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  2. If your context is notes without tags -tag:* in All Notes or a specific Stack or Notebook and you have Search when note is updated checked in Tools - Options - Search then when you close the note in its own window it will disappear from the list. Not sure what the third time is about? The corollary to this for when you have a lot of notes to edit that already have tags is to add a tag to all the notes (I use !Fix when the need arises) search by tag:!Fix, and then remove the !Fix tag before I closing the note.
  3. Maybe because admitting that a hardware upgrade is needed for decent performance on Windows would not be a message that they would want to send. It also may not be something they actually tested and quantified, but installing an SSD will give you overall better system performance that you will notice and hopefully it will also improve your Evernote experience.
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  5. As @DTLow says, Spotlight search of Evernote is intermittent, unreliable. After numerous tries are reindexing, I had to do a clean reinstall of EN Mac 7.11, and then do yet another EN > OPT-Help > Troubleshooting > Recreate Spotlight Search Index. So for about 2-3 weeks it has been working. Just tried it on a recent Note and Spotlight found it immediately.
  6. Noone to help me? I'm looking for another notepad if I don't fix this problem.
  7. But things are not that simple especially for business users like myself who want basic features added or fixed rather to collaborate better with heavy EN usage and content spanning years. If things where simple EN would update their engine to support modern features or even iPad Pros. For users especially those who want EN to do more than Dark mode; its a bit more complex then simply dumping a Dropbox. Whats nice about the younger companies is their ability to add features in a timely fashion. Users feature request X they time table it and it releases. However EN not so much; Im one of the OG EN users when the platform first launched it was an exciting time. However in that time updates where flourishing, the community was busy talking about new features and it the platform was buzzing. Now what i find is EN spaces for instance hasn’t had a meaningful update for sharing. Work Chat is in DIRE need of update. What ever happened to Penultimate ( check out that update version year wise ) We get great updates from the new CEO but nothing is tangible as of yet its all kind of a crawl. Has Evernote become to big to be able to pivot in a world where its competitors are adding features faster then they can have people so eloquently present passive ways to differ a topic? I dont have the answer sadly, What i do know is that Every Evernote business user i know is incredibly frustrated with ENs lack of updates when it comes to collaboration and testing multiple services due this slow ability to act.
  8. That would defeat the purpose of wanting to merge those features onto one platform. I currently use Notability, however one would want the sketch feature on EN to be slightly modified to offer more to utilize one platform. I’m hoping you are wrong and they see value in a simply writing platform for note taking with the Apple Pencil.
  9. Thank you cfor clarifying, but it is not finding the note titles either. waylaid in washingto
  10. Currently Spotlight is indexing note titles, not content The index may need rebuilding. Hold down the option key, select Help > Troubleshooting > Rebuild
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  12. I've seen some others with this problem, but I'm not ssure that the answers have been relevant,'' I could have some notes I put in a document, or Evernote, or even my calendar, or email. (Consistent? NO WAY). If I use spotlight or finder, it can find everyting except Evernote. It will njot provide results from the title or comments. CAN Evernote be searched by Finder/Spotlight, or only internally with Evernote. THere is nothing in the Privacy Tab of setup tab for Spotlight. I know one solution is to add then remove a folder there, bjt don't know if I need to add the correc tlibrary or select one in the cloud and how to do it. If spotlght.finder should, what am I doing wrong? Should I hire some boyscouts? GPS technology? NSA? signed, lost in seattle
  13. Creative workaround, but means I have to open each note twice, and I'm not sure that makes it simpler. They will all be at the top, but I still have to keep track of which I've edited and which I havent't. Oh, I'd have to pen the notes a third time to remove the tags. I like the way your're thinking but this seems to something Evernote may have to addfress.
  14. I still haven't heard yet from support, however I just tried enabling CyberSec and it still messes with EN for me, so I had to disable it again.
  15. I contacted their support via chat, and they said they werd having problems with CyberSec. Sounds to me as a false positive. Anyway, it works again (for me)
  16. Moved to the features section, to have a chance to vote on this !
  17. How about to use something like Goodnotes 5 (like I do) instead of hoping that anytime soon a real note taking solution will emerge from EN labs ? If you follow the „Behind the scenes“ videos, you can see that the focus actually is not extending the line up, it is to make the existing product line bug free and more in line to each other. I do not expect any sound handwriting solution any time soon. But I would be happy if I were wrong ...
  18. Seems somebody has to go down to the engine department to have a closer look at this. In my opinion you should ask support to get involved, including protocol files. Do you still have any coverage by Apple ? New product, Apple care or something ? If yes, or even if not, maybe you could post a question there as well. I found Apple support quite helpful in the past, and in the end Safari is their baby.
  19. Yes, there are reasons. One is that iOS is completely sandboxed, which allows the interaction of apps only through narrowly defined channels („share button“). Another is that the mobile EN apps were designed to reduce memory load and CPU stress by doing most of the work on the EN server. Third iOS is lacking real multitasking capabilities - the processor has one high performance core, and several low energy ones, whereas a notebook CPU will have several full-power cores. Now the iPads have dramatically improved, and with iPadOS the OS will move more in the direction of a full OS like MacOS. An app like EN will have to find it’s own way to translate this into its own capabilities. This may be more difficult than for younger competitors, based on the engine that drives the app. But things are simple: If you like another solution better, then move on.
  20. I don't use Alfred, and i've now conformed that this behavior only occurs the first time i open Safari after rebooting, and the first time i go to Amazon and view a singl;e product after a reboot. Here are the 2 screenshots.
  21. A stack of notebooks is all we get - No stack into another stack The only hierarchy we get is for tags; parent/child for unlimited levels
  22. Nope. Only the two levels, Stack - Notebook.
  23. Thanks, Another question. Can you put a stack into another stack and if so, how? I'm looking at them and not seeing how to do that. Thanks again.
  24. How about a sketch tool that has lined pages and was more featured for the Apple Pencil.
  25. But concerning Evernote iPad OS gives no more power to app development than the current development tools in terms of access to metal etc. I’m very frustrated on how Evernote gimps the iPad version.
  26. How do you limit your search to only look in a specific stack?
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