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    Feature Request: Add Outlining Capabilities to Evernote Evernote is great, but it's dying for the ability to create Notes that contain Outlines which are easily collapsed and expanded during creation and in use. One way to implement it would be a switchable editing mode, between standard formatting or outline mode. In outline mode, pressing the Enter key creates a new outline item, and pressing the Tab key changes the current item into a sub-item. Clicking on an item's action icon causes its sub-items to collapse out of, or expand into view. That's the way the Ecco Pro PIM did it, and something simple like that would be a good start for Evernote. The name Evernote implies a product that takes notes -and collapsible/expandable outlines are a huge part of note taking.
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    Hi All, Today we’re following up Ian’s latest blog post with an update to our Behind the Scenes series where we go into greater detail about the work being done to move our rebuilt apps from Preview status to Beta release. We knew this video would be different—for one thing, we had to shoot and edit it from our homes as we continue to deal with COVID-19 pandemic. What we could not know was that in the days leading up to recording, long-simmering issues of systemic racism would come to the forefront of our social conscious, eclipsing even COVID-19 as matters of urgency and action. We chose to hold on to this video until we could publicly acknowledge the realities of the world around us. We're pleased to be able to share it with you now—it’s a valuable conversation if you want to know how we’re progressing with the new clients. And finally, one tidbit of good news: in the days since we recorded the video, our new iOS app has moved out of Preview and into Beta release. Enjoy! If you have any questions/feedback, please feel free to start a thread or reach out to me directly!
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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    Hi All, Thank you for reaching out! We have confirmed the issue you have described, and are working to get it fixed as soon as we are able. In the meantime, you can export the previous version from Evernote Web and then use the desktop app to import it. I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any questions!
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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to chime in. Thanks @Dave-in-Decatur for the ping. The older version of Evernote Web (white and green UI) did have a safety mechanism that would duplicate your notes with the additional content typed if it detected poor internet connection or interruption in service. This isn't an ideal solution, but we had to make a decision on implementing this over letting users lose their data. So although an unorthodox behavior, it did prevent users from losing their data in case their connection went south. The new version of Evernote Web doesn't do this because it has a momentarily ability to survive offline for some time, but it has a bug with duplicating notes that we're fixing right now. This is about 90% fixed at this time and mostly manifested itself in version 6.11. We still expect to see some reports of this issue on versions 6.12 and 6.13, but not as frequent. If you have a reproducible case in versions 6.12 or 6.13, please let me know. Sorry for the inconvenience here folks. Just wanted to let you know that we're doing progress in getting this fixed as soon as possible.
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    Hi... Tried EN many moons ago, then went with OneNote but EN's cloud and accessible anywhere features are bringing me back...Enough kudos... Is there a way to mark a note as "read-only" so I cannot accidentally erase or modify it? Thanks. Alex
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    You probably already know this, but while fonts can't be adjust yet in the Android app, it is possible to set the zoom (scale). It's in the Notes section of the Settings, and will apply to every note.
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    Hello: I reached a turning point last night that set me free from OneNote once and for all. I started with Evernote in 2009 but became a serious user in 2013. OneNote is a dying system as far as I'm concerned because all cloud all the time does not work for me. I can not get ON it to work if my internet falters I Last night I realized that putting Excel files in an Evernote gives me everything I want. I start with Evernote notes and when I need to draw, write and solve equations, etc. I just open the Excel attachment. Excel has ink and I set the grid to be square graph paper with light blue lines. I'm done with OneNote eating my work! I join this chat because I found that selecting all in OneNote let me past the information into the Excel attachment in two ways: as a picture (preserves the look of the original onenote) and as "information" which is a messy mix of images and text. Perhaps mixing this method will help the original poster to get everything moved to Evernote. PS, I have a standard note with the Excel "graph paper" file blank and a Word file blank (so I can use the equation editor) sitting in my inbox. When I think "OneNote" I duplicate this Evernote, update the title and go to work without worry. Also, I use penultimate with ipad and pencil for true handwriting notes.
