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  3. ha - of course not! is now, and works. now to get all my notes onto my phone! thank yo for your assistance, pinkelephant!
  4. To exclude this: Is the EN App switched „on“ in the mobile data settings ?
  5. for me, it's only on mobile connection. wifi works fine. even with 4G and a very strong signal I get the error when I try to search. thanks!
  6. Is this a request for the native Windows Evernote application? In the meantime, maybe the following will work for you (I've never tried it myself): https://www.pcworld.com/article/3184385/how-to-easily-switch-between-open-windows-of-the-same-program.html
  7. You can start by not tracking beta releases. That being said, Evernote, like most software, has bugs, both known and unknown. Some people find earlier versions that work best for them and stick to them until a newer version is found that suits their needs. Maybe that would work for you.
  8. Please make a keyboard shortcut to switch between open notes or tabs. Much needed.
  9. A general rant has its place I suppose. But I will give you this, currently I am not sure which version is the "stable" version. The current version has a few bugs which run from slightly to very annoying, but the previous version had at least one nasty bug that is currently fixed (encryption corruption), so I'm sticking with the current one for the time being. If you find something that is truly better than Evernote, please let the rest of us know.
  10. Ditto, though I keep 7 backups in the 25GB range. Backupery runs at 1 am. One additional thing, I 7-zip encrypt my local notebooks to OneDrive about once a week. I figure should a local disaster occur a reload from EN servers is a reasonably safe assumption and then I'll have some currency in a web backup should the external SSD be hosed at the same time. Not perfect, but I'm okay with the risk/reward equation. FWIW.
  11. I'd file a bug report. I have never had EN not sync per the schedule of 5 minutes. What version of EN for Windows are you running? If it is the Windows desktop pilot I would get off of it and back to the current EN Windows GA as quickly as you can. The pilot is not ready for prime time.
  12. Scripting; I use Applescript on a Mac and Shortcuts on an iPad On the Mac, I have note(s) opened in their own window (tabbed)
  13. For whatever reason dragging the scroll bar in a long note list does not work in EN. It's okay for shorter lists but fails miserably with long lists of notes.
  14. This happens to me as well from time to time. You can find the differences. Easiest if you can shrink the sample set via notebook differences or the like. Then add a temporary tag and see which notes don't get it. PITA but it can be determined.
  15. Sort the notebook oldest to newest by created date, You can do that somewhat when emailing something to EN, Otherwise Vulcan mind meld.
  16. Yesterday
  17. I don't use Firefox much, but I did just test, and indeed Evernote can't clip a PDF in Firefox that is handled perfectly in Opera. Following this link that someone posted last year: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1225125, I learn that this is something that Firefox did, not Evernote, and that Evernote is not the only service affected. Given that it's a "security" change to the way Firefox works, I'm not sure that here on the user end we can know whether it's even possible for a 3rd-party service (Evernote) to get around it. It might be worth hollering at Mozilla to see if they would do anything about it, since they're the ones that broke it.
  18. I agree as well. I was just looking to see if this issue has been mentioned and it looks as if I'm not alone.
  19. Hi. Your smartphone is presumably still logged into Evernote from your last session. Try signing out of Evernote and back in. Make sure you have the new password handy...
  20. Hmmn. I'd actually expand that to 'electronic devices' - even my TV seems to have a mind of its own sometimes... Absolutely, and so am I. I also keep a separate local backup of all my notes. Just in case... 🙂
  21. Hi everyone My laptop was stolen recently so I changed my password, through Evernote's Web version. To my dismay (a very weak word), the change didn't affect my access to Evernote through my smartphone. What use is a password if changing it doesn't change anything? I cancelled the access to the stolen device, and I'm more confident it works, since I'm a basic user. That at least is reliable ://
  22. Yeah, I always stick with classic when I can. In this case, if it easily fixes a bug, I'll make the upgrade. Hey, thanks again for the help.
  23. Interesting -- I thought I'd heard more of problems with the Beta (as you might think). I presume you were using the "Classic" before? Anyway, glad it's fixed!
  24. Maybe some definition on "mobile device" I know any of my devices will fail at some point in time I keep an eye on the note sync indicator to confirm upload to the cloud. Once on the server, I'm confident the notes are preserved and can be accessed by alternative devices
  25. Hi. I don't believe I've lost any data in Evernote in the past few years, checkboxes or no. Despite the general hype, mobile devices aren't exactly a second brain that can be totally relied upon to support you in every way - IME they'll normally lock up / lose signal / reboot or otherwise leave you hanging out to dry at the worst possible time. Luckily (I infer) you lost a checklist that wasn't life or career-threatening, and you will be able to replace it. Maybe if you're preparing for something the next day it would be an idea to 'print' your list to PDF, or get a screenshot of the important details - something you can pin to your home screen to ensure that it's available when you need it. As I said I have no bad experiences in this regard with Evernote, but that's what I do with anything from a shopping list to a script in that and any other apps - I know my tech is always out to get me!
  26. I have not tried that, so thank you for this tip. I'll try it right away and see if it makes a difference. What a nice easy fix THAT would be. The text is gone for good once it vanishes. It doesn't appear at all on my other devices. But if I enter text in EN on my phone, for instance, it will stick across all platforms. It's only in the web version where the problem exists. I'll try that beta and see if there's any difference. Thanks again. Update: Well, huh. Text seems to stick in the Beta version. That was ridiculously simple. Good call, D-in-D.
  27. I should probably get this from your post, but when the text disappears, is it gone for good, or when you click back to a note does it reappear? I agree that this is mystifying; I know nothing about Linux, so can't comment on that. You're right that there is no manual "saving" in the Web version; its' automatic. I notice, while I'm typing, a little note at the bottom from time to time saying that it is saving. This may well have to do with which version of the Web interface you're using. You can switch between "Beta" and "Classic" with the button at bottom right of the Evernote window. You can switch to the "Previous version" by clicking on the icon with your initial at top left. Perhaps one of the other choices will work better than what you're currently using. (And apologies if you've already tried this.)
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