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    Hello All, What do Evernote and a wedding reception have in common? Watch the video to find out! In this installment of Behind the Scenes, CEO Ian Small chats with Amir, a senior member of our engineering management team, about the work they’re doing to transfer over 9 billion notes to a faster, more scalable cloud storage architecture.Ian and Amir discuss the benefits of this new architecture, and the challenge of (as Amir says) “trying to refuel a plane while it’s in flight.”
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    Hi All, Since Evernote’s earliest days, the five clients (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web) have been evolving separately, tackling the challenges of software development in subtly different ways.In this installment of Evernote Behind the Scenes, CEO Ian Small talks to Mike, a senior member of the engineering team, about the work they’re doing to reunite the Evernote family. Ian and Mike discuss the fundamental changes they’re making to how Evernote communicates between client and cloud, and how they’re tackling the difficult task of making a single shared code library work across the five different apps.
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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    Quickie clarifications for those following along... Yes, per @jefito, Conduit is common *plumbing* on the client-side. Conduit has no relation to the UX. Every Evernote client built on Conduit could have a different UX and Conduit wouldn't mind. Users might mind, and we would definitely mind, but Conduit wouldn't. That's basically the whole point. Where Conduit figures in is anywhere that information flows between client and cloud - whether that information is content moving back and forth or a service call of some kind. We expect all of that information to flow through Conduit (on the client side). The goal of conduit is to have common functionality behave in consistent and predictable ways across all of our clients. Sync is the easiest function to understand this with: we'd like all clients to sync a recently modified note (whether that's sync up or sync down) in a consistent way (allowing of course for variances in whether or not that particular note is supposed to be synced to that device). To the concern that @CalS raises about local data stores, part of Conduit's job is to interface to the appropriate technology that forms the local data store (which, unsurprisingly, is a pretty different technology layer on a browser, mobile device or on a PC). That, along with the different memory / CPU / power profiles of the different devices on which our clients run, drives the need for per-device optimization that we talk about in the video, that makes Conduit such a beast to get right. And finally, Conduit, in and of itself, does not close the door to device-specific customizations or integrations. To the extent that device-specific functionality needs to get to the cloud, it will have to go through Conduit at some point. But the functionality that fits that description is usually travelling a well-trodden (ie. pre-existing) path on its way to the cloud, rather than having to carve its own unique API pathway. As @CalS says, yes, there are so many questions. But I do not have time to answer them all (nor, quite honestly, have we actually converged on some of the answers yet - if only because hard experience teaches one not to constrain oneself to an answer before you actually need it). Hopefully the elaborations above provide some clarity. Back to lurking, ian
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    Hello everyone... Just popping in on this discussion, if only because I don't really want @VisionCasting to carry out his friendly "threat". First of all, I'm sorry that this issue has been outstanding for so long. Second, I want to assure you that many things that may seem on the surface to be easy fixes can in fact be far from it. Sometimes, when we're not very responsive, it's simply because we have no good way to actually accomplish the fix, not because we think it's a bad idea. This is one such area. The way in which Evernote implemented sharing notes some years back was not, shall we say, as elegant an approach as one might wish for. There are numerous long-standing problems that result directly from the constraints of that design. This is one. Problems searching shared notes is another. The list goes on. The way to fix this is not to hack on top of a hack on top of a hack. It is to fundamentally redesign and reimplement the way in which notes are shared deep within the Evernote architecture, and to migrate all existing shared notes to that architecture. Doing that puts us on a path to fix all sorts of different problems, including performance issues with the current design which can get progressively worse as more notes are shared with you. We are going to focus on fixing the root cause of the problem. It's a non-trivial undertaking, as you might expect. But by going down that path, we will be much better placed to work on all the symptoms, as well as be able to move forward to new functionality in this area on a much better foundation. At some point in the coming months, I expect we'll have a Behind the Scenes video that details what we've done in this regard. In the meantime, I apologize for how long it's taken, and assure you that we are working on the root cause for this and related problems. Back to lurking, ian