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    Welcome to the June edition of the Evernote Forum Digest! (Para Español) Make sure to hit the Follow button in the upper right-hand corner to subscribe to the Forum Digest, and get notifications for new releases! What's New? New Forum Section for Evernote Business We are continuing to improve and streamline forum navigation that we announced in last month's forum digest. We created a dedicated forum section for Evernote Business. Additionally, we have closed the Hobby & Interests sub-forum. All content there has been migrated to the General Discussion Forums. You can find a full recap of these changes here. Evernote Beta Testing If you're interested in testing future/beta releases of Evernote, join the Evernote Beta Program! After you sign-up you will be added to our beta testing candidate pool and may then be eligible for our private beta testing. If you’re selected to become a tester, we will email you directly with more information and further instructions. Evernote Events Want to learn best practices, tips, and tricks from Evernote experts? If your answer is yes, make sure to check out Evernote Events and sign up! Evernote Blog Updates Staying Focused on the Road Ahead - Our CEO Ian Small talks about the recent challenges we've been facing, and gives an update on some of the things we've been working on. Three Steps to Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places - Exercises in divergent thinking can improve mental connections between unexpected ideas, inspiring creative solutions and unlocking “aha” moments.Take a look at these great tips for finding inspiration from unexpected places. Announcements Recap: May 2020 Support Chat Closure: Memorial Day Holiday (May 22 - 26) - We closed Chat Support to honor the Memorial Day Holiday. Chat has been re-opened as of Wednesday, May 27th. Evernote Help & Learning Updates Here are our most recently updated H&L articles How to leave an Evernote beta How to reactivate your Evernote account How to deactivate your Evernote account
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    Hi All, You may have noticed that all threads requesting an Evernote integration with Grammarly have been merged into this thread, regardless of platform specificity. This was done in order to better enable us to quantify and qualify user requests, and amplify their voice. While this does not mean this is a feature that will be coming, we certainly want to relay user feedback/sentiment to our various teams. Moving forward, please put all commentary and votes for an Evernote/Grammarly integration here!
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    @eric_treelight @annies If you go to access history (Evernote Web), you’ll probably see devices and IP address from a country different than you. These are hackers accessing your account. Once I changed my password to a strong, unique one and revoked access to ALL DEVICES simultaneously, I haven’t had weird devices locking me out. I know you’re extremely frustrated — I was — this should resolve the issue.
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    Find existing templates here.
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    Hi All, In the new Evernote Web, you can now use filters to help you find what you need faster. You can apply one or more filters by clicking the filters button at the top right of your “All Notes” list, in individual notebooks, and in search results (after executing a search). The following filters are available: Tags - Select from a list of tags in your account Contains - Select from a list of specific content types, such as images or PDFs Created - Select a specific date or date range when the note was created Updated - Select a specific date or date range when the note was most recently updated To remove filters from your note list, click Clear All in the upper right corner of the "Add Filters" box.
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    I created a recipe template for my wife. Three things from that which I think are applicable to other use cases: The vertical wasted space of an ingredient per cell can be a PITA. With many ingredients sometimes two columns make sense and they may not have the same number of items/lines per column. You do lose horizontal space Then again a matter of taste, horses for courses.
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    It does seem like this ought to exist, maybe as a pinned note in this forum. Although the release notes on the Android app are so pathetic they might was well not exist, so I wouldn't be too hopeful of something useful. They seem to be putting out minor updates pretty frequently these days (it's up to 6.14 in Opera for me), always without notification, here or elsewhere.
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    About that "replace the original note" Importing a .enex file does not replace the original note - it creates a new note; losing Note-Id and Notebook
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    Whatever you guys are doing to allow Grammarly to work in your product, please don't change it ever for any reason. It irritates me to no end that I can't use it in Google Docs and other things I like, and that's mainly why I'm here.
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    Today we released Windows 6.25 GA. It's available here! What’s in 6.25 GA? Fixed: Some users experienced issues with switching Google accounts once authenticated on non-Chrome browsers Issues with note history import Security update
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    You can „print“ the pdf into a new pdf, selecting the pages you want, and put this pdf into a new or the original note. However you will sometimes loose some features of the original pdf by this, like OCR data.
