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    Today we released Windows 6.24 GA. It's available here! What’s in 6.24 GA? Fixed: Some users experienced errors when connecting Evernote to Google Drive The app would not restart after changing language settings When clicking on a notebook, the app would not always load the first note in that notebook The confirmation window when exiting the app was not always visible “Synchronizing notes” progress bar was not appearing
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    I notice that the beta web client changed from 6.6 to 6.7 on Chrome. But unlike most betas I have used over the years, there is no announcement, no list of changes.. It seems like the web beta isn't really being treated like a real beta release. Users seem to have little insight into how things are going with the "new" Evernote, what features are there and what aren't.
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    Hi All, The Evernote service will undergo scheduled maintenance on March 14, 2020 from 7 AM - 10 AM (PDT) / 9 AM -12 PM (CDT). You may be unable to log in or sync during this time. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience. El servicio de Evernote tendrá un mantenimiento programado el 14 de marzo del 2020 de 7:00 A.M. a 10 A.M (Hora del Pacífico) / 9:00 A.M. a 12:00 P.M. (Hora Central). Es posible que no puedas iniciar sesión o hacer sincronizaciones durante este tiempo. Nos disculpamos de antemano por las molestias que se puedan presentar.
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    Feature Request: Add Outlining Capabilities to Evernote Evernote is great, but it's dying for the ability to create Notes that contain Outlines which are easily collapsed and expanded during creation and in use. One way to implement it would be a switchable editing mode, between standard formatting or outline mode. In outline mode, pressing the Enter key creates a new outline item, and pressing the Tab key changes the current item into a sub-item. Clicking on an item's action icon causes its sub-items to collapse out of, or expand into view. That's the way the Ecco Pro PIM did it, and something simple like that would be a good start for Evernote. The name Evernote implies a product that takes notes -and collapsible/expandable outlines are a huge part of note taking.
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    As a student of Business Economics, it is necessary many times to write on my notes mathematical symbols and equations; it is not available now, however, wouldn't it be a great feature?
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    Sir, You are a GENIUS! Solution: Scanner still has my.personal.scanner@gmail.com account. Scanner sends email to my.personal.scanner2@gmail.com email that I just created. my.personal.scanner2@gmail.com automatically forwards that email to username.xxx@m.evernote.com address. 💪 Previous: Scanner has my.personal.scanner@gmail.com account. Scanner sends email to username.xxx@m.evernote.com address. 🤬
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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    I've only played with it a short time, but using the web beta on my iPad - including a mouse! - works pretty well. The mouse (it works with a trackpad too) makes a big difference in editing text. Things like selecting text are much easier than using your fingers. I'm sure there will be gotchas, but at first glance it is pretty good.
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    Yep, it's crucial to know what's new and therefore what should be (re)tested by beta users.
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    I love Evernote, but it's preventing me from putting in sensitive content. For example, I can't keep a personal journal notebook, because other people (i.e. girlfriend, family members, etc.) could one day be looking at those notes, especially since they know that I use Evernote often for many purposes. Evernote already has the ability to encrypt single notes. This is useful for things like storing passwords or other temporary sensitive content. But it's not practical to encrypt many notes one by one. I wish I could password-protect a whole notebook. This way, I can do a lot more with Evernote. If I can encrypt single notes, then why can't Evernote just allow me to encrypt entire notebooks? If reason behind this is because Evernote thinks one could lose a lot of data if a notebook password is forgotten, then perhaps Evernote can help recover the passwords through email. In the meantime, I'm stuck with using other apps (i.e. Pages, Day One, etc) to password-protect my content. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    As long as Windows is the mess of an OS it ever was, and EN is still a 32bit-App, saying it would be easy to do is as popular as it is wrong.
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    Hi All, Since Evernote’s earliest days, the five clients (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web) have been evolving separately, tackling the challenges of software development in subtly different ways.In this installment of Evernote Behind the Scenes, CEO Ian Small talks to Mike, a senior member of the engineering team, about the work they’re doing to reunite the Evernote family. Ian and Mike discuss the fundamental changes they’re making to how Evernote communicates between client and cloud, and how they’re tackling the difficult task of making a single shared code library work across the five different apps.
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    Fingers crossed for some behind the scenes updates about what this "maintenance" will allow Evernote to do. While waiting for web access to be restored, really hoping for: access to Reminders on the web interface easier selection of notebooks when moving a note on the web interface roll out of the new web editor to iOS and Mac! Keep up the great work Evernote... can't wait to have the same experience with the new common editor across apps.
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    The current online version is the blueprint and testing ground for what the clients will look like. So this is exactly the Plan.