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    Almost two months in and as promised, reporting back. Still very happy with Joplin - I am using it on Windows 10 and my Note 10+ (just upgraded from Note 4), and syncing through Dropbox. All without issues or glitches - so far. My gauge for trying new apps is how desperately I want to revert back to Evernote. With OneNote that took 3 minutes, Notion 1 day, Zoho a few days, etc. With Joplin, I haven't felt the urge to return to Evernote at all yet, which probably says it is truly an alternative that seems to tick all the boxes (for me!! as we discussed before, others may definitely have other needs). Things I enjoy very much: Almost one click export of my entire note collection (unlike Evernote where you need to select notebook by notebook unless you don't care about preserving the structure). Open source spirit in the community, which I personally enjoy more than the Evernote predominant culture of "it works for me, therefore you are wrong" (ok I exaggerate a little there, but... well.... not entirely off the mark either haha). The more I get used to Markdown, the more I'm enjoying it. I love the total freedom of making the note tow the line how I want it! Multiple level notebooks. Oh gosh how I love those... it gave me a whole new leash on organizing my collections. It works "just like Evernote" in many ways, and since Evernote is a great app, that means Joplin is great too Things I wish were better: Inline PDF and OCR... though apparently those are going to be worked on "someday", as of NOW Joplin doesn't offer them - and I still miss them (I believe I mention this in just about every post, heh). Although the app is very snappy on all my devices, there is no way you can quickly scroll through long notes in Android due to the "instant save" feature. There is no undo in Android. In combination with the instant save, that makes editing in Android a rather scary affair. Sure, you can revert back to an older version of the note, but still... not convenient! There is a limit of 10MB in attachments on Android. Although you can still store bigger attachments in the desktop and use them there, I can't open them on my phone. I haven't missed it yet, but... it's still an inconvenience the moment I DO need to view it. I wish it were possible to color code notes or sections... which would make Joplin a decidedly "happier" app to use. None of the above are deal breakers, so I guess I found my "forever-until-a-better-one-comes-out" note taking app. I might report back later this year, especially if things change (for the better or worse) AND will keep an eye on Evernote developments. Though in all truth, I can't see me going back to EN... but never say never!
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    Hi All, Wanted to provide an update. We believe we've identified the root cause of the issue, and hope to have a fix implemented very soon. I'll follow-up here once the fix is live. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    Starting from today, when hovering the mouse pointer to the top or bottom edges of the screen the note's text area automatically scrolls up or down accordingly. How to disable this "feature"? It's quite annoying to get your long note scrolled to the bottom when just want to switch to another window on the taskbar. Haven't found any abilities to disable in the settings.
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    Hi All, Thank you for your continued patience. We believe we have a solution and are working to implement the fix. We are hoping to have the fix in place before the end of next week. I'll follow-up here once I have a definitive date. Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime.
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    Once upon a time, we tried tweaking that caption. We finally convinced the designers that it was a monumental waste of time by pointing out the number of bugs over a 6 month period and the fact we still didn't have it quite right. Fighting standard Windows features is a sure way of not getting the program features you want! (because there's only so many hours in a day)
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    It's more a case of someone who did a web search on something like "sort a stack", and copied/pasted an answer from some developer site. E.g.: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/sort-stack-using-temporary-stack/: Look familiar?
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    I love Evernote, but it's preventing me from putting in sensitive content. For example, I can't keep a personal journal notebook, because other people (i.e. girlfriend, family members, etc.) could one day be looking at those notes, especially since they know that I use Evernote often for many purposes. Evernote already has the ability to encrypt single notes. This is useful for things like storing passwords or other temporary sensitive content. But it's not practical to encrypt many notes one by one. I wish I could password-protect a whole notebook. This way, I can do a lot more with Evernote. If I can encrypt single notes, then why can't Evernote just allow me to encrypt entire notebooks? If reason behind this is because Evernote thinks one could lose a lot of data if a notebook password is forgotten, then perhaps Evernote can help recover the passwords through email. In the meantime, I'm stuck with using other apps (i.e. Pages, Day One, etc) to password-protect my content. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I am all for making it easier for a developer to add features to many platforms at once. At the same time, I find a profound difference, not between OS's per se, but between (a1) devices with big screens, big keyboards & mice, and NO touchscreen -- MAC and Windows; (a2) devices with big screens, maybe big keyboards, maybe mice (iPad and other tablets); and (b) devices with small screens, tiny keyboards or keyboards on a touch screen (smartphones, whether Android or IOS). I would like my apps to display and receive input appropriately for those differences. I note Evernote on Windows already displays differently on my portrait screen than on my landscape one (thanks, Evernote!). Where autotype and autocorrect are big hassles when I have a big keyboard (I am old enough to have started on a real, not even electric! typewrite), they can be very useful when trying to use my big thumbs on a tiny touchscreen keyboard on my iPhone (or my Samsung, when I had one of those; the touchstick helped a bit with accuracy at the expense of speed and convenience). So please do not go "too far" in making the client "alike" on all devices. Please keep the size of the display and the form of input in mind (voice input and output is sometimes nice, but I am often in noisy environments or where noise from me or my device would disturb others). Thanks for all you do.
