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  4. I think I'm just going to keep reporting this when it happens, sort of performance art, irrationally duplicating reports of this irrational duplication. Just happened again now, with 23 duplicates being made of a particular note, over the course of about 2 minutes of editing. I went to the Windows program and synced, then deleted the unwanted 23. I'm leaving them in trash for awhile, rather than risk losing this note too. In the Web beta, syncing this resulted in 27 copies in the trash, plus a block of 4-acting-as-1 in the notebook. I cannot think of any purpose that could be served by doing this, particularly the multiple-note block that seems to act as one note. I am going to raise a support ticket this time. There was no sign of a network issue on my end. If somehow this seems necessary for security, then put the endless duplicates in a special notebook, as happens with Conflicting Changes. @Nick L., can you confirm (a year later) that this is still the intended behavior when there are network problems? EDIT: The incomprehensible block of notes left in the notebook is now up to 6-acting-as-1. It seems to be producing a new version of the note every few minutes even when it is not being actively edited, but (perhaps) when it is still in focus.
  5. Hi. This is an issue that was first reported 6 years ago (in iOS), and last experienced (by Sven, also on iOS) 5 years ago; so not, it appears, a hot topic for mobile users generally, or Android users ever up until now. As you're a subscriber I'd suggest raising a support ticket (we're a -mainly- user-supported forum) so the team can check under the hood of your account. Meantime I'd suggest signing in to check online at Evernote.com to make sure your notes do have the correct content.
  6. Doh! Or you could do that...
  7. Not a Shell/Command Line, but on a Mac we have the Evernote Helper in the top menu bar
  8. It's understood that this is not any kind of 'solution', but it is a way to get things done now rather than wait an unspecified time for Evernote, if they accept that this is a feature they should prioritise, to get through the coding and testing process and to release it. Evernote are (they say) in process of completely re-coding all of their apps for all operating systems, so may have already included some upgrades. But they don't preview details, so we'll probably have to wait until the new versions hit the streets to see what they're capable of. (Strikes me that few users seem to be aware of this, so I'll boiler-plate this paragraph for inclusion with more answers...)
  9. OCR wasn't mentioned by the OP, but it is an important point Unlike images, PDF format can store OCR data >>If the OCR is done by EN on the server, it does only exist while the pdf is in EN. Good point, Evernote does not update the PDF with the OCR data The data is stored in a hidden text file for search indexing
  10. Is this in the Windows desktop program? Can you say a little more about what would be the desired behavior with a lengthy note clipped from a large Web page? What would you like the PDF conversion to look like? WRT printing, you'd need to open the PDF into a PDF viewer and print from there.
  11. Hi, @evgenirusev, and welcome to the forums. Yes, there is a utility called ENscript that allows creation of notes and other functions from the command line. I don't use it myself, so I can't offer any comment on how good it is. But the documentation is here: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enscript.php.
  12. Workaround. Do a search to get the notes of interest and go to a List view. Make sure you have source URL as a column in the list view. Ctrl + A to highlight the list and Ctrl + C to copy the list. Open and Excel and paste. Do whatever magic you must to copy the URL column to an email.
  13. A few more updates. I just tried Onenote. It can't really handle large notes either, it slows down too, so pass. Word actually runs well, if you use the default Print Layout mode. If i switch to web layout, Word changes and the note takes up more of the page. it shockingly looks similar to evernote at full screen when you open a note in a new menu! But alas, when typing in my large note in web layout, there is some slowdown too. So basically, if there is a way to get evernote to show just page by page or like word's print layout mode, performance would probably improve. My amateur impression now is that Evernote, and other note apps, are not built to handle long notes. They crumple under the performance pressure. For whatever reason, Word can barely handle it in print layout mode. But evernote just doesn't seem to be handle long notes really at all, for now. Word barely can, but at least it can in some way. Other solutions include breaking up long notes into smaller ones, which sucks, but does work to solve the slowdown in evernote. Also, perhaps a barebones html editor is better to use for long files. I tried Word in safe mode, but it still struggled with a long note in web layout, so Word for me is kind of out, since I like that big view.
  14. I agree that local OCR does a better job than the server, I've used Adobe and Nitro. Not sure, but when you add a note via the share icon it passes through the server before it gets to the desktop and arrives with the index built, or shortly thereafter. I don't know enough about the plumbing of a PDF file to actually look, not that motivated to look either.
  15. Hi, and welcome to the forums. I'm not in iPhone user, so I can't comment in much detail. I know that on mobile devices, Evernote does not save the content of notes to the device, because of limited space I assume, but only maintains enough basic material to be useful. The content of notes is maintained on Evernote's servers, so that of course new content on a mobile device has to be synced there to be saved. If you've edited a note and switch away from the Evernote app, the app wants to avoid your edits getting lost in case something goes wrong, so it syncs automatically. It can't predict how long you'll be away. But it seems that you're saying it syncs when you come back rather than when you switch away. The only explanation I can offer for that is that the app wants to be sure in case the note has been edited on another device in the meantime (some people do that all the time). I assume you've checked the app's sync settings to see if there's anything that could be adjusted. Beyond that, a fellow iPhone user is going to have to chime in.
  16. Hi. It looks like you have some unsynced information in at least one note which now exceeds the size limits for a basic account. If you can open the app when disconnected from the network, can you move some of the content into a new note - splitting it into two or more sections so that the upload is within limits?
  17. Hi. Parsing another app's note structure isn't always an exact science - and the goalposts may get moved unexpectedly by the other operator from time to time. If this is only a few notes can you manually copy them across?