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    Two samples tell application "Evernote" to set theNotes to get selection tell application "Evernote" to export theNotes to fileBackuphtml format HTML with tags For the above user use case, I write data to a .csv file set targetFile to (path to desktop as text) & "tempBudget.csv" set openFile to open for access file targetFile with write permission write theData to openFile starting at eof as text I posted more samples at
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    Hey PinkElephant, I switched back to the older verison and that seems to have worked. I had no idea I was even using the newer/beta version, haven't been using Evernote for that long. Thank you both for your help!
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    Nobody here to bump into than other users. And I tell you: It is not healthy to bump into elephants 🧐
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    In addition to what @gazumped and @dconnet said, a little different take is that "All Notes" is always available in the left panel, even if the left panel is minimized. And the keyboard shortcut Shift+F6 always works as well.
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    ...what @PinkElephant said; plus - worst case, try exporting half your notes. If that works, do half the rest - repeat as necessary. Whichever export fails contains your note error(s)... Try more halves (if necessary) to narrow that down.
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    If you just clip yes. But, per @gazumped's post, if you hold the Ctrl key while selecting the clip the clip is placed on the clipboard. You can then paste into the note.
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    A thing that's been bothering me in this great service ever since I started using it 2 years ago, is that it is not possible to set a sorting order for a specific notebook. To me this seems very basic, so I was very disappointed that it's still not available in the new beta. I mean, am I the only one who wants my receipts ordered by date and my recipes ordered by title? My family photos ordered by date and my art photos ordered by title? I do sincerely hope this can be implemented!! Once again, thanks for the great software.
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    hi it would be quite nice to support right to left writing direction for languages such as Hebrew, Arabic and Persian. it is really hard to write and read when writing in left to right in those languages. thanks.
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    I never liked using the shake action IOS 13 added gestures Swipe three fingers to the left Tap three fingers twice Evernote uses the default Apple onscreen keyboard For iPad users, Apple added undo/redo buttons
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    Finally figured this one out. In a PDF within a note, click on the header bar (the gray stripe at the top), then on the 3 dots, to get a choice of Download, View as Attachment, and Page-through Preview or Full Preview. For me, View as Attachment is especially welcome. Thanks again for noticing this.
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    It used to be very simple to drop-down the containing notebook and edit which notebook the note lives in. Now, the function has completed changed - it launches a search for all notes in that notebook. Why have this duplicity, when you can just access the notebook separately? It was more useful for me to be able to easily edit where a note "lives." Also, I notice that you've moved the note information (i) to a more obscure location. For a clipping tool, the source is relatively important, and shouldn't be demoted. There's not need to hide behind the three dots.
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    Hi... Tried EN many moons ago, then went with OneNote but EN's cloud and accessible anywhere features are bringing me back...Enough kudos... Is there a way to mark a note as "read-only" so I cannot accidentally erase or modify it? Thanks. Alex
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    Put things in another folder until you are ready to import them.
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    A quick web search for tool to advise when a web page changes returns this 14 BEST tools for Website Change Detection & Monitoring (2020) and 5 Best Free Tools to Monitor Website Changes (2019). I did not dive any deeper. Maybe you could roll your own for this feature. Not to be a wet blanket, but doubtful this is going to find it onto EN's priority list. FWIW.
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    It is the quickest way to create a note with URL meta info and note title automatically filled by EN + have the website link placed as note content, if you don't want to use an external extension like Evernote Web Clipper. Depending on, where you drop it, the linked website note also gets tags assigned automatically. E.g. you could have tag "todo" pre-selected in EN and drop a link right into this note list, which appends "todo" as a tag.
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    Is it a bug that the default font size is now 16 point instead of 10 point, for both new and existing notes? And, if I reduce the font size to 10 points, the line spacing increases so that vertically it saves no space!
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    I'm not 100% sure this is new in 6.7, but I never noticed it before. In All Notes view, there is now, besides the sort options, an option to filter the list by multiple filters (1st screenshot below). In the 2nd screenshot, I've clicked on the Contains option, to show some of the possible items to use for filtering. NB email addresses, lists, and tables. Some of these are things people have been asking for here.
