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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    You probably already know this, but while fonts can't be adjust yet in the Android app, it is possible to set the zoom (scale). It's in the Notes section of the Settings, and will apply to every note.
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    @eric_treelight @annies If you go to access history (Evernote Web), you’ll probably see devices and IP address from a country different than you. These are hackers accessing your account. Once I changed my password to a strong, unique one and revoked access to ALL DEVICES simultaneously, I haven’t had weird devices locking me out. I know you’re extremely frustrated — I was — this should resolve the issue.
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    Find existing templates here.
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    Hi All, In the new Evernote Web, you can now use filters to help you find what you need faster. You can apply one or more filters by clicking the filters button at the top right of your “All Notes” list, in individual notebooks, and in search results (after executing a search). The following filters are available: Tags - Select from a list of tags in your account Contains - Select from a list of specific content types, such as images or PDFs Created - Select a specific date or date range when the note was created Updated - Select a specific date or date range when the note was most recently updated To remove filters from your note list, click Clear All in the upper right corner of the "Add Filters" box.
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    Well I was (today) years old when I found out! Darn that's cool! And I really didn't realise "note body zoom" meant that... thankyou!
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    I created a recipe template for my wife. Three things from that which I think are applicable to other use cases: The vertical wasted space of an ingredient per cell can be a PITA. With many ingredients sometimes two columns make sense and they may not have the same number of items/lines per column. You do lose horizontal space Then again a matter of taste, horses for courses.
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    About that "replace the original note" Importing a .enex file does not replace the original note - it creates a new note; losing Note-Id and Notebook
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    Hi All, Today we’re following up Ian’s latest blog post with an update to our Behind the Scenes series where we go into greater detail about the work being done to move our rebuilt apps from Preview status to Beta release. We knew this video would be different—for one thing, we had to shoot and edit it from our homes as we continue to deal with COVID-19 pandemic. What we could not know was that in the days leading up to recording, long-simmering issues of systemic racism would come to the forefront of our social conscious, eclipsing even COVID-19 as matters of urgency and action. We chose to hold on to this video until we could publicly acknowledge the realities of the world around us. We're pleased to be able to share it with you now—it’s a valuable conversation if you want to know how we’re progressing with the new clients. And finally, one tidbit of good news: in the days since we recorded the video, our new iOS app has moved out of Preview and into Beta release. Enjoy! If you have any questions/feedback, please feel free to start a thread or reach out to me directly!
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    You can „print“ the pdf into a new pdf, selecting the pages you want, and put this pdf into a new or the original note. However you will sometimes loose some features of the original pdf by this, like OCR data.
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    If you see no notes at all, make sure you have used the right user. One typo, and instead of login in you create a new account.
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    Hi, the reported error can be reproced with the following procedure: Create a new notebook called test. Wthin the notebook test, create two notes: note1 and afterwards note2. Order the notes by most recent, so note2 would stay on top. Make an internal link to note1. Create a new note in another folder, maybe called Evernote. Click on the link to note1. You will be redirected to note2 and NOT to note1. I contacted Evernote support and was told that this bug will be fixed in one of the upcoming web client updates
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    Hi All, Thank you for reaching out! We have confirmed the issue you have described, and are working to get it fixed as soon as we are able. In the meantime, you can export the previous version from Evernote Web and then use the desktop app to import it. I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any questions!
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    Evernote search is powerful. A common Search Operator is intitle: intitle:coffee searches for notes whose title contains "coffee". If you use Titles in a consistent meaningful way to easily categorize the entire Note, read on. For the over 5000 notes I have, I cannot search by (easily) by tag, though I use those heavily, as well as I can with intitle: Try it! If you believe it is valuable, then comment on my request if you have the time or interest. More detail in the following request: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/126210-feature-requests-for-fuller-experience-on-evernote/#comment-566479
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    Hi All, is anyone with me that this functionality would be really powerful. I have a number of apps in iOS that would share these links but I cannily create the web enabled versions and this just slows down my workflow. Any thoughts?
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    this problem seems to have reappeared. Whenever i create a new note on my phone, whether or not I add tags before clicking the check mark in the top left to mark the editing mode as "finished", all of the content of the note disappears. I can record this with a screen recording tool if that would help...but I guess I'm just gong to reinstall first and see if that fixes the problem. i have sooo many notes though (although none of them are "offline" i guess) that it feels unbelievably inconvenient.
