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    It's more a case of someone who did a web search on something like "sort a stack", and copied/pasted an answer from some developer site. E.g.: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/sort-stack-using-temporary-stack/: Look familiar?
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    Well it got fixed, on its own. Or because I changed some formatting by make the commands into code snippets. The note is now at the very top and now without the quotes. I wouldn't be able to explain why but frustration time on this one is over. I would like to thank you for the assistance and great suggestions.
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    Ha, it was the second hit on a web search for "sort a stack", giveaway was the page title. 🍰 (piece of cake). *slight bow*
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    Does this have anything to do with Evernote? This so-called @Lewis-H has been answering posts, some of them quite old, since joining on January 1, sometimes sensibly but redundantly, sometimes nonsensically, like this. In another thread, you asked whether he was a bot. I begin to suspect so. Or just somebody who wants to be helpful but doesn't really understand the subject matter.
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    Yeah, same for me on my iPhone. Which is sort of what one would expect on IOS, there not really being a browser option. Not so much on the desktop.
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    You're using the "new web version" which has known issues You might want to downgrade versions btw Your issue is with notebook sequence, not note sequence
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    Very much needed back! Please bring back the tool bar with the Reminder button. Updates to the app should not strip essential features, but should add them. Thanks, Marty O. Wynn
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    Yeah, they should fix that, but in the mean time, the login is in the dropdown menu at the top right: Or you could just keep a bookmark to https://www.evernote.com/Login.action, which is the login link.
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    Hi, I'm usually very accepting of when applications update UI / UX. Things change and I get that not everyone will like it, however I'm hoping compromises and options can be made. I personally have issue with the redesigned tray icon. IMO, it's no longer easily identifiable given that most of the Windows native icons in the task bar are monochromatic as well. I'm constantly clicking on the icon throughout the day and now it just blends in with everything else making it much more difficult (for me anyway) to use. May we have different options for this icon? A green variant again? Maybe one with a green outline? Just something to provide additional options with more contrast that better stand out. Regards -
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    Sort a stack using a temporary stack Create a temporary stack say tmpStack. While input stack is NOT empty do this: Pop an element from input stack call it temp. while temporary stack is NOT empty and top of temporary stack is greater than temp, pop from temporary stack and push it to the input stack. ... The sorted numbers are in tmpStack. I hope this helps! Regards, Lewis Developer apps4rent | o365cloudexperts | clouddesktoponline
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