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    I've been using Evernote in a web browser on Linux for a couple of years. THANK YOU so much for the update!!! Much appreciated! Really like the new look and feel. Like it so much, I had to send a note, Rob
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    Hi All, In this installment of Evernote Behind the Scenes, CEO Ian Small pulls back the curtain and invites you, the customer, to center stage. Ian chats with Jenn, a senior manager at Evernote, about the importance of our beta program, what we look for in customer feedback, and how your participation helps us co-create a better Evernote with our customers. Become a member of the Evernote Beta Program today at https://evernote.com/betaprogram. Subscribe to our channel to follow the journey, and join the conversation on the Evernote Forum!
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    Running Firefox 68 on Linux, I was kicking around in the previous (current?) version of Evernote web. Clicking my user-icon thing, clicked the "Switch to new Evernote version" (or something worded similar), and it worked! Hopefully this is news to other people, because I didn't know, and I was very eager to see this happen!
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    That's not true. You can move the database to whatever harddrive you want. Note, it must be an installed drive - not a network or removable one (mainly because of how the Sqlite database works with transactions and locks)
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    This is a screen shot of my Daily Log For items not in my checklist the "Reminderrs" link provides an ongoing item list. The view is limited in the interest of privacy, but there is a "Reminder History" line not far under the visible portion below, and I drag completed items just under that line, latest always to the top. I saw the note about scripting, and I have not ever tried that; so I don't know which would be easiest. But in the interest of simplicity, I want to tell you these notes are so very easy and quick to create. For those that don't use keyboard commands, take five minutes to learn the keyboard commands to create link in active memory a note and to then paste that link into the "hyperlink" window - all in Evernote.
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    Thank you for your help! It was really useful!
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    If they ever OCR'ed .tif files, then it's possible that the text that was recognized is still hanging around in your note. You could try exporting a note with just a .tif file in it that gets pulled in from a search, export i to Evernote format (.enex) and look at it in a text editor. If you find a "recoText" element in there, then that's the result of OCR.
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    Now you tell me. 😎
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    Funny that. At a previous job, I had been there a couple of years, and was reading the comments on someone else's checkin, and they noted it was their birthday, which was the same as mine! Turned out it was also the same year as well, though we never figured out who was actually older. I know that the probability of two people in a room of 25 or so is about 50% (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birthday_problem), but with the same birth year as well, in a company of ~200? Seems like that's a lot less probably. We also had a colleague with a Feb 29th birthday. too.
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    Hi. It's possible to save a search as a shortcut, so as long as your group has a common feature, like tag:food or notebook:food you should be able to create a shortcut. You can also drag individual notes and notebooks into the shortcut panel, so if you create a Table of Contents note with a list of items, you'd be able to drag that note into the shortcuts list. In Windows, if you right-click a notebook name, you can create a 'style' and pick a colour which the shortcut will inherit to make it stand out. It's also possible to include emojii.. Here are a few of mine.
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    Hi... Tried EN many moons ago, then went with OneNote but EN's cloud and accessible anywhere features are bringing me back...Enough kudos... Is there a way to mark a note as "read-only" so I cannot accidentally erase or modify it? Thanks. Alex
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    With the recent feature of canvas & handwriting, I love ever note more than before. Its pretty good on my iPad Pro. But I do feel the canvas size is small. Its enough to make quick notes or draw a small sketch. But there are at times when I wanted to take handwriting notes for the entire seminar, but small canvas size is limiting what I wanted to do. I use one note on these occasions. Solution: Option to increase the size of the canvas or complete handwriting supported notes
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