge amount of new users in academia who would swap from OneNote and similar competitors to Evernote on this feature alone. When reading articles, we need the ability to tag certain sentences or paragraphs (e.g. "great example of X" or "argument in support of Y") within an article, ideally by highlighting the relevant section of text and clicking a tag feature. Right now, we can only add tags to the entire paper, which is useless for us if it means we have to reread and search through 30 twenty-page articles that are all tagged with "great example of X" to find a specific example. Instead, being able to tag a particular sentence or portion of text would completely streamline the academic literature review and paper writing process, and would save so much time. It would also be incredibly helpful in other ways, as it would mean that you wouldn't forget something important you read in a paper two years ago. Instead, if you could tag important sentences and paragraphs as you go along, and then later search by the tag and immediately read all the relevant sections tagged, putting together your arguments and writing a strong paper would be so, so much easier. I feel like this would be relatively easy to implement, as you already have the tag feature set up. Please, please do this. You would gain an entire sector of the academic market. Also, while we're at it, please make it possible to highlight sentences in more colors than just yellow. Often within one paragraph or page, there are many distinct and important points, and it would be helpful to highlight the distinct points in different colors; as it currently stands, if a page is filled with important points then you simply end up with an entire page covered in yellow, and it's not very useful. Having multiple highlighter colors would be great way to easily differentiate between the different points and visualize the flow of the article. Thank you!
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    @arose10, Thanks for the feedback. Multi selection of notes is coming at a later release. Keep in mind that a Preview build is pre-beta, so there are several features missing. Right now we're focused on performance and overall experience. We're re-introducing features with every release.
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    I'm concerned about the amount of time it's taking Evernote to get the new version out the door. I realize it's a complete rewrite, and multiple platforms to support, but it's still taking way too long. 2019 was supposed to be the year of development, but now well into 2020 and what to show so far? A Windows beta witha very limited feature set. If it takes this long to get the first upgrade out the door, it does not bode well for keeping the product up-to-date with on-going enhancements. I think you need to focus on speed-to-market.
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    (Para español) Hi All, We're currently in the process improving/streamlining the navigation for the discussion forums. Over the next few weeks, you may see some forums move, or disappear temporarily, as we work to streamline forum navigation and ease of access. Don't worry, we're not deleting any users posts/content. We're simply moving some forum content to different locations within the forums. Here are some recent changes that have gone into affect today. We created a featured section for Evernote Business here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/619-evernote-business/ Any previous/old threads related to feedback requests, or technical issue/bug reports, for Evernote Business have been moved to this new section. We have closed the Hobby & Interests sub-forum. All content there has been migrated to the General Discussion Forums: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/53-evernote-general-discussions/ Please keep an eye out as we will continue to announce any changes that are made to the discussion forums. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me via DM!
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    I have similar problem. I use Evernote for recipes. So I have a recipe on Evernote open in front of me in the ktchen. I turn away to get the tin of flour or whatever. I come back and evernote has closed my note. It has even cleared the search terms that I used to find the note! so to get back to my recipe I have to search for the note all over again!!! 😤MAJOR PITA. Isn't there a setting where I can set a default awake time so that this doesn't happen? ridiculous!
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    I need the Evernote team to start thinking about adding a note or notebook encryption. This thread is going on since 2014 and still not getting any results from Evernote side.
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    +1 on upgrading to premium for notebook-level encryption. If MacJournal had the easy ability to Share notes, I would have moved to it entirely by now.
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    I would upgrade to premium for this feature. I have sensitive information that I consolidate into a notebook, but I won't use Evernote over mobile or from my work computer because I can't encrypt that data. Heck, I'm even a little paranoid keeping my home computer unlocked when I have visitors. -chris
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    I’d like to see a setting where I can toggle the pressure to line weight feature for the Apple Pencil. I love using the app for notetaking in my classes but the pressure detection makes it difficult to write quickly and still be readable forcing me to either write slowly or to make certain I hold the pencil in the same wrist position in the same spot on my iPad for every word I write and it is difficult to balance the resting line weight with the moving line weight and it gives each letter a dot at the start and end of any stroke or lettering in the same word varying line thicknesses. If this could be turned off so that the line weight was always the same it would be perfect. Attached picture shows the dots at the end of strokes and variable line weights when writing quickly.
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    same here. Uninstalled, reinstalled, changed internet But I can open the same note via browser
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    Turning off context made all the difference for me. Switching Notebooks was painful on Windows but non-issue on Android. Now, on Windows, no detectable delay.
