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  2. If you OCR your PDFs yourself they will be searchable in EN independent of subscription level. Office documents for sure and I think images require a Premium subscription.
  3. Hi, just another opinion: I understand your cloud-aversion. However, as stated above, EN is mainly meant to run with a master copy of all notes on an EN server. It is designed to work like this, although it can be operated locally, as you intend to do. If you think again about using the cloud: It is no public cloud, but reserved by and for EN. Your data is encrypted, EN holds a copy of the key to do the OCR (optical character recognition). This is done by a machine that does not „read“ anything in the literal sense, it just makes sure that your search is working fine by automatically adding new notes to the search index. If you have thousands of notes, you should really rethink your position: The full text search for every bit and piece of text and information is why I am enthusiastic about using EN. It will find it, in a blink of a moment, even among thousands of notes, some with pdf-attachments containing hundreds of pages of content. You will need a Premium a count to use it. ...
  4. @michaeln Sorry but you do not give any information about where you were working when creating these notes. What device, which OS, webclient or an EN app etc. ? Since the apps are different in the way the store and process information, it is difficult to give an advice on such a narrow input.
  5. You can roll you own automation, solution here. I use a tool called Backupery. You can schedule your backup as you like. Once a week I use 7-zip to compress and encrypt the backup files and put them on a cloud drive for backup. YMMV.
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  7. To check on the server, one way is to compare the number of notes per notebook. If there is a difference, sort and check for missing notes. To reinstall, first download the app Appcleaner. It is advised to use this app for all uninstalls, not only for Evernote. It allows to remove every item related to a given program when uninstalling. Doing it through the Mac own process often leaves residue of data on the system. Then make sure that you are fully synced. You can run an ENEX export of your data as well, these can stay on your Mac. The same is true for time machine backups containing the current EN installation, they will not harm the uninstall. Now make a full uninstall of EN, using Appcleaner. Make sure you manually check all elements shown in the Appcleaner window. By default, some parts are not checked, so check them manually. Execute ... When done, go to the EN website and download the current version there. The version from the Macs App Store is identical. But it will always install in a sandboxed mode. And this will cause trouble - I had it myself until I uninstalled and switched to the website download. Download, install, and enter with your account credentials. EN will „see“ that there is more data on the server than local, and will begin syncing everything from the server. Depending on your Internet connection, this may take a while. Once it is through, you will have a virgin EN installation filled with the data from the server account. This is my experience on my Mac. If you have any questions, I strongly recommend that you contact support to get an official guideline.
  8. When you are done resolving the conflicts, make sure you have synced everything to the server. The version on the EN server is the master copy, from which you can build or rebuild your devices database. Next you can rebuild the search index. For this, hold the option key on your Mac before opening the HELP menu. There will be further options now (on my MacBook Pro 3 of them), and one is meant to repair the search index. Choose it, and let it run. When it is done, recheck the search issue. Solved ? Then o.k., no further action needed. If not, sync, delete, reinstall ...
  9. That is a lot of stuff to answer, and sorry maybe goes further than my knowledge, because here we have a bunch of problems. The conflicting notes messages mean something went wrong with keeping some notes integrity. How does this happen: You are offline with one device, and change something in a note. Before this can sync, on another device either the web version or an offline version of the same note is changed as well. BANG - when everything is online again and syncing, poor EVERNOTE will not know which version is the correct one, so it writes duplicates, and an error message. Because it can not resolve the conflict, you have to look after this manually. Either keep both versions, or copy and paste what is correct, or merge both notes into one, and delete what is too much now. To be continued ...
  10. Hi, @Almam, and welcome to the forums. A similar problem was recently reported in the Android support forum: That user was using the beta version, and when they stopped using that and went back to the regular Play store version the images loaded properly.
  11. Hi, and welcome to the forums. If it's not in the Web version, then it's not stored on the Evernote servers, and it's gone. But I wonder whether there is any chance that you accidentally created a new account when you wrote those notes. This is surprisingly easy to do, actually, by using a different email address. If you really need that information back, you may need to contact Evernote support. I think they're available on Twitter. You can also upgrade to Premium for just one month, get the support you need, and then go back to Basic. I hope this is some help.
  12. Hi, and welcome to the forums. The problem arises from using Evernote through a Web browser; the note merge feature is not available in the browser version. If you go to evernote.com, there should be a link (you may have to scroll to the bottom of the page) to download the desktop app for Mac, in which you can do the Cmd+Click select and merge job.
  13. Hi @achaigne. We store history for all users, so if you upgrade, the history of an existing note will become available to you. You would need to upgrade to a Premium plan, though, and not Evernote Business. Evernote Business is a separate product with a distinctly "business-only" user. Upgrading to the Evernote Business would result in the creation of a new user that is separate from your current personal user.
