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  2. Please add more detail for this. Is this a general comment, or just Android? For my use, reminders are date fields in the note meta-data. Search seems to work as expected for these fields.
  3. I added your image to Evernote, and here.s the OCR text identified 3172F1A2-42C8-4D4C-8B20-876ECB44DA5D.en-reco Unfortunately, the font is non-standard, so a lot is missed I think you have the right idea - type the text into the note or title
  4. I've ended up typing the sentiment out in the note description but I feel like that's defeating the purpose.
  5. Thanks for the response, Gazumped. The pngs are very good quality -- I've taken a screen cap from the catalogue pdf.
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  7. Can you include post some of your images.
  8. Oh, I remember that well. Folks thought they were being promised to-dos (which I didn't really need), but got reminders, and were flummoxed by it all. Shoehorned, maybe, but I actually appreciate how they did it, since reminders are just notes with a reminder date (plus a couple of other related fields). I think it's fine that they display in a separate, independently sortable sublist (at least in the Windows application). Turns that reminders work really well for me. I can't comment on the quality of their internal software design, because I'm on the outside (my experience leads me to believe that good design is nice to have, but often difficult to achieve in practice), but one of the difficulties is that there is not just one code base, but several, in different languages, for the different platforms. In any case, hopefully this is just an oversight -- and easily fixed -- rather than a design flaw. Being able to refine a search is important, particularly on mobile devices.
  9. I see that there are others with the same problem—see other thread in this forum on the same issue.
  10. jefito, I appreciate your comments. Thanks for the upvote. Happy Editing!
  11. Hi. So there appears to be a new version out there - read the thread before you upgrade - but the 'rebuild your index' advice might be relevant here...
  12. Hello, I am on my way to Apple-only. I have realized that I do a ever increasing part of my day to day on my iPad Pro. So I finally decided to get a MacBook Pro a few weeks ago. I am still learning about the OS, bells and handles etc. What I can say, and what for me was the final tipping point: The integration over devices and programs is a dream, everything simply matches. And Apple support makes up for a lot of the price difference - just last week I had a phone chat with support, solving my problem on a 4 year old iphone 6S+, no Apple care or anything. Free call, free diagnosis, top ! On my PC, I had a local installation of Lightroom 6. I am a burst fotografer , taking a lot of pictures when traveling, on family and charity events, and much less in between. So I decided against the adobe Cloud abo, it just does not make itself paid. To replace LR on the Mac, I have tried AfterShot 3, but was not convinced. When I raised my questions, customer support gave the answer (or better, did not give it, so game over). I have now installed Graphic Converter 10, that for a one-time-purchase does what LR did as well. What I like: Fotos are sorted in ordinary folders, and for each foto, a XMB-file with the modifications is written. So I am not locked into the program. It is huge, but offers so many options that you have to find your way into it. So far, I like what I got. One can try it for free as long as you wish with all functions - it just has a growing delay when starting up before you can work. I made my purchase, so no delay any longer. The workflow is not so obvious like in LR. But the Batch processing tools are a class in themselves. One example: You start with a browser, to view the pics. Folders are set up by date, for example. Now it shows JPEG and RAW together. But there is an option down in one of the menus, that sorts the content of a folder into subfolders, based on file type. Applied - one folder for JPEG, one for RAWs inside of the dated folder. Then you go to the JPEGs and weed them out, ranking and moving or straight deleting. And then there is another option in the menus - delete all RAWs that have no corresponding JPEG any longer under the common date-folder above. Very clever - but you have to stitch it together yourself.
  13. Hi. Try using Revo Uninstaller to remove the app again - it reaches files that Windows uninstall process may have missed. (Sync and backup your database first, just in case.) Then another reinstall should do it. Do you get any error messages during the install?
  14. Hi. And hmmn. Do you have a search active?
  15. Hi. Where are you getting your PNGs from (apart from some on the iPhone)? OCR depends on the image quality, so if these are low-res web pictures (forinstance) they might fall below the threshold for OCR-ability. If you are taking your own pictures, some apps - like Evernote's Scannable - will OCR the picture for you and then send it to your Evernote database. Another factor may be design: I had this same problem when storing some books - I took pictures of the covers assuming that I could search by author or title, but the layouts defeated me. Big fonts (which I appreciate is unlikely to be relevant here) and mixed colours (which might be) defeated the OCR feature. Depending on your preferences, you may be able to get 'around' the issue by searching for web pages and clipping the printed content as well as the pictures, or just adding tags to make finding a bit easier - the type of stamp and the year forinstance could enable you to generate short (presumably) lists of stamp-notes so you can find relevant items quickly.
