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  3. Hi, I'm trying to create a new note in Evernote Android to include an image. I've done this lots of times in the past, but for some reason, it's not working now. I'm using Evernote 8.9 for Android on a Samsung Galaxy S7 with all updates (Android 8.0.0). To create the note, I open Evernote and tap the green (+) button, then choose the camera icon. The camera activates and the flash turns on. I rotate the phone 90 degrees because it's a landscape document. I align the image in the display and Evernote captures it automatically. There's a green check mark and a thumbnail of the image. I've tried two paths with this: 1. I tap the check mark and I get to the screen where I enter the note title; I also choose the folder where I want to save it -or- 2. I tap the thumbnail and view the image, then tap "Save." It takes me to the screen where I enter the note title; I also choose the folder where I want to save it I tap the check mark at the top left of the screen. Evernote goes back to the note list, and I see the note I created, but there's no image of the document. I can do this on my iPad, but it doesn't seem to work on my phone. What am I doing wrong? ...thanks!
  4. gazumped Thank you for your reply! I know for sure I hadn't picked up a virus from elsewhere as I had just freshly restored my computer to factory settings when I re-downloaded Evernote. As you said it's likely a false positive as dconnet has just confirmed that it is safe below. Thank you for your advice, it will come in handy in the future should something like this ever happen again. ☺️Although I certainly hope it won't haha. dconnet Oh, I see! I did indeed get it from you. Good to know it's nothing to be worried about. Thank you very much! 😃
  5. レイアウトが簡単に壊れたりするので、バグだと思うんですが、出来ないことは出来ないように直して欲しいですね。(直ってたらすみませんが)
  6. いつも使わせていただいています。 今回GoogleChromeでのWebクリッパー使用時に不具合があったので報告させていただきます。(不具合だと思いました) 何卒修正をお願いします。 <詳細> 使用環境は MacOS です。 日本語のかな入力で、Webクリッパーでタグの追加をする時のことです。 タグ追加の項目に語を入力しますと、プルダウンメニューが出てきますが、矢印キー(↑↓)で選択できません。 (矢印キー(↑↓)を押すと変換候補が出ます。) 日本語入力してエンターを押すと、即座にタグ追加されてしまいます。 よってプルダウンメニューから選択することができません。 何卒修正の方をお願いいたします。
  7. The problems I previously mentioned are apparently no longer present, except the Reminder link on the Note list is again not visible, not sure if this is a beta feature, I did check options just to be sure.
  8. Maybe I'll just wait for 6.19.....
  9. well, upgraded with no reboot. 👍
  10. Yesterday
  11. This is pretty serious. Searches were working on my Nexus 6P and Pixel 2 XL. I deactivated my 6P and got another Pixel 2 XL, and searches are impossibly slow. I emailed about this yesterday, I believe, but I have not yet heard back. Not sure if those issues cropped up on the 6P before its deactivation, as I used it infrequently for Evernote. I'm also not happy with the UI/UX changes in the desktop browser i.e. only running in Chrome, look and feel changes that are only marginally better than before. Wondering what's up here.
  12. I have had tags with a leading underscore for (possibly) a couple of years. One is named "_Unresolved". If I put an underscore in the tag box, the available tags do NOT appear (in alphabetical order). However, if I input "_Unr" the rest of the tag appears. For me to find the tags with a leading underscore, I have to go to the Tag Menu.
  13. I have Enable Beta Features enabled. Until very, very recently, Evernote informed me to update correctly. For the past several days (maybe as much as a week), Evernote has informed me to update to version 6.17 (public). Any way to fix this?
  14. .............................................................................that was..... interesting. Please don't ever do that again.......................................... arrgh!!
  15. I tried this and it gave me an extra $10 credit. I haven't set up billing yet, so if you haven't got your $5 maybe they don't do it unless I covert to a paying customer? Which I will likely do. Thanks.!
  16. Hmm, somehow I think it should have been called beta 4, to avoid confusion with the other beta 3 (and to discuss it separately), but ok.
  17. A newer version should never have an older version number, it is your practice which is at fault which from your other posts you understand... I checked the msi SQL tables and that message doesn't exist so it must be in a launcher exe, surely that message can be adjusted. In any case, you are aware of the issue so that's all from me. Thanks
  18. Obtaining Internal Link Click on the share icon Click More sharing options Click Copy internal link Copying classic link Paste the above internal link into the note Longpress the pasted link
  19. https://discussion.evernote.com/announcement/72-issues-accessing-evernote-support-channels/
  20. DTLow


    You might want to downgrade versions. The "beta" version has problems, and doesn't have the full set of features. To downgrade, click on your picture icon in the upper left corner
  21. I returned to the previous version and while the shortcuts now appear, clicking on any of them do not display any of the notes! Also there is an issue with tags beginning with @. When looking at a note that includes @fred that tag is displayed correctly as being one of the note's tags. However, when selecting "tags" in the left menu or when searching for @fred or tag:@fred, I get no results. Using (308380) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)
  22. They’ve vanished over two weeks ago; it took me forever to be able to send an email to support and it hasn’t even been answered at all. I’ve been a premium member since 2010 so you (and me both) can only imagine how many notes are gone, the total account lost notes!! I can no longer find any way of reaching support. I keep getting kicked out as soon as I get close; it’s as if they can’t be bothered with emails. If my notes don’t return by the subscription renewal time why should I bother renewing?? Evernote had been my only go to web clipper all these years.
  23. Niiiice workaround, that works perfectly! Thanks!
  24. I also need callback-type links (not the slower http type that rely on internet). DTLow said: I couldn't make this work on my iOS -- is the advice still current? Could you give a bit more detail?
  25. Hey Evernote, Removing the ability to set reminders in Evernote Web cannot be considered progress. Please restore this functionality.
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