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    I find that frequently when I use Web clipper under Windows to save a Web page into Evernote, or share to Evernote from a browser on my Android phone, I get a lot of HTML formatting such as headers that makes the note difficult to use and edit. I've just discovered that the Web beta editor can fix such problems. I used it to open a note that had been clipped from the Web and had header styling near the top. I selected the header text, and the leftmost element of the editor's formatting toolbar showed it as styled "Large header." Clicking on that, I selected the option to "Apply 'Normal text.'" Voilà! The header formatting was removed, and it was normal text--and appeared as such (Tahoma 10 pt) in the Windows program. I tried this on another note that had a big block of material at the top that the beta editor showed in a box and identified as "HTML content" or something. I found that I could move it out of the box and format it as I pleased. This is a big plus for the Web beta editor, IMHO. From now on, it will be my go-to in reformatting clipped Web pages, until the same function is available in the Windows and Android apps. @Scott T., please pass this along to the devs!
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    The true meaning of going to the dark side!
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    Hello everyone! Finally, I took some time to write this down - been thinking about this for over two years; the time that has passed since I began my PhD - or, 600 notes after. Evernote has been my notetaking and file keeping app for six years now. I began to use it more heavily during my master's, but, now with the PhD demands are higher. With this post, I am aiming to share how I use it has a PhD student and share my overall experience with Evernote. So, for other PhD students out there here is how I use my Evernote - we few examples: folders are structured like trees: PhD PhD- meetings PhD- literature review PhD- lab notes (...) In the same fashion are the tags PhD PhD: meetings PhD:meetings: with supervisor PhD: experiments PhD: experiments: experiment 1 (...) Here are the things I miss that would improve my experience: web clips that can be appended to a note for example, when I am doing a literature review would be nice to have all link for the papers in the same note; ordered as I am going through the search better calendar integration with Outlook and/or Gmail having all the tasks and events in the same calendar (both in the smartphone and desktop; not just in the smartphone) Scannable for Android smoother image editing (e.g. cropping) sometimes its a bit frustrating the time spent to crop a picture OneDrive integration (similar to Google Drive) would be great to add files without having to create sharing links all the time more highlight colours (at least two more) because it's just useful to have different colours for different concepts bigger files per note for example, I can't save all data from one experiment in the same note And here are the things I love (and can't live without them): file search OCR in photos saved searches coloured tag great for glancing what is done or not Gmail and Outlook clipper Internal links this is great to index drafts, pictures and experiment results from one note only custom templates import folders to a notebook (don't use this often now) use this to import '.pdf' of papers into Evernote, where I then write notes and share it with my peers publish the notes with a link great to share protocols and guides for new students If I am missing something that is already implemented, sorry - and let me know. happy notetaking, Leonardo
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    The nested tags I'm running on web v6.4.1 are brilliant. The display of content is brilliant too and you can filter for reminders now. If the iOS clients work like this I'll be a happy customer.
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    Oh, I feel your pain. My wife has had me print out recipes she finds online (she's not interested in a digital notebook), and "nightmare" is the right word to describe what happens on some of these sites. I have to copy into Word and massage the formatting there. 😠 However, I've discovered that the Evernote Web beta can now do some pretty good tricks on malformed Web clips. I haven't tried that with recipes yet, but you might want to check it out (see my post linked below). Oh wait ... sorry for the thread drift. This thread is about how Evernote is no good for anything.
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    Hello, I love the code block feature that was added. However, I think it has some down falls. Mostly, I think it is lacking in text formatting. An amazing feature would be for Evernote to recognize some popular coding languages and be able to color code variables and other identifiers. At the very least, I wish the code block kept my formatting when I copied and paste from a text editor. I often copy and paste code from SQL management Studio hoping for the color coding to stay, which it does not. If I copy into a normal section, it is fine but, the code block removes the color formatting. (I have tried pasting with match style, does not work). I think this would make Evernote more robust and be able to reach a larger audience. Mainly, extend reach to developers who would like a place to effectively store their code for reuse. Thank you for taking the time to consider this idea!