  16. I can match the general experience - my original IBM PC didn't have a hard drive, and a TSR (terminate and stay resident) app - 'PE Personal Editor' - was the only way to change from the command screen to a notepad and save commentary. I've been happy with Windows since... but in recent months my two laptops are no longer adequate to receive updates, the whole process has become a nightmare - and I'm writing this on a now Linux-OS'd laptop which is running faster and more stably than it has for years. I can't (yet) give up Windows totally because Evernote Web still has training wheels compared to the installed Windows app, and I'm a heavy user of Lightroom (image editing) which does not have a Linux alternative. I'm now getting into Darktable (see what they did there?) which is a Linux 'equivalent' which seems to parallel LR in everything up to and including an almost impenetrable early learning curve! It's looking hopeful, and if only Evernote would move on either linux or the web client I could make the switch... Tip: if you're a Windows user, try Linux Mint. It's a close UI 'clone'. There are probably others out there, but this is the one I found.
  17. Does this help https://support.office.com/en-ie/article/enable-or-disable-security-alerts-about-links-and-files-from-suspicious-websites-a1ac6ae9-5c4a-4eb3-b3f8-143336039bbe https://www.technipages.com/disable-hyperlinks-can-be-harmful-to-your-computer-and-data-message
  18. Hi. Afraid I'm not that much of an Excel expert - do you have the opportunity to show evernote://view/* as a safe path?
  19. Hi. Agree that's weird - can you copy the content of that note into another new note to continue editing? The content may not have saved/ synced correctly and now appears as incomplete (hence 'from another app') to Evernote.
  20. Hi, PinkElephant. Thank for your suggestion. As said I'm using to attach the images under the text so I've them at glance as reference point for my cataloguing work. Also with Evernote I can share the notes to be checked and paragonated with the picutres on Windows computers. I don't know Graphics Converter, will look for.
  21. Hi this is crazy I edited an existing text note. I added a paragraph of text. I saved with the checkmark, switched to another app, then returned to my note... The edit tool turns into a grey lock and the message "The note is read-only. It was created in another app". I have no other apps interfacing with Evernote. Please advise Thanks
  22. In general I doubt that using EN a a picture database is a good idea. EN simply lacks most of what a good picture library offers. There are other programs specialized in this, allowing tagging, comments and modifying existing EXIF data, among the more obvious features like sorting pics, shrinking the size etc. On the Mac, I personally use Graphics Converter which is quite strong in batch processing of a load of pictures in many ways, including RAW processing. It can be tried out as shareware, full version has to be purchased later. Pictures are handled in folder structures, which make them accessible by other programs. If I need picture access in Evernote, I can still copy pictures into EN (which creates duplicates), or create links to the picture file. When doing this, I must never change the folder / path structure to these pictures, because else I end up with a lot of corrupted links.
  23. I use Deskpins to pin a note to my Windows desktop. It's not a perfect solution, but it works just fine: https://efotinis.neocities.org/deskpins/
  24. Hi guys, I am using an excel sheet for project management in which specific cells link to specific notes within EN. However when I click the link, this warning appears (sorry for it being Dutch), stating that the location might be unsafe. Does anyone have a clue on how to turn this off? Within the trust center of Excel (2016) I do have the option to enter specific paths as safe, however the link is different in the sense that is isn't a drive directory. Help is much appreciated. Regards, Veekdeveek
  25. Generally speaking; for a clean reinstall, I would not go with the export/import process The import creates a new set of notes, which then sync You end up with a duplicate set of notes The export>import solution is an interesting idea It might a new set of notes, with the updated images; these might sync to your other devices You might want to test this with a single note. I'll sit this out; once bitten, twice shy (my Evernote crash)
  26. I'm not good with Applescript. On my Mac I've just searched jpg image inside the folder where are stored all the folders containing the data. In this way I've used to drag them in stock to an app called Squash and resized. In this way from 40GB I cutted it half! Which mean a lot on my 128GB hard disk. On the Win deskopt I have a terabyte system, so I'm not strugling a lot. I've just a question, if I need to format the mac for a clean OS reinstallation, would be more appropriate do export and backup the notes instead to resync and resize all the images again?
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