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  2. I suspect if you include a Stack in the shortcuts, you get all the subordinant notebooks It would be confusing to expand the stack and just see a partial notebook list
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  4. Oh yes, it is also worth noting that all of these old versions were wasting a ton of space on my disc. They're each like ~150 megabytes, which is maybe not much in modern drives, but multiply that by about thirty of them silently piling up with no indication except for this and it's starting to be worth noticing, especially if you're on a machine with a small SSD.
  5. Thank you so much for that...even if the news isn't good! I'm thinking you might be right, based on the number of past posts regarding this issue with no resolution.
  6. Uninstall Evernote and install the previous version that is in this link: https://androidapksfree.com/evernote/com-evernote/download-old/evernote-8-8-1-1082393/
  7. I am not a developer. I am an artist. Safari is my main browser; now and then I encounter a page that doesn't work in it, and use develop>open page with... to quickly toss it to Firefox or Chrome. Both of which, you will note, are listed below about thirty old versions of Evernote. ---- I have managed to get rid of most of them; in the interest of not being DenverCoder9 here is what I did: I was able to get rid of a bunch of them by going to ~/Application Support/Evernote/ and removing the entire .Sparkle directory, and more just now by going to ~/Library/Caches/com.evernote.Evernote and removing the Sparkle directory. I have also discovered that if I attempt to open a webpage in any of the remaining copies of EN, I'm told I'm opening this app for the first time, and given an option to show it in Finder, which makes it easy to find the rest. Restart Safari and enjoy a much shorter list.
  8. Hey All, This is really great feedback! However, this is more so related to our Web Client, and not the Editor experience. I'm going to move this to a more appropriate location, but please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions!
  9. In the Android app (if that is what you are using), in the Settings, under Camera look for a setting for Business cards. There you can choose a default notebook for saving them. Check and see if you have one selected there.
  10. I have the same issue and its driving me nuts. Why hasn't Evernote responded? It should be a very simple fix. I've searched in all of the settings and can't figure how to change which note it opens on. It keeps opening a note I wrote 4 months ago, rather than a last note I've opened or written. Should be able to select a default Note, not just notebook to open to.
  11. It's possible that this highlighting is simply no longer a feature in the Windows program. I just did some testing, and I also now find that search results are generally not highlighted in notes. If they are, you may have to scroll down to find them. Otherwise, you then have to search within the note to find the instance(s) of the search term. (A number of people have expressed here what a major annoyance this is.) And of course, Evernote Premium users will have their images and PDFs indexed, so that search results may appear within them and be invisible in the note as displayed. Wish I had better news for you! Perhaps someone else will chime in with some.
  12. Hello fellow 'freeze' sufferers. I'm STILL having this issue. I agree with Callmekarri in that I don't feel WE should have to change our workflow habits to 'please' EN engineers. Especially as I've been using this for years with no problem about leaving search field populated with last search. Even when I remember to clear the box, I still find that the app is 'frozen' on my return to it. I have to them delete the app and reinstall--BIG issue that is causing me to reluctantly look elsewhere for a notes app.
  13. Evernote app search function on my Android on Samsung 7 is not working. I have un-installed and re-installed the Evernote app a couple of times but the problem remains. Any suggestions, please? I only use my phone Evernote app so this is a real concern from me. Thank you for your help.
  14. I want to thank all of you for trying to help. I finally got my notes back. I was really getting so discouraged and I finally clicked on go back to the old version and believe it or not, that brought all of my notes back! I was very skeptical that would work, but it did so I'm happy now, and can finally move on. Thanks again!
  15. Hi there, My first post in here. I have been a premium Evernote user for many years but I have to ask a stupid question, maybe just me. Over the time I have scanned tons of business cards using Evernote smartphone app, and it is saved both as an image and as text, and threw away the cards. I have never tried to retrieve what I have scanned until recently, and to my surprise, I just couldn't find most of them on Evernote. Not in the tag of Scannables, where I think they should be. Not anywhere at all. I am scratching all my head. Please help. Dong
  16. Not a Mac, but I just tested on Windows and the attachment in the email was included in the note created in EN. Don't have my Mac out at the moment, will try later. FWIW.
  17. That looks like it. It’s been quite a while ago and wouldn’t they only have one welcome screen for first time users? That happened to me one time a very long time ago when I changed email addresses on one of my iOS devices and I had no trouble getting support for that problem and she helped me out and all was back to normal instantly. I remember that like yesterday.
  18. Are you able to send a screenshot maybe?
  19. So you want it saved to a certain E-mail?
  20. For me, I can't quite figure it out, but search text is highlighted in notes containing text and images, mostly. Not so much for notes clipped from the internet and most PDFs. Basically inconsistent and unreliable I would say.
  21. So was it like what was in my screenshot above @postitfanatic?
  22. I’d been clipping articles all day then the last article I clipped I got this Welcome to your First Note In Evernote or something to that effect. I didn’t freak out at first, I wondered what the heck is it welcoming me for?!?! So I went further in and that’s when I freaked out. My account was totally empty so no I didn’t create any new account at all. I was busy on other projects and the only thing I ever do with Evernote is add articles or once in a while I have to go back to get a receipt or an article I knew I clipped but it’d been a while since I did that; no way had I ever created any other account. as far as looking into the web portal for my notes I see you gave me the address, do I need more info for after I get into the address (I’m on my phone now so can’t do that atm) thank you.
  23. I am missing the content of one note. I have saved all the service tickets (by attaching the pdf) from my auto repairs in one notebook for years. Now the notebook is empty. I've already checked my login to be sure I didn't accidentally create a new account. And I checked the Trash folder to be sure it wasn't accidentally deleted. Is there any hope of recovering this?
  24. Thank you @Dave-in-Decatur. I saw that before posting, and tried the suggestions. Unfortunately nothing has worked and I'm still having the problem.
  25. Hi there! I'm using Evernote for Mac and I'm trying to remove some notebooks (within a stack) from my shortcuts. I right-click on the name of the notebook I want to remove, get a pop-up menu, and select "Remove from Shortcuts" but nothing happens. It works if I want to remove a single note from the Shortcuts panel, but I can't seem to remove any of the notebooks. I'm using: Version 7.8 (457453 Direct) Editor: 62.1.7539 (b406110) Any ideas?
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