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    I am not here to discuss why or why not one should move from Evernote to another application or service. That is such a personal decision, and I am sure everyone has personally valid motives. Myself, after careful consideration, I decided to move to OneNote. And moving from Evernote to OneNote should be straightforward enough - after all, Microsoft offers a tool (OneNote Importer) just for this purpose. On the other hand, many users (including yours truly) have encountered a number of problems: notes without a title or (oh the horror) notes without actual body. Oh, and keep in mind that I am not overly concerned with a bit of formatting issues. In any case, a glitch here and there is probably to be expected. If you have a relatively small number of notebooks and notes it is not particularly onerous to manually adjust (copy & paste) even a couple of dozen notes. But if you happen to have an Evernote database with several thousand notes… or few tens of thousand notes… the percentage of import errors increases exponentially. To the point where you may be tempted to give up, or where manual intervention is simply unfeasible. I know I was in that situation. Then, because I am a (rather aging ) software developer by trade, I figured I should try and understand the problem (or problems). It turns out I was too fast in blaming the Microsoft product for the poor import. So here is a simple recipe to insure that conversion problems are kept at the very minimum. I just finished porting over 31,000 notes and, at my last count, I have 41 notes that I have to manually fix. And I can live with that. Preparation Before you install and run the OneNote importer, export your Evernote database to ENEX files. Do NOT export the entire database in one pass. Export each and every single notebook. This may be a pain - especially if you have a large number of notebooks. Still. If you do not have a good text editor capable of handling large files (I assume some of your notebooks may produce large export files) get one and install it - there are several excellent freeware and/or opensource offerings (I happened to have become accustomed to Visual Studio Code) If you do not have a super-simple XML editor, get one and install it. Believe it not, my tool of choice is the ancient workhorse Microsoft XML Notepad (1998 - yes 1998). I am not sure you'll be able to find it for download… but you will definitely find XML Notepad 2007 (still available on Microsoft site) . Editing Session Using XML Notepad, open (or attempt to open) the ENEX file(s) you created when exporting your notebook(s) Many files will open without problem. But that does not necessarily mean that they will import without problems. Some files will report errors and you will not be able to open them. See Figure 1. In this particular case, the XML generated by Evernote breaks the entire file because of a non-breaking space in the title of the note. Who knows, I may have copied that title from a web page or from an email signature. Interestingly enough, the OneNote importer is often able to CORRECT the error and import the note correctly. In few cases, for rather mysterious reasons, the note will not import at all. Or it will import without a title. I could not detect a pattern. I will spare you the gruesome details of the investigation, and come to the important point: it turns out that the structure of the XML data in the ENEX files does not always and/or necessarily abide to the "declarations" found in the "document type definition" specified in the file's header. If you have no idea of what I am talking about, it does not matter. Just use the following nuclear option: The solution is surprisingly simple: open the ENEX file in your text editor Look at the second line - you should see the following: <!DOCTYPE en-export SYSTEM "http://xml.evernote.com/pub/evernote-export2.dtd"> See Figure 2. DELETE this line. Don't even ask. Save the file Importing Fire up OneNote Importer When you get to the page "Select Evernote Content", click on the link "Import a file instead" - See Figure 3 Select one of your datafiles, click Next and let the OneNote Importer do its job. No, it is NOT a fast import operation. In closing: if you are moving to OneNote, for any reason, experiment with one notebook - before embarking in the full conversion. See the difference between a straightforward import with OneNote importer and one done after the editing I attempted to describe. I hope this helps a bit... Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3
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    Problem solved, I had a lot of duplicated notes in my trash. That was the reason that my limit was my limit was immediatley used up at the start of the next month period. I now emptied the trash and all new notes were synchronized then.
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    Good point, jefito - I would support the more general feature of searches-as-links, too.
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    It's not posted anywhere officially, but I definitely saw it from an official source. Might have been from the CEO's Twitter account. I also saw some people talking on another public forum about being invited to a limited Evernote web beta test and they reported being on a 6.x version. That's definitely not official, but the info triangulates so I'm fairly confident it's accurate (or at least was accurate as of the recent past). Edit: This also matches up with what Evernote has stated publicly in their videos about having limited tests for more advanced versions, and what some people are posting on these forums, in that most people seem to be on v5.29 but a few people are on v6.5, v6.6, etc.
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    `@dconnet` was my previous Evernote time (thru Jun 2019). `@dcon` is me!
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    The first one you may have previously said GOAWAY! ("Don't show again") I know the first time I install on a new machine and exit, I always click that! I think the 2nd only comes up sometimes (I don't remember the conditions). But you do need to have sync-changes-on-exit enabled (in options).
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    The "Insert Line" bug has been fixed. Yay!!! Still having issues with the "Note Upload Failed" bug. I've created a new note (on my Windows desktop) with copy & paste (not the Duplicate Note option) and then tried deleting the note off my phone, multiple syncs on all my systems using Evernote. Still there. Will have to go back and review the suggested procedure which involves deleting cache, uninstalling Evernote, and then re-installing. Took 2 days to restore all my offline notes the last time I did this, but hey! looks like I'm not going anywhere for at least 2 weeks. Stay safe! Isolate, and stop hoarding the toilet paper! .