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    If you see no notes at all, make sure you have used the right user. One typo, and instead of login in you create a new account.
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    Hi, the reported error can be reproced with the following procedure: Create a new notebook called test. Wthin the notebook test, create two notes: note1 and afterwards note2. Order the notes by most recent, so note2 would stay on top. Make an internal link to note1. Create a new note in another folder, maybe called Evernote. Click on the link to note1. You will be redirected to note2 and NOT to note1. I contacted Evernote support and was told that this bug will be fixed in one of the upcoming web client updates
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    Thanks for sharing - and for showing that you care: For the employees, for the users and for keeping society together ! P.S. Waiting for new stuff to be released, but please only launch when ready.
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    Excellent video and update! Truly appreciate everything you folks at Evernote are doing (massive client overhaul) and for what you stand for! Thank you!
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    My personal machine had a similar problem on installing the client but it did not have any issues running it once installed. It's just an installer problem. I'll look into it further. We did make some upgrades to the build servers so that's most likely what caused it. You are correct about the Note History issues. A server upgrade caused the HTTP Status text for 200, which is the "OK" staus, to stop returning the status text of "OK" like expected. This was causing a false positive error and was treating the 200 as a failure. Note History was the most obvious place this was seen but other internal HTTP calls were failing as well.
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    OK, many thanks. Starting a support ticket. Will report back here.
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    Well, there seem to be several different feature requests here. There are various comments regarding security of our overall data and encryption, and cloud security, etc. I'm comfortable with the overall security of my Evernote data, even if that is a bit of ignorant bliss. I am "desperate" for something far more basic, something that seems to have appealed to many, many users over the many years I've been a Premium EN user: An ability to password protect a notebook consisting of all the notes I don't want anyone to read or see and don't want to pop up in EN searches. This isn't because I want to keep passwords safe (though that is as good a reason as any), since I use 1Password. I just want a simple ability to keep personal journal entries, certain web clippings, photos and the like, separate and secure with an additional layer of password protection. I'll give you a couple of case scenarios: I am a college professor. Students often literally read over my shoulder while I show them documents or web pages on my screen. I would like to easily switch to Evernote to show them saved files of examples or articles. However, I don't want journal snippets -- or web clippings of gifts I'm eyeing for my family, or recipes I've saved, or photos of my children's artwork or my brother's prized classic car -- showing up in that search. I've had the same usage concern with consulting clients, because I use EN to organize those materials, as well. Another case: Although I use a privacy screen on my devices, none is 100%. I do not want to have to worry about prying eyes next to me or behind me every time I perform a search on my Evernote in a public place. The note encryption is not sufficient, since it balks at my web clips and doesn't tolerate formatting or longer lengths. Last example: The potentially horrifying default logon view. The contents of Evernote's encrypted notes are excluded from search and have a box in place of the contents, which keep them out of snippet view. With an encrypted and password-protected notebook, I'd hope the titles, also, would be omitted from snippets and search. As it is, if I'm at work and decide to show someone an Evernote file, when I open EN, the left pane displays notes with such professional and non-confidential titles as, "Really Dirty Jokes to Tell Brother," "Easy Ways To Fire 50% of Staff THIS WEEK," "Quit To Become a Pro Butter Churner? Pros & Cons," and "June 18, Reflections: Today I realized WHY I hate this job. It's because of my useless coworkers, loathsome boss, petulant clients ..." (ADDED after original post. Thanks @Jay Starkey for the reminder of this predicament.) Of course, there are workarounds, most obviously, not having someone read over my shoulder. I can also try to pull things ahead of time, find other ways of working around nosey neighbors, etc. But I am an Evernote devotee. I use it for everything and I love its search functions and the ability to trip across related saved documents by searching a word or tag. There are times I like sharing my EN screen with individual students, clients or even a lecture hall. Other users share their EN with assistants or family and because of a need to share many things across many notebooks, find it impractical to give others only specific notebook access. Seems pretty easy to understand why they, too, would find it much easier to make one or more notebooks completely private only to them. I understand the notion of using different apps and software for different things. But what made Evernote my Holy Grail of information control was following advice I read years ago: Put EVERYTHING in it, so you have one place to look. I have plenty of exceptions, such as not using it for passwords. But it works best for me if I use it for almost all notes and document storage, personally generated and web saved. Therefore, I don't really want another system for my journal, random web clips, and pictures I've taken of my children's artwork -- even though I don't want any of those things popping up in a search or along my sidebar. Having a private notebook, or several private notebooks, would solve my concerns as well as those of countless other paying EN customers.