  18. Hi, and welcome to the forums. I'm not a OneNote user, but others here are and might be able to help out if a little more detail were given. What exactly was the process of importing notes from OneNote into Evernote? Is there anything that the notes that fail to import have in common? If there aren't very many of them, would it be efficient to copy their content to the clipboard and paste into Evernote notes?
  19. @RavBoy, I'm not sure I completely understand the issues. WRT "When I create a custom color on the Text Color palette, EN gets rid of it, the next time I open EN, which I notice happens from day to day, rather than closing and immediately reopening": Does this mean that you are shutting Evernote down at the end of each day (File > Exit; or turning off the computer), or just hibernating your computer with Evernote still running, and waking the machine up the next day? I can understand EN dropping custom colors when it or the computer is shut down. MS Word, for instance, does the same thing--though it would certainly be nice if they would save the colors. However, it would surprise me if EN lost custom colors without being shut down. Ctrl+D is the shortcut for the entire font dialog, not just for font color, which explains why it's different. WRT "The custom color, at the bottom of list, weirdly changes to reflect the text I highlighted, rather than display the custom text color I added earlier": To me, this too seems like standard, expected behavior, unless I'm misunderstanding. The dialog picks up the color of the highlighted text, because what other color would it know to start with? If you've created multiple custom colors during the session, how would it know which one you wanted to be displayed? Apologies if I'm just not getting this.
  20. Hi. Not sure I've ever seen this.. have you tried restarting your device?
  21. Not so much. A paragraph from the dialogue with EN in August 2018 re differing search results related to PDFs. The issue you're seeing is related to server-side search, which seems to have an issue with recognizing the wrong font when scanning PDF files. The text in the PDF is printed in a monospaced font, so the letters are wider, but the OCR sometimes incorrectly recognizes it as a non-monospace font, so it sees the gap in position and thinks there's a space there. Net of it all the PC works fine but IOS/web searches aren't accurate it the above condition is met. OCR on the server is deficient.
  22. Hi. Don't believe so, but others may know better than me - have you considered using email to create notes? How to save email into Evernote
  23. ...What @DTLow said - plus the only other thing I could suggest would be to include the URL in the title of each note (maybe using a URL-shortener like bit.ly)... and then creating the ToC which would include URL in the list - but then they're not links; the shortened URL would have to be copy/ pasted into a browser.
  24. Scanner Pro has the automatic keystone correction as well, and it works well if the document is placed on a contrasting surface. If not, it can be set manually. What I miss in Office Lens (among other functions) is local OCR. I OCR my documents locally, because it gives good results and makes pdfs usable between platforms. If the OCR is done when the pdf is created, it will be embedded into the pdf File. If the OCR is done by EN on the server, it does only exist while the pdf is in EN. It does not move with the pdf file, if it is taken to other applications.
  25. The auto-refresh feature bit me today. I was searching for a note with a PDF (referencing it in an email), found and opened the PDF, found the information I needed in the PDF, then switched to the email to continue writing. When I returned (less than 20 seconds later) to Evernote, it was back to the top of the search results. I had to scroll down past several dozen notes, find what I previously found, re-open the PDF, then scroll down the PDF to where I previously was, which was somewhere around page 40. By the time I found the right information in the PDF, I had forgotten what information I needed, so I switched back to the email to reorient myself. Then I switched back to Evernote only to see that yet-again, I was at the top of my search results. If there is a better way to do this, let me know. Similarly, I regularly find myself needing to view several PDFs at once. The only workaround I found is to save them individually to the iPad and then delete them when I am done. That seems wasteful.
  26. The database restore let's my program actually work, no fatal crashes. However, the program still freezes up frequently. Basically, it can't even handle me casually typing, it slows down constantly.
  27. To me it sounds like a pretty complex work around to share nearly 100 notebooks between 2 accounts belonging to the same person, just to avoid paying a small fee that is the rough equivalent of a cup of starbucks brew per month. If handling such an artificial entity gets time consuming, I do not think EN is to blame. Sure, they changed the handling of basic accounts somewhat in recent months, but formally there is no contract between the company and any person using the Service, but not paying for it. A customer relation is bound to an exchange of value, not a one-sided consumption. To cut it short: Not only access to customer support speaks IMHO for switching into a paid model, it will probably allow to put this whole house of cards on a sound footing, with a relevant one-time effort to do so. P.S. Maybe I am just lacking the years old experience of other users, but my EN installations work well and provide stable and reliable services to me. But maybe I am just „the lucky one“ ...
  28. 1st) Anybody can feed back ideas. I give higher priority to those that help in funding to convert them into code. 2nd) I do not use the feature. My iPhone is my castle, so why should I lock down any door inside when I hold the castle keys ? 3rd) At least on the iPhone, it is pretty straight forward. It asks to set a passcode, and then permission to use (in my case) FaceID. It needs to ask for this because iOS will not allow an app to use FaceID without confirmation. This step is not part of EN, it is forced by iOS, and can probably not be avoided. When confirmed, it will unlock automatically by FaceID ... 4th) ... unless you are using a facial disguise, like a protective mask. Not uncommon these days ! Then the Passcode screen is already active to type in the unlocking code, right away. No fuzz, no additional step needed. Pretty sleek, invented pre-Corona ! 5th) About design, one can argue. On iOS it follows the general EN App design, like it or not. 6th) But, well, you are talking about the Android app. No idea there, not using Android on any device.
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