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    Hi, and welcome to the forums. The interfaces for Evernote on the various platforms (Windows program, Web client, Mac program, iOS, Android) have always been different from one another, and their capabilities have always differed. Currently, I believe they're working to unify them as much as is possible (given the differences among operating systems). But the new look and capabilities have come to the Web beta first, and it is kind of a testing ground for what will eventually come to the other platforms, as I understand it--which means, however, that it is even more different from the current looks of those other platforms than it has ever been. What you do in the Web client in terms of headers, highlighting, etc., will show up in Windows (and the other platforms), with headers appearing as particular fonts and sizes. So it's possible to insert headers on the Web and at least get the look of headers in Windows. Eventually, it should all be unified and working the same or similarly on all platforms.
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    I have not been following this forum regularly. However, when I had this problem a year or more ago, I solved it by changing my Evernote login password. The problem has not re-occured for me since then. Good luck! Bob
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    Thank you for the reply, gazumped. The letters themselves have the same base height, that's true. But characters in code fragments are wider + those style margins and borders take additional space as well. That make code fragments look unproportionally bigger and, what's more important, lead to neighbour items being overlapped: Thus, that seems reasonable for me to either decrease margins: ... or font size: ... which is a common practice AFAICS
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    I tried Filterize and didn't like it, so I wrote my own. This solution depends on Mac Automation. Mobile users with a Mac can benefit if you leave it running. This script accepts natural language tags in a variety of formats that begin with "repeat". Yes, these are actual tag names. "repeat every 3 days" "repeat Tuesday" "repeat monthly" "repeat daily at 5pm" "repeat 2 weeks" "repeat every Wed" "repeat yearly" "repeat every 3 months 8 AM" "repeat July 4" "repeat Feb 17th at 8:30 pm" When it detects a note with a repeat tag and a completed reminder, it automatically resets the reminder time to the date specified. I set mine up to run via cron every minute. It acts similar to Filterize, but this is FREE. crontab -e * * * * * osascript $HOME/Library/Scripts/Evernote-recurring.scpt Feedback welcome. Evernote-recurring.scpt
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    I love Evernote, but it's preventing me from putting in sensitive content. For example, I can't keep a personal journal notebook, because other people (i.e. girlfriend, family members, etc.) could one day be looking at those notes, especially since they know that I use Evernote often for many purposes. Evernote already has the ability to encrypt single notes. This is useful for things like storing passwords or other temporary sensitive content. But it's not practical to encrypt many notes one by one. I wish I could password-protect a whole notebook. This way, I can do a lot more with Evernote. If I can encrypt single notes, then why can't Evernote just allow me to encrypt entire notebooks? If reason behind this is because Evernote thinks one could lose a lot of data if a notebook password is forgotten, then perhaps Evernote can help recover the passwords through email. In the meantime, I'm stuck with using other apps (i.e. Pages, Day One, etc) to password-protect my content. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    With apologies to Evernote, I'd probably say 'Google Docs' off the bat. Sharing there is pretty transparent and updates are saved back to the server immediately. With Evernote you have the complication that if you edit a note, your changes will sync back to the server over the next several minutes (depending on how your account is set up) and if someone else changes that note in the meantime you could wind up with one set of changes being overwritten or both sets being saved as 'conflicting changes'. It's not usually much of a problem, but if you're dealing with others, it helps not to create any potential traps to fall into. Evernote has a connection with Google - How to attach Google Drive files to notes - so it should be fairly easy to create a note listing all the files for a project. If you copy the public share link for that page and send it to your contacts, they'll always have the most up to date list of files available to them. There's a slight security hole there - anyone with that URL can see the page. You may want to password-protect your files individually to avoid mischief. Evernote notes are not searchable by public search engines unless you actively promote them as such, so the note won't be found by casual searching, but the access is there for anyone with the URL. Hope that helps...
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    Whatever you guys are doing to allow Grammarly to work in your product, please don't change it ever for any reason. It irritates me to no end that I can't use it in Google Docs and other things I like, and that's mainly why I'm here.
