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  2. For the TLDR crowd, translation: "I really really think dark mode is what makes a piece of software great, so I guess I'll just jump into the first dark mode life raft I can find and it will be groovy note takin' and note makin' times forever! And the winner is... OneNote!!! (voice of Flounder from Animal House, "This is gonna be great!") So even though I don't really understand OneNote all that well -- or Evernote -- I'm just going to jump in feet first, 'cuz I have a master plan!!.An-n-n-n-n-d ***Kersplash!!!*** OK, that happened. So OneNote's importer is *still* pretty much borked, and screwed up my big plan. And my organization. And other stuff, that took a long time to fix up by hand. Because Microsoft, with all its myriad resources, doesn't match up all that well to Evernote's architecture, and didn't even fix their broken importer after 2 years cause the don't care or don't get it. But yeah, man, *whistle whistle* 'Jus' castin' off those old Evernote chains, shoo-doo-be-doop! Hey OneNote's got a beautiful dark mode and it's free, free, free!! Oh well, my time isn't free, and by the way, its search sucks, and it's tedious to work with and its forums are filled with lackluster no-hopers who just put up with OneNote's nonsense (at least you can get some good info out of those boners in the Evernote forums once in awhile, if you can ever get them to be serious for even three seconds). But anyways, did I mention it has dark mode? Big beautiful dark mode? Maybe the best dark mode!! I really like OneNote a lot!! ❤❤🐶🐶🌷🌸🌹🌺🌼!!! Yay OneNote!!!" Vaya con whateva...
  3. Maybe still figuring out my strategy? ... Just because it's simple doesn't mean it was easy... It's also an acronym. 😏
  4. Make the Today note a permanent note. The link never changes. Each morning, backup (duplicate) the Today note to a date labeled note, then refresh for a new day. Also make it a shortcut - accessed by Ctrl+1-9
  5. Good tip thanks! After a little tinkering I got it to work again.
  6. I've made the move to OneNote, and I'm very happy with it - wonderful Dark Mode. I wrote a couple of blog posts on why I left and how it went: http://paulzimmer.dreamhosters.com/blog/2018/01/07/evernote-to-onenote-why/ http://paulzimmer.dreamhosters.com/blog/2019/08/21/moving-from-evernote-to-onenote-part-2-the-process/ Adios! Paul Zimmer
  7. KISS is not just a rock band.
  8. Where were you? I needed the above advice years ago 😉
  9. Yesterday
  10. OK, well I'm an idiot. The solution was to simply put today's schedule at the top of the same note instead of separate notes per day. So the Today link works and today pops up. Also, much easier to scroll down to see previous days. I can create a new one weekly or monthly depending on how often I reference past days Thanks for the inspiration, all
  11. In some of my notebooks, I use special characters in a Note-Title - to use as what I call a separator note to provide a visual cue to important notes above. And the characters have always displayed just fine in the 'Note Title Field'! But... as soon as i played with adding @DTLow icons ...👍😩💕😔😌😺🙀🐱🐶🐭🐴🥨🥓🏀🏄‍♀️ to the same note title... well, all my separator note titles no longer display and instead I get the boxes like you describe! 😞 Not a biggy - but i hope it somehow resolves
  12. As long as you can log into your account, you can change the email-address in the profile settings of the web client.
  13. Latest Windows update (1903) has an easy to access emoji keyboard: Win+. (Windows key plus period). Should probably be integrated into the on-screen keyboard, I suppose.
  14. i remember that version. It was an older version from several years back. It will be missed.
  15. @Adeebk That looks like a pretty old version of our Mac client. The latest versions do not have a notebook view like that. They do support the shortcuts, though. You can just drag notes over to the shortcut nav area to add them, or select "Add note to shortcuts" in at least a few different pop-up menus for notes.
  16. Problem is I can not login into my old account, can't reset the password because the email address no longer exists. Is there someone that can help get my old account back?
  17. Hi. Windows / Mac / iOS / Android? What Scanner?
  18. You're showing the Notebook page, viewed by clicking the Notebook icon or View > Notebooks Looks like an older version of Evernote or maybe a Business Account
  19. Hi. Windows or Mac? Scripting (not an Evernote feature) can accomplish a lot on a Mac. In Evernote that duality - of creating a note and an appointment with the same details - is not an option. In Windows you may be able to find a third-party app to link the two - IFTTT, Filterize or Jotform or Zapier forinstance. This article is a little old (2016) but seems to describe exactly what you want... https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/sync-google-calendar-evernote
  20. Was this bug fixed??? It happened to me as well on my new iPad air. I deleted to app, power off, and reinstalled. I can now edit the sketch. VERY SCARY!!!
  21. Please provide a screenshot where you are only allowed to search one tag at a time @gazumped provided an example using the search box I can also use the tag picker at the top right corner - this provides a list of tags for selection, - the Mac version is less dynamic than IOS I have to reopen it for each tag
  22. Hi I have seen this Dashboard for Evernote in the net. Please can someone advice how I get my Evernote screen like this Thanks
  23. Hi. How do you search on your Mac? I can type tag:cake tag:"peanut butter" - with the quotes and as a saved search added to 'favourites'. (A better tag name would be PeanutButter or peanut_butter)
  24. i have me a bug. i can't copy and paste copy from the body of an email in outlook on mac into the desktop evernote app, but i can from word. plz fix it.
  25. IMHO this may depend on which programs are installed, and in which sequence. Different apps may use the same shortcuts. It depends now on which app was installed first, and which last. To see who is using what, go to system preferences in the "Apple" menu, keyboard, shortcuts tab. There you find all shortcuts, and can change them to your liking.
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