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  2. Hopefully this isn't a user problem, I couldn't find any posts on it. I use web clipper on Windows 10. I often want to print a web article without all the extraneous junk on the page, so I use the web clipper to capture just the article. It offers me the option to view it in Evernote, then it loads the web version, ignoring the desktop version I have installed on this machine already. If I have the app, then no, I don't want to view it in Evernote on the web. It would be great if the clipper would fire up the desktop app if it's present. Thanks,
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  4. Again, the place to express this support is not in this thread, but in the existing feature request: Click the upward arrow at the top of the page.
  5. OMG! I feel so silly! I totally missed that option. Thanks! AP
  6. Thanks, I knew there was a storm brewing, but at the time I was under the impression it was simply one of a gazillion bugs that would eventually be fixed, so I did not pay that much attention since we had bigger, data loss type problems (that's what I get for using beta versions).
  7. Hi there, Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in the Evernote Certified Consultants Program! At this time, we're no longer accepting new applicants. However, if you've signed up in the past, we'll notify you once we begin accepting new applicants again. Let me know if you have any questions!
  8. A little late, yes. 😁 The F7 spell checker was killed in v. 6.8, almost two years ago. A full and fully outraged discussion here: There may be others as well. This was part of the Chromium "update"=downgrade fiasco that the Evernote Windows editor is still recovering from. In that thread, a couple of then-current EN employees did chime in. From @Austin G, in this post: And from @dconnet/@dcon, in this post: But as we know, there has been no visible progress, and no updated information, about this worse-than-regrettable situation. As I understand it, this was a programming environment change that the Evernote developers simply had to adapt to, so not their initiative, although not handled or communicated particularly well by them. Now that they are working on a common editor for all platforms, perhaps they will be able to avoid some of the pulling-out-the-rug messes that each individual platform's developers inflict on the rest of the world.
  9. Just click on the wand. After that you should be able to download your attachment.
  10. AutoHotKey is another option to check out.
  11. Hi. Have a look at Phrase Express - or any other similar text-expander app - you can set up various layouts of date with a key combination. I use that to datestamp note titles with "20191022 1426" being the current date and time (forinstance) via Ctrl+1 (Windows, obviously) https://www.phraseexpress.com
  12. same here. i need this function. please implement it.
  13. Hi. Check your settings in Tools > Import Folders - whichever notebook I set up in that window seems to work fine for me: did you misspell the notebook name?
  14. Not sure if it has been mentioned already... Simply open a template with a table in it, copy the table, and then paste into your new document.
  15. I'm having the same issue. Very annoying. Hopefully this will be solved soon.
  16. Hi, when I try to import a Windows folder via Tools > Import folders, the imported files always in a notebook called <Inbox>. How can this be changed? I selected a specific notebook before selecting Tools > Import folders, but the files are still added to <Inbox> TIA, AP
  17. Just chiming in again to reiterate that I still regard this feature as a must-have. Accidental keystrokes while referring to old notes are a major concern for me. Evernote's familiarity, helpful support team, and convenient image editing features have been a barrier to switching, but OneNote is looking more tempting every day that I can't protect my notes by making them read-only.
  18. The only help I can provide is to recommend you open a support ticket at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action I just tested and email worked for me. A note was created on the server, and downloaded to my device. There was no lag in time
  19. Yesterday
  20. Here is the PE phrase. The steps replicate what you would do manually - double click to highlight the word under the cursor, copy, find in note, paste, select next, close find in note. {#LEFTMOUSEBUTTON -count 2}{#CTRL -chars c}{#CTRL -chars f}{#CTRL -chars v}{#mouseposition -x 2755 -y 775}{#LEFTMOUSEBUTTON}{#mouseposition -x 2510 -y 775}{#LEFTMOUSEBUTTON} The mouse positions at the end are specific to where you have the EN on your setup so the EN window needs to be in the same position for this to work. Since I always have EN open full screen on the right monitor of a two monitor set up, not an issue for me. For the demo attached I shrank the EN window and simply modified the locations. I use a tool called MousePos.exe to determine location. I use _ as a prefix so that the word is unique. Sounds and looks more complicated than it actually is. You could actually copy/paste the above into a new PE phrase and modify the positions and be good to go. Demo. I copied a bit of this page and added the jump link _Answer to it. Then executed the PE macro triggered by Shift+Alt+RightMouse. Hope it helps.
  21. I logged out, logged in, changed my password, changed the email address for Evernote, NOTHING seems to be working to solve this issue. As others have said, this has been working for years and now it's not. Help?
  22. I wish it did back up active notes. And yes, I checked the trash.
  23. No, the resultant note update no longer functions for jump links within the note On my Mac, the link jumps to my browser app (Safari)
  24. I'm taking a course that includes a link to a public notebook. I opened the link in the browser and clicked on "Join Notebook". In the new web interface it shows up in the regular Notebooks list, and does NOT show up in the Shared with me section. If I try and click on the notebook, it just gives me an error message: "You no longer have access to this notebook" and then redirects me back to the All Notes screen. If I go to the Notebooks management section, I can't even hover over the "..." icon without it giving me the error message and then redirecting me back to the All Notes screen. The notebook appears to work correctly if I go back to the "previous version of Evernote" as well as the iOS mobile app. This cripples the public shared notebook functionality in the new web interface.
  25. I might be a little late to the spell check discussion party, but I just noticed F7 doesn't work at all, in spite of being mentioned in the help page as calling the spell checker. Yes, I am aware a different help page says the following: "There's no spell check feature built into Evernote for Windows. However, you can right-click a word to see spelling correction suggestions based on your operating system's capabilities." However, I was trying to see if I could disable automatic spell checking and just use F7 as needed. I guess something that obvious is not possible, huh.
  26. I would greatly appreciate this feature. Really annoyed by the current way it works...
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