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  2. No, the link would be within note contents; perhaps a Table of Contents note >>will have to figure how to limit it since it seems to search for every note after a given date. Something like created:day -created:day+2
  3. Can you use note link in saved searches? That would be ideal somehow. If not, your comment regarding using dates on the title makes me think perhaps a created date search could be used in a saved search to isolate a single note or a few notes, will have to figure how to limit it since it seems to search for every note after a given date.
  4. What?? My post is unfriendly and not helpful, really???? EN is unfriendly and not helpful, EN is ignorant and arrogant!!!!! How can a reputable company with 225mln users post a buggy software version on Play Store and leave it there for such a long time, with such a significant failure. This is ridiculous and I am not afraid of calling this BS. We are paying for this, just few days ago they charged me $70, for what, I am asking? For constantly monitoring that no new version will be installed on my device, because every new version has more bugs than previous one. Every EN software on my devices is at least few versions old, just to avoid any headache with new installation. A reputable company should be ashamed of having to read such a posts. Stop upgrading, instead make the current versions solid on every platform, and implement thorough testing and quality. With 225 mln users (if it is true) you should have the money and time to do it.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I appreciate the effort, honestly I do. You managed to create a Gmail integration in the sidebar before Google even added their contacts to it. But it's just clunky. The first thing I want to do is be able to search for note *content* in that side bar that I may need to add to an email...I don't want to give them access to the whole note. In fact, It would be rare that I would share my notes with anyone, because they're mostly notes I take during client meetings, etc. Similarly, I may not want to save the WHOLE email. I may want to just highlight a portion and add it to a new or existing note. If you say I'm supposed to use the web clipper for that, then what are we doing here? LOL. It's just confusing and kinda non-intuitive. Good effort, but needs to be more considered prior to delivery.
  7. thanks friend. It worked by putting email by hand instead of Google, greetings
  8. I will avoid the sarcasm that rushes to mind, and simply try to speak directly. Andreas, this is your usual unfriendly and unhelpful contribution here. What would happen if someone would flag your post as a violation of the forum's terms of conduct, which it certainly is? Would you flame them as well? The search issue is certainly a terrible problem. For myself, I've been updating EN Android regularly and not encountering any problems. But I'm trying to avoid this one until they get it fixed. I don't know why they haven't fixed it yet; I too think it is getting ridiculous; and I too am disappointed that no Evernote staff have commented on the various threads that exist about the problem. But while vile language and shouting tirades can get someone elected president of the country I live in, I don't think it works yet for getting software fixed.
  9. You seem to be working in the Create Account process Make sure you select the Login option
  10. Hola. Tengo sincronizado Evernote con una cuenta de Google. He cambiado de dispositivo, he instalado Evernote, lo abro, con mi cuenta de Google, aparece la dirección de la cuenta y cuando meto la contraseña me dice que ya existe una cuenta con esta dirección, pero de ahí no paso 😞
  11. I just changed wallets, and noticed that my emergency medical information card in the old wallet was in bad condition and also outdated. After a bit of thought, I created a note in Evernote to save the information. I set the font to 8, and set up the information in a table. Once I print the note out (without the title), I fold the paper in half and it just fits in one of the slots in my wallet. As a saved Evernote I can easily update the note when info changes and print out a new card. Though this isn't a groundbreaking idea, it would make a nice template for Evernote to add to its collection. I took out my personal information and saved the note here - https://www.evernote.com/l/ABAix7CVdPFIJreO-dOBlSAH6RjyrMaGmUo/ .Feel free to tweak it for your purposes - a little color would probably be nice.
  12. No it hasn't - it is not available on Mac or IOS or Web. Please check your facts before suggesting threads be closed.
  13. Yes I am aware of that hence the request...which has been request many times it would appear. I use Evernote web, Mac OS and iOS.
  14. @DTLow and @CalS, hi there. Turns out that the only tag nested under "sauce" was "sauce.cheese" which explains why they were both selected! 🤣
  15. A sort/save option has been added, but only on the Windows platform
  16. This issue has already been fixed. Everynote admins need to archive this thread. You can very easily change the default sorting for individual notebooks. I think as someone else mentoned it's only in the desktop version. But I'm not certain.
  17. You are really, really smart????
  18. How are whining BS posts working???????? >>I will open a ticket to cancel my subscription, yes. No ticket required. Update your account settings for the automatic renewal
  19. To search for all notes containing tags under a parent tag go to Tools - Options - Navigation and select Automatically select child tags. This creates an Any search for these tags. In general a search for tag:sauce should only return notes tagged with sauce, a search for tag:sauce* should return any notes with tags beginning with sauce. Works that way for me anyway.
  20. An Issue dragging for almost a month requires a ticket, really????? And from the posts above it seems a ticket has been opened already. Apparently EN is reading the forum, so what did they sleep on this or what? This one is significant!!!! I will open a ticket to cancel my subscription, yes.
  21. We're here, but this is a user discussion forum. To contact Evernote Support, open a ticket at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  22. Moderators, Gurus where are you if needed.!!!!! The Android v 8.9 is not working now for almost a month. EN it is a BS. Your are forcing us to update to a non-working versions, what a BS. All the time I was careful not to automatically update, one time I skip it and here you go, I got infected with EN, What a BS. And as usual EN is silent, no response. Go to hell. I am a paid subscriber and I want my money back. It happened before, enough of the BS.
  23. Evernote, is there no interest in answering questions like this? Is it safe to assume that you are aware of the problem and do not care?
  24. Search still broken on note9. works on windows.
  25. Which platform/device? Can you post a screenshot of your search. My search would be coded in the search box as tag:"sauce" Without the tag:, you are doing text searches >>I thought EN would return all notes with tag:sauce* because tags are now "nested", but it does not.  Nesting is not a factor in tag searches. edit: Correction - See @CalS post below; it's a Windows option The wildcard search is valid; the search will use all tags beginning with sauce
  26. I just selected tag "sauce". What the results return are ANY tag "sauce", "sauce.cheese" My ordinary view is all notes NOT including tag "Archive". With these two (ie.three) tags, thousands of notes are returned. I'm not interested in the results of changing query from ANY to ALL. If I select ALL notes, and the same query (tag:sauce), then the results return ANY tag "sauce", "sauce.cheese" which is 32 notes. I thought EN would return all notes with tag:sauce* because tags are now "nested", but it does not. (This is 173 notes) Why? TIA
  27. Because someone is trying hard to be the next big "£+ck core features" fireball after Windows Phone
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