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  2. You didn't say whether you tried a reboot before re-installing. A pain, yes, but might work. Another thing, if you can't restart Evernote, you should Use Task Manager to make sure that all Evernote processes are shut down. Then retry to launch as usual.
  3. Is it possible that you created a new account; it's easy to do Make sure you're using the correct userid/password >>now i see that all my notes are deleted Deleted notes can be viewed in the Trash, and restores
  4. Assuming your first device was Windows, your notes are located in C:\Users\username\Evernote\Databases\, in a file with the extension .exb. Backup that file to a safe place first, then either copy it to the same directory in your new device (if a Windows machine), or try reinstalling Evernote in your original device. If one of your new devices is neither Windows nor Mac, then going back to Windows is probably the only way to get back your notes, at least for free. If nothing else works, at least some of your notes should still be saved in your note history, which is only visible to Premium subscribers. If you succeed in getting your notes back, pay close attention to the "Sync" field in the note list, it should be clear after a sync. A dot means a note is not synced. Also, check https://www.evernote.com/Devices.action for all your devices currently registered, you may need to remove some.
  5. @jefito, Thanks for the info on case! I understand that now. As for my comment on "namespacing," A namespace would be a tag prefix for tag grouping. For instance, Would work. All of the cited books would group in the tag system as "Book - *" or "Book:*" I did not know that "source" was a valid search term. What's rattling around in my mind are APA style "sources." Sorry, and thanks for the help, all!
  6. I have used Evernote for several years now. It has been interesting to see it grow and change for the better over that time. It is a great program but it does have one chronic problem. Every two or three months it quits opening. I can click on the icon in the task bar and 'POOF" - nothing. I can right click on it and choose "Run as Administrator" and 'POOF" - nothing happens but at least it is at admin level. I can go the apps start menu and try to start from there but I guess you know by now what happens next. NOTHING HAPPENS. My computer laughs at me! Why must I have to reinstall EN time after lonely time and then time and time again until the end of time? Please, fix this. I already know what the meaning of life is all about but starting EN shouldn't be so damn hard. Thank you, 42
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  8. Don Dz

    Beta testing

    Wherever you feel most invested. I feel most investing in Windows, and I honestly don't trust the stability of the Android version, beta or otherwise. Was going to try the iOS beta, but the relatively recent complains about it put me off from trying. Haven't figured out how to run Mac inside Windows, I hear the Mac version is really nice.
  9. I haven't found a satisfactory solution for dynamic ToC notes, so for now I am adding saved searches as note links inside ToC notes (per the recent discussion on that topic).
  10. 平素より Evernote をご利用いただきありがとうございます。 SafariにてWeb クリッパーをご利用のお客様にお知らせです。 Apple の Safari 13 のリリースにより、多くの拡張機能が従来の形式のままではご利用いただけなくなります。 そのため、ご利用のブラウザを Safari 13 にアップデートされた場合、Web クリッパーが一時的にご使用いただけなくなります。なお、新しい Web クリッパーは、近日中に Mac の App Store にリリースされる予定です。 【重要なお知らせ】 1. 現在弊社では、Safari 13 の新しい拡張機能形式に早急に対応すべく Evernote Web クリッパーに調整を加えております。新しい Web クリッパーがリリースされるまで、Safari 13 にアップデートされたお客様は Web クリッパーをご利用いただけません。 2. macOS Catalina および Safari 13 へアップデートされない場合は、引き続き従来の Web クリッパーをご利用いただけます。 3. 一部の Evernote Business ユーザのお客様は、macOS Catalina および Safari 13 で Web クリッパーがご利用いただけるようになるまで数ヶ月かかる見込みです。該当するお客様には別途メールでお知らせいたします。 該当するお客様は、当面の次善策として、以下の方法で Evernote に Web コンテツを保存することができます。 従来のバージョンの Safari を引き続き利用する 別の対応ブラウザで Evernote Web クリッパーを使用する Gmail または Outlook との連携を利用する Evernote 転送用メールアドレスを使用する(プレミアムプランおよびビジネスプランのお客様のみ) 何卒よろしく申し上げます。
  11. Windows user here... you have stamps? Not something I've heard of until now. Maybe one of my Mac-user colleagues can comment about their possibilities, but in terms of possible work-arounds, what do you personally use stamps for?
  12. Hmmn. Like I say - I doubt anything is going to happen on Evernote's side, but I have (frequently) been wrong before...
  13. Right, adjusting titles is problematic. I can get things adjusted for one saved search, but this doesn't work in other searches. My solution is ToC (Table of Contents) notes. I'm also using work-arounds to make the ToC dynamic
  14. keisoko