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    Hi. This is a -mainly- user-supported Forum. Although Evernote staffers do read the posts here, and there are Admins to keep everyone in line, there's no guarantee when that will be. If you need help on a technical issue, we can offer advice from our collective experience but Evernote support is available (for subscribers) via the website link, and (for everyone) on Twitter @EvernoteHelps or via their Facebook community. Syncing is generally a local issue - these tips may help: How to troubleshoot syncing issues
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    I acknowledge that Evernote's user forum isn't designed to house discussions on racism and privilege, but I also can't be silent about something as important as this. In my opinion, it's lunacy in this day and age that every single company and person hasn't taken a stance against racism and white supremacy. What Ian did in this video is the bare minimum that anybody with a voice should be doing right now. Additionally, I am assuming that your intention behind "couldn't care less what colour or creed someone is" was well-meaning and designed to communicate that someone's race/ethnicity doesn't bother you. However, I want to share that these sentiments often contribute towards systemic racism or—in the very least—the privilege some groups have over others (even though that wasn't your intention, I assume). Not caring (or "not seeing") race/ethnicity is a way of dismissing part of someone's identity, suggesting their experiences aren't valued, refusing to acknowledge your own privilege, and often shutting down further conversations about racial injustice. In most parts of the world—and definitely in the United States, where Evernote is based—systematic racism is rampant; as a result, we must care if we want to move towards a more just and equitable society.
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    The standard Windows Ctrl+A hot key will highlight everything in a note window, or frame. You have to click in the frame first. If you have a note open in a separate window you can highlight text in either that window or the note currently visible in the main EN window. The text will be highlighted when you return to the original window but as soon as you click in that original window the highlight will indeed go away. Only workaround I know is to continue to use what was pasted to the clipboard. It will be there until you copy something else.
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    Let's trying pinging @Shane D. he is often able to fix problems with the customer support systems.
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    Looks like a feature - I'm on 6.25.1 and this still applies. Maybe raise it with support so they can add it to their 'to do' list. Haven't tried for work-arounds but maybe build the table in a word processor and copy/ paste across, or just eyeball the columns...
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    ... or with iOS 13 simply a double 3 Finger Tap, or a 3 Finger swipe to the left like described above.
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    I very much like the video but the majority of the folks over at reddit/r/Evernote/ seem to be impatient and don't understand the delays at all: https://www.reddit.com/r/Evernote/comments/hfd6yv/behind_the_scenes_at_en_at_home/ and https://www.reddit.com/r/Evernote/comments/hdwnfn/video_latest_ceo_product_update/ Evernote might want to address these things in an upcoming video.
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    Nope, no Notes are displayed when I've logged into Evernote with my password. I'll consider going down the Support rabbithole if I don't get any more productive replies to my help request in this forum. Thanks for your thoughts.
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    Hi and thanks! Got it. I have been doing just that so far but I was looking for a better, more streamlined way. I thought I might have missed something obvious. Apparently not. Thanks again!
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    Hi there probably this is an duplicated request But here it goes. The only feature that i really miss, and for that reason i use other tools for other type of tools is the lack of more sub folders. I know the tags are very important but some times i just like to have everything tidy. And more sub levels of notes its very important. At this point evernote allows us to have 2 levels "Notebooks"->2 and ->3 But there is much need for more levels for instance. Notebooks 2 -> Bills 3- House Bills 4-> Whater Bills 5 -> Energy bills 6 -> Internet Bills 7 -> Phone Bills So i can have this organization, i have to remove the sub folder to have all the bills folder under the Bills But If i have Car Bills?, and place them under the "bills" will be in the middle of the House bills. It will be Like this Notebooks 2->Bills 4-> Whater Bills 5 -> Energy bills 6 -> Internet Bills 7 -> Phone Bills 8-> Mechanic Bills 9 -> GAS Bill 10 -> TAX Bills 11 -> EZPASS Bill Would be better organized if i could have another subfolder under "Bills" so i can have house bills, car bills, school bills etc. Like this i have other examples. This is just one:) The software is incredible and this is the only feature i feel that is missing (for me of course)
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    I would love to see a format painter to be able to quickly matching font, size, etc. from one area of a note to another.
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    Hi. You could make up your own format if you wish - Open Evernote on a desktop create your 'ideal' layout and save/ sync as a note. Export your note to ENEX and save it to your desktop Double-click the ENEX file Check the Evernote app for a new note with your saved format. Obviously not helpful for mobiles, but you can create a few spares on a desktop and keep them in a Templates notebook...
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    Try regenerating the app from Automator This pdf recommended step is not critical I so hate the new Apple security/privacy feature
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    Hello, I'm having an incredibly frustrating issue with Evernote. I have hundreds of notes with long PDF slide decks, in combination with longform typed notes. I type these notes in Evernote while viewing/annotating the PDF in a different app. I have these PDFs "view as attachment" because otherwise I would have 70 pages of slides to scroll through before I reach my actual notes. My problem is that these PDFs pop open to "view inline" ALL THE TIME!!! It happens whenever the note refreshes, whenever I hit Ctrl-Z, whenever the attachment "updates", and at seemingly many other random times. Incredibly frustrating! I have the overall app setting default to "View Inline", because my primary use for Evernote is a paperless workflow, and in those settings I do need the attachments to view inline. PLEASE HELP!! This has happened for all of the most recent versions of Evernote for macOS (from at least 7.0 onwards).