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    I started using the web beta client today (Chrome on OSX); the first thing I needed to do was to create a new notebook inside an existing stack. I could not immediately find a way to create a new notebook. Eventually I found that if I went into my Notebooks listing, that contained the "create new notebook" button. Why bury that action? It seems like that should be on the top level actions; the IOS client has a '+' right next to the Notebooks label, which is quite intuitive. Please make this a top level action vs buried action item. Sharing: I was in a notebook and hovered my mouse over the button with 2 people (upper right of the screen, to the left of the "Share" button); it claimed there are 2 people that can access the note and I can click the button to see who has access. I click on the button and am taken to the share popup dialog box. Nothing is listed, but there is the footnote of "others may have access if this note is in a shared notebook". If the note is in a shared notebook, then why not display the information right there? Or, have a link to the share info for the notebook. Telling me the note is accessible by 2 people but then not showing me who has access is frustrating; sending me off to do some exploring takes me away from the task at hand.
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    Dear All, I really would love to see a solution for archiving notes. I've been using for 4 years and now I have some notes that I want to keep in the system, but want to remove from my search. As time goes, my search are getting more difficult to separate valid information and archived information. Like we have Notes, Notebook, Tags, Atlas, Market and Premium button on the Mac version, I dream with an Archive button. Every note I move to this icon will make it not searchable, unless I'm searching inside the Archive View. You could even move a completely Notebook. I have many scenarios where this is valid, some of them here: You finished a graduation course full of notes and you want these notes in a place that you may need but normally it will not be part of your search or have a distract visual in All Notes ViewYou closed a company and want all the notes in a special placeYou may not want to have this Archive notes in your local hard disk, unless you click "Download"You prepare for a vacation and suddenly canceled. You want to have this hide in some place but not displaying all the time. I think it would be a great feature. Thank you, Patrick Santana
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    Yes, what I was thinking as well. This seems like more plumbing (and the name "Conduit" is a little leading in that respect), though on the client side, and seemingly under the hood of the UI, as far as I can tell. But it's still a bit cloudy in terms of what it encompasses. But it seems as though Evernote applications still need to do device-specific work on whatever platforms are supported. OK, so Conduit: seems as though the Evernote API, that still exists, and has to continue work because of existing 3rd-party applications. As I understood it, all of the existing Evernote applications also use (or used) the API, but will switch over to the Conduit. So is the Conduit mainly a wrapper around the API. possibly making use of the API more rigorous/regular (or maybe implementing Evernote policies) in terms of handling syncs and whatever else it does? Wondering whether Conduit also enforces policies on note content (e.g. providing available heading styles and other fonty stuff, which will be new). Does Conduit provide search facilities, so we get more predictable results on different devices? Does Conduit handle caching stuff as well? Does it handle local databases, which are different on different devices? Many idle questions... Oh, and whither CEF? Is that still a thing, client side? Is the Conduit going to be made available to 3rd party developers, a la the API?
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    Today we released Windows 6.23 GA. It's available here! What’s in 6.23 GA? Fixed: Issue with logging in using Google sign-in Issue with access to Google Drive/Contacts in the app Items in “Shared with Me” disappeared when searching for an invalid keyword Restarts after crashes required the user to first “End Task” via Task Manager Issue with “Send a Copy” if email address contained a capital letter
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    Please implement something for the night owls
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    Thank you for this MOST HELPFUL tip. In another thread, I had mentioned the issues with clipping and formatting. Most of the time I use the desktop app; rarely do I ever pull up a note in a browser. I'll try to "fix" some of my notes online now. This is better advice than the person who replied. There was cumbersome advice that required copying and pasting into notepad then to EN or to print to PDF first (which is always my last option). He said I and others not happy with the way EN clips web pages should look elsewhere if we were not happy with the way EN "works"...
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    Confirmed - it takes me to 5.28 on Safari and FF. Which is no issue for me, I am mostly using one of the desktop clients or the iOS app. No Chrome, no beta. Maybe an explanation is that both Safari and FF do not rely on the Chrome engine, but use their own code do present web pages. Chrome-based browsers have the largest share of the market, so companies will develop for this browser first. And I try to avoid Google products wherever possible, so I will not touch it.
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    @ehrt74 You can switch to the English web site by scrolling down to the very bottom of the page, and change the language settings. Here is the English language link: https://evernote.com/intl/en/betaprogram
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    Spam on spam on spam. Pass the ketchup! 🍔
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    I certainly don't want to bother users, @PinkElephant, but Evernote officially and clearly points (https://dev.evernote.com/support/) here or to StackOverflow. And in both places you don't get support from Evernote team. I whished someone of the Team was around in one of those two places... or another place clearly indicated for developer support. Already asked to the link you provided, but only useless automatic replies, for now. Certainly not what's needed for who's developing a commercial integration. Anyway, thanks for your reply. I'm not expecting answers from users, of course. Just trying to raise an issue. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem.