    Beta testing

    In the Evernote desktop client select Help --> About. If you see word "Prerelease" after the version number it means that you are running the beta version of Evernote.
  15. Personally I accomplish this by manipulating the creation date of each note, then sort by created. Sort by title can do the same, but personally I prefer not to alter titles just for this (bad enough having to prefix tags, but I digress).
  16. I tried to login to the web-client and only empty screen was displayed after it. So that's why I decided to post this idea.
  17. Yeah… too late. Users should've been warned by email.
  18. @trottsie @ldenning I've merged your thread into this one. Please see the announcement post referred to by @DTLow
  19. Unfortunately, I was just affected by this. The Mac (Mojave) showed a notification alerting Safari 13 was available for installation, which I promptly accepted. When it relaunched, I was informed the Webclipper was disabled automatically, for which I thought it was just a matter of installing an updated version. To my surprise, there's no Webclipper for download anymore.
  20. @Amir Natan When I started using Evernote in 2011, Evenote didn't have a reminder feature at all. They saw themselves as a note-taking / web capture / brainstorming app, not a task manager. They particularly wanted to avoid the trap of trying to be the everything for everybody app. So at first they explained that a reminder feature was not part of their vision for the product. Later they listened to their users an added a basic reminder function, this was mid 2013 IIRC. There hasn't been much movement towards making reminders better since then. I agree it would be nice to have a recurring reminder. I've installed Filterize but don't feel confident enough to program AND TEST repeating reminders to the point that I can trust them. But that (or scripting for Apple stuff) is probably your best workaround.
  21. Just for future improvements... I am disappointed that Evernote did not issue an announcement that the web clipper would not be available on Safari 13 to its user base that it has info on to suggest we consider between upgrading and losing clipper or postponing and keeping clipper. You can see how much we depend on this and to have it lost without warning is sad.
  22. Hi, the latest update to Safari (v 13.0) disabled the WebClipper… Not nice. What to do?
  23. Glad it worked out for you Kudos for having backups of your database. >>trying to delete and restore the entire "Q79WDW8YH9..." folder didn't work. The actual database folder is Q79WDW8YH9.../nnnnnnn where nnnnnnn is a unique number assigned to each userid
  24. Well, the "tabs" would be encoded in the Evernote ENML markup, and that wouldn't change between different platforms. Maybe it's just a configuration difference in the embedded . Just for experimentation's sake, I whipped up a simple indentation test; the first some plain indentations, the second, a bulleted list, something like the following: Unindented Indented 1 Indented 2 Indented 3 List item 1 item 1.1 item 2.1 item 1.2 Here's the ENML for that: <en-note> <div> <div><b>Indent Test</b></div> <div><br/></div> <div>Unindented</div> <div style="margin-left: 40px;">Indented 1</div> <div style="margin-left: 80px;">Indented 2</div> <div style="margin-left: 120px;">Indented 3</div> <div><br/></div> <div>List</div> <ul> <li><div>item 1</div></li> <ul> <li><div>item 1.1</div></li> <li><div>item 2.1</div></li> <ul> <li><div>item 1.2</div></li> </ul> </ul> </ul> <div><br/></div> <div><br/></div> </div> </en-note>]]> I see the "tabs" used by simple indentation as absolute pixel offsets, while the "tabs" used in a bullet list are implicit in the list markup. I'd guess that the latter case is what's different among different platforms due to the implicit indentations for list, but I don't know for certain.
  25. Actually, Safari 13 is available today (not within the next few weeks, as Nick said). This means that even a perfectly working Web Clipper will be removed from any up-to-date macOS machine, no questions asked. Rather than waiting for all the unhappy users to complain, please put a high priority tag on the new Evernote Web Clipper. Thanks!
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