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  2. ... or, if you access through the web client, go back to the „classic view“. The new version is known for sometimes not showing all existing notes.
  3. Did you completely sign out of EN, File - Sign out username? Any errors in the log file? Be sure you are using the exact username and password.
  4. Kind of a pick your poison at this point. I did post to EN that dispersing the Notebook/Title/Tag data wasn't a move with which I agreed. Particularly since the same structure appeared in the Windows preview. You could do the same.
  5. @mynameisnotebody Your subscription level should not have an impact as any subscription level is allowed to setup two-step authentication. Please retry following the steps outlined here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314238-How-to-set-up-two-step-verification Let me know if you're still having problems, and feel free to reach out to me via direct message if you have any other trouble or any questions!
  6. Yes I have seen this. But than I cannot use the feature with the notebook overview on the left side. This is a feature, I really missed. BUT: The tags are also important. These are important metadata of my notices. They may not be invisible on the bottom of the page
  7. @JustSomeUser Any notes that you successfully uploaded to the Evernote service when you were Premium, should still be accessible even if you now have a Basic subscription. If you are not seeing them when logging in now, it is very likely that you may be accessing a separate Evernote Account. Is it possible that you used a different email address for the 'Premium' account? If yes, I suggest trying those email addresses to login.
  8. *We* drive on the right side of the road, and you drive on the left side. Right is right, and left is... not so much... 😝
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  10. Moved from the voting section, because it is not a voting issue.
  11. For unique characters, or anything i use often enough, I find it less work to use a text replacement app or script, rather than having to remember alt codes.
  12. Typo? Or maybe just because we drive on the right side of the road. Rest of the world? Not so much...
  13. I uninstalled EN, unplugged my E drive (where it was previously residing), reinstalled EN, and was able to change the database location to the C drive in My Programs. Where it should have been. So now when I go into options it's shows the correct path - C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote. But now it won't sync. I have no notes on my desktop version of EN. When I click sync nothing happens. I still see all my notes on my phone in the same account. I also checked that IE is working and not offline. Although I could not find the work offline or online setting. Go figure. It does open up and I can surf the web. So I assume it's not in offline mode. I know EN uses IE to sync.
  14. I thought that went the other way, i.e., '<>'. At least you find that in Pascal, Basic, and probably others. '><' is kinda like driving on the wrong side of the road... 😆
  15. @gazumped Thanks for the quick response. it's 0 because android users don't know the app scannable.
  16. In the UK (or maybe it's just me) two greater than / less than characters means 'not equal' - "><" Never had a need to look into this before, and assumed there'd be an ASCII code if nothing else; but I agree - this is surprisingly hard in Windows!
  17. Hi. We don't know, but I wouldn't think so.
  18. Did a web search fpr "windows typing ≠ symbol".. It's evidently not easy on Windows, see https://www.quora.com/How-do-you-make-≠-not-equal-sign-on-keyboard. Flip side, as an old C programmer, I just use !=
  19. Thanks, the problem was resolved when they unlocked my login and I guessed the password on the 4th try and was able to update my email information in Evernote.
  20. Is Evernote planning to launch Scannable for Android?
  21. Yes, I let my premium account lapse hence my usage of Google to try and solve this weird issue. This problem is not present on the iOS app., only the Mac. So that's my work around. Thank you for the replies.
  22. https://discussion.evernote.com/announcement/72-issues-accessing-evernote-support-channels/
  23. Hi. On that - probably because this Forum is -mainly- supported by other users and we have timezones and lives. As to the account, if you've had it for some time, it presumably started out with a password, even if you subsequently signed in with Gmail. You're right that the incorrect email address in the account is a problem if you can't remember the password. Your only option seems to be to contact Support - which I see you've already done. If you can post the ticket number here, we can ask an Evernote Admin to chase up the lost password information...
  24. On my Mac I type Alt/Option = I don't know if there's a Windows equivalent If using ALT codes, it's Alt + 8800
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