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    Em vários editores de Texto existe esse recurso e ajuda muito!!! Poderiam colocar esse recurso? Existe no WORD e GOOGLE DOCS. BOTÃO DE COPIAR FORMATAÇÃO DE TEXTO...
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    When clipping from stackoverflow, I noticed that indentation is lost, making code-examples hard to read. In the case of python or explanatory ascii art graphs, the result is outright broken, since indentation is significant there. E.g. when trying to clip https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47792846/what-is-ours-and-their-while-doing-git-rebase/61339092#61339092: The browser reports the indented lines as "<span> content</span>" with a single space in front. Adding more spaces would cause correct indentation, so it isn't a pure CSS issue. However, I cannot judge whether the stored note contains incorrect indentation, or whether the representation sent to rendering component contains an incorrect simplification.
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    I have the problem that the web clipper is removing indentation from code blocks, making the code unreadable. I have seen this on multiple websites, regardless of whether "full page" or "article" or "selection" is being clipped. For example, try this website: https://objectcomputing.com/resources/publications/sett/july-2019-web-dev-simplified-with-svelte It should look like this: But in Evernote, it ends up like this: I'm using Chrome and the Windows client.
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    Hi there @CherryDT, I can reproduce this exactly as you mention it. I've reported this issue to the developers, but I don't have an estimate on when to expect it to be fixed. Thanks for reporting it!
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    IMHO a classic circle conclusion: I assume something should work, something specific, like „I need to print all notes in a notebook, without any work for me, neat and nice, etc.“ Then I declare this special wish as a no-brainer, only stupid programmers don’t know how to etc. Then I realize it is not working the way I want Conclusion: The world is against me, especially this bad, mean-wishing company etc., and I will swear sulfur and fire on their heads for their deceitful marketing messages telling me I could use this program etc. My conclusion: I am another user, obviously stupid enough to continue with this mess of a program. And no, I will now not dedicate part of what is left of my Sunday to try to help on this. Good luck !
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    I am starting to try to use Evernote heavily for meeting preparation. I'd like to include all of the documents I am preparing for the presentation in Evernote. However, when I right-click on the attachment in Evernote and set it to "View as Attachment", sometimes it will revert to being displayed inline when I open Evernote the next time. It doesn't seem to be for all attachments, and I can't figure out what I do to make this happen. Is there any setting to force all attachments to always display as attachments instead of inline? Without it working as expected Evernote becomes less usable for me. I am on Evernote for Mac, 5.6.2; on Yosemite.
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    Hi All, You may have noticed that all threads requesting an Evernote integration with Grammarly have been merged into this thread, regardless of platform specificity. This was done in order to better enable us to quantify and qualify user requests, and amplify their voice. While this does not mean this is a feature that will be coming, we certainly want to relay user feedback/sentiment to our various teams. Moving forward, please put all commentary and votes for an Evernote/Grammarly integration here!
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    So, does anyone from EveryNote actually respond to these threads?!? Seems like a lot of people complaining about something that should never have been "fixed" (which I completely agree with!) but no response from EverNote. Seriously guys, why would you add additional space between check boxes to take up more space when the point of your App is to stay organized?!? Clear, concise, and compact lists to collect notes should be your M.O.... I echo the sentiments of others; additional white space–on screen or when printing–is a complete waste of time and paper. For folks that would like this "feature" they can simply add an additional carriage return between lines themselves.
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    I would also just like to add here that a functionality similar to that of Google Docs would be great (see attached image). In that case, if you add a link (ctrl-k) you can just start typing and it searches other google drive documents as well as the web. This would be great for Evernote: search existing notes (based on titles and tags?) and the web. Of course, different users have different needs, but I think that the reactions here show that an improved implementation of linking notes in Evernote would be very welcome. The current method sooms to be too cumbersome for most users, and for me it distracts from my actual work while taking notes.
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    I was coming here to post this exact idea! This would be awesome!
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    As a confluence user I strongly agree with A and B. I often work with a Project Master Note from where I link to other notes. What I'd like to see is a "Create and Link note from here." I.E.: Select text. Right click. Hyperlink. Create and link new note here.
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    An interesting feature I use on my Mac is to simply drag a note title into another note. It creates the link. I understand it also works in Windows
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    Yes, I've waiting for this feature for 3 years!
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