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  4. Windows has the same waste of space, side list or top list or snippet. It's more apparent in top list as the air spans the screen. I don't notice it as much as I use side list as default view.
  5. You have to open the attachment and search for the word again.
  6. I find the wasted space in the header of the desktop UI even more aggravating. But yes, overall, the wasted space all over in the latest Evernote UI (since 2018 or so and "growing'?) is a big nuisance to me, too.
  7. It actually gets worse when you search for anything. This indeed has been annoying me for years, too. I am pushing the list view viewport up and down the whole time because the header wastes so much space. I would love to see at the very least a "compact header" option, or in fact, just fixing this waste.
  8. Thanks Brian - I checked out the link and have turned off Dark Mode in Outlook.
  9. I too am mystified by how poor tag search-ability is in Evernote, especially when compared to how it used to work. I first used Evernote 10 years ago BECAUSE it had this feature (click to select multiple tags for searches) and stopped because it lacked another critical feature (the ability to export or print my notes efficiently). Since then, I keep coming back (in both paid and unpaid accounts) hoping that the export features have improved--and while there are some minimal improvements there, it's still not where I need it to be yet--and the tag search-ability has taken a huge step backward! 10 years ago, it used to be that one could easily select multiple tags at once for searches AND Evernote used to display the number of files within each tag in the navigation pane (without having to click on the "tags" button). That info was helpful because it allowed one to quickly see if a tag was worth including in a "multiple tag search combination " scenario. This is an essential feature. Now, there is no way to select multiple tags by clicking, and it's hugely time consuming (and awkward) to type in ANDs and ORs with the UI as it is now. It could be so much more. Tagging is easy. Searching should too!! This will bring people to Evernote from the competition! Seriously though, I wonder why it isn't up-voted. I suspect this isn't up-voted solely because your users aren't using tags to their full potential. They don't even know what value tags can bring. Please consider prioritizing the improvement on the searching experience for complicated networks of tags. The image is the kind of tagging structure I use to find appropriate lesson activities for team teaching assignments. I currently have hundreds of assignments and activities tagged but am prevented from scaling up to thousands or tens of thousands of activities (and many other applications) until the tag-searching experience is improved.
  10. Yes, all of my notebooks are organized into one of two stacks, home or work. Work notebooks are all local and home notebooks are sync'd to the cloud.
  11. I have loaded emails with attachments(both PDF and word) When I hearch for a particular word, it is found within the word document but its not highlighted. Any help appreciated.
  12. Creation of lists is some of my more used activities in Evernote. Using the new Editor of the PreviewI came to realize that the enumeration DOES NOT follow the font size. This is odd... alone by looking at it. Appreciate this being attended to. Thx, h-o-m-a SNAPSHOT:
  13. So, separate notebooks (stacks?) I see a benefit of the local notebooks in that work data is not uploaded to the cloud
  14. My line of separation is local notebooks for work and sync’d ones for personal. That has worked well for 12+ years I’ve been on Evernote. Like others there are things that I would like to see changed or improved and I occasionally check out the latest shiny tool but when renewal time comes I don’t spend much time deciding whether premium for another year is worth it to me or not. i have jumped around with todo apps some for various reasons but I find that an easier playground to experiment with.
  15. Some manage this by using separate EN accounts. I keep everything in one account but I have setup a work stack and a home stack and then have two saved searches, one to search only home and another to search only work. If I’m in a sensitive setting I’ll click on the work saved search first and then drill down from there.
  16. Maybe, but I don't want to complicate my data storage I'm satisfied with an easy encryption strategy also a "sensitive" tag to exclude notes from searches
  17. Received a kind email from the Evernote support team this week: The Evernote development team confirmed the issue and a fix will be delivered. A timeframe was not confirmed for the fix and for the meantime I was advised to annotate the screenshots in the Evernote application after saving them instead of directly within in the Safari web clipper (which is an acceptable interims solutions for me). Will keep this thread updated.
  18. Would it not be better to separate those sensitive notes entirely? You can either use a different EN a/c for that or use a completely separate app like Simple Note/Nimbus Note/One Note etc.
  19. any solution to this problem from evernote? super annoying.
