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    Hi All, Since Evernote’s earliest days, the five clients (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web) have been evolving separately, tackling the challenges of software development in subtly different ways.In this installment of Evernote Behind the Scenes, CEO Ian Small talks to Mike, a senior member of the engineering team, about the work they’re doing to reunite the Evernote family. Ian and Mike discuss the fundamental changes they’re making to how Evernote communicates between client and cloud, and how they’re tackling the difficult task of making a single shared code library work across the five different apps.
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    Quickie clarifications for those following along... Yes, per @jefito, Conduit is common *plumbing* on the client-side. Conduit has no relation to the UX. Every Evernote client built on Conduit could have a different UX and Conduit wouldn't mind. Users might mind, and we would definitely mind, but Conduit wouldn't. That's basically the whole point. Where Conduit figures in is anywhere that information flows between client and cloud - whether that information is content moving back and forth or a service call of some kind. We expect all of that information to flow through Conduit (on the client side). The goal of conduit is to have common functionality behave in consistent and predictable ways across all of our clients. Sync is the easiest function to understand this with: we'd like all clients to sync a recently modified note (whether that's sync up or sync down) in a consistent way (allowing of course for variances in whether or not that particular note is supposed to be synced to that device). To the concern that @CalS raises about local data stores, part of Conduit's job is to interface to the appropriate technology that forms the local data store (which, unsurprisingly, is a pretty different technology layer on a browser, mobile device or on a PC). That, along with the different memory / CPU / power profiles of the different devices on which our clients run, drives the need for per-device optimization that we talk about in the video, that makes Conduit such a beast to get right. And finally, Conduit, in and of itself, does not close the door to device-specific customizations or integrations. To the extent that device-specific functionality needs to get to the cloud, it will have to go through Conduit at some point. But the functionality that fits that description is usually travelling a well-trodden (ie. pre-existing) path on its way to the cloud, rather than having to carve its own unique API pathway. As @CalS says, yes, there are so many questions. But I do not have time to answer them all (nor, quite honestly, have we actually converged on some of the answers yet - if only because hard experience teaches one not to constrain oneself to an answer before you actually need it). Hopefully the elaborations above provide some clarity. Back to lurking, ian
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    It's more a case of someone who did a web search on something like "sort a stack", and copied/pasted an answer from some developer site. E.g.: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/sort-stack-using-temporary-stack/: Look familiar?
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    The true meaning of going to the dark side!
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    I started using the web beta client today (Chrome on OSX); the first thing I needed to do was to create a new notebook inside an existing stack. I could not immediately find a way to create a new notebook. Eventually I found that if I went into my Notebooks listing, that contained the "create new notebook" button. Why bury that action? It seems like that should be on the top level actions; the IOS client has a '+' right next to the Notebooks label, which is quite intuitive. Please make this a top level action vs buried action item. Sharing: I was in a notebook and hovered my mouse over the button with 2 people (upper right of the screen, to the left of the "Share" button); it claimed there are 2 people that can access the note and I can click the button to see who has access. I click on the button and am taken to the share popup dialog box. Nothing is listed, but there is the footnote of "others may have access if this note is in a shared notebook". If the note is in a shared notebook, then why not display the information right there? Or, have a link to the share info for the notebook. Telling me the note is accessible by 2 people but then not showing me who has access is frustrating; sending me off to do some exploring takes me away from the task at hand.
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    Yes, what I was thinking as well. This seems like more plumbing (and the name "Conduit" is a little leading in that respect), though on the client side, and seemingly under the hood of the UI, as far as I can tell. But it's still a bit cloudy in terms of what it encompasses. But it seems as though Evernote applications still need to do device-specific work on whatever platforms are supported. OK, so Conduit: seems as though the Evernote API, that still exists, and has to continue work because of existing 3rd-party applications. As I understood it, all of the existing Evernote applications also use (or used) the API, but will switch over to the Conduit. So is the Conduit mainly a wrapper around the API. possibly making use of the API more rigorous/regular (or maybe implementing Evernote policies) in terms of handling syncs and whatever else it does? Wondering whether Conduit also enforces policies on note content (e.g. providing available heading styles and other fonty stuff, which will be new). Does Conduit provide search facilities, so we get more predictable results on different devices? Does Conduit handle caching stuff as well? Does it handle local databases, which are different on different devices? Many idle questions... Oh, and whither CEF? Is that still a thing, client side? Is the Conduit going to be made available to 3rd party developers, a la the API?
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    I'm not happy with the "look and feel" of the web client(s) I'd prefer to see the look and feel of the Mac client on the other platforms - Window users may have a different opinion
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    Hi All, As many of have already reported, we believe the issue with the auto-scrolling should now be fixed! Let me know if you have any other questions!
