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    This thread from a few years back references putting a limit on download amount, at least temporarily. Might be worth a go. Otherwise, it may be time to contact support.
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    Please have the tab labels show the note title, rather than the notebook title. (and/or allow preview-on-hover on the tabs)? These tabs (see below) are useless for navigation. I've been an evernote user since the company was two people with a booth at MacWorld in SF.
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    On the off-chance that product management read this thread then I'd like to add my support for the text toggling (text collapsing) feature. Long term Premium user and I love Evernote but some long notes with different sections of information are impractical to visualize or navigate without this feature. For some of my technical notes, I have to use Notion because it makes the information so easy to consume & navigate (isn't this one of the main objectives of a note-taking app ?). This feature has clearly got a lot of interest and requests so please include it so we don't have to use additional tools which fragment our workflow. Thanks
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    @sokarie Try perhaps a forced sync to see if your notes populate in All Notes. Hold down `OPTION` + `SHIFT` on your keyboard and press the sync wheel on your toolbar.
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