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    I posted some Applescript basics at https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/112316-scripting-on-a-mac-applescript/ In your case, you want to select the notes and have the script process each one The script code is tell application "Evernote" set theNotes to get selection repeat with theNote in theNotes < insert code here end repeat end tell For the "simplify formatting" code, I searched the internet and found this https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/LanguagesUtilities/Conceptual/MacAutomationScriptingGuide/RemoveMarkupfromHTML.html Feel free to ask if you have any questions implementing this
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    Yes, I remember once reading a history of computing which said something like one of the early fundamental principles of computing was that giving the same input to the same program/process would result in the same output every time. I read that years ago, and I still get a good laugh out of it.
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    Hi, and welcome to the forums. I'm afraid "this is how it works in Evernote for Android" is the answer. It just doesn't give access to the underlying URL. The ability to create a link with the URL concealed behind anchor text in this app (sort of the inverse of what you're trying) is a long-standing feature request, but not yet implemented. Some apps, when you select a link to copy to the clipboard, offer options to "copy link text" and "copy link address," and the latter option would get you the URL. But that's no help with other apps that don't show that option. I presume you're trying to check links before actually opening them in a browser, where of course you'd see the URL. I don't think Evernote will be the tool for this particular job.
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    Thanks for the advice. I have contacted Epson support and it is now going to the Project Team for troubleshooting. I appreciate the help on the work around. It is still puzzling what happen to go from working one day to not working the next. In the end, computers are binary machines.
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    If the cursor is at the beginning of the line Shift+End selects the line. So Home followed by Shif+End should do it. Also, if you triple click the line it will be selected, as long as it is only one line. Triple click defaults to selecting a paragraph.
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    And sometimes it leaves us with paper cuts!
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    Nice. Yeah I will definetly use internal note links to chain them together. I guess now that I think about it, even ebook readers never try to show an entire book at once, they go page to page, lol.
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    298 pages? No offense, but to me, that's more like a book than a note! While I'm sure Evernote can, technically, handle that, I don't think it was designed to. (A Basic account has a note size limit of 25 MB, which I'm sure even that much plain text does not approach; there's no limit specified on number of characters.) I'm not surprised it gave you some freezing issues: sometimes when we push the envelope, the envelope pushes back.
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    Workaround. Do a search to get the notes of interest and go to a List view. Make sure you have source URL as a column in the list view. Ctrl + A to highlight the list and Ctrl + C to copy the list. Open and Excel and paste. Do whatever magic you must to copy the URL column to an email.
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    Sorry - I meant the green one...
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    Hello, I love the code block feature that was added. However, I think it has some down falls. Mostly, I think it is lacking in text formatting. An amazing feature would be for Evernote to recognize some popular coding languages and be able to color code variables and other identifiers. At the very least, I wish the code block kept my formatting when I copied and paste from a text editor. I often copy and paste code from SQL management Studio hoping for the color coding to stay, which it does not. If I copy into a normal section, it is fine but, the code block removes the color formatting. (I have tried pasting with match style, does not work). I think this would make Evernote more robust and be able to reach a larger audience. Mainly, extend reach to developers who would like a place to effectively store their code for reuse. Thank you for taking the time to consider this idea!