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    I love Evernote, but it's preventing me from putting in sensitive content. For example, I can't keep a personal journal notebook, because other people (i.e. girlfriend, family members, etc.) could one day be looking at those notes, especially since they know that I use Evernote often for many purposes. Evernote already has the ability to encrypt single notes. This is useful for things like storing passwords or other temporary sensitive content. But it's not practical to encrypt many notes one by one. I wish I could password-protect a whole notebook. This way, I can do a lot more with Evernote. If I can encrypt single notes, then why can't Evernote just allow me to encrypt entire notebooks? If reason behind this is because Evernote thinks one could lose a lot of data if a notebook password is forgotten, then perhaps Evernote can help recover the passwords through email. In the meantime, I'm stuck with using other apps (i.e. Pages, Day One, etc) to password-protect my content. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Tthis morning the problem seems to have been solved, there is no more auto-scrolling here
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    I don't think so. I don't even see a standalone "Printing" section under the preferences screen on macOS. Here are the categories, if you're interested: That being said, I'm not having any issues printing multiple notes to PDF. When I select multiple notes, I can go File > Print Notes (or hit ⌘P). I'm prompted to enter a filename, and then I can save the file to PDF like I would any other document. Each individual note is printed as a separate PDF, as others have noted, and mine all used the same naming convention that I entered as a filename (with numbers appended to the end). To my surprise, even my attachments were printed as separate PDFs. My experience matches my expectations.
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    Second that. The new web editor beta (hopefully to arrive on other platforms) is great. "Simplifying" web clips on my Windows Desktop version often leads to problems with images and the like; I started resorting to the Web Editor Beta for most of that work. The clear indication of what is HTML content, and much better results in converting that to editable (simplified) content are far superior. Also, the editor allows for some features like multiple highlight colors (although the yellow for whatever reason is not the yellow of the desktop, but an uglier variant --- at least in my view), better formatting (headers, and correct representation of those, as opposed to the broken spacing on the desktop editor), etc. Bit shout-out to the creators of this web editor. After many years as premium user and on the verge of jumping ship, I've become more enthusiastic about the recent improvements and the roadmap.
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    Thank you for this MOST HELPFUL tip. In another thread, I had mentioned the issues with clipping and formatting. Most of the time I use the desktop app; rarely do I ever pull up a note in a browser. I'll try to "fix" some of my notes online now. This is better advice than the person who replied. There was cumbersome advice that required copying and pasting into notepad then to EN or to print to PDF first (which is always my last option). He said I and others not happy with the way EN clips web pages should look elsewhere if we were not happy with the way EN "works"...
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    Unfortunately, it looks like the time between support response and then fix implementation is veeery (too) long (again). Very annoying!
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    Hello All, What do Evernote and a wedding reception have in common? Watch the video to find out! In this installment of Behind the Scenes, CEO Ian Small chats with Amir, a senior member of our engineering management team, about the work they’re doing to transfer over 9 billion notes to a faster, more scalable cloud storage architecture.Ian and Amir discuss the benefits of this new architecture, and the challenge of (as Amir says) “trying to refuel a plane while it’s in flight.”
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    I am disappointed that there's been absolutely no interest in this feature by anyone except those who have a use-case for it. Evernote seems more interested in creating new layers of paid features - and neglects this already popular feature request that I'm sure many of us would pay for. DTLow - what you constantly post is not a "solution" - it is a patch or band aid or workaround...I spent hours implementing it...it doesn't work for me. I set a timer every time I'm notified of another reply to this thread just to see how fast you'll respond with the same exact thing. If someone scrolls through this thread looking for a solution and makes the decision to add their request to the thread - I can guarantee that they've seen how you handle it and thought of several reasons why it won't work for them. I don't intend to be rude and I hope you don't view me as such... Evernote, give us a way to archive notes and entire notebooks to hide them from basic searches, offline sync. Bring Evernote into alignment with the architecture and functionality of Developer IDEs, Project Management philosophies, Enterprise Ticketing systems, Google Inbox (!) and more which all have archive features. It's not a foreign concept that will confuse people at this point. We're GIVING you ideas we'd pay for - and you've ignored them for years! At this point, I'd pay for a separate app that would integrate with Evernote if it gave me the functionality...