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    @rblankman and @Tutur , what are the browser types and versions that you're seeing this problem in? We identified a problem and are working on a fix but we want to make sure all angles are taken into consideration. Your feedback is highly appreciated.
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    Joplin is, unfortunately, extremely limited on iOS. Joplin is not registered in the iOS “Share to...” functionality, so any additions of attachments or photos must be initiated from inside Joplin. I.e. can’t take a screenshot of a web page and send it to Joplin. Instead you have to save it, switch to Joplin, and add it from there. You can’t export any of your notes in any format other than plaintext with markdown. All images and attachments are lost and formatting only works if the recipient is using a markdown reader. This is not an issue if you don’t send your notes to other people from your iOS device. There’s a “read” mode and an “edit” mode. In the edit mode, you’re working with Markdown, meaning that all images become text. I often annotate photos and screenshots, which is a bit hard to do if you don’t see them. I am a heavy user of tables for arranging info and attachments. In Joplin, you can only create tables via typing Markdown code, which only becomes a table once you switch from Edit to Read. I want to write a note, not to code it. Markdown tables are a joke, especially when you want to rearrange them. There’s an attachment upload limit of 10mb on mobile. It’s an interesting project, and probably fine for desktop use. But I am very heavily dependent on iOS and Joplin is just too underwhelming there.
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    Evernote staff really should delete that account and then "reserve" the name so that no one else can try and take it. (Or register it to use by forum moderators.)
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    Hmm, I thought I had left a reply the other day, but I don't see it anywhere now. Here's another attempt Thread drift: if you don't mind, then neither do I. This long thread is all over the road anyway, so let's go for it... we're all just socializing right? Joplin: I'm definitely not trying to sway people to other apps... but if you decide to switch to something else, don't look at me if that results in any loss of notes, time, peace of mind or hair. Just saying Recipes: my friend raves about an app named AnyList. He uses it to share shopping lists with his wife, and according to him you can clip recipes without all the "fluff" that so many sites seem to add ("my recipe was handed down from my great grandma and it was always the highlight of any church picnic," blah blah blah). No idea myself though because I personally prefer to use "one app for all", but it might be worth looking into for the recipe buffs around here Web clipping: In addition to the usual simplified, full page, selection, url and screenshot, Joplin offers one additional feature and that is "original html". I have tried it and it sure renders the page in the original format as close as, erm, the original format, but I'm not really sure how useful this is. For starters you can forget about editing anything, because we all know what a mess html/css is behind the scenes so good luck finding that blurb you want to edit. But worse than that, I believe that it takes the css and images from the original clipped site - so if ever that site disappears, so do your images and layout. I'd rather have an "uglier" (more basic) version of the page of which I know it'll still look the same 10 years down the road!
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    As of today, February 5, 2020, I find that this problem is fixed. Thanks developers!
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    It's a keyboard shortcut for the repeat button. It is a last button on the note formatting toolbar from left to right.
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    So when could we expect the problem to be resolved? It's quite difficult for me to switch to the previous version of the Web client because the formatting abilities available in the new one have already been used in many notes.
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    Unfortunately, it looks like the time between support response and then fix implementation is veeery (too) long (again). Very annoying!
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    Has there been a fix implemented for this yet? This auto-scroll functionality really hinders productivity and forces me to use the previous version of Evernote in web (also using Firefox on Windows 10)
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    As best we know, it was an intentional change. "Loyal customer?" Really? Here's a definition of "customer" for you (from Merriam Webster) "one that purchases a commodity or service". Perhaps you meant "user" (choose your favorite definition)? It's worth it for me to pay for a service like Evernote that has value to me. There are viable options out there, some free, some not. Good luck with OneNote, or whatever.
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    Hello, again. Had a chance to take a break and try some things. I have been able to run all four web clippers on this machine: Chrome on Ubuntu 19.10 (64-bit) Firefox on Ubuntu 19.10 (64-bit) Chrome on Win 10 Pro (64-bit) Firefox on Win 10 Pro (64-bit) ... my main platform for web clipping. Everything seems well behaved. For me at least it looks like your fix may have worked.