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    I have specifically logged in to this form as a first time poster just to respond to this. HTML 1.0, released in 1993 had 42 TOTAL tags supported in the language. PRE was one of those. How the heck hard can it be to create a button to create a code snippit section in Evernote that does not: * Spell Correct * Replace Quotes with stupid MS Word Style Quotes * Replace Double Dashes with Em Dashes * Etc. This is a CODE BLOCK for Christ's sake. This isn't about syntax highlighting, or turning Evernote into an IDE. It's about simply storing what I want it to store in the format I asked it to store it in. If I put the word "ansible" into Evernote it should not AUTOMATICALLY change it to "sensible" for me, it should NOT do it AGAIN after I CORRECT it, and it should not take me adding the word to the bloody dictionary before it will finally stop trying to auto-correct it in EVERY LINE. I'm not sure who you think your audience is? Almost every white collar job these days has it's hand in Big Data, Cloud or Web in some way, meaning the VAST MAJORITY of your customer base has SOME NEED to store SOMETHING that looks like an unformatted text string, likely containing words, phrases or symbols that do not translate into a dictionary word. Again the VAST MAJORITY of these text strings have an importance to be stored AS IS, as copied into the program without ANY modification AT ALL. 1993 we had that capability on web pages. Every WIKI, IDE, Forums Software and Text Editor in existence has AT MINIMUM this feature functionality. I notice the box I am CURRENTLY TYING IN did not auto-correct any of the words i've put in, making EVEN IT be SIGNIFICANTLY more useful to the standard/average user of your software THAN YOUR ACTUAL SOFTWARE IS. I am now ACTIVELY looking to get off your platform. There are posts i've run across in the last 3 top hits on google dating back to 2016, I don't know how it's even possible after 4 years of customers complaining and in 2020 to have a text editor without basic functionality like "in this block of text, please don't change what I type" let alone "please recognize this block of text for what it is and highlight it appropriately". Why do I get the feeling Evernote is a company of two people in a house somewhere who spend all day checking their monthly income statements.
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    Here is what worked for me : Download skitch from the App Store (Not from their website) Open Skitch and try taking a snapshot (At this stage the desktop snapshot should be captured) Click on System Preferences from the apple icon and click on Privacy tab, under this tab, there is an option to edit screen recording settings, You should see Skitch here
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    Hello. I'm a premium Evernote user. One of my main uses of Evernote is to make lists of websites or articles I find useful in a single note as multi level bulleted lists and linking them to their URL so it's easily clickable. This is very easy to do in the Desktop and Web app using the Ctrl+K shortcut or the Add Link button. But the Android app doesn't have an option to add hyperlink to a word or a sentence. This is a very basic function and should have been easy to implement even on Android. I'm posting this forum post from my phone and even this text box has a link option but the Evernote app doesn't! I would request the Android developer team to consider it. A simple button beside the Bold, Italic buttons at the bottom to add a hyperlink would be very useful. Thanks.
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    Dear responsible and fellows of the evernote community The only thing i miss in my daily routine - considering i use Evernote for literally my whole life -, is a mindmap creator resource. Beside the obvious missfortune of having to pay another tool just for making a few mindmaps, the real problem is that i can't change that mindmap once i've converted it into a PDF form0(in order to clip onto Evernote). So, i think it would be a huge improvement to Evernote to provide us a mindmap tool integrated with the regular notes, similar to the "tables" (or charts?) tool we have. If you guys agree please foment this thread! Thanks for your attention and my apologies for any language mistakes. With my best regards, Lucas Mello
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    Dear Evernote Dev Team, I am an long-time Evernote Premium user, fan and advocate. It is part of my daily workflow, for hours per day I might add. You guys have done a wonderful job with this product and my hat goes off to you... However, this feature would be HUGE to me, and apparently many others. PLEASE consider adding this feature sooner than later. As mentioned, I am loyal but I have begun to research alternatives that would offer this feature. I really don't want to switch though. just being honest You guys rock!!! Best Regards, Craig
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    To compete and go to the next level Evernote should really consider anchor point/inline tags, and collapsible text. MarginNote does text tagging great with keywords as seen in photo and other apps are implementing it as well: https://blog.readwise.io/tag-your-highlights-while-you-read/
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    So, please, consider upvoting ;).
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    I was coming here to post this exact idea! This would be awesome!
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    Grammarly does not work in the desktop app, right? I would love this integration, similar to how Grammarly integrates into Microsoft Word. I'll post this as a product idea.
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    Yes, I've waiting for this feature for 3 years!
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    Yeah, I'm reaching the point where I might abandon Evernote in favor of something that DOES support markdown.
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