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    Thanks for this report. Please try these steps to fix this issue: Select File > Exit to close Evernote Open the task manager to confirm Evernote is not running as a background process (select "Evernote and End task") Open 'regedit' (Windows key + R, then type regedit) Expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder Expand the "Software" folder Expand the Evernote Folder Click on the second "Evernote folder" so that a list of Values displays on the right Right-Click "EnableHardwareAcceleration" Select "Modify" Set Hexidecimal Value to "0" Select File>Exit to exit the Registry Editor Reopen Evernote Please let me know if the issue continues after completing the steps above. Thanks!
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    The main feature request for archiving notes is here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/57743-request-evernote-archive/ Please feel free to add your vote / engage in further discussion there. Thanks
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    Hi, and welcome to the forums. I think if you uncheck Activate multi-shot it will quit taking pics while you turn pages. There's a document setting actually on the camera screen itself, the icon at top right: if it shows a mountain/landscape, tap it to change to a document icon. That will cause it to frame a document to photograph (it's important to have a contrasting background behind the page). With one or more photos taken, you can tap the images at the bottom of the screen to preview them, and on the preview screen there is a Save As option, where one of the choices is Document. Hope this is some help!
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    I don't want to type intitle: always. Please add the option to search only the title of the note in search settings PERMANENTLY. Thank you.
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    Hard to ascertain how much is standardized EN data wrapper versus feature/function stuff. Though it sounds like CONDUIT is wrapper with the functional programming still on the client. "Any new features that we want to develop we can develop once in conduit to mange the data from the cloud and then our UI teams can focus on what they do best which is making a good user experience." Reminds me of the three tier client server stuff of days gone by. Not a bad thing. IAC, I'm with @DTLow re are any features going bye bye as the data gets scrubbed through CONDUIT. And it does make one wonder a bit about local data bases. Not too worried, but I'd rather not be reliant on internet and server for my productivity. I can't even use the current web version based upon performance. Desktop rocks when it comes to getting things done.
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    Thanks for this look behind the scenes. I understand the need for the common interface My concerns are more about the Evernote client apps I'm looking forward to UI enhancements with the Web/Android/IOS platforms At the same time, I'm apprehensive for the Windows/Mac platforms What features will we be losing? For example, will Mac Applescript integration continue to be supported
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    This triggers a vague memory... I think we had to do that to work around some oddities in CEF (chromium embedded framework) in order to get DnD to work. I didn't do that work, hence the vague memory. (after looking at CEF code, or worse, modifying it, an exorcism is required). Once you close EN down, any files left in the temp folder can be safely deleted.
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    If I remember correctly, HTML is the first format requested (well, actually the 2nd, the 1st is EN's special format). Then RTF, followed by UNICODE. Somewhere in there is bitmaps...
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    Yeah, same for me on my iPhone. Which is sort of what one would expect on IOS, there not really being a browser option. Not so much on the desktop.
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    Just tried a reminder in my Mail Inbox on my iPad. Nicely opens in the app, not in Safari.
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    Please implement something for the night owls
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    I have many years of receipts from my life and business. Is there a way to scan so OCR sees the date and time of the actual receipt and has that available for later programmatic use? Most processes scan and store by scan date and time. That wouldn’t be practical for future retrieval. If said original date and time were available, another process could file the receipt by date into a folder specified before the scan run. (One month per scan run; half-yearly folders in one stack) Otherwise I’d have to start now and even my January and February receipts to date wouldn’t be in Evernote.
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    I don't have a "master", but I think Evernote is an excellent service for the storage and organization of receipts As per your post, I use the Scannable app (iPad), and the receipt is scanned and stored in my Evernote inbox (notebook) Inbox processing on a Mac assigns title, notebook/tags, ... In lieu of a Quickbooks type service, I transfer the Evernote data to a spreadsheet for budget/expense analysis and reports I have the data transfer automated with AppleScript
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    Personally I have no concerns about using iCloud and Evernote for my personal data (sensitive stuff encrypted) - I'm satisfied with their encryption-at-rest (they hold the keys) I don't have business data; which requires serious consideration Just wondering how Evernote gets a pass since there's no end-to-end encryption; or is this back to the usecase for local notebooks or >>Apple is going to scan iCloud-Traffic for child porn
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    Very much needed back! Please bring back the tool bar with the Reminder button. Updates to the app should not strip essential features, but should add them. Thanks, Marty O. Wynn
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    "Need" is the word I use. I had both a "Premium" (as OrbWeaver) and a "Plus" account (this one) and my eyesight has made it impossible to read Evernote's bright screen. Thus I had to cancel my Premium account as well as my Plus account. I'm now using OneNote in a limited way (their sync can take minutes vs. Evernote's seconds) and while I always preferred Evernote, I just can't use it these days. I'll be checking the status of "Dark Mode" every few months and may return to EN, but for now, EN has lost my two accounts.