  20. Not much to add except a suggestion to be cautious about jumping from one app to another, reading too much into the news or numbers of forum posts, and playing the waiting game. In particular, though, a comment on the waiting game: if the app isn't worth it for you now (I have my own frustrations with bugs and limitations, some of them mentioned in this thread already), and the good doesn't balance out the bad, I'd recommend leaving. Make do with what we have and don't give too much thought about what could be--there's a lot of could-have-beens and should-have-beens, but there's stuff to get done right now :)
  21. Evernote's limitations, especially when it comes to handling sensitive / confidential information, have forced me to come up with lots of irritating workarounds. I generally have DEVONthink (Mac only) for sensitive / confidential items and Evernote for everything else. I do my best with what we have and try not to think too much about what it could be. It's worked for me, more or less, for over a decade now. On paper, if I were mapping out my workflows, there are all kinds of other options that seem appealing. But, for one reason or another, I end up (as mentioned above) "mainly" using Evernote. Bugs in other apps, slow syncing, lost data, incompatibilities, poor search options, lack of portability (proprietary formats that lock you in or, even worse, mangle your content), and conventional folder/file hierarchies are some of the main culprits. I've also tried to simplify, and cut costs. I've made some headway. I am now down to just a handful of subscription services (Evernote is one of them) that make it possible for me to do a lot more work at a much higher level in a lot less time. I could work without them, but I wouldn't want to. I certainly wouldn't have time to post on this forum if I didn't use these services! OneNote is a very, very poor fit for my workflow. I tried it when it first saw the light of day, I've tried it again and again over the years, but there is always something (usually a combination of many somethings) that make it a miserable experience for me. I'm sure it is wonderful for other workflows and better minds than mine.
  22. Hi. If I understand your problem correctly, the two-device limit and your employer's restrictions are making it difficult to use Evernote, and you don't see a need for it. Indeed, if you are unwilling or unable to pay for the premium service, and your employer is preventing you from making full use of it anyhow, then you can either: (1) use Evernote on your computer with work-related documents in an offline Evernote notebook or (2) pay for Evernote and just keep your work-related documents on your computer at work It may be that you don't need Evernote. Personally, I find it to be a useful app. I particularly enjoy the ease of input, editing, and file organization (I do very little organizing, because the combination of robust search options, tags, and handwriting recognition make it possible to get by with very little organization). I don't mind paying for an app I use every day. Your mileage may vary. In fact, after COVID-19, I've found myself relying even more heavily on Evernote. I have to go into my workplace to work (I am in a region with minimal restrictions), I have to do work at home (we had more serious restrictions up until a few days ago), and I need to do child care while somehow doing work. Work has seeped into everything--it was always a problem, I guess, but now it seems inseparable from everything else. I enjoy my work, but... yeah, I am kind of looking forward to at least making an attempt at separating my private and personal life. I think we are all being asked to wear multiple hats at the same time these days, and Evernote makes it easy for me to go from device to device working on projects in tiny chunks appropriate to the limited time I have to focus on projects. Even if I am suddenly interrupted and have to rush off to do this or that, my work is right there in my pocket ready to be resumed when I have a moment. In other words, it seems to me that Evernote is uniquely well-suited to our new post-pandemic lifestyle, assuming you are willing / able to pay for it, and you can work around the limitations (my list of Evernote's shortcomings in the context of my work flow has been posted repeatedly here over the last decade, so I won't belabor those points).
  23. If a file system on a computer would be the solution to all needs and workflows, EN would not have been founded and survived for more than 10 years. Even if file systems gain features, they are still far away from what EN offers. For me they are systems to FILE stuff, EN is my system to FIND Stuff. And that makes the difference, because it takes away a lot of work from the filing step, and still enables fast and reliable finding.
  24. Hello Surface-Owners, just for the discussion: On my iPad Pro I use GoodNotes 5 for handwritten stuff. All handwriting gets OCRed, with amazing accuracy, is fully searchable in the app and goes with the image of the handwriting into a pdf when exported. When I import this pdf into EN, it is still fully searchable there. Other handwriting programs for the iPad offer the same features. For Goodnotes there is even a Mac client, mostly to have the stuff created on the iPad on the Mac. It syncs via iCloud.
  25. Sorry, but still everything working fine with my Mac. So just a few more ideas, but nothing solid: Have you tried what happens if you (for a test) you set the computer offline, to avoid syncing operations while using EN ? What does the Mac‘s Activity Monitor show ? Any security software running ? Changes between Off- and Online ? Did you try the options to reorganize the data base ? Hold **Option** before opening the Help-Menu. The last item (which only shows with **Opt** pressed) has subtitles to check the database. Instead of installing fresh, you could try to force-sync the data base: Hold the **Shift** and **Option** keys on your keyboard and click the sync wheel.
  26. OK so whatever the bug is, it has happened again. So seems like I have to do a fresh download of the database every two weeks. I'm able to get the CPU up to 90C by just typing into Evernote and can't type more than three word without a lock up and sync event. No errors in the log that I can see. Very sad. At least my other machine is still usable. I may have to start using the web version (shudder).
  27. Good to know, thanks.
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