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  3. It's all solved. I decided to try EN chat. It was a sync issue, according to them, and they solved it almost instantly. All normal now. Thanks!
  4. I don't think the new web version is a beta version since there is an actual beta version for the tests. The new web version is intented to be reliable, even if it is still updating features tested in the beta.
  5. Same here. I get the same pop-up also today for the first time. I'm using latest Mac Mojave 10.14.5 My desktop Evernote is also up to date, and I only have one Evernote account. Please advise on how to solve this. Thanks
  6. Same here. I get the same pop-up also today for the first time. I'm using latest Mac Mojave 10.14.5 My desktop Evernote is also up to date, and I only have one Evernote account. Please advise on how to solve this. Thanks
  7. Great; you've resolved your issue. We've had many problem reports with the new web version and consider it a beta version. The first troubleshooting step recommended is to downgrade versions
  8. Really, Nick L.? You guide users to just accept it without explaining what the implications are for security? You could have explained what this dialog box is asking for. Should we not seek to have the least permissions possible, especially for an issue that appears to be a bug? I have dismissed the dialog box by clicking Deny repeatedly until the dialog box no longer presents. The easiest fix is to allow the access. Perhaps you could provide the instructions for how to remove the permission once Evernote resolves the bug.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I haven't looked at Penultimate in a long time, but am a heavy user of GoodNotes 5. However, there are definitely use cases where I want to jot down some handwritten notes in an existing EverNote Note... but the "sketch" feature makes the text barely legible (with my handwriting). Is it just a feature of iOS that makes the strokes look like a fountain pen? Screenshots of the sketch feature seem to use normal pen thickness https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/213493077-How-to-add-hand-drawn-sketches-to-Evernote-on-iOS-devices
  11. Feature Request @Nick L., please add an option to display the entire EN Mac UI in light mode.
  12. I agree. 👍 I have set the display/preview of the Note body to light mode, but the other parts of the UI are very hard to read. ATTN: @Evernote: ( @Chantal Leonard, @Johnathan Hebert, @Jason Miller ) Please ADD a preference to display the entire EN Mac UI in light mode.
  13. I am logged into the exact same account. There are some shared notebooks that are showing, but only that. That's really crazy. If I switch back to the old, it's all there. It's an issue with the new Web Version that I haven't had before, and that's the weirdest thing. I've always used the new web version without any issues.
  14. Most likely by accident you’ve created a second account. On the desktop, you will still be logged into your original account. Make sure you are really logged into your native account !
  15. Hello, Since yesterday I'm trying to use EN Web but older notes are not showing, I mean, ALL of my notes are gone, including shortcuts, notebooks... except for the ones created from yesterday on. Only in the new Evernote Web. When I switch to the old, they are all there. They are also accessible via EN Desktop. Anyone with the same issue? It seems like I just bumped into Evernote, it's almost totally blank. Thanks!
  16. Sure it would be nice (got my vote as well). Since the toggle can be switched through the API, apps like Filterize allow for this already today - but for an additional price. You can find the description of how-to somewhere higher up in this thread.
  17. First I think Penultimate is dead in the water. If you compare to other notetaking apps, it is just not playing on the same field. Development nearly does not take place, updates are few, functionality lags behind. My personal solution is GoodNotes 5, but there are others around that perform similar. For sketching I use other apps. Since a few weeks Tayasui Memopad 2 ranks high on my list. It has a very clean, lean interface and since ver.2 has layers that allow for much better control of what you create.
  18. My progressives were set to normal use as well. Then I’ve got a stiff neck, etc. So I happily change glasses when I sit in front of my MacBook Pro. Tell you, doesn’t get better from year to year. So I’ve got me the 15“ Hope they put the 17“ to the market rumors talk about before it is too late. Maybe Tim Cook gets older as well, so he made product managers think more about the Golden agers 😂🤣
  19. Never got to this point before. Reason 1: I mostly use an external keyboard (Logitech), so the virtual keys rarely show. Maybe I will try tomorrow whether the trick works as well with the physical keys. Reason 2: When I copy stuff from the web (and do not use the clipper which I mostly do) I rather use split screen and drag & drop. Will try this as well.
  20. Welcome to the club. It sucks but as they say, better than the alternative. I have progressives but they were adjusted to a natural reading angle and with large monitors I need to tilt my head back for them to work, therefore I don't use them when working at the computer. My current solution is to wear contact lens and then just use readers when at the computer. I might try progressives again but with the division line set higher ... not sure yet.
  21. No, Evernote's sketch feature is quite basic I use an external editor for sketches and handwriting; Notability on my iPad For difference in pen/pencil style, I'd be using a drawing app like Procreate
  22. You can change all that in penultimate. You just need to click on the one you want. Is that what you are looking for? See images below.
  23. I am 50, I have progressives. I never thought about needing glasses just for my computer time. My laptop is a 13.3 MacBook. I work on my laptop, iPhone and iPad probably 12 hours a day. I don’t want to have to change glasses to look at stuff. Getting old is a bummer.
  24. It is used in shared notes. When sharing you can select edit or just read capability. The read only ones are locked. I agree it would be nice if this function was exposed for all notes.
  25. ... interesting. Why hasn't Evernote given us access to a toggle?
  26. There is a basic note lock function, not connected to any plans. However Evernote has not given us access to the toggle. I use third party Filterize to toggle notes read-only and non-deletable
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