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    YES! I figured it out. You can't right-click on the image because that will not give you the option to add a hyperlink. But if you select the image and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+K you can add a link. Doing the happy dance!
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    I keep mine very basic and simple with internal note links and links to files in my Google Drive I update this as needed. It makes accessing needed info very easy too - one stop shopping for the info I use most.
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    Have to disqualify myself right out of the gate as I'm Canadian... but... here's my current dashboard note. As you can see, it is setup with basically just a slew of 'note links' - I wanted it to be mobile device friendly too so no wide table columns where I would have issues with scrolling left/right too to get to notes - so the two left columns are the high important items that I can scroll and tap on with mobile devices. I have a basic image banner on the top of the page (I do this with a lot of other 'master notes' as well - just to add some splash of color/etc), then a basic 3 column table with some note links - each of those note links are for a master note too - I run everything from my grocery list to major multi million dollar project management out of evernote and the bulk of it starts right here (well, main work stuff has it's own dashboard). Example: my "scuba" entry under reference get's me into my scuba diver "log book" - which is a master note showing me all my current scuba diving certifications, planned certifications, tasks (rescue course re-certifications), and a link out to my scuba diving travel ideas note. Of course, my scuba log book master note wouldn't be complete without a link to my scuba diving log book - with details and photos from every dive - and yes, this is all in Evernote too. Evernote also is a CRM for me - so you can see a few people listed under "Important" - I have another master note that breaks down my people based on friends, professional, business, etc. Significant actions with "people" get tagged with their name and a "-chronology" suffix (ie ejohn-chronology) - my CRM section assembles all those notes into a chronological list so when I drill down to the person in the CRM (or the main dashboard) I get a chronological list of my communications with that person - and even other reference notes that I may have tagged with their info (ie assigned work projects, home projects, etc). Anyway, I could go on and on about this, but shall cut my rambling short here. Let me know if you have questions on more of my setup or want some 'secondary' master page photos. Thought I'd update my post and show a 'secondary' dashboard - this one shows up when I click 'health' on the main dashboard. All those other links on the primary go to a second 'dashboard' note like this one - just related to the topic instead:
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    This is the dashboard that I have in the community notebook that I keep. Clicking the different "tiles" takes you that section of the notebook.
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    Thanks for the screenshot, it helps. I haven't noticed that change to my client. Sometimes I wonder if their testing includes people like us, of a certain age whose vision is fine but not what it once was :-)
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    Same procedure as every year, Ms Sophie ? Yes, James, same procedure as every year ! (This joke is for German readers only ...)
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    PLEASE! We have been asking for this basic improvement for years. The wide margins on Mac are ridiculous and inflexible. Evernote would be a perfect program if you could just take care of this limitation.
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    I have had Evernote Premium for over 2 years and my only disappointment is your inferior print/formatting features. It is frustrating and unacceptable that we can't control any printing of our notes. I have over 2500 notes and use Evernote for everything. That minimizes the need for printing, but when I need to print something I hate that I have no control and end up with huge margins, broken images and more pages than I need. Maybe I have missed Evernote's response or roadmap, but there are thousands of posts and replies about this over the years so it seems like something that should be taken seriously.
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