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    Got it sorted. thank you for assistance with that. It was driving me a bit nuts but all good now. THx
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    Obviously, from my point - Good! From other peoples? I'm too old and cranky to care!)
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    Yesterday, I was going to update Evernote to the latest revision but it complained that it was unable to load the database. I logged out, renamed the database directory, upgraded and after logging back in, a new database was created, synced and all notes were visible again. So it appears like my database was corrupted and that caused the bugs I originally reported.
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    Yeah this might be the final straw with me for Evernote. I like a lot of thing and have tried so hard to stick with it so I can keep existing sorting , but this is driving me nuts. I want to be able to continue reading something where I left off. That’s not a huge request 😕
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    This sounds like the issue in which wrongdoers have stolen passwords from other sites (not Evernote), and then applied them to Evernote until they find ones that work, so that you have an unknown device logged in to your account. Best practice, I believe, is to immediately change your Evernote password to something unique and strong (https://www.evernote.com/secure/SecuritySettings.action), and then go to your account page and delete the intruding device.
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    Two features to greatly improve the note writing and organization experience: Header Styles – Standard header styles, such as Title, Sub-title, Header 1, etc. Medium, Google Docs, and Slack Posts all are great examples of this. You should be able to select these header styles using a click of a button. The current workaround is painful: change font size for the header line, then change font size again to start writing in the smaller font. Note Outline – Once you create headers, these headers can then become a note outline that can easily be navigated. Look to Google Docs for a great example of this. This would greatly help my ability to navigate my more lengthy notes. Please see screenshots below. Hope you consider this! It would be awesome!
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    I have also found this a problem (and have reported it via the web editor feedback button). Here is my experience: It happens when I use the web client. (I've not experienced it on the Windows client.) It happens in Firefox and Chrome, both on Windows 10. It happens on different Windows 10 machines. I have only noticed it since the Beta Editor was introduced. But... It happens on both the Beta Editor and the Classic Editor. Here is what happens: I am typing in the middle of a text note (in Beta or Classic editor of the web client). At some random point the following things happen in quick succession: The last few keystrokes are suddenly undone. If I was typing this means the last few characters disappear from the note. If I just pasted a bit of text that might disappear. The cursor jumps to the start of the note. The screen does not move to the top of the note until I type the next characters. Note that those things happen in quick succession. So - if I am typing without pausing - it looks like the cursor has just jumped to the top of the screen in the middle of typing. But on closer inspection - when I scroll back down to where I was typing originally - I also find the few characters before what's at the top of the screen have disappeared. For example, if I type "Once upon a time" at the bottom of the document and 1, 2, and 3 happen just after I type "upon a" then I will see " time" at the top of the screen, scroll back to the bottom, and see just "Once up". A slightly different effect happens if I am typing and the bug occurs a moment after I pause to think. In this case, steps 1 and 2 have happened, but 3 has not yet happened because I've not typed anything more. In this case the effect is that I will see my typed text, I will see the last few keystrokes mysteriously undone before my eyes(!), and the blinking cursor after that text will have disappeared. Scrolling to the top of the note I will see the cursor blinking away there. Yes, this is very annoying, and yes, it does make it near-impossible to work in the web editor.
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    Happy to see another video released and happy to see real functionality demonstrated. The Evernote team had seemed to go "dark" for a couple of months since the last video, and I was starting to get a little concerned that perhaps they had hit some major snags (or worse). The last time EN went dark for a few months there was a management and strategic shake-up... Could we get an update on the beta program(s)? Many users on these forums and on Reddit indicate they have signed up for the Beta for multiple platforms and not heard anything from EN. I count myself among that population. May indicated that these changes will be rolled out soon to a small population who are testing the new web experience and that the apps would get it "in time." That's all fine and good, but can we get an update on the beta testing for the apps? Are any of those in preview mode yet, and if not yet, could we get an indication of when? Are we talking most likely not until 2020? Thanks and keep up the good work.
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    This needs to happen for Windows users. Great that Dark Theme is out for Android, iOS, OSX, but still missing for Windows. Evernote is the ONLY app in my workflow that doesn't support dark mode in Windows. A lot of the "duplicate threads" also requesting this seem to now be deleted. Please make this happen.
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    Actually, if you hold shift when you drag a text file into Evernote, it will attach, rather than read the contents. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/15406-attached-files/#entry76160
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