  14. @KelliJaeBaeli, I'd like to suggest that before you get too deeply invested in Evernote you consider some other options. Evernote is designed to be a service that allows you to take and organize notes on multiple devices (computer, phone, tablet) using multiple operating systems (Windows, Android iOS, a Web interface, etc.) and keep them updated on each device by syncing them through Evernote's servers (i.e., "the cloud"). Local, non-synced notebooks are kind of a secondary feature in the Evernote world. Since Evernote's notes are stored locally in a proprietary version of HTML, there is some issue about being able to access them outside of Evernote--you have to go through an export process. I have no experience with OneNote, so I don't know what its advantages and disadvantages are. But I wonder whether you've looked into Scrivener, which is designed for writers as a tool for gathering and organizing notes and other materials, and creating drafts which can then be exported to a word processor for final formatting, or published in various ePub formats. In Scrivener, the primary organization and storage is local, and cloud backup and sync to other devices is secondary and optional. Scrivener creates and stores its documents in .RTF format, so they are easily exportable and accessible (although Scrivener names the notes in its own system and organizes them using a kind of master XML index). Other formats, such as images, PDFs, and HTML, can be imported into Scrivener projects. The current version of Scrivener for Windows is not great at handling HTML, frankly; but a vastly improved and updated version is in advanced beta and due out within the next month or so. Apologies if you've already checked out Scrivener; but even so the information may be useful for others. (I may also cite it if I am ever put on trial for being an Evernote fanboy who won't admit to any shortcomings in the product. )
  15. @mmmaak, that's the kind of thing I see too.
  16. I still cannot find a place to open a support ticket. I used the URL you provided and have not found the answers I am looking for. I chose Technical Issues but the page just refreshes. Why is it so difficult to find support for your product?
  17. 👍 Hence my offering of an option. EDIT: Re this option: 16 shortcuts are visible in my shortcut bar, 5 in overflow. The shortcuts appear in the same order on my iPhone.
  18. Funny that. At a previous job, I had been there a couple of years, and was reading the comments on someone else's checkin, and they noted it was their birthday, which was the same as mine! Turned out it was also the same year as well, though we never figured out who was actually older. I know that the probability of two people in a room of 25 or so is abotu 50%, but with the same birth year as well, in a company of ~200? Seems like that's a lot less probably. We also had a colleague with a Feb 29th birthday. too.
  19. My understanding is that Evernote for Mac automatically indexes your notes in Apple Spotlight, unless you specifically disallow its Library. So, you simply need to title your note uniquely (e.g., make your note title something like ### Note Title) and then search Spotlight by the keyboard shortcut (⌘ space on my system) and then typing the first few characters of the unique note title.
  20. Was wondering whether that was the case. I installed the store version once, but didn't see the point, and never looked to see where it lived before I uninstalled it.
  21. Some people keep their shortcuts in the left panel rather than the toolbar, and you can keep the shortcuts item closed in the left panel..It's nice to have options.
  22. Thank you. I just tried to trigger/force full sync and it did not fix the issue. I just checked here and it seems to include the notes that the macbook is missing. I believe that EN was installed on the MacBook that is having issues first. It was probably installed first on my previous MacBook that I owned about 9 years ago, and then was definitely installed on this MacBook before the iMac. Ok I will try this, thanks. Before I try it, I want to make sure that I don't accidentally delete or lose access to any notes or files that I had saved in evernote on the macbook. By removing all the data from the evernote on the MacBook, does that mean that I'm also deleting all of the local backups for evernote notes that are stored on my MacBook? If so, should I manually re-export all notes again to regain redundancy after reinstalling evernote? How can I be sure that all data is synced to the server? Do i just need to manually check a bunch of notes and compare total amounts of notes or is there any easier/more effective way to do this? Regarding local notebooks, can you please provide some additional advice? I just checked my notebooks to see if I had any local notebooks and the only notebooks I see that are indicated to be local on macbook are conflicting changes. If it were local to the macbook, it would be indicated just like those conflicting change notebooks, right? Also, as i was looking into these local notebooks, I searched for the conflicting changes to see if they were also stored in my main notebook to see if it would be safe to just delete these conflicting changes without exporting them. I found that it was in my main notebook in addition to the conflicting changes notebook (which you can see in the bottom screenshot), but also found that the search function wasn't showing one of the notes in one of the conflicting notebooks (titled 'the water gun') in either the main notebook or the conflicting notes notebook. I've also experienced similar issues with the search on the macbook before so i'm don't think its specific to just this note or notebook. Why is the search function not working for this? Could this be related to the other issue with syncing? Thanks, Dan
  23. While it's a play on my real name, I picked it very much because of that. I'm a programmer - I kill bugs dead! That he was! Great guy too... (and we actually have the same birthday! We had to do some serious time-zone math to figure out who was actually older - me by a couple hours)
  24. I'm pretty sure when the attach dialog is used, that it is changing the current directory. This effectively leaves "locks" that directory. I also suspect (but can't test - gotta get to work!) that if you were to attach a file from a different directory that the lock would be released.
  25. You were probably running the version from the Window Store. Those get put into a very different path. (I run the direct-downloaded version also - I think most of us here do)
  26. Evernote (308626) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750) keeps locking up and I have to kill all Windows processes for Evernote to be able to re-open it. This happens several times a day. The previous had its own problems forcing me to go back to I guess I have to revert again until Evernote gets their act together.
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