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    It seems clear to me that it is a problem that different people have and that it is the same. I don't know if it's because of Google (in any other my app it works) or yours, but does it seem to you that everyone should send you a ticket to indicate the same problem? Update the Desktop app and that's it. After years of Evernote Premium we would ask you for new features, but I realize that if we have problems with the login it is completely useless ...
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    I don't think we can expect the users to understand the technical constraints of implementing dark mode. Plus the claim that it's almost impossible is not obvious as many other MS apps have the feature; Adobe, OneNote, Keep, etc. The fact is that this company has had 7 years to implement this most requested feature and they have chosen not to - which is a shame. But I think this forum is a fine place for feedback from users, no matter how ignorant we are and how "impossible" the features we request.
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