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    Thanks for the responses. Upgraded to Catalina and it's working fine
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    Hi. If I understand your problem correctly, the two-device limit and your employer's restrictions are making it difficult to use Evernote, and you don't see a need for it. Indeed, if you are unwilling or unable to pay for the premium service, and your employer is preventing you from making full use of it anyhow, then you can either: (1) use Evernote on your computer with work-related documents in an offline Evernote notebook or (2) pay for Evernote and just keep your work-related documents on your computer at work It may be that you don't need Evernote. Personally, I find it to be a useful app. I particularly enjoy the ease of input, editing, and file organization (I do very little organizing, because the combination of robust search options, tags, and handwriting recognition make it possible to get by with very little organization). I don't mind paying for an app I use every day. Your mileage may vary. In fact, after COVID-19, I've found myself relying even more heavily on Evernote. I have to go into my workplace to work (I am in a region with minimal restrictions), I have to do work at home (we had more serious restrictions up until a few days ago), and I need to do child care while somehow doing work. Work has seeped into everything--it was always a problem, I guess, but now it seems inseparable from everything else. I enjoy my work, but... yeah, I am kind of looking forward to at least making an attempt at separating my private and personal life. I think we are all being asked to wear multiple hats at the same time these days, and Evernote makes it easy for me to go from device to device working on projects in tiny chunks appropriate to the limited time I have to focus on projects. Even if I am suddenly interrupted and have to rush off to do this or that, my work is right there in my pocket ready to be resumed when I have a moment. In other words, it seems to me that Evernote is uniquely well-suited to our new post-pandemic lifestyle, assuming you are willing / able to pay for it, and you can work around the limitations (my list of Evernote's shortcomings in the context of my work flow has been posted repeatedly here over the last decade, so I won't belabor those points).
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    The block of 3 non-notes seem to have disappeared now that the Web beta has updated to v. 6.12.0 in Opera.
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    @thong tran @Lan Doan Thank you for reaching out! I'm going to reach out to you via DM to get more information.
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    If it solved your issue, everything is o.k. About the software development I doubt it will be anything done for the improvement of HDD performance. SSDs are becoming the standard for personal computers, both laptop and desktop. The performance push is too significant. Turning disks drives are more and more moving to data center usage. So if anything is done that will improve HDD performance, it will probably be a side effect of other changes. I would not count on it.
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    So this is a long standing issue which does not seem to attract the attention of Evernote dev team so I'm trying to see how many others still have this issue too, and what may we do about it. Basically, I think any user of the desktop version (not the new beta) would agree that the web version (classic or new) is much more crippled in comparison. You cannot edit attachments (e.g., to annotate PDFs), merge notes, etc. There are two 'outstanding' bugs. The first is that the button "Copy Internal Link" does not do what Ctrl + Alt + L does, despite labelling the latter as a shortcut of the former. If you use the button in the Context Menu, it yields a "https://www.evernote.com/shard/" link, which does not open in browser, unless you paste that in another Evernote note (and then copy that again). As other users have pointed out, this is a great impediment to users' workflows which incorporate other apps, like OneNote, Todoist, etc. Internal links (a la evernote:///view/) can only be generated by clicking Ctrl + Alt + L. evernote:///view/ (Of course, one may argue that this is "by design", because "internal" doesn't mean "desktop" and can include an https link. Well...) Relatedly, the second issue is opening https links in the desktop app. Contrary to some forum users' claims that this is by design, this used to be a feature, until the development team took away the enAppInstalled cookie, perhaps with a view to forcing users to open links in the web-app instead of the desktop app. (The development team, in my collection and I would be happy to be corrected, has not explained why the cookie was removed.) I think supposedly, another Chrome/Chromium extension can be written which automatically parses and converts https:// links to evernote:// links (the two links use similar elements). But, of course, if there can be an official solution, this would not be necessary.
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    I second this. I can't login using email from web interface for a quite some time. I can login just fine using google account though. Please fix this. This problem happened before and got fixed in a few days, if I remember correctly. Now it's been more than week.
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    Hi. Next time you see the green roundel on your mobile when clipping an item, tap the circle before it completes. There's another menu there from which you can choose a specific notebook in which to save your clip. I believe that takes precedence over any other settings, and it's 'sticky' - once you set it, that's where your notes go for every clip.
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    Got it. Well now I know to not tinker too much with Evernote. The only saving grace I had was that database file backup. None of the other solutions helped, Optimize Drive hurt. I guess the software can be fragile at times. I had several fatal crashes come out of nowhere with my messed up database file.
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    I also prefix the note title with subject date (yyyy/mm/dd format) Notes have a subject date field, but it's hard to access in Evernote I leave the note created date as .... the date the note was created
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    I found there is a Whats New menu option when you click your name in the upper left. The web version seem to have reached a point where it is usable, minus a few features. I'm missing the edit created date, which I heavily used.
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    OK as a lesson to everyone out there with my issue, basically I messed this up further by using Optimize Database option in the program. The program crashed during this and actually corrupted the database file permanently. (the database file usually lives in /Users/yourname/Evernote/Database) I have tried deleting my database entirely and getting a sync from Evernote's servers but that only downloaded 1% of my notes before it finishes the sync and says it is all done, totally not good. Anyways, very very luckily I had done a system backup to an external hard drive 2 days ago. I restored that database file to the Evernote folder in Users and IT WORKED! I guess bc my database got errors during today, so whatever it was 2 days ago was clean. It opened up my 2 day old database file and even synced to grab all the latest files between 5/25 and 5/27! I can tell because I also made a small backup of May notes and when I manually imported them back into the program, the notes dates and times all matched. LESSON LEARNED-BACKUP YOUR DATABASE FILE OFTEN TO ANOTHER SOURCE. WHEN ***** GOES BAD, UTILIZE THE BACKED UP DATABASE FILE AND SWAP IT OUT OF THE MESSED UP OR CORRUPTED CURRENT DATABASE FILE. BACKUP THE DATABASE FILE OFTEN AND TREAT IT LIKE A GOD Also even if you import all your notes back in using Import and Export, the freakin program won't remember the notebooks for each note. I did NOT want to sort out 3000 notes back into notebooks. By restoring the database file, I maintained everything, my notes, tags, notebooks etc. Import export WILL NOT retain which notebook each note goes in. And for some reason trying to force Evernote servers to sync all their note copys back to my computer did not work. ALL HAIL THE DATABASE FILE. And IDK why optimise database made it worse, but I will just stick to backing up the database file often. Way more useful than import export for 100+ notes. Seriously though, if I was not fortunate enough to have that database file copy, I legit would have had no other good option.
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    Thank-you for posting this because I was just about to do the same. We are approaching halfway through 2020 and I understand Covid-19 has had an impact but it is frustrating when you see fortnightly updates to a similar solution, Onenote for Windows 10. Meanwhile for Evernote, a drip feed of small insignificant changes. (This year marks 10 years that a Manual sort order has been requested and yet nothing still). If I didn't know better, I would say they have stopped development of the product. I emailed support about a month ago and was pointed to the beta program which I'm aleady a member of. Its all top secret I guess!
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    Ah, thanks for the clarification. As usual in forums like this, one never hears from the people who think something new is a great idea, only from those for whom it is an intrusion! In Tools > Options > Notes, under Note editing options, it is possible to disable automatic formatting altogether, or to disable only certain elements--all except emojis!! If that option were added there, I think everyone could have what they want.
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    I have to say as an evernote user it is utterly enraging how often I encouter threads like this. 1. FOUR YEARS AGO someone points out "hey, why doesn't evernote have AN UTTERLY STANDARD FEATURE like being able to highlight text" 2. evernote users in essence say "yeah, the thing about the evernote car is it doesn't have rear view mirrors" but here's a work around. NOTE: I am NOT directing snark at the users -- they are actually trying to help. 3. Four years go by and evernote does, wait for it..... NOTHING. Nothing to improve this super basic functionality. Repeat 8000 times and that is the experience of being an evernote user.
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    If the Evernote app is crashing, try working through these steps until the issue is resolved: Sync Evernote - Make certain your notes are synced before you begin to troubleshoot. Sync your device, then log into Evernote Web and check that your notes appear in your account. Restart Evernote Restart your computer or device Upgrade to the latest version of Evernote - Your crash may have already been fixed with a product update. Sync Evernote, then download and install the latest version of Evernote. Check Evernote Help & Learning - If Evernote is displaying an error message when crashing, try searching Evernote for the error message to see if there are any suggestions for resolving the problem. Check Evernote's status blog - Each week, the Evernote servers are updated with new versions of the various software components that power the service. During this time, the service can be slow or even intermittently unavailable. Check status.evernote.com to ensure that there isn't a server-side problem causing your crash issue. Uninstall/Reinstall Evernote - Before uninstalling Evernote, ensure that all your notes are synced and visible in Evernote Web. You may also wish to backup or save a copy of your notes. How to uninstall and reinstall Evernote on your device.
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    Not that this is a new idea, but a recent new kid on the block in note-taking apps has it at one of their killer features. It got me wondering -- does anyone here think Evernote may add bi-directional linking somewhere down the line?
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    Evernote provides a note editor with a basic featureset. It's not the tool/format I'd use for writing essays
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    From 2008 to 2017 Evernote ran its own servers, but in 2017 it moved all of the data onto Google’s server. There was some doom and gloom talk back then, and crossed fingers, but here we are three years later with a situation that almost certainly makes it possible for Evernote to deal more effectively with the demands imposed by a pandemic. In 2010, for example, bad hardware(?) caused some data loss—no worries about having to fiddle with the hardware anymore. I don’t remember my comments from the time, but I was likely against the move from a security and independence perspective. If they hadn’t made the move, we’d be in a bind now, so it’s a good thing they didn’t listen to me. I guess, much like the 2017 move, things go on in the background with little obvious impact on us, but the service seems on a firmer footing nowadays.
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    That's the Context feature. You can hide it or turn it off completely. If you want to turn it off, go to Tools > Options. Select "Show Advanced Settings" and Go to Notes. Next uncheck "Context"
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    Please support selectively sync notebooks! Our notebook becomes bigger and bigger especial if you are a premium user. However, our Mac hard drive is usually just 256GB or 512GB. iOS, Android version Evernote all supports. Alternote also supports this feature. This feature was asked over THREE years ago by other people. And then again and again. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/21933-archived-howto-how-do-i-not-sync-certain-notebooks-apart-from-cancel-premium/https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39658-selective-notebook-syncing/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/61920-synchronize-selected-notebook-on-different-pc/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/60643-stop-sync-of-folder/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/60479-selective-sync-on-computer-roadmap/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/67191-syncing-only-a-few-notebooks-to-from-my-home-account-to-my-work-computer/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/65599-request-sync-only-select-notebooks/ I was a premium user. I like Evernote so much. But my hard drive has limited storage, so I canceled my premium account. And my friends canceled their premium accounts because of the same reason. Please support selectively sync notebooks! Thanks!
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    you know what, a bit more searching on the forum shows we might be able to Remove the Evernote Spotlight plugin: I have not tried it yet, LMK if it works for you! https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/120588-evernotespotlight-quit-unexpectedly-repeatedly/?do=findComment&comment=553315
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    I should not be forced to see ~20 notebooks shared by someone that no longer uses the service. The notes are hidden from the interface because I deleted them, but the shared notebooks still appear in the web clipper. This is a minor annoyance for me. Hey Evernote devs, we need to be able to force unsharing of a notebook from the receiving side.
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    You can force a rebuild of the search index Hold down the option key and click Help > Troubleshooting > Recreate
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    Thanks for sharing your experience. I got more and more frustrated with the lack of integration in Windows (if you do not throw yourself into Office 365), so I switched to a Mac several month ago. My wife and I are using iDevices since a while, so it was a logical next step. Things are working fine, and the seamlessness of the Apple environment is still breathtaking. But I stray a little ... If looking for options for document and note organisation, it would probably be DevonThink, which works off a local database, including strong search and AI functions. But it is Mac-only. For handwritten note taking, my dream team is my iPad Pro with pencil, and GoodNotes 5. It makes handwriting (my handwriting as well ...) fully searchable. When my notes become static, I can export as pdf to EN, keeping the searchability feature. And as long as they are still regarded as active, GN 5 keeps them itself, allowing full search over all notebooks, among other features. But again, iOS and Mac only. For me I simply stay on with EN, and my feeling is that they are moving ahead in the right direction currently. I do not want to be overwhelmed by feature-flooding, I expect solid performance and a cautious progress in the user interface that continues to support my work flows. And this is what I get.
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    Howdy, Members: I am a paid Subscriber. Quickie question: Does EN offer a PORTABLE APP? I have found an EN PORTABLE at the follow website but not an EN: http://s0ft4pc.com/evernot/ Thank you in advance for a prompt response. ~ Alan
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    In my case, I might send an email (possibly two) once every few weeks. They would be very small texts -- under 50 KB for sure. I do not know of any reason for these to be rejected. The email messages I do send to Evernote are to do with genealogy.
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    Dear Evernote Dev Team, I am an long-time Evernote Premium user, fan and advocate. It is part of my daily workflow, for hours per day I might add. You guys have done a wonderful job with this product and my hat goes off to you... However, this feature would be HUGE to me, and apparently many others. PLEASE consider adding this feature sooner than later. As mentioned, I am loyal but I have begun to research alternatives that would offer this feature. I really don't want to switch though. just being honest You guys rock!!! Best Regards, Craig
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    Yet another user who hates the mandatory "you are leaving evernote" message. pls allow me to turn it off.
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    Your screenshot shows that a hidden sidebar and "top list view" Can we see your sidebar You also might want to see what sidebar options you have enabled
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    I think you're showing a display from a Mac side list view, with the sidebar hidden You can set the display options under View
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