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    Simply Right-Click on an already created tag and select 'Create tag in "<this>"...' to create a sub-level tag (if you are a Windows user - if not, I'm sure that other platform offer similar functionality 😉). I've done so with groups of tags to describe note attributes like "When?", "Who?", "Where?", "Type" and so on. My current tag tree looks like the following: You can find a more-in-detail description of this methodology in http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/114779-using-tags-to-implement-dynamic-todo-lists/. This makes it completely unnecessary to structure notebooks in deep hierarchies. I've around 10 stacks of several notebooks organized by tags like described above. Nobody needs more. Full stop 😉
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    Hi All, Thank you for reaching out and for reporting this issue. Our apologies for any trouble or inconvenience this may have caused. I'm going to see what more I can find out, and will work with our teams to determine how best to proceed. I may reach out to some of you directly to get more information. As always, let me know if you have any other questions.
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    Frustration at handwritten notes / drawings not autosaving This is also causing me huge frustration! When is a fix / feature coming that addresses this, please?
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    I have the same issue. Cursos jumps when using evernote web client. Im using a Chromebook / Chrome. latest version. I joined the Beta Text Editor program and I'm having the same issue in both versions. Classic and Beta. Please correct, makes this editor useless.
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    When viewing notes on the phone, frequently I switch to other apps to do things like reply message, searching some content of the notes on the internet and so on. However, unlike the built-in Notes app on IOS, Evernote frequently reloads itself and returns to the top of the page and unsaves the action performed before switching to other apps. It very frustrating when the note is very long with lots of tables and we are editing something. It would be so much easier if the app can keep its status in memory much longer so that we can view the same things again after switching back. Since IOS Notes itself can do it and there is no problem on my Mac, I assume there could be a way of fixing this for IOS? I am using a iPhone 8 for reference. Thank you very much.
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    They have actually improved the handwriting and created shapes tools. But, still lack: 1. A better highlighter tool that doesn't show "layers". 2. The No Autosave function is crazy. Why go to all the work of making a nice tool and then no autosave? I get a phone call when I am writing and everything I have written is lost. 3. Sketches were a "thing" 5 years ago. Today, with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, these are real note taking tools. We should be able to handwrite pages of notes inside the app. (Don't get me started about how bad Penultimate is), plus it is external to the App. Apple Notes and OneNote allow one to create notes in the app. BTW. I'm doing the same thing as DTLow, creating content in Notability or Apple Notes and then sending it to a note in Evernote. Slow, but more reliable.
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    I am disappointed that there's been absolutely no interest in this feature by anyone except those who have a use-case for it. Evernote seems more interested in creating new layers of paid features - and neglects this already popular feature request that I'm sure many of us would pay for. DTLow - what you constantly post is not a "solution" - it is a patch or band aid or workaround...I spent hours implementing it...it doesn't work for me. I set a timer every time I'm notified of another reply to this thread just to see how fast you'll respond with the same exact thing. If someone scrolls through this thread looking for a solution and makes the decision to add their request to the thread - I can guarantee that they've seen how you handle it and thought of several reasons why it won't work for them. I don't intend to be rude and I hope you don't view me as such... Evernote, give us a way to archive notes and entire notebooks to hide them from basic searches, offline sync. Bring Evernote into alignment with the architecture and functionality of Developer IDEs, Project Management philosophies, Enterprise Ticketing systems, Google Inbox (!) and more which all have archive features. It's not a foreign concept that will confuse people at this point. We're GIVING you ideas we'd pay for - and you've ignored them for years! At this point, I'd pay for a separate app that would integrate with Evernote if it gave me the functionality...
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    Thanks for this report. Please try these steps to fix this issue: Select File > Exit to close Evernote Open the task manager to confirm Evernote is not running as a background process (select "Evernote and End task") Open 'regedit' (Windows key + R, then type regedit) Expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder Expand the "Software" folder Expand the Evernote Folder Click on the second "Evernote folder" so that a list of Values displays on the right Right-Click "EnableHardwareAcceleration" Select "Modify" Set Hexidecimal Value to "0" Select File>Exit to exit the Registry Editor Reopen Evernote Please let me know if the issue continues after completing the steps above. Thanks!
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    This isn't just a night owls/dark room thing. I regularly prefer non-white backgrounds while working during the day in a regularly lit room. Evernote offers so much; but not so much as one alternate theme? SERIOUSLY? Please implement this ASAP. It can't possibly be much work in the scheme of things.
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