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    I think this might be directed at me and my comment "I use a word processing editor for such features" I do not think headings "only belong in Word" - My vote is included in the 14 votes for this feature (top left corner of the discussion) I know that headings are supported in the note's underlying html code Until this is implemented, I use work-arounds to obtain such features >>I think what the OP wanted is already there in the web app and on the way elsewhere Confirmed - Headings are currently being tested in the web beta version (I'm one of the beta testers) This is the standard h1/h2/h3 html tags <en-note> <h1>Heading Large</h1> <h2>Heading Medium</h2> <h3>Heading Small</h3> </en-note>
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    It makes no sense to buy paint if the wall is crumbling. Thanks for this insight, and thanks to the team that managed to not only refuel, but to switch planes while in flight. They really pulled this one off - without anybody noticing a drop in service quality. Superb job - now we are all eager to learn about the goodies that will arise from that over time.
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    I have also found this a problem (and have reported it via the web editor feedback button). Here is my experience: It happens when I use the web client. (I've not experienced it on the Windows client.) It happens in Firefox and Chrome, both on Windows 10. It happens on different Windows 10 machines. I have only noticed it since the Beta Editor was introduced. But... It happens on both the Beta Editor and the Classic Editor. Here is what happens: I am typing in the middle of a text note (in Beta or Classic editor of the web client). At some random point the following things happen in quick succession: The last few keystrokes are suddenly undone. If I was typing this means the last few characters disappear from the note. If I just pasted a bit of text that might disappear. The cursor jumps to the start of the note. The screen does not move to the top of the note until I type the next characters. Note that those things happen in quick succession. So - if I am typing without pausing - it looks like the cursor has just jumped to the top of the screen in the middle of typing. But on closer inspection - when I scroll back down to where I was typing originally - I also find the few characters before what's at the top of the screen have disappeared. For example, if I type "Once upon a time" at the bottom of the document and 1, 2, and 3 happen just after I type "upon a" then I will see " time" at the top of the screen, scroll back to the bottom, and see just "Once up". A slightly different effect happens if I am typing and the bug occurs a moment after I pause to think. In this case, steps 1 and 2 have happened, but 3 has not yet happened because I've not typed anything more. In this case the effect is that I will see my typed text, I will see the last few keystrokes mysteriously undone before my eyes(!), and the blinking cursor after that text will have disappeared. Scrolling to the top of the note I will see the cursor blinking away there. Yes, this is very annoying, and yes, it does make it near-impossible to work in the web editor.
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    Would be useful to be able to hide the note preview in Top List View so that the notes list takes up the entire screen.
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    I have the same issue. Cursos jumps when using evernote web client. Im using a Chromebook / Chrome. latest version. I joined the Beta Text Editor program and I'm having the same issue in both versions. Classic and Beta. Please correct, makes this editor useless.
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    When viewing notes on the phone, frequently I switch to other apps to do things like reply message, searching some content of the notes on the internet and so on. However, unlike the built-in Notes app on IOS, Evernote frequently reloads itself and returns to the top of the page and unsaves the action performed before switching to other apps. It very frustrating when the note is very long with lots of tables and we are editing something. It would be so much easier if the app can keep its status in memory much longer so that we can view the same things again after switching back. Since IOS Notes itself can do it and there is no problem on my Mac, I assume there could be a way of fixing this for IOS? I am using a iPhone 8 for reference. Thank you very much.
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    I work construction and design and out in field all the time sketching and making notes. Really would.like ability to pick Grid, Engineering or Ruled(ability to pick line heights). The grid used to be an option, bring back. I was told by Customer Service this was the only way to get this option was to get Penultimate which is for Apple only.
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    Very long time Evernote user, and I’ve found that recently on iPad, it’s almost impossible to use. I have to force quit it several times a day (if it doesn’t crash on its own) to get it to work. Just freezes up whenever I try to do even the most basic things. I’m using the latest iPad Pro, so I know that my hardware can run circles around most laptops. Anyone else experiencing this? it would be frustrating for a free app, but I’m an Evernote subscriber and rely on it for my work.
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    I am probably relying more on tags than on notebooks to structure my notes, which is why I want more space for them than in the old setup. tags have been squeezed between the notebook name and the share / overflow menu options and frequently I do not get to see them all. I am thus in favor of moving tags to a seperate line altogether. I am also fine with tags being at the bottom of the note, as long as they do not scroll around with the content of the note. but why not give the tag "line" a handle bar of its own, so we can choose to leave it at the bottom of the editor window or drag it up and put it below the notebook / share / overflow menus line? best, Lorenz ps: oh, and *thanks* for these videos and for sharing, Ian!
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    That's what I expect too. As I said, when I do a "Most relevant to least relevant" search, I expect the most relevant note to appear at the top. And the most relevant note is most likely a note with that word in the title. I know you can do an intitle search but a) it shouldn't be necessary when you do a relevancy search and b) it's clunky and inconvenient.
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    A ferramenta "realçar" disponível apenas em amarelo é uma grande limitação, pois eu utilizo metodologia de organização de texto através de realces em diferentes cores. Por exemplo. No Word eu consigo utilizar várias cores, então se o trecho do texto é importante realço em amarelo. Se o trecho do texto traz um conceito, realço em verde. Se há alguma inconsistência no trecho, realço em pink e assim por diante. No Evernote eu sinto falta dessa disponibilidade de cores de grifos. Se a sugestão for mudar a cor da própria fonte, acaba sendo ruim, pois cria-se uma dificuldade pra ler quando as cores das letras são diferentes do ponto de vista do contraste com o fundo branco. Um trecho em amarelo, por exemplo, é desconfortável pra ler. Enfim. Apenas uma sugestão simples para que mais ferramentas fiquem disponíveis para os usuários.
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    I know EN search is supposed to be great, but I've been using the internet since the beginning and am somewhat of a power user but I can rarely find what I'm looking for in EN using search. Especially in Android. It's amazing how seldom it works for me! I KNOW something is there, but it's buried and I just want to search for a note but I will often get everything but what I'm looking for or nothing. Then I start drilling down through my notebooks and there it is. Mostly given up on search in EN. I know it's me because there are a host of people on the forum who will tell me that it's great, they use it all the time etc. So, assume I'm somewhat stupid and have a poor memory for learning special search terms, but perhaps I'm a typical EN user. One thing I've learned is that EN search is not selective unless you tell it to be. It just brings up every note with the words or letters you searched for, usually somehow the oldest and least useful. It's kind of like the old search engines (Alta Vista?) before google- if you searched for something, you'd get a lot of noise mixed in with what you were looking for and just be swamped with poor results. I can think of two ways to make it better: 1) Intelligent search, more like Google: Put more recent and more "popular" results at the top. Notes I rarely visit or that were last edited years ago would not show up far up the list from the note I made last week. Give the title of a note priority over the body. If I search for "home AC" show the note that has home AC as a title or part of that waay above a note that has "home" and/or the letters "ac" somewhere in it's body. Build some forgiveness into it like a search engine does. Example: I just looked up how to search within titles only again. intitle: I had tried title: and failed. Then I went to help and found it was "intitle" yet it still failed, because my syntax was off by one space between intitle: and the term. Wow. I was floored that it was that literal without even adding quotes. Build some humanity into this. Google can find a term even if you don't spell it right. Not to mention have a space in the search that is not literally important. 2) Offer more sophisticated filtering in a menu form for what can currently only be effected by coding within the search box (ie using code terms like "intitle:") - this is probably a far easier way for EN to help us. A filter menu/icon that drops down and has check boxes for most (or all) filters along with any related limits. ie Search Filters "title only" "body only" "date last edited _____to _____" etc I seem to remember that there is now a way to have Google search my notes....hmm...maybe that's the trick.. but it's not showing up lately on websearch although it's checked. Thanks
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    It seems to me that most of the people who have responded to this lenghty thread proposing workarounds do not understand the use case. The issue is not about searching through a large number of notes. It is about being able to ARCHIVE old information. Several people, including patricksan, understand the issue. We have clients, we take courses in universities, we work on projects--and when they're over, we don't need to see the information again except in rare circumstances. And if one is a consultant or does project work, chances are high that you have notes that are very similar, but which are unique to specific clients. An archive tag will not work (effectively) in those situations. I dont know the decision matrix that the Evernote people use to decide what features to build, but this thread has been going on for a year or two, and never once has anyone from the company interjected. Nor did the company respond to my emails.
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    I finally made the decision to get Amazon Alexa and just started messing with it. I started using the skill for Todoist but was disappointed to find out that there wasn't an integration with Evernote. I hope this feature gets added on soon. It is clear that companies are going towards home automation and voice controlled systems between Siri, Alexa and Google Home. I enabled the IFTTT for any to do items added to Alexa to append a note in Evernote but it of course is not the same. I would like to see a nice integration where I can create a note by speaking to Alexa. It will be a really nice feature for sure.
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    I would also love this to see this feature. Without it Evernote is hardly usable for my work. I'm surprised that MathJax hasn't been mentioned yet